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Johnnie Woods Aug 2018
There are five widely known senses.
Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.
We've got some minor ones as well, such as balance, temperature and many more.
However, people fail to realise that there's also the sixth major sense. Thoughts themselves.

   If we look closely, all these five senses have the same base. Specified cells in eye react to energy of light, cells of ear recieve energy in form of air's vibrations, skin cells pick up energy of mechanical changes, and so tasting and hearing depend on translation of certain substances' chemical energy.
   These cells in different organs differ in their structure and the way they appear, however, if we stop looking at them in such small scale, we can see that ALL of the cells or organs responsible for any sense translate the energy.
   So, a light enters the eye, certain wavelenght of certain energy stimulates the eye's rod or cone cells with a certain intensity. Then the energy of light is translated to energy of electrical impulse, which goes straight to the brain, creating the sensation of sight.
   If it comes to smell, a certain particle enters the nose, binds to a smell receptor cell, and the chemical energy of this particle is, again, translated to energy of electrical impulse, which goes straight to the brain, creating the sensation of smell.

   Now, let's move to the crucial part. The sense of thoughts.
   During the creation of thought, pathways in our brain that collect memories(and many more known or unknown pathways) connect. First, there's this spark of electricity, that moves all along the neuron and releases a dose of neurotransmitters(amount of different NTs is equiavlent to strength of this spark, basically resulting in "creating" various thoughts).
Then, chemical energy of NEUROTRANSMITTER is translated to energy of electrical impulse, which happens in the brain, creating the sensation of thought.
   Therefore the 'sense of thoughts' reacts to and is stimulated by neurotransmitters themselves, with receptors on neurons' membrane being receptors of the stimulus. So, kind of like smell, the stimulus is chemical, compared to sight, where it's electromagnetic wave; anyways the result in all of these is electric impulse in neurons (hence the idea of "thoughts" as a sense, due to the same basic layout; transfer of energy).
   The 'smell particle' connects to receptor and is translated to a certain amount of neurotransmitters/certain strenght of neuronal impulse. SO, again, we can see that when the first outer layer of this communication is cut off, we're left only with the neurotransmitters and impulses themselves. Anyway, the transduction of energy remains.

   If it comes to "sense of thoughts" the receptor lies within us, whereas in sight or smell or touch it's external. However, does it matter if it's on the surface of skin or under it if it all comes down to neurons of our brain?
   When you lie in a dark, silent room, without any external stimuli, you still retain your thoughts, colorful, vivid or complex. All the magic of the brain - still happens. So, how isn't it a separate, full-fledged sense?
Rafhael Vieira Mar 2015
Oh dear brave knight,
Who ventures into the wilds
Please draw your sword
And fight away the horde.

She's a hero into my heart
With the strenght to tear us apart
Come here and fight away
The monsters that are wide awake
And then eat this piece of cake.

She's always into a fight
Because she is my brave knight
Come here and claim your prize
Because this is the tale of the knight.
Kelly O'Toole Jun 2018
Like a thorn in the side twists, turns, shifts, thugs at my pride, who am I and why?
Forget to be, forget to try. Sigh, deny and try, oh try, to find out who am I?

Struggle to reach. Struggle to come to grip with reality. You see all these expectations get laid on me, I cant seem to find my feet.

Even in finding my feet, defeat. Defeating my mind and steeped and bleeding, I'm blind and beat.
I'm beating the blinds, the street, it limits the finds and eats, it eats at my mind.

But rise to my feet, I will. Beat my way through, I do. The passing days, they may get all hazy. But I got a vision, I do.

Clear as unmuddied water, that vision peaks and from the merky pool hope leaks. Not made that of odour which reeks, rather perfume which speaks to those bold, brave, not weak.
Who on top of a mountain sits and seeks and stands on the ocean before they may sink and know their song well before they dare speak.

Hope keeps us hooked. Pain gives us drive. For that, I will swallow my pride. My dignity beat, battered and bruised. But my reputation in tact.
My strenght unmatched. Unmask myself I will. Through this treacherous journey, I shall grace salvation, to find my inner will.

