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Mahnoor Kamran Aug 2018
Prithee, tell me
do your words express joy,
Or are just a lid
to the repressed sad within?

If so,
then where do you hide your demons?
Where does in your gentle, sweet mind
such horror lives?

Do you wish
that with each drop of ink that falls from your pen,
that with each word written that has its own tale,
your darkness drips away.

Tell me, tell me
that you dream, that you hope
that the Odyssey ends
and you come home
to peace.

Just tell me
You wont lost hope
Dont lose hope. Dont die from inside. They are some things worth living for. Hoping for.
Listen to us, immersed in life:
Feel sensation (wipe away strife),
Know experience (and never desensitize).

Let the breeze amble by
touching clothes, flowing robes drifting over
soft air so quiet. Hold it there.

In the name of the wind
that brushes against our face,
Close contact on delicate skin, so
boldly tempting fate;
The words remained traced in the air:


Emulsified by dark days,
I used the memories to stay awake.
Keep it clean they say,
But my soul had been stained;
The senses had strayed too far away.

Bent to the will of the chems
they had been rendered slaves;
Surreality does slyly misbehave.

Draw simple oxygen into your being
as an empyreal tidal wave rises again;
The air around me speaks psychedelic zen.
From the helter skelter
In a helter skelter dash
For solitude at the esker
I strayed in a labyrinth
Of dark soaring woods

Here-upon, trees begun to move!
An optical illusion it seemed to be,
Though a moment my eyes did love;
But in a mean time, out of kilter
Was the avenue to the esker.

Wandering midst soaring woods
Serendipitously there I beheld
An elegant creature,
A creature with a velvety
Pale unblemished skin,
Lilly white as porcelain,
Gaily yet opalescent as an opal,
With curling glossy auburn hair,
Mellifluously whispering a lullaby
With verve in the wanton air
Whilst flapping her wings
To take wing.

On feasting about her impeccable face,
It thus dawned upon me:
"She was not of this our world
But an alien, an angel rom outer space."

Swiftly, I gravitated towards her
And unto her said I was lost,
Lost like leaves beneath the frost
Upon my way for solitude at the esker
However the sheer cynosure
She'd taken my fancy
Hence moonstruck for sure.

She gagged me, cwtched me,
Enveloped me in her wings
And merrily took wing
Whilst I gallantly kissed,
Kissed her nectar kisser.

Past mullbery skies we soared,
All the way unto her land of bliss
Where upon we swam naked,
Naked in halcyon waters,
Waters of her land.

Together, we made poetry
Of love and life so blind,
Cherishing moment after moment
One could search forever to find,

Whilst gallivanting from star to star,
Only alone by ourselves on yonder
To a very distant colourful clime,
Yonder beyond restrictions of time.
# A pie in the sky  #Dawn of love  #Pulchritude #Fantasy #Helter skelter  #Esker #stars
  #Poem  #Poetry
LexiSully Jan 2016
She was a prisoner,
Trapped in the shadows of the night,
Caged in the gloom of the world.

She sang songs of heart throbbing emotion,
And played melodies of continuous tragedies.

She wrapped herself in life's desolation
And felt the pull of never ending stress weighing her down.

But she stood under the relentless pressure,
And never wavered.

She heard tunes of everlasting joy and peace,
And never strayed.

She found her way through the darkness,
And never doubted.

A girl once born in clouded adversity,
Now blossomed in ceaseless exultation.
There is always hope of a brighter future. Just because you may be feeling low, doesn't mean that things won't change for the better.
My body weaves,
Arms hang,
Pinned to shoulders
Loose as string.
The hard walkway,
Through cracked plimsolls,
To creaky hips,
My material faults,
In uneven steps.

The eye
Inward stares,
And at every step:
Those fears,
That I kept at bay
As I strayed,
Claw at my walls.

I must attend
To the piteous whimpers,
The cringing whines,
And frantic scratching.

And force myself
From running,
As I would,
To escape the pleading:
The howls,
Of that inner dog,
Tied to a post.
My dog is yelping happily once more.
Kaitlin Evers Dec 2018
I thought I was good, but as I age
The more I see my human ways
I am deserving of God's fierce rage
Look and see how far I've strayed

Streaked and marred, let down my guard

Knowingly, walked into darkness
Foolishly I thought
The night would hide my sinfulness
I'd never be caught...

