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emotional stocks wrapped with paper wings,
which burst'd into inferno at the first broken sight of spring.

Baseless transition into faceless thoughts,
Caught in webs of speechless dreams,
laced with poison's tasteless lessons taught.

Stop that.
Think back,
at the wasted scenes graced with cold embrace.
Winter's faces breathe,

Lies stand by your faithless eyes.
of flame-less skies.

Stop the gap in nature's lap,
and sit upon her shoulders.
See the skies that breathe your sighs of reprieve,
nigh your dreams seized with whisper'd echos breeze.
Set them free...

you may already be.
but beware.
hopeless eyes are doomed to live with lies, disguised by strife's hypnosis,
ensnared by defeatist blight.
CK Baker Mar 2017
there’s a barnacle scar
deeply ingrained
on the basalt stack
at mark thirty two
whispering summer winds
scented oil
cotton and roe
as waves brush
and shape
the sandstone shore

the briny air
and lost erratic
set a tone to this
pollyanna portrait
it's andrews undulations
and gifted benches
its concessions
and traces of the barry burn
its sculpted driftwood
and sanko lines
make this picture
almost perfect

children play
as venom spews
from the caterwaul pair
those odd looking mates
casting smiles
with arrested despair
settling shots
swiping bugs
dipping and darting
as photo men
and muscles
and long neck seabirds
make their turn

the hunched hoody
and his sorted sidekick
get their fill
(of moss and rubble ~ chubby and kelp)
nice to meet your acquaintance
the pho man would say
an odd drop
and ironic turn
from those horrific corners
of timeless desperation
down by cannon bridge

harbor seals
and carriage horse
are fronted by
raven shade
jolly tides pause
in quiet bays
(with curious looters
and *** pickers)
sand merchants
and field totems
all streamed by the light

cirrus strands
blanket the
outer edge
hovering craft
and shimmering willows
bolt the evening frame
blood orange
and tethered
with a filtered glare
bottle-nose dolphins
and seabirds
(and shifting tides)
are all settling in
for the long night stay
sol Jun 17
7:49 PM
Friday, September 28, 2018

The melting cinnamon framed your eyes
Honey slowly streamed down your cheeks
©sol /the poems i never wrote
Sam Hawkins Jan 2018
With a shift inkling, concepts dropped
and I was all of my true name.

I etched in moving water.

I streamed me--water frozen,
water falling, water drifting
as fog, as cloud.

I was mini-singular

My hydrogen rabbit ears
danced five ways,
and oxygen laughed and sang
(what a team!)

Sundried, now as the clock struck noon,
I found my feet and I stood.
I built myself of basaltic rock.

Tower of Babel--polyglot sounding
in cyclic revision spoke some intelligence,
spiral I was.

Inverted, I apt dived down.
I n transition, I grew rounded

I Earth. I Center.
I Sun at Earth Center

where timeless pinpoint passages
did ****** me home again.

O, what strangeness and wonder
in practicing freedoms.

And you, too ~ have experience?

good beginning.
Daniel Borgonovi Apr 2018
After all the tears that streamed heavily down your jovial face, I knew it was time to walk towards time.
The pulsing blood rushed in a cold path and made all of my limbs become completely petrified, and i wish things never changed. But I understand it is a sin to ask for fake desires and situations.
As my body walked pass the silver door, a glance of regret flew like a bullet through my skull. I realized that once out of that door, I would never have you back.
Somethings can't simply be fixed, I presume. But somethings can't be forgotten, also.
By the deepest corner of my heart, breathing  very hardly, there is hope.
There resides your moon and my sun, frozen in time in our eternal kiss.
Somethings can't be changed, and will never be.
I forgive you.
Mary Mar 12
We relaxed by the ocean
Walked on the beach
Laughed until our stomachs hurt
And our eyes streamed
We wrote poetry
Enjoyed some day drinking
And a little night drinking, too
We looked ahead to our future
And back at our long and lovely past
For a brief time we left it all behind
And you and I were all that mattered