And with journey abound to destination unknown leaving that hope, strenght and will for events which have thrown light into the tunnel. Illuminating the stone which sits on the temple of freedom and soul, spirit, freewill, autonomy, suddenly realisation that still ...
Still I am me.
A poem wrote in collaboration with my good friend about the journey to one finding their true identity.
Katlyn Orthman Oct 2012
Death was not unfamilar to me. I'd killed my share of things classified as monsters. I wasn't complaining really, my job kept the humans safe. I just felt guilty, I was practically a monster myself. They call us Warriors of the night, we're not Vampires, we are born with extra strenght and a long life span. I was born a long time ago, I was raised to **** monsters that terrorize the human race. Since I was six, I'd been trained to ****. I was a killing machine, best of my kind. Yet somehow, even though what I do is considered an honor, I don't feel proud. I've been doing my job much to long, and lately I'd began getting sloppy with my work. God knows Rowan would be one ****** of boss if he heard about me letting the group of baby Werewolves. I wasn't a complete heartless ******* to **** a bunch of babies.
    I might've been two years ago, before the whole incident happened. I layed my head in my hands, I couldn't go there, not now. I needed a clear head. My small apartment in Master Singu's house was getting messy. I hadn't had time to clean lately with all of the monster attacks that had been popping up lately. Ghouls, Goblins, Oni, Ogre, you name it and it's been attacking. Wasn't much we could do with the Banshee, they were more of a signifier then a monster. A signifier of death, and usually they gave me a heads up if the person who's house it's been surrounding, is gonna die. Banshee were cruel looking creatures, never gotten to close to one, they make **** sure of that. Not sure I ever want to. They were ruled by the one and only, Death. And i will gladly stay as far from death as possible. Haven't heard too many good things about him. Death is one of the Four horsemen. Scariest ******* in the underworld, and I would gladly never meet any of deaths brothers or sisters, what ever the gender their welcome to stay away. There was a soft knock on my door, io glanced at the clock on the wall, it was already three. Warriors worked night shift basically, since thats the time most monsters like to come out.
    The victorian styled door was a black cherry carved wood, with a ancient symbols carved in so no evil spirit couls cross into my apartment, so I wasnt worried any monster was at my door. But I was suprised to see Cameron when I opened the door. Cameron and I used to work the nights together until he'd gone off and gotten married to Sylvia, who was a vampire. Vampires were only considered monsters when they didnt follow the rules. No feeding off of unwilling people, only donors, and they couldnt go around killing people. Their biggest rule though was not to tell any human what they were, Warriors like me had a lot of people to execute.
   "Cameron, never thought I'd see you around here anymore," just as I was talking to him I realized, Cameron looked scared and desperate. Unlike someone who spent his life killing evil monsters that were twice the size of him. " What's wrong Cameron?" He shook his head and walked past me, through the door and into the living room. "It's Sylvia, Theon please help me," Camerons voice was going all thick and his eye's all watery. This was deffinetly something bad. " Tell me, what has happened with Sylvia?" I needed Cameron in his most focused form to help me out, but as I looked at the shaking man I knew he was beyond that. " You remember the king vampire we took down to save Sylvia?" Cameron said quitely, but I knew instantly what vampire he was talking about. That vampire had killed Abelia. I quickly swept that from my mind and focused back on Cameron. " Yes I remember, "  I had no idea where Cameron was going with this. " You remember his brother than, the one that got away, he said that we would both pay. He, ah, made you pay that day. I never thought that he would carry out with his threat. He kidnapped Sylvia, and Sylvia is pregnant, " Cameron almost lost it right there.
    I never thought that, pip squeak of a vampire had it in him, but he was smart and possesed powers we hadn't known about until we had come across them. Their king that we had slayed, had been capturing girls of all species and abusing them in such barbaric ways.
We had to put an end to his affairs, and we did but his brother wasn't too happy about it. He'd done one of his tricks and manifested behind Abelia and snapped her neck. Everything for me had stopped, all I could hear was the blood in my veins. I didn't breath, I could still remember the deafining roar I had unleashed as my monster had gripped me, took the reins and killed all of the mans servants.
Blood had bathed the walls that night, not even the crickets dared to sing. The sun rose late that morning, and I sat inside this very apartment, on that very couch, and cried. For the very first time, I had cried until my eye's swelled shut, until my throat could bare no more. Until I passed out.
    "We'll get them back Cameron, don't worry. For now get some rest, we'll start investigating later tonight, I have meeting to attend," I was going to **** that ******* when I found him. He had taken my only love from me, and he would pay this time, I would make that absoultely certain. Cameron nodded and headed for the door. It was a long way back to his house, and he crossed quite a few bridges. I didn't want him making any bad decisions, " Cameron you can crash here, I have a guest room your welcome here man," I say casually so he doesn't get all prideful. He stops and looks at me for a moment then nods " Yeah, thanks man, and also thank you for agreeing to help me on this I know it's a bit of a touchy subject for you, just know i appreciate it." He made his way down the hall, I listened for the soft click of the door shuting before i went to leave.
    I grabbed my coat, and the keys to my Ducatti and ducked out the door. The hallway was long and at the end of it was two flights of srairs, I lived on the third floor. My motorcycle was parked right were I left it, it was a beauty. Black and red sleek metal and nice leather seats. I loved the bike so much I had named her Racer. I loved to drive fast, and so did she. I tore off out of the parking lot and listened to the purr of her engine on the way to Rowan's , my boss, office. It wasnt to far, but I wasn't in a rush either so i took the long road just to stall. I knew Rowan planned on giving me a partner. Probably some ****** that didnt know his way around a swiss army blade, let alone a sword. Warriors didnt use guns unless absoultely necessary. I loved the feel of my sword slicing through the air. I didn't, however, enjoy the noisy bang of a gun. A sword was like another limb, you have to trust it to take you were you need to go.
    Rowan's office light was on, and I could make out the form of three bodies. Great, I knew it, Rowan was going to assign me a partner.
I hated partners, the only one I'd ever slightly enjoyed had been Cameron. I got off my bike, patted the seat for good luck, and made my way into Rowans office. When I pulled open the door I was ready to yell at Rowan for even thinking of giving me a partner, instead i dropped my hand off the doorknob. " *******," was all I coluld say. I was stunned to silence.
To be continued! Hope I left you wanting to know more!
Stu Harley Aug 2014
the sting of winter
doesn't hurt
the pines
when the
touch the
forest floor
the strenght
of the pines
hold on
to their
once more
I start feeling life leaving my body,
Realize my throat runs dry,
See my veins running empty,
Feel the tears coming out my eyes.

