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Hirondelle Aug 6
Words take over when mind has not much to say
On this juncture to fare a great friend well.
Limp swung my heart on a despair-strung end,
Ticking sad tocks to that sun attired friend.

Oblivion! That murky sea of fears!
Dive deep wise words to bring her in bright tears!
Like Prometheus brought fire in a reed,
Words give all we need to shun shadows' greed.

Who sadly cries with pearls so proud and wise,
When strolls a wet child the shores of his eyes?
This child, pearl strung her locks, a sunrise walks,
My door rings her knocks from bright fizzing shores.

Dare I... her step fall in... and wear her sheen,
Wherein I have seen what's in her guileless green?
This farewell poem is a tribute to a departing colleague's sterling character and professional attitudes with which I have been greatly inspired. So, the poem seeks to defy any blur of oblivion that distance may bring between the two separated work partners. I'm sharing it here to offer a different perspective about the splendor in tears when it comes to faring a great person well. I hope you enjoy it, too.

The poem is written in iambic pentametre with seven full rhymed doublets. It conforms neither to the rhyme scheme nor the stanza layout of a sonnet. It only resembles a sonnet and I don't know what to call its structure. I only intended greater musicality in this full rhymed iambic format in pentametre. Alliteration and inner rhyme are key sound devices in providing a luminous flowing cadence to the poem.
Cweeta Cwumble May 2016
I followed my dear friends to the edge of a cliff
and was greeted by a peculiar thing.
There, standing on the edge of the earth,
was a swing set waiting just for me.
Her thick black seat and strong metal arms
cradled me, while together we flew
into the starry night canvas, sprawling,
dark blue, except for a splatter of twinkling
firefly-speckles, from the cityscape
to the moon.

Each time she lifted me I felt closer
to the heavens. I raised my chin
and let the gentle kiss of raindrops
wash away my sins, cleansing
and revitalizing my body like a baptism.
I’ll never forget the smell of the rain
on the freshly-sprouted grass, with dew drops
made from the breath of my friends
hanging delicately in the sweet air
like glass beads strung on a wire,
while the crisp wind carried me higher and higher
and the most brilliant masterpiece ever created
was painted across the entire night sky
CK Baker Dec 2016
six lanes
in a sight line
past the cedar shims
and trim tempered insert
past the washed mural
and water stain tiles

covered eyes
fight for focus
over dark, distant bridges
and cork strung ties
foot crawlers on lemon pegs
under clouded halogen light  

dreamers contend
in a variation of chant
(thrown off
in a drawl sequence)
a glimpse of the guard
and a warm towel assignment
forge comforting relief
in a task filled day
Strength, oft forsook this Un-Scrupulous Tongue
A Tape-Measure's past of Time's Friend prevent
I tweeted my News. When his Will was rung
To accept this Swallowed Gift I present
I never expected such Addled Theme
Where the Culprit layed his Murderous Mourn
With White Intent, a Blonde's Purpose took scene
Then scorched my Patience of trying to learn
Because of this all Tee's Hells grew devout
And cashed my Young Ally to cost-betray
Since for my Horn I expected your Bout
But strung to your Brother's Reflex that day.
Twelve-by-Six Dues. That is what I should owe
A Knot by nature. In Mind's Eye I know.
Dopamine addict
scored, but itched
for a quick serotonin fix.
This sonder mirror, these
incessant cravings for opia.

Staring down mydriasis, that
bracketed emptiness, haunting
egolessness, one lasting hit, after
shooting up with the metaphysics,
Consigned to it, being strung out
on ∃xistence, whatever depth
you'd ascribe to it: a category.

Know passion is incandescent,
Embrace peace as effervescent;

Lost in the gaze of fall liberty,
Rainy daze in winter ecstasy,
Found in a maze of spring
empathy, azure haze of
summer vibrancy,

Mescalito tornado on desert sands,
Shroom typhoon on distant shores,
∀cid cyclone on the horizon,
Pharmahuasca maelstrom
drank the earth;
  *ion chaser
ate a hurricane, The Empyrean was born.
An unnecessary redux of my favorite lines.
CK Baker Dec 2016
The napalan man in a violet cape  
descended the stair with a lopsided gait
a wretched procession; subscribers in cue
rattling off as they stream from the pew  

sounds and smells from a shadowy place
a catholic priest to gin up base
lanterns strung from bolted doors
cobbled streets and wooden floors  

stepping stones and iron bells
fortified by the citadel
hallowed halls and sepulcher
dragon cane for horse drawn tours  

castle turret,  archer holes
centaur scribed in chamber bowls
garden columns in courtyard view
the blood ballet and hullabaloo  

ancient tombs on warrior grounds
gods and saints who made their rounds
goliath still with battered scythe
knelt in prayer and mummified  

battle fires and crowds that roar
gallows, caves, abysmal war  
gargoyles flock the terrace slope
pearly gates to bring on hope  

serpents, snakes and burning ash
the lava bombs and trident clash
mariners drift in absentee
as neptune rises from the Tyrrhenian Sea
Bird Apr 2017
you leave me breathless and strung out
in the late night, wrapped up but cold
staring at my phone screen waiting for
you to say anything
you tell me to go to sleep
(it's some passive aggressive bullshit)
i go to sleep anyway
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