Mo May 26
That first night,
we were still just friends,
but I felt your eyes on me,
heavy with intensity.
It made me dizzy.

I shyly met your gaze,
and could feel you
luring me in;
I couldn't resist the bait.

When you called me
by your side
and we kissed,
it felt like time stood still.
Though it was hours later
when you released me,
I could still feel
your teeth
on my skin.

That first time,
I begged to feel you
inside me,
and we melted
into eachother.
A deep ache
that grew within,
I need you,
and I never knew.

That first whispering of love,
left me flushed;
I wanted to tell you
how you called my blood
to the surface with your smile,
but I was scared, still.

That first time
I had to make
the hardest decision of my life,
I knew
I could love you
forever because
you understood me
without judgement.

That first time
we fought, storm clouds
and lighting were brewing your eyes.
I felt angry
at you,
and myself,
certain we had lost
a measure of our love.
But, we fell
into each others arms
into forgivness.

That first time,
I hope,
is not the last time
that I feel this way
about you.
David May 1
Ice crystal image genuflection upon the ground

Frosted wind passes around you it speaks with a howling sound

Sleet smooths your surface your body of crystal mirrors portray your soul

Sun light captured within you speaks a language of answered prayers

Rainbow whispers of reassurance to this purity of soul, the woman who kneels upon the ground of freshly fallen snow.
Jay 2d
My shoes are too big for my feet, and they really hurt. I can never find comfort in their sole
Eventually I started using gel inserts, a clever little way to medicate
My shoelaces have loosened into clumps of string, frayed
So I tie them extra tight, I have to keep them together
I wear my shoes every day at work.
With clothes too baggy, and a sole that can’t mesh with my body

When I get back from the outside, I want to take them off, and take care of my body
But my soreness isn’t just physical, it’s in my sole
Somedays the soreness is so bad I can’t seem to get my body to work.
So, with a hop and a skip and a jump, I grab my gel inserts to medicate
Come on, just one more day, keep it together.
I say as my thoughts scatter, frayed.

It doesn’t make a difference where I am, I feel a frayed
Like my brain is being yanked out of my body
Floating higher and higher into the sky, not together
With everything else, not my body, and not my worn sole
But I make myself do this. People would be disappointed if I medicate
So I try to make it work

For a while I can, but then I just can’t work
out the solutions in my head. My brain is like an egg - frayed
I was sick, so I tried to get better. But now I’m in a hospital and they need to medicate
me. But saying yes feels wrong, like I’m strapped to an anchor and my body
is slipping under the ocean’s surface. It’s utterly alone, I am the sole
Sufferer, though seamen in the world above watch me struggle, together.

I wish I could bring my jagged pieces together
But it might as well be some obscure calculation, one I can’t work
to its conclusion. So I take the cushions I bought for my sole
And I gather myself up, tie the laces even if they’re frayed
I brace myself for the pain, these shoes always hurt my tired body
And I leave things ready for when I return, so I can medicate.

I have to, so I can keep going, so I can medicate
everyone else too. So we can all be happy together.
So even if I feel battered and pained, my body
can rest easy knowing that it did the hard work
and it won’t have to be worried, won’t need to be a frayed
Because it and I know, we saved someone else’s sole

Gathering myself together, I medicate so I can do work
So I can bring the laces of friendship together, so they’ll never be frayed
So when my body breaks, I’ll be remembered for the love in my sole.
This is the third time in my life I've really given an earnest go at a sestina. I kind of liked how it turned out, and since I'm using this place to show the world my bad poetry, I figured I could drop it here too.
Always been defined as something I'm not
Please don't confine this I'm just a human
Behind all the others
I made my mistakes like everyone else
Others reign a life of kings
And I'm just trying to find where I belong
With a sense of helplessness
I stubbed my foot into an iron post
Losing myself along the way
I'm still dreaming for change
A rebirth in flames that purify
The body I put through hell and back.

Don't ask me why I'm so harsh with myself
I wish I had the answers too
I know the person I am
Yet so many times I deviated
Like a spirited away fisherman in a storm
Every damn time I lose a little bit of myself
All the promises I have made
I always seem to break them
Not one mother fucking time
Have I been able to shelter those I love
Feelings change like the seasons
Yet I'm still a failed seed to germinate.

Too weak to carry all the burdens I once could
The lid exploded I can't keep my emotions in line
You've only seen the persona I am
The white mask now turns black
The clear surface becomes cracked
The blue eyes are gray with death
You always thought I was strong
How wrong you are
If I didn't act strong like everything was golden
How long ago I would have lost in this game of life
Always been the pillar for others
But I am no pillar for myself
I've already lost to myself
Better hold my ground and stay in sealed rooms
Maybe then I can mark my existence
And leave talent with a ballad of the damned
I cry myself to sleep
and when i close my eyes my worries dissipate
for a couple hours
I'm in another reality
but when I wake
the tears flood back to the surface
the first thought on my mind
the warmth, embrace,
your lips on my face
Just the way i feel
so i tuck myself underneath
pull the blanket over
and fall back to sleep
I see you in my dreams, i miss you.
Keep treading
Exhausted I swim
against a relentless undertow
gasping for breathe
while the brackish depths
beckon below
with the promise of sleep
Flickering visions
as I cycle between
the raging storm and icy winds above
and the cold dark silence beneath
Each time I surface
Another loved one
friend or family
is gone
drowned or rescued
and each time my heart breaks
and my resolve weakens
To surface once again
For soon I will be alone
with nothing
but the raging storm above
and the bowels of uncertainty
April W 1d
buried by my thoughts
yours came to visit again
the warmth of your chest
the deepness of your breath
all came back to me
like a crashing wave so strong
I'm drowning below the surface

down here
I want to trace your hands
whisper in your ears
and put it all behind us
hear the gentle strokes of your mind
painting the love you bear for me
curl up into the depths of your soul
so you can always protect me

why is it when I say your name
it pierces my ears
and I feel pain through my whole body
why is it that despite rationality
this doesn't seem rational
and indecisiveness takes over me

I can't seem to articulate this feeling
but I haven't forgotten
and I never will
and with a heavy heart
a heavy mind
and soul
I'm so sorry baby,
but we must have unfinished business

hey you, I hope you read this poem
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