I loose balance, legs go weak,
Fall on my knees,
Feel how my heart slowly stops beating,
Know that my mind is going sick.

The chilling air rushing through my skin,
The cold knife cutting through my tissues,
I start to feel this thing called pain,
And I hope you never feel it as I do.

But there is love.
Something stronger than death itself,
Something that runs faster than blood,
Or water in a rainy day.

Strong enough to give me life,
Strong enough to give me pain,
Strong enough for me to fight,
Strong enough to give me death.

So I remember her face,
Remember her smile,
Remember her lips,
Forget about her lies.

And its the same strenght
Which makes me fight,
Which makes me realize
no matter how long the lenght,
If its for her, if its for love,
The road is always worth to take.

Its for love why I stand up now,
It is for love why I know death better than life,
And it is for love that my spirit will forever stay alive!
Because for love, you may cut through my skin, flesh, and bone
But your knife stops there,
When it reaches to my soul.
First poem I wrote in my life while I was in a hospital
Peter Balkus Apr 2016
If I had a *****, I would own the world,
I would be the king (the queen, to be frank),
I'd have all men thumbed under my ****.
If I had a *****, I'd own whole of the land.

Peace would be upon me, and upon us all,
for ******* can do things penises able not,
***** is like heaven, ***** is like hell,
when ***** in *****, devil loses strenght.

If I had a *****, I would spread the love
in neighbouring cities divided by walls,
I'd make enemies to be friends again,
and war would be over, happy would be man.

If I had a *****, there'd be more of us
fighting for Peace, Love and the happy times.
One more to the Peace floor, to the war one less -
if you had a *****, you would understand.
Do I give you the sweetest
oxygen to inhale
In exchange for you love
Your cravings are too much
You're carving yourself into wood pieces
Don't light your torch too fast as rain may come
I'll follow the ends of your mud prints

By: Leory Santana Dawn
Unwanted Nov 2014
Your right im making excuses
The real reason I cant be with you
is because I'm to scared to

Every person I have ever loved in my life has died
or turned bad
and I cant have your heart of gold turn black because of me
I cant have anymore people cease to survive
so i try
and stay away
its the only way i keep the people i love alive
and its the only reason I feel dead inside

Yeah she hurt me
but thats not why I cry
I  cry because I hurt her
she left me
but it was my fault
I am the one who reopened all her scars
and now she cuts every night
more hurt inside
dont you see
people are hurting because of me
and my value is not in pieces
because I am in shards
all i do is hurt people
and i break through it all
I am not strong
I am weak
the only strenght you seee
is the strenght i get from you
you are the one who inspires me
but i cant get to close
I have to stay in my hole
get away from me
I dont want to break anymore souls
I dont wanna hurt you
please just go
Stu Harley Oct 2014
the flower
to the
your light is
my strenght
my hope
my courage
than comes
sweet blue rain
Bas Aeon Sep 2018
My brightest light Louie,
I may not be the best version of me
i am on my way to becoming a better person
you taught me a lot of things
you may never know
your soul imprinted
you are my shadow
My sun, my hope and my light.
you let me be reborn again
finding the right path
you made me learn to feel the word jealous
jealous of everything
nature that sorrounds you
people that made you who you are now
things that made and makes you giggles
The warmth and glow you spread to your sorroundings.
The echoes of your voice that send thousandfold of melody to everyone’s heart.

we drifted so much
i lost the battle
but my connection to your memories
still intact
it seeps to my core

i am winning the rage of seas and darkness
i finally found the contenment of light
it shown me the real figure of hardship
the true meaning of faith and serendipity
The symbol of love that envelopes the human capacity

i have gained true friendship and learnt new hobbies
im continously improving my personality and character
im pursuing the passion of my heart what God has offered me
i learnt to be more mindful and responsible human being
Waiting made me more resilient
Patience brought me a lot of good vibes
God embraced me for who i am
And  recieved comfort and plenty of positive vibrants
until the day im brave enough to stand infront of you
i will be better
i will be full of life
So you will be proud of me
even though i’m nothing to you.

i thought love was undesirable weakness
a cancer that grows inside me.
Made me vulnerable and brought abomination
as darkness and loneliness reeks to my soul
A depriviation of human development
as gravity of negativity pulls me down

But then
I finally understood the meaning of true love
Love filled my life with joy and peace.
Happiness, hope, contentment and serenity
Even though it fail me
Love became my strenght
Because love is what binds people
It builds a character to pursue and become better
To accept what was and what is and what ifs
To fight and battle within yourself
To know and to seek
To gain more clarity when whirlwind strikes
Above all
To recieve abundant, plentiful grace and forgiveness
From the one and only powerful, merciful, kind and loving Almighty God

He is the reason why i am living
He is the core of my existence
He blessed me with all things that sorrounds me
He gives me hope
He provides me food and shelter
He lead me to where i should be
He let me feel all the emotions that i must need
He is generous for allowing me to learn what was/is right and wrong
He forgave me and will always forgive.
He healed me and will continue to heal my soul.
My human being
He taught me a lot of things in this world
And for that i am lucky
That he let me experienced all the troubles and beauty from the past.
I may not know what the future and his plan for me
i am happy that he led me to you
To know you
To need you
To love you
To experience your warmth
Thats why thank you Louie for the love, hope, my light, my sun, guidance, patience and care you had brought to me
Coz if not
And it never happened
until now for sure
I will still be looking for your version
My dearest louie that brought so much ripples in my life.
I am forever grateful to you and to God.
These are all perfectly reasons why i love you to the fullest.
Thank you for being a blessing to me.
I pray to God to protect your world and guide you through tough times.
To bless and empowered you.
To let you know that you are enough to him because you are more than special to him.
To contionously shower you with grace, protection and so much love.

