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I caught fleeting glimpses of her throughout my night,
Like she'd wandered from a beatific dream into the half-light.

And I sighed,
For a girl had caused me to pause and blink;
Astonished by her tender magnificence,
I dared to hope to think.
What could I say?

By the Spanish Arch as daylight subsided
I sought her amongst the droves of the intoxicated.

Hanging around near the end of the day,
Waiting for the crowd to come out and play.
She lingered by the water's edge,
With another group, their tale yet unsaid.
A megaphone blared her brazen attitude into the air,
A bottle of Buckfast was her chalice to bear;
She supped the vicious liqueur,
It's contents not as dark as her charcoal hair.
Latina. Wild eyes.
What could I say?

Then the guards came
and scared us all away.

A street-party was going down in The Latin Quarter, downtown,
The tides of people made it hard to get around.
Deftly, I waded through the massive crowds
to find my friends in the tavern above.
Later, across the way in an infamous pub,
She resurfaced from the masses, megaphone still up,
With an expression that said: Wanna play?

Her eyes spoke volumes of venturous exploits,
This night but a chapter of expedition in a book of conquest.

Those pupils that glimmered
had something magic in them:
A soft disregard for the world
and calm anticipation.
What should I have said?

Hispanic allure is hard to cure,
And it reminds me so much of one other;
I'll never forget her, despite my bit speaking to her.

Anything. Anything at all.
Another Jul 2018
Today or should I say what was left of yesterday, the most important time during the day when the moon is in a modestly transient display, I would consider taking my life. It is early evening, I couldn’t hold onto what I thought I could live for, giving into intolerance too easily, was like life for me was cracking in two and I was unable to cause cohesion for the diverging halves. only the effect remains unhinged and hidden inside me, without notice I go on missing from society. I’ve greatly deteriorated over the past few months which felt to me like decades in a room resembling winter. I often open the window only to my dismay that the air out is uncomfortably thick and moist, enough to suffocate my concentration for concern to what lies around instead I retract into this niche I resent completely spectating this limited view found underneath monochromatic inverted shades, for something that might not be much greater than I had wished it to be, I let these ideals of mine run wild in an attempt to let them be real momentarily, to burn out eventually unseen. Nothing should be able to live in such a way, I’m as stagnant as the trees that lie ahead near the streets. They witness every passerby freely sauntering trails laid out for the day, perhaps they, these beings, take it for granted not giving much attention to anything else besides the very goal that keeps them afloat and moving toward for execution to whatever it is they have their minds eye simply on. I’ve known all too well that it is pointless to do the same, I can’t squander what I have right in front of me over a simple goal, although I might not live in life’s given moments pleading for the very attention I sometimes don’t give in to, nothing ever goes unnoticed, these impressions are all that I could ever ask for, the smallest of gifts for me to cherish. Anyways I was only wandering my sight around outside looking for a movement I could possibly run to for help, giving my ears away for barber’s melody to play out loud. Nothing more showed up, only a bitter heat wave, the trees left unshaken from vacant winds. Washing over me was the penetrative structure I felt his sorrowful life flash ahead of me wondering how misunderstood he must’ve felt in such a time where everything was unrightfully wasted from a society that never knew how normalized repression began to feel, so they went about it by going along with the feel other than freely being expressive about internal conflicting issues. Maybe to one or none at all. He deserved better as did all the others. Maybe I’m wrong and only being reflective of myself. For what reason I don’t know. I was telling myself on the car ride somewhere else that I won’t disclose, for it doesn’t matter. I imagined everything I was to do, or should I say that I was accepting of what was to come next reciting in my head that all the dreaming and envisioning I had done up to this point was my life possibly lived, the love I couldn’t help to resist myself from attaining, the opportunity to save the world from collision from and through a great work that could possibly impregnate every sensible mind with a broad spectrum of what an extra day of the week might feel like, more time to spend freely from life’s never ending demand of what is to be expected by and from each and every one of you. I daydreamed of everything I missed during my lifetime so far, I should’ve traveled but didn’t, I’m not filled with fear but that of insecurity always wins the day. I slipped on by to memories that never had the chance to be made, only the threading lies there on a timeless lot gravitating toward evaporation. I left no more hope for myself because I’ve chosen to give it to the others who could actually implement change, those of whom I know I can entrust the life that I wasn’t living to. I made a choice, to disperse this existing body from and to a place where time is stilted upon my departure outside the fields wherever that may be, music guiding me out of the overriding blur beyond the wilt— my memory subsided inside this symphony somewhere that is made up of very early mornings and the light that follows afterward, kindly implying, that maybe, they never existed. I’m without anymore words, Thank you
I’ve decided to lay this one out exactly how I intended it to look; in its most free format, untouched from editing. maybe to expose the half crumbled city that lies in the way.  

