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You take your throne as winter comes,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Secrets rest as the Dead rise up,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
We the Lost who few can see,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
We hear your call of winter winds,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
A fire lit that once was cold,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
On winter winds you find your own,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The year grows nigh as time does stop,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The time has come for cold Misrule,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The Gates of Life and Gates of Death,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Flutter open to part the Veil,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Speak to me, oh cold Cold One,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Whom once rode forth all teeth and eyes,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Your time has come, the dice are cast,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Coils of ice and coils of snow,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The Serpent form among the trees,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The moving sway of Serpent hips,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The Ice Queen sits as Hallow's Eve,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Finds its way to All Hallow's,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The Regent sits high in the North,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
And know her time has come again,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Hail to you Keeper of the Lost,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Hail to you who brings the tears,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The pale Blue Flame of Winter's Night,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
We know your face and Serpent's Tongue,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The cold Black Altar in the Hall of Stone,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The Cutter there before the Black Gates,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Her Black Knife raised to cut the threads,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
And Death's wings spread beside the Gates,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
To guide the Living and the Dead,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
For now the Veil is open wide,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The Gates are open and swing both ways,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The Mighty Dead we praise tonight,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The Blessed Dead we call your names,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The pulsing call of Bloodline blood,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The pulsing call of Loreline blood,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The pulsing call of Fateline blood,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Blood does call, it calls to Blood,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Bones do wake and speak once more,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Memory sleeps in sleeping Bones,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
And Blood awakens the sleeping Bones,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
And quickens now what once was dead,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
On altar top and in the Halls,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
We call you now to come to us,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
To breathe again the breath we breathe,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
And speak this night and speak again,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
And as the Darkness now recedes,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
The Darkling Twin awaits the Bright,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Misrule reigns and all is Öð,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Öð and odd, and Wyrd and weird,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
And may the Hunt now pass us by,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Or may we ride the frightful ride,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
By Winter's Night and crossroad light,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
And ghost roads stretch into the night,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
And troll roads strange and faerie roads,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
That lead out there between the worlds,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Guide our way with lantern bright,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
We are the Lost, you children tonight,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Toss your dice for us just right,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
And may the year we now head to,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
Find the dreams the Dreamer dreamed,
Hail, oh, Builder of Storms,
This year manifest this next.

~Hail, oh, Builder of Storms, a Hallow poem by Bethany "Lorekeeper" Davis, November 1, 2015
Elizabeth Fruin Nov 2014
I'm sleeping through storms
'cause I don't want to see  the thunder
I'm sleeping through storms
'cause I don't want to have to wonder

I sleeping through storms
'cause I don't want to feel the rain drops
I'm sleeping through storms
'cause I don't want to be there when my bubble pops

I'm sleeping through storms
'cause I don't want to see the floods
I'm sleeping through storms
'cause I want to wake up to the rose buds

I'm sleeping through storms
'cause I want to see the blue skies
I'm sleeping through storms
'cause I don't want to hear these lies

I'm sleeping through storms
'cause I don't want to feel anything
I'm sleeping through storms
'cause I can't bare to hear one more tragic thing

I'm sleeping through storms
to leave the past behind
I'm sleeping through storms
Hoping that my mind will rewind

- E.A.F
Maybe you want to avoid life and just enter memory lane.. Back when all was "right" but remember that the memory of light is sometimes brighter than it really is..
Ignatius Hosiana Dec 2016
yes, I've seen heavy blankets of clouds cast above
thick clouds of despair, thicker than I deserve
Yes, I've been through