Grateful with so much love,  
i wrote this letter 4 years ago and i still feel the same way today. The same feelings and love i still have for her will always remain. The prayers i continously ask God. My unsent letter - the precious emotions i kept for years will always be inside me. Im sharing this piece of letter for those who havent seen the light. Depression, loneliness became my motivation to gain strenght and happines.
I lost the person i love the most.
Exhale Your Mind Jan 2014
What's going on?!

With these beautiful dark women bleaching their skin and hiding their features.
Reaching to a point of shame from these beautiful creatures.
They don't believe what the bible says, so they're their own preachers.
While God designed them to be beautiful queens,
living the unachieved dreams of their african ancestors.

Daughters of Africa, daughters of slaves.
Free in the physical, but mentally chained.
Darkened by the morning sun.
Brightened by the evening moon.
A smile that captivates homeless hearts.
A strenght that fascinates hopeless minds.

Dear beautiful black woman,
Know who you are.
Black is beautiful. Black means strong.
Skin tone that matches the earth.
Curves that catches the eye.
Walk like a goddess and talk like a queen.
When you enter a room
let your appearance speak, let your presence prophesy:
"I'm worthy, I'm proud and I'm beautiful"
I cry my heart out to YOU
Every day and every night.
Can YOU hear me?
Are YOU still listening?
I feel so alone.
Not seen.
As if YOU left me
YOU promised to never leave my side.
Remember YOUR promise.
Hear my prayer O GOD
As I cry out to YOU
In the midst of all this pain and sorrow.
Open the heavens
Accept my plea.
Let me feel YOU surround me
Let me feel YOUR warmth again.
LORD I need you!
YOU are all I've got.
YOU are my strength and hope
On what I lean on.
Don't let me feel alone.
Because I'm so hurt, cold and tired.

“The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.”
(‭‭Psalms‬ ‭18:2‬ ‭KJV‬‬)
Bercaru Feb 2015
Last night in high fever in midle of night
A dream i have dreamed - so clear and so bright!
In a blaze of glory a castle I've seen
A place where my eyes could never have been.

The purpose of these astonishing walls
And up to the sky - almighty towers
Were, it came out to know  very soon,
For a marvelous princess - a kind of cocoon.

Yes she was the princess
And all was for her
With courage and fearless
Her life was smoother.

But as she grew up she started to notice
That this lovely castle might be just a hospice
A place where she  couldn't and wasn.t herself
A place where she was a book on a shelf.

The king was a great man -
All people knew that
In finding a blame in this man was in vain
Cause all of the efforts secced they may not

He was her salvation
He was her delight,
He showed how she's gorgeous
What means to be loved,
How not to be angry
Her daddy have showed

But there was a problem
A terrible one
The voice of her mother
Was like of a swan.
That means she was quite a little too much
A silence the princess could hear and could touch.

The queen was adored, respected by people
For her mighty knowledge
And power to teach.
But this little princess
Wanted to be listened
And not to receive her lessons or speech.

It.s easy to talk and preach like a prophet
When silence is all your children can hear
That.s why our beauty
Pushed up by the courage
From this famous castle
She will dissapear.

"Today is the day" went out in a moan
This calm four words whisper
Inside was a storm

A storm of frustration,
Of fear and of guilt
In her head of child
A plan she had built.

She took her white horse
Her favourite one
That flew like the wind
Like this it.s begun

"The worst's the begining"
 She said in her hat
Now here on this white horse
 She understands that.

The plan was ambitious, well structured  and good
To go in the woods as much as she could
To walk, to run, to fly if she can
Til' she sees no more a foot of a man.

Now princess is free like a dove in the skye
Towards new adventures she's ready to fly
Cause heavens are with her whetever she goes
Thinking she is lucky from eyebrows to toes.

But here it will come a junction or so
And the little princess didn.t know where to go.
She's asking her horse for a wise quick advice
When this one responded without thinking twice:

 -Tell me jolly princess, where do you want to go?
- An honest response to your question would be "I don.t know"
- Then pardoned might be my humble response,
'n this case don.t matter the road you will choose!

That.s why i like having smarter than me
A friend that besides me appears to be.
And if one day i may stumble and fall
He's there to sustain and listen my call.

The days went by, then months as  years
The princess was passing from joy into tears
She felt all alone, forgotten and lost
The rainbow of dreams was covered by frost.

-Tell me my horsy, cause in your words i find gain,
What is the reason for all of this pain?
- Maybe so you would pray for strenght!
- And what is the reason for the strenght?
-Maybe so you would not lose hope!
- And what is the reason for the hope?
- Just so you could face the world!

Child, the time has come for you to fly
Just like an eagle on the sky
And use ur instinct as your guide
That navigates through  pathes you glide.
You where made do have the greatest flight!

For sure they'll find you all those monsters
That drags you back from where go
Don.t listen them, cause they are lying
"You'll never make it" is their motto.