I have this thing to get carried away into needless thoughts. 4 am is the time when self-reflecting occurs.

It goes deeper than all this, this is but a simple opening to more uncovered doors.

0202, is when I will be leaving
Sleeping in my own reality
Serenity? Yet no inner tranquility.
How much closer can you really be?
I see you , feel you
yet I am not near you.
We are far away..
These winds are dead
My sails subsided in casting enough ****** to put me into your direction.
I have anchors bound to my feet
The chains cutting into my skin.
Longing to break free.
My conscious screams to the heavens.
You cant force anything that wasn't there.
Lizzy Jan 2014
Please don't tell me its all in my mind,
That would mean i'm going crazy.
But what if everything that was in my mind,
Was written on me like a tattoo.
But what if it was so easy to tell,
The crazy from the average girl.
And what if i wore a badge,
Or maybe i do.
I wear these scars,
As a battle with my mind that i seem to have won.
But because the scars have not multiplied,
Does not mean that the battle has subsided.
The shots are still heard,
The blood is still spilled,
The screams are still shouted,
And the loss of feeling is still just as great.
At least in my mind.
In the mind of the one's who are crazy,
But do not wear the badge of guilt.
The scars i have acquired,
That are all too familiar.
Do not haunt the silent sufferers.
But scream my insanity to each passing opportunity,
That i am too afraid to take.
The uniVerse Jun 2016
I could tell you I loved you a hundred times a day
but you would never know for sure
so once again you would ask me to say
how much I loved you more.

Can you ever accept these words as a promise?
- that if you left my heart would miss
it missed a beat when our hearts collided
and hasn't yet subsided
time stood still when our eyes first met
and to this day it hasn't reset
the stupid grin across my face
has not once lost its place.

But like I say these are only words
held together by a piece of paper
but the very idea seems absurd
that I could ever hate her.
Samantha Nguyen Jul 2018
i am living in a world
where there is no peace.
there are so many people who hurt me,
who want to hurt me,
who will hurt me.
they exist around me and make me cry.
but when i’m with him...
we are the only people who exist.
my reputation has disappeared.
my pain has subsided.
my past doesn’t matter.
i feel loved because of him.
but the truth comes out.
he doesn’t really love me.
Timur Shamatov Oct 2018
I can feel your heart bleeding,
Through our one connected soul.
I can feel the hurt I caused it,
Through the nights we spend alone.
I can feel the love you’re hiding,
Through the truth I feel from you.  
I can sense the pain can be subsided,
Through the love I feel for you.
Sometimes when you have an argument best thing to do is write what you feel and slide the note across the table...
Zane Sep 2016
you boarded my ship when it was sinking so fast
i was so very certain you'd drown with it.
time passes
and i find my vessel mended more and more each day

i've been taught most of my life
to fear stability;
for it seemed as if instability, however dangerous
was more desirable that fleeting stability

but now that i find the earthquakes have begun
to decrease in intensity
ever so slowly

i am still left to ask
is this forever?
have i found that which i've been longing for ages to find?

it terrifies me so, but fills me with what i can only surmise is that which i dreamt about as a child

security. home. a chance at peace.

i wake from sleep, to remember dreams of our adventures
i wake from sleep, to be for, if only once, hopeful about the future
i wake from sleep, to know that i find solace in another
i wake from sleep, to that i am loved, as much as i love

i wake from sleep, to know that one day, when the storms have subsided, you will be there, holding my hand, as I walk up the final hill of my lifelong struggle.
Dawn Bunker Jul 2018
On a long stretch of highway
his thumb to the road,
Leon set off to lighten his load.
No thoughts of tomorrow
no plans set in stone
just a few hundred bucks,
and a dream of his own.