The light of God was blinding
But sin is the real binding
I preferred His hand in mine
To the crossing of the line

Wicked darkness
See His kindness
When knowing what He spent
How can I but repent
James Court Apr 2018
here's to the girl who caught his eye
the one he never had
always in his back of mind
forever dormant, undefined
but ever since they said goodbye
the thought had grown sad
the one he never had
here's to the girl who caught his eye
aye, the girl who caught his eye

here's to the girl who broke his heart
the girl he loved and lost
there for him when no one was
who stuck around him just because
before she ripped the world apart
and lived to see the cost
the girl he loved and lost
here's to the girl who broke his heart
aye, the girl who broke his heart

here's to the girl who loves him still
the girl who never strayed
through thick and thin she spurred him on
and even though he now is gone
and left her nothing in the will
she stands there, poised and staid
the girl who never strayed
here's to the girl who loves him still
aye, the girl who loves him still
Planejane2 Dec 2018
Sometime I wonder what you saw in me and why..
When you decided to hmu in my dm and say hi
Did you glance at my pictures and see the hurt in my eyes?
Because when you saw them in person, you decided to stay...
Through the tears, the anger, you never strayed away.
The insecurities, the infidelity, you never were ashamed.
Sometimes you'd have me up at night just wondering if...
If I had never decided to respond back
If I never decided to share that hurt with you
If I never decided to share the **** truth with you
If I never loved you...
Would you love me fragile, weak, and meek-
Sprouting, Blooming, Flourishing
Striving, Thriving, Aligning
Would you love me in every way? Everyday?
Homunculus Jan 20
We are but a fleeting plume of dust,
We are but a withered patch of rust,
We are but an aimless wind, whose gust
Is drifting, through the dreary twilight's must,

Awaiting, the new rising of the dawn,
Awaiting, the dewdrops which glaze the lawn
Awaiting, the quick prancing of the faun,
Whose dancing through the fields might lead us on

Through streams and forests, far from where we've strayed
Through pastures, where the lilies rock and sway
Through clearings, where the sunbeams pierce the gray
Of the foreboding clouds, to light the day.

Yet, here we wait, with eagerness and zeal,
Yet, here we lick these wounds, which never heal,
Yet, here we churn the spinning water wheel,
Which drips a fatal poison in our meal.
Willow Oct 2018
She will see them always now
The angel numbers  and the simple signs.
With the hope of learning the strings
Of all you have to offer
While the day is still light.

She will see them always now
The plate numbers and the street signs.
With the hope of seeing the truth
Of the third eye’s offer
While the day is still light.

She will see THEM always now
The strayed hair and the warmed face.
With the hope of experiencing all
Of the moments to be reached
While the day is still light.

She sees a human.
She loves my blistered, worn hands.
She loves my dreams of impracticality.
She loves my memories.

Thank goodness she’s my golden hour all the time
Levi Sharpe Apr 28
I was lured to the garden by the scent of fresh berries

With fruit so fresh as if it tended by faeries

I plucked a morsel from an extending branch

And without hesitation, put the pome to my lips

Savoring it for a sweet moment before devouring it whole

Eagerly lapping at my stained finger tips

So enamored I was by each bright sensation

I was unaware of the nettles, whose spines creeped and settled

Sinking into my flesh, and poisoning the bone

First there was an itch and then a sharp pain

As I was torn away from what I couldn't lay claim

And what at first seemed a garden was but a damp grave

The plant tags were tombstones

Of others who’d strayed

And as I fell prone from my festering abrasions

My eyes becoming dark and my senses dulled

I realized I was but a number in the faeries' death toll
Ylang Ylang Oct 2017
So I've wandered, I've wandered
All the way, to the End of the Night
The gloomy, blurred colours were all around
An aura of dim greenish-blue light
Infused with the spirit grey

My days of infancy, here I am to embrace you
The air is hot, succulent as the life itself
Everything's vibrating, the liquid chromas
Like a surface, I touch it with our soul
I've strayed to this place, overwhelmed by
The black of the Night, like tar,
I slowly swim in it; feasting on the moment
Short flashes of stars
I'm in a realm of Life
In a realm of broken lines
I tell you, there are no lines
No lines no more,
The Kiss
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