But the voice of truth tells you a different story!
The voice of truth says
"Do not be afraid"
It says again
"You are a child of glory!"
So keep on running,
'Till you reach the end!"

Then i woke up and all was gone
The horse, the princess,
Me alone.
But i am sure that outside there
The princess is indeed somewhere
Enthusiastic, brave and strong
Looking in this world all along
A comfort place to call it home.
For Caroline
There i look
there where my help lies
there where cometh my hope
there where Angels fly
there where gold is incomparable to its beauty
there where sitted the feary one
To the hills where cometh my help
............There i look..............
And when all of my strenght is gone
and when there be no help from man
and when all melodies are gone
and when loneliness my companion
and when men rejects me
and when i cannot cope
from there cometh my hope
from there i here a new song
from there my strenght is renewed
from there my loneliness is taking away
to the hill where cometh my help
............There i look.............
When sorrows abounds
when brokeness my companion
when pains ravages the walls of my heart
when i am persecuted for the things i most embrace
............There i look............
There where my help lies
there where cometh my hope
there where Angels fly
there where gold is incomparable to its beauty
To the hills where cometh my help
..........There i look............
George Andres Mar 2018
i want you to remind me
how the moon and the stars above
glance and hides how shy they were
whenever your voice soothes the trees and living creatures, reverberating the paradox of joy and sadness in your giggle

i want you to remind me
how the ends will never be the means of loving and that saturating my soul with your presence is more than i could ever receive, a reality unmet with circumstances of chains upon ourselves

i want you to remind me
how long it would take to consume the universe on your palm or the life in one single breath, or the night with a hymn that lights up my way home

i want you to remind me
of remembering goodbyes and hellos
the mellow sound of now and the agonizing tomorrow swifting its way to uncanny sound of laughter and sniffed tears

i want you to remind me
that there are more to life than we ever thought of: death, absence, nothingness

i want you to remind me
that i could always see the mirror of myself in your brushed short hair, chapped lips and past you never left behind, just the like the songs i've made to remind how unusual semblance of people unites hearts and eventually tear them apart

i want you to remind me
of the days where i loved deeply and without hesitation or fear of falling behind or the anxiety of losing what i never had in the first place

i want you to remind me of the days like this
where the smile in my face meant the world, home, and happiness from your single hello or the way you tilt your head and stare and smile and laugh or when your cheeks blush and swims together with the universe in your eyes and the waters deeply engraved in your fingers how the waves strum the music in your spirit and soul

how i want you to remember,

the way i will remind you:

i will remind you of how i love seeing you mess around and make everyone happy, your vain and cuddly smile behind the tint of the sun, along the banquets of academics and artists

i will remind you of how assured i was that you were whom i prayed for to a nonexistent deity of the wind and beauty; how i wished to feel its rush as i roam around, and steep-down the wheels, continuously weighing down unafraid of a valley of morality and questions

i will remind you of the philosophy of the meaninglessness of existence and how life was never the meaning but pain of waiting for death; you made it bearable and the ample grace of your heart is what i'll keep to my future journeys of seeking what i would trade for life itself enduring the morning commutes and cruelty of mischievous eyes

i will remind you of the day i saw you, and how tall you stand as me or how shy i was whenever i was in front of the crowd, but most of the time you give me the strenght to brush off what everyone would say

i will remind you of the day, and the days to come
i will not ask for more or less, it will be enough, and i hope with that, i will be enough, and i, hope you would always remind me #
Sitting here trying to figure my thought process,

Trying to describe the only one I want to impress,

Thinking of ways to give you what you're due,

When all it ever takes is a simple ' I love you '.

The 9th of May 1978, a few years past,

Our 1st public introduction, yet it could've been our last,

You stopped breathing as things weren't going right,

I'm forever grateful, you turned back from that light.

I always had a reputation as a Mammys Boy,

No longer an insult, I am one with pride,

You thought me how to stand up for myself,

Most importantly, to search inside for my strenght.

Along with all of that, you gave me 4 sisters,

For my nieces & nephews, you gave 4 great mothers,

You take on our problems, like they're your own,

You always make sure, we are never alone.

They say all men search for one like their Mother,

Well, 'they' have no clue, for there is no other,

One with such skills, to attempt to name is unbelievablle,

Mammy, Ma... to the girls & I, to everyone else it is Carmel.
Amber Apr 2016
I am constraint
In a constraint body
I move from thought to thought
race  between a permanent
I hear a screaming voice
and it´s my own
She´s screaming out my own
deepest   secrets
Who  did I tell my  shame?
If not you
You keep me, in a confinement
locked in among my frustrated fears
morbidly amused by their strenght
I  stay in here.
Where else  would I go
If  not   back to you.
Femi Jun 2015
I suffer in silence
I silence my tears
my tears choke my breath
the pain hurts like death
because I'm dying
and there is no one to help

How does one carry on,
when her strenght is gone?
I want to return home
but heaven has no phone
so I live another day---and die
praying to my deaf father
with my mute cries.
Ariel Taverner Oct 2013
Blood is poured across my body as I lie here
These priests are priests of sacrifice
Sacrifice of blood, body and humans
They pleasure in ****** and grotesque displays of death
They will laugh maniacally while they stab women to death
And have a smile of sated pleasure standing over a child's corpse
Their god is nonexistent
As most gods are
But lying on this altar with blood over me I feel a presencelo
Of power and vicious tyranny
Is this maybe their god I feel
Or my own fear attacking me and making mr feel it
But somehow I still feel it
Then a voices like black blood
Like lifeless horror
Like grotesque sadism
Like everything I have ever feared
It says
And across my vision I see a smile
That saps all my strenght and resilience
And qttacks my soul
And with that I loose will and let the knife slid into my heart without caring
A physical representation of emotions felt and unfelt
In real life I don't have the courage to utter all these words. By stringing them together, I can get these phrases. I am most amazed what poetry made possible, you can read it in: The Audacity of a Poem