Leon was weary of playing the game.
His boss and his girl,
they both thought the same.
Their griping and wanting
was keeping him tied
to a life that he loathed,
left him weary inside.

He would act on an impulse,
and finally be free
to do as he liked, and be who he'd be.
A fantasy stirring could finally come true!
No end to the wonderful things he could do.

For hours he walked,
while the headlights flashed by
light on his feet and a smile to the sky.
While on that same blacktop
Jenny drove on
anxious to make it to Phoenix by dawn.

It may have been fate or say what you will
that she spied him on time
as she came up the hill.
Surely this guy must be needing a ride
so she pulled to the shoulder,
letting Leon inside.

Jenny felt guarded while driving along,
not accustomed to helping who didn't belong
in the world that she lived,
and the life that she led,
ain't it funny how sometimes we do what we dread?

Her worries subsided in such a short while,
for he talked with such ease.
He had such a nice smile!
It's true what they say,
you just never know
who you might meet if you give it a go.

Just outside Phoenix the sun started rising
when Leon said "Jenny, ain't it surprising?
I feel like I've known you my entire life."
The last words she heard,
as he pulled out his knife.

Ain't it funny how sometimes we do what we dread?
Leon's still dreaming,
while Jenny lies dead.

harper Mar 4
Are we smiling?
wherever it was:

Sonreí en Madrid or
on the pier in Seattle.
The effervescent smell of Clam Chowder -
warm and thick -
Like the last moments of your body.

But with only the absence of smile in the last moments:
Every smile forced and every chance at eye contact
avoided (from shame, probably).

That the guilt and rage has subsided,
and the true loneliness has only grown in you,
do you smile from within?

Or do you smile beside yourself?
Justan Rahming Sep 2018
Silent guitar on the wall
voice of passion and stories of the heart.
You are the tool of my youth,
the path to the hearts
of loves once passed

You know my hands better than I,
every motion, my grace, my limits.
You feel the beating of my heart
and the pain of my growth.

But now the notes have faded and the songs forgotten,
all memories replaced by others.
The sounds have subsided to only
tinkering of frustration.

Leading to you to become
The silent guitar on the wall
Poetress2 Mar 28
My tears, they fell like raindrops,
as they softly hit the ground;
Then they began to cease,
when I heard an awesome sound.
It was a still, soft voice,
that was calling out to me;
I knew it was my Jesus,
as I fell upon my knees.
His voice I heard quite clearly,
His comfort I could feel;
His grace was most abundant,
His love was truly real.
"My child," I heard Him tell me,
"The fears that you now know;
I too felt in the Garden,
so many years ago.
I asked my Heavenly Father,
if He could take my cup;
Yet if it not be possible,
to give me strength enough.
I did all I could do,
and obeyed my Father's Will;
I must trust in Him always,
no matter how I feel."
The storm in me subsided,
Peace filled my heart and soul;
I always want God with me,
whatever I may go.
Lore tells of a cold, brumous island,
thoroughly clad in a dead fog, and silence.
Patrolled by only a few, lonely sirens,
their purrs and songs have long since subsided.
Times of enticing pirates and beguiling pilots
have been traded for times of shyness.
Some opt for quiet nights of gentle crying,
others for anxious hiding.
Lusting creatures, once desirous,
now left forlorn, nearly lifeless.
Obscured, hidden from the horizon,
this island is their asylum.
Rolling green highlands adorn black, craggy bluffs.
Waves crash, vamps weep, fog rolls, and time slows to a stop.
Luz Hanaii Feb 15
Dinner by candle light
fires of youth subsided
now, a constant gentle flame
the quiet peaceful love we share
I would not change
for anything in this world
Happy Valentine's Day!
Heather Nov 2
I’m slowly gaining my sanity back
It creeps in, the acceptance of reality
It no longer seems impossible or wrong
It just seems like it is