Let's do it again
Alex Apr 2018
You were both hell and heaven
Fire arose within
Every word you said, every breath taken
was passion
and heat
Like the kind we shared between the sheets.
But there was hurt in your eyes
You couldn’t imagine being a sinner
Every night,
You lay by my side
I told you I was no good.
You told them “there’s nothing I wouldn’t give her.”
For a second I thought I was being saved.
It felt religious believing with you
Courageous game, but we still played.
It was a dangerous world for us fools
Every piece of you was lost in a prayer.
My love for you was The Enemy.
And, my love, He was cruel.
Tears streamed down when I speak,
with my palms together,
I knelt down and repeat;
This man is a soul
I am nothing but a body
Never met a god
This life has been sold,
Never to what I thought.
I’ve lied in bed with what scares me most!
I have sinned, I have sinned!
But please, hear me out, first—
with a benevolent grin
He took me in—
Don’t forgive me, father
I’m a sin.
The Revolution will not be pay-per-view,
Streamed online, or listed in the TV Guide,
The Revolution will be LIVE ON AIR
Rush seating No reservations First to come are first to serve
The Revolution will not be monetarily politicized,
the Revolution will be patronized

Next, On the World Today Network: Revolution This Way Comes

The Revolution will not be a mutually exclusive for
CBC, BBC, CNN, YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat, or Instagram
The Revolution is more than digital trolling,
It will be a Counter-Electronic-Magnetic-Pulse

Do you have your passport for the Revolution?

The Revolution is unauthorized
Written for and by all the people
The Revolution is radical, hands-on, and requires assembly
Batteries are not included and there is no manufacturer’s warantee,  
The Revolution will be uncomfortable for those living in leisure
For it has been bred to cause the Elite displeasure

Revolution 99% Uploaded
Press [ENTER] key to initiate collective action
NM 10/17/15
*After Gil Scott Heron's epic "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"
Lolalita Nov 2018
I stared at my reflection in the mirror,
I grabbed her by the collar and screamed  “how could you!”,
“how could you do that to me, to you, to them!",
she stuttered while tears streamed down her face “I..I..I didn’t have a choice”,
“But you did”, I said “it was just easier not to choose wasn’t it?”,
she cleared her throat and said “you would’ve done the same if it was this time, this year, and again he was here”,
she shook my hands off of her and took control,
now I'm silent,
her voice raises,
“You would do the exact same mistake if you could, don’t pretend like time can erase it away, it’s you who’s been stuck, not me”,
She caressed my cheeks and mouthed  “let it go”,
now I'm in tears.
not really a poem, more of a conversation.
eleanor prince Dec 2018
look not beneath
lest night scowl

for history
breaches unbidden

rivulets red streamed
as child song

tendrils grasped
by savage gusts

to rise as scented spring
loosens coverlets

would a tender, respectful approach let love bloom anew
Grey 3d
There they were
Hand in hand
Forever, so it seemed.

Their hair creating halos
Around the heads
Of angels
As they fell.

Moonlight streamed through the trees
Illuminating the wicker basket
Toppled on the ground.

Casting light on the lonely
Checkered blanket
Splayed out beneath the tree.