Poems mean a lot to me
since it is reciprocal you see
the society I live in
is reflected in all these lines
love is very important almost a sin
and the always one glasses of wines
always getting in

the best specialist for our health
they say is also The wealth
but I regard love is the most important
remember I am human not a mutant

love is the best for our life
it is obvious that we must strife
love is like the present wind
that blows constantly so tender in
through my thirsty body and mind
I reside in this country oh so kind
a country peaceful, plenty of place and love to hide
that's why I have my domicile here and reside

My beloved likes reading and traveling
we have seen parts of the world a very lot
I have other kinds of interests, like humming
writing essays, feedbacking, listening to music,
and praying to God
building websites, designing cards and yes
conducting PC Help desks, bank-scanning, and chess
in London and Serfaus, musicals and skiing,
along the Mediterranean sea, enjoying life, love while driving

how do I do that, d'you really want to know, dear?
while whatsapping, driving fastest, and the music to the ear
really very simple, love in you, your whole soul in there,
just like our parents using tupperware

but ah, I like most to describe the love in poems I write
posting them for my beloved after that heavy night
since love is so important in our life
you must not take for granted but must strife

we can't miss it in our life its function
like: though sometimes on our highway a junction
it's like the great water of the mighty ocean
it has grip on you, you feel the strenght, but it's addiction
the strong water's ripples too, its mildness
you demand the best, the most but never less
and remember for ever that in the country I live in
the kind of love I'm so addicted to, is never a sin

in the end my heart and being will constantly see
my one and faithful Man,
for Thy most precious gift, I say to Thee
thank You, my Lord. Amen  (fon.: A-'men)

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Sunday, 4 Sept 2016.
Angie Dec 2012
An old, frail woman sits in rocking chair.
Rocking slowly, gently, back and forth.
The floorboards beneath her creek softly.
She is dressed in black.
Hair held back with two hair clasps.

A pouch dangles from her arm.
A drawstring wrapped around her wrinkled wrist.

There is a rustle heard nearby.
A small girl appears.
Dress in white dress, with small imprints of daisies on it.
Hair tied into a braid.
Timidly she inches over to the woman.

The woman unravels the drawstring from her wrist.
She opens the pouch, and five small stone fall into her lap.

Each stone is unique in its own way.
Different sizes, shapes and textures.

The little girl is face to face with the woman.
She hands her each stone carefully, and with great care. She holds the stone and with each stone she tells her wish for the little girl

The first stone with the inscription STRENGHT.
My wish is that you have the strength to endure the past, the present, the future. To fight all the evil and conquer it in the name of good.

Next comes CREATE
My wish is for you to create memories. Some of them good and some of them bad. To even life out. And that each bad memory you create only equals more memories that are good.

My wish is that your dreams come true in your life, as well as the people around you.
My wish is that your days been filled with magic, both unreal and real. Both created by you, and created by other people around you.

Finally WISH
My wish is that these wishes as well as many others to come your way. Also, that each wish is better then the last one.

The little girl admires the stones.
The woman opens the pouch and picks each stone one at a time, and places them in the pouch.
The woman hands the pouch to the little girl and says “For safe keeping”

The little girl smiles and runs out the door.
Giggles are heard.
The woman continues to rock.
H W Erellson Mar 2015
The village is reaching the end of eternity.
The story has been told, written, read.

Out in the borderlands,
David still
fights Goliath.

The crowd have been around them for thousands of years,
chanting names,
fists in the air,
***** angry faces.

As the chanting of his name increases,
David grows in size,
unfolding like a redwood,
gleaming tanned bark.

The crowd becomes uneasy;
a giant among them? whose children will he eat?
which maidens will he devour?

and so they begin chanting Goliath's name;
David's strenght ebbs, they're feeding Goliath with their tongues now,
as he hulks and looms more and more over the shrinking David

alas, the crowd learn their mistake,
bite their tongues,
twisting them
until they are saying "David" once more.

This fight has been going on for thousands of years.
The crowd continue blindly shouting, 'David' and 'Goliath' being the only words they have uttered for aeons

unrealising they hold the power to release themselves
from this eternal fight.

- An act of anarchy, especially if you don't have any teeth :D

- Because all beings are blessed Bees
- Certain sign of cretenism or genuine Charm

- Denominative sense of digestion is Disturbing

- Ethically wrong Endeavor

- Fascinating and freeking fabulous if you intend to F. . .  