The panic and anxiety have not subsided
But I see a light at the end of the tunnel
There’s still a big hurdle I must jump
Not the one I was anticipating
That still stings
But that’s my own fault for being such a dreamer

A man told me once
My life would fit like a perfectly tailored suit
Not some off the rack generic outfit
Like most people’s lives, he said
And of course, I imagined most fantastically
This deep serendipitous life

I never thought
That well tailored suit
Might be a straight jacket
I hate you this morning
With the brightness of
A new day
With candor
Re-solidifying the resolve
That wavered with
Last night's drink

I hate you this mid-day
Letting anger and greed
Dance their scandalous dance
Feeling fire
But choking on the smoke
In my lungs

I hate you this evening
Washing the bitterness
From my mouth
With strong drink
And stronger malice
And much denial

I hate you this night-time
Striking up the band
The sorrowful symphony
Throwing champagne flutes
And tantrums
Against the wall
I'd wrap my legs around you

I love you at mid-night
The music subsided
The world quieted
My pupils dilated
My pulse elevated
For just that minute
All drunken and faded
I love you

And I hate you by morning
I hate you through mid-day
I hate you at evening
I hate you in night-time
So that minute of love
Drowns silently
In hate

I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
Bryce Dec 2018

finally the winds have subsided
the grasses are no longer golden brown

The world is growing in joy!

I can feel my heart burn, the blood of love leaking upon the planks
But it is safe, it is home
It is the lapping shores of the familiar stones
No violent black rock of dreams to stop me from ascending the cliffs
finding solid ground
growing food and making love to the true beauty of it all

And the islands at the edge of the world
Anatolia, the dreams of a new kingdom
One where I was the man I was
Calyps, though kind,
Was a beautiful temptress and had nothing good to say
Just figments and dreams, illusory
She would never make me king.

So here I am friends!
I, your friend
Your crown and solemn head
Please, I ask with faith--
Give me this place to stay.
Piyush Gahlot Sep 2018
She was my morning sunshine and night's moon,
She was the one who made my life bloom ,
took care of me , sacrificed a lot
what gem I have, I totally forgot.

I did alot when the relationship started,
Cared , motivated her, and fully supported,
always wanted to be by her side,
She was my motivation and my pride,
But with time it all subsided.

Her simple expectations started appearing to be heavy burden,
I got scared when she wanted to move in,
I used to get sweaty whenever she discussed our wedding.
It didn't mean I love her any less.

I needed more time , I needed some space,
Wanted to run away from her every trace,
I pushed her away,
I made her weep,
Not thinking much asked her to leave.

She read my poems and cried all night,
She shared same feelings and texted me in the first light,
The feelings that died got revived again,
I felt alive again,
Now I know what went missing,
My heart was joyous I wanted her back again.

I felt she also want to come back,
But trusting someone again who betrayed you is not easy,
She is in a relationship, leaving him is not easy.

I have realized her importance,
I know what blunder I made,
I want to try one more time,
Baby without you everything is black,
I ******* WANT YOU BACK!

(Dill hote Jo,
Mere seene mei do,
Dusra dill bhi main ,
Tumhe Deta todne ko)

You could break my heart in two
But when it heals, it beats for you

..Lines from 13 reasons why.
Stephen James Mar 29
I replayed in my mind the events of that night not believing I could have ever lost sight. You see, the objective was clear through the blur of the tears your touch subsided all of my fears. So, as it stands the heat of the moment I let down my guard. Now looking into your face has gotten increasingly hard. This contention sent waves that left a haze in place of where you used to be. Like a tree in an oasis that wilts over time our love thrived on the waters of what was divine...but has since dried. Can we go back to the night of that act that left us both in a position of intense deposition? is there a way to recreate what we once had at stake; this love that had seemed to be both of our fates?
a poem
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