Hand in hand,
They left this world
The next one
Would be better.
Fearless Apr 13
crashing down a building on fire
running screaming mud soaked mire
the blood in the streets trickled like rain
girl in the street face twisted in pain
streaks run from black soot on her face
takes her hand tries to help her keep pace
his arm is missing from the elbow down
she stumbles on somebody's leg on the ground
his single hand holds her and lifts her along
where did everything start to go wrong?
booms cause the rubble cascading about
she watches his lips as he starts to shout
nodding along though she can't hear a thing
she buckles in pain at another sharp sting
gasping for air her lungs filling with smoke
he wraps her up in his tattered green cloak
he touches her face as he looks in her eyes
she's afraid that he is saying goodbye
she lifts up her hand and sees all the blood
suddenly fear comes at her like a flood
but the she looks in his eyes and there a strong gleam
he won't leave her, because they are a team
so they wrap their arms round and move ahead
there's no stopping them, not until they are dead
he picks up a sword and starts hacking away
he and his love, well they are here to stay
she throws a hatchet as hard as she can
killing a monster disguised as a man
they stumble and fight till they're finally free
and they lay down and gasp at the base of a tree
the moonlight is shining like nothing's amiss
the young man rolls over and plants a strong kiss
he takes her hand as he lays down by her side
if he'd met her before, he'd have made her his bride
now he could feel that her hand's growing cold
he tried not to imagine their life, growing old
her beautiful face, eyes stared up at the sky
he knew from the start that she was doomed to die
for beauty and innocence don't belong in this land
he'd set out to save her yes that was his plan
he hadn't even gotten to know her sweet name
she'd been such a badass in life's cruel little game
his tears streamed down as his breath left his chest
and then he gave in to that peaceful death rest
The X Rhymes Jun 26
their world fell into silence

when the aliens evolved

they bid farewell to violence 

and problems became solved

but still they kind of miss it 

since their guns sound no more
so Earth they often visit

to get a taste of war

they listen to our children cry
while safely in the stands

and when blood flies and people die

they cheer and clap their hands
they’ve seen our wars on DVD

and streamed the whole box-set

while biding time for World War Three

but we’ve not dropped it. YET.

but final season’s coming

with posters up round town

the trailers have been running

and they’ve been counting down
to soak up all the anger
as death tolls quickly grow
they live for a cliff-hanger

and we’re their favourite show.
A Blizzard Sep 18
Speechless and frozen I sat as tears streamed down my face
The shock still hasn’t faded
Thirteen hour car ride to my favorite place
Only to not see you sitting in your chair by the fireplace

The shock still hasn’t faded
I’m laying in your bed
Surrounded by the smell of you
Swaddled in your blankets, my head is nestled where yours should have been tonight
I miss you every single day.
Sam Hawkins May 31
sunset streamed stark images
i emerged from the lowly bridge

traversed veins of a leaf
treading them all along
one two just so

at the left of me
clouds had been sliced in two
i sandwiched my way

if you see a real busy line
O well go stand at it

when you get ticket
meet yourself first time
ask questions

voice answers
are friends

all voices
pals like that
began as automatic writing at sunset, the mountain just out of view 5-30-19 … 7:52 pm West Coast, early a.m 5-31--trimmed the fat
Ashley Brown Jan 18
Mirages  of myself seek sanity in creativity , I see my light & encompass the darkness of heartbreak. Thus  I am renewed by the waterfall of expression that once streamed down my face & now has shifted currents guided by the glow & now rest in a sea of contentment.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2018
The Eid is bustling with joy
come let’s give it a try

To the deathless groovy paradise
floating high on the elixir flow:
The triumphant joyous wave
streamed up from the secret bottom line!  
Up above the lapis lazuli sky.

A pair of butterfly basks
in the sunlight
quietly indulges in style.
It goes on in slow motion
illuminating the night a firefly
perches on a slice of the Moon
flanked by the moonlight.

But you and me
we will rhyme and chant
in our lovely mother tongue.
In the same original lingua
like ‘Adam speaks up and all
angels listen in paradise’.
Come let’s give it a try

On the wings of the moonlight
we will

Ambling by the Moon
we'll **** through the starry nooks.
Eyes open and gently perched
atop a star for a moment or two.
We will see miles of galaxies
over the moonlit lakes of the blue
playing cool ravishing lutes!

The spring night is in bloom
and the cute sleeping beauty
wakes up playing the flute!
Musical half lights filling the sky.
Come let’s give it a try

We’ll drink sharaban tahura
the holy wine of paradise
and once for all we will
    s the death goodbye!

Our story will fill the divine soil
the heaven's flora and fauna
each and everyone will shine on our page
no houri will ever say finito singing our tale!

As Adam did it first stunned the angels
telling the nature of all things in paradise.
We will do that once more without a smirk
this time we will see the loving Creator!
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