- Gorgeous as Geometry

- Hot on Hotties

- Imature and implies lack of Integrity

- Jibberish

- Keen rediscovering so many Keens or Kens
- Lovely on Lovely ones (once)

- Magnificent Mimicry

- Negating the jokers(or your own) inteligence / numb is Numb

- Onthological urge to survive among jungle beasts - fangs are
   quintessential urban asset. .or. . Smile-The-Power-Wilder-Open      

- Pertinent in Parliament

- Quiet resistance behind a cold minded rebellions league - quitting in few minutes  kicking some mthf harassing ****** pervert - to hard Quiver

- Real lovely strenght to feel and see each other happy  

- Stupid on jokes = Joke Stupid  

- Tactics to climb up the social ledder or/end further down the Thongs

- U can't admit you didn't get it; u2

- Violation of virtues as (in vino) Veritas

- Wonderful! To see people happy is healthy, positive and Wise!  

- X times better than being in low energy

- You love your beloved and you are loved by your beloved love

- Zooming at the ' zoo' of human behaviour -
    Amusing as Zorro-Art-Is-MusssssssssseumZ
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic love
Adrian Dec 2014
Here I am sitting, hurting and aching.
I am Jealous indeed

I am Jealous because,
You showed me value but you suddenly took it away.

I am Jealous because my love was ignored
I am Jealous because I gave my all,
and I couldn't convice you of my love.

I couldn't convince you,
that I love you.

I am Jealous because you yelled on me with anger and rage
and the next, a photo with you smilling.

I am Jealous for I could not trace logically,
For I could not see the source of your hatred.

Deeper than your hatred for me,
There's a reason why,
There's a reason that you blinded yourself to my good deeds.
That you saw none of which i gave you that was good.
Love, time, strenght, service, you saw none of these,
In your rage you only saw my folly, in which is not even valid to say.

I am Jealous, for you say you loved me,
yet another you said you never did.
and yet you said you can lie to hurt me.

Which one is true. I am torn.

I am Jealous that my small mistakes are drilled through my being
While their's, they are justified beyond all senses.

I am Jealous, because you made me feel special,
you made me feel like I am no other,

I am Jealous because you convinced me you'll never leave me
Yet now, like a nobody, in which you threw away.

Perhaps I may assume the best from you,
that you threw me away, because you wanted my heart safe.
Because, I brought out the monster in you.

How is that, I do not know...
All I knew was that I loved you with a sincere heart
Dag J Apr 2013
Endlessly... we fall...
connecting through
cognetive strenght as we
endeavor the practice of
never looking back...
trembling hands
reaching out for
intricate parts of reality...
concerned... we fall...

Positive emotions dance happily
as morning mist turns into droplets that
run down the side of your face like tears
and I rejoice while we
climb as
high as can be,
up into the sky, over the clouds - over the sea
time slows down... stops...
endlessly... we fly!

Freefalling ... waiting for the wacky 'chute to open
Falling further and further away from the ground
silently ... without a sound ... we rise
life in three acts ... or something.

© MMXIII by Day J
Dian Eka Apr 2011
Sam, not Your name
I read Your past,no one to blame,
Sam,please do not be ashamed,
It's fine,You're still my man

Sam,my man,was someone's man
I tried to be a stranger with strenght here in my chest,
Jealously like a rushing train provoking my brain,
But Sam,***,
Were was,,past

Sam,I read two thousand and nine on a blog,
and met You in Your creating spot,
I saw girls
I felt You from years
Were in love
Were lonely
Were thinking
Were random
Were messy
Were missing someone
Where we haven't met yet
Where was I?

Sam,how was your love life?
In a club with music made You alive
Wine one sip or two,did U like?
Fake love for a nite
While u were thinking of previous lovers

Sam,how did U feel?
When U were tired n ill
U just wanted to have fun alone
While U were thinking of home?

Sam,I'm jealous
Once U wrote to someone but now I'm writting You
I still have no clue
O Sam,,,
I'm helpless

But sam,thanks for letting me in
Part of U to be seen
Pick me up at ten,

(DEAB April 9 2011)
Joseph Childress Oct 2010
Sipping Red Wine
Disciplined disciples
With minds alike
Best friends,
Next of kin
I repent
For my sins
Hug my worst enemy
As she
Kisses me
On the cheek...

"Here's my toast,
A final cheer"
I raise
Out my chair
Hold my glass
In the air
Final words spoken
In red
"Momento Mori
Remember the Alive
Soon becomes Dead!"
Lips stained
And wiped
With bread
My Body
And Blood
The art
Of Me
Spilling my heart
As I talk
Of My Final walk

For ages to come
The pages will turn
As nuns
Through my revelations
To show my appeal
Keeping it rea
lEveryone stands
Clap hands
I give the
Cue to sit
Follow in suit
The crucifix
Suited in an outfit
That helps
My family
Come to grips
With The Final dip
Into oblivion

Rest assure
The rest's assured
With a promised
That God keeps
Will be
Upon the weak
Is best owed
To the one
Who speaks
"Let There Be Light"
And brightens
The darkness
Of life

Will take the pain
Of a thousand deaths
Take a thousand steps
With the wieght
Of the world on my shoulders
As I pass away
For my best freinds sins
As he watches me
Violently whipped
As blood drips
On a red shirt
Tye dyed
From the wine I sipped
The night before

I died
Written while I was drunk off red wine...
Fooling clouds cross my view
passing hurts and pleasures.
Blue on white on white on blue
'till black has broken through.

I dreamt that it
finally died last night,
that it was truely over.

Waves of guilt and fear
to carry me away
until I could see no longer
that place where I started from
and I no longer knew
that place I was headed to.

I gather stones
for my tomb,
while with willfull eyes
study my peers,
lips pursed tight
they have closed their hearts,
closed up tight
to my falling tears.

it is I,
it is me, I cry,
feeling condemed
by the unspoken lie.
A lie to weigh heavy
on my bent back body.

Heavy as Christ's cross
responsible for all souls lost.

I stumble
and I fall
as I carry the burden upwards
to Golgotha of the skull.

If to think
is to act
then burning
after the crash,
the fire's glow
brings forth
the desire to let go.

Letting go,
why does it have
to be so
hard    to come by.
leaving me so
hard      done      by.

A selfish act,
done not from class,
no more from strenght
than from a weakness.

An action out of chaos
in the absence of bliss.

The ShadowLand,
where grief clings
to my name
and to their person,
asking of today
to stride
with a limp,
and of yesterday,
to crawl and beg.

would be
the task in hand.

A ticket for
some far
and distant shore.

Safe passage away
from ShadowLand.

but not broken,
while the pain
of its death
runs deep.

Not until
hatred is spent
and words
of kindness
are spoken
will forgiveness
be complete.

Only one way to forgive,
that would be, completely.

Only one way to live,
that would be completely.

Anything less
misses the mark,
comes from the head
and not from the heart.

And so it remains
that for me to be free,
I stand at the threshold
of forgiveness
and stand ready
to turn the key.....

© 1999

All Rights Reserved
Winona Forever Aug 2012
Hear that?

rough crunching...

Stop it.
is *really there.

You're just

Such innocence,
such weakness.

I have you.
You so easily
my existence.


Your power
demonic ****.

Some day
strenght will favour
Lara P Feb 2019
I have always been a lot to handle;
I feel too much, talk too much.
My sensitivity is my weakness
And my strenght.

I can feel the Earth moving
Under my feet,
I can hear the wind praying,
And the song of the sea.

And the forests, they call me
To explore them all.
But I'm in the city,
So how can I hear their voice?

There is so much to me,
From loud laughter to excessive talks,
From quiet nights filled with thinking,
All the way to stupid jokes.

A storm rages inside my head,
Ready to sink all the ships
To the bottom of the sea,
So please be a submarine.

Explore my depths, love them all,
For no one else was brave enough
To stay and try to tame my soul.
I think you will be the first to know

The real me.
I don't trust people easily, but you? Oh, I trust you completely, and it scares me. So I will show you my entire self, and you decide if you'll still want to kiss my lips and hold me close.
Klara May 2014
To the woman that once carried me
and still carries on doing so.*

There is a stereotype
of superheroes wearing capes
but I reject that.
Mine wears regular clothing,
sometimes glasses,
and smells like home.

Your presence is all I need when
I feel like I'm crumbling.
Your embrace has a power
of bringing pieces I thought I lost
back together.

You have a power
to believe in me
when even I don't.
You are the hand I feel
squeezing strenght into
my thoughts
through my shoulder.
You are the voice in my head
that tells me to keep on going
when the road gets a little tough.
Your smile makes
everything so much better,
everyone so much happier.

You are wonderful
You are beautiful
You are magical
You are exquisite
You are brilliant
You are enchanting
You are marvelous
You are my mom
You are exactly
everything I want to be
when I grow up.
C Nov 2014
As Cummings reminds us, death was never a parentheses,
or a question, or a way of leaving,
but mostly, an intimacy between this world and another.
Consider Caesar, and how he never asked why, or got angry,
or held it against him,
but instead looked up at Brutus with all the strenght that
could come from a dying heart, and said
"You too, my child?"

Some things are even too much for our world to hold.
Even war shows us that once it's over, you can never let any of it stay with you, and happiness works just like that too.
And now, even as you read this,
knowing that the most beautiful of things rarely ever repeat themselves,
you wrote to her saying
"I am still afraid of feeling so alive in a world
that never keeps anything forever"
but it does keep everything forever.
it takes all that it knows,
and puts it in people and we just look for the ways that will keep all of it alive.
And remember how when we die,
the body flushed rigomortus,
will cause the hand to cling to the last thing in its grip.
Bluebird Feb 2015
i layed in my room on my bed,
i only wished to die in my sleep
fallen appart,i was nearly dead
cause of a promisse i didn't keep.

i couldn't eat i couldn't talk,
i was hunted by my past,
barely having stenght to walk,
i've put my all to the test.

i couldn't smile with pain in my chests,
then came fears, i became paranoid,
followed by the darkest fleshbacks,
until the gap in heart became a void.

i fell as low as person can fall,
there was only up i could go,
missed the death, had to crawl,
decided never to let myself fall so low.

it's been a year i'm alright,
i still recover,my heart needs some rest,
i know my strenght and learning to fight,
a crule deamon called ''my past''.
true story
Frank Holliday Oct 2013
I loved you FIRST!! but afterwards
your Love
Outsoaring mine, sang sucha loftier song
your Love
As drowned the friendly coolings of my dove
which owes the other most?? my Love was long.
And yours  one moment seemed to wax more strong,
I loved and guessed at you, you construed me......
And loved me for what might or might not be-
Nay, weights and measures to do BOTH of us wrong
For verily love knows not " mine" or "thine"
But with seperate "I" and 'Thou" Free
For one is both and both are one in love
Rich love know nought of "thine that is not mine"
Both to have strenght and both the length thereof,
Both of us, of the love that we CAN MAKE ONE!!!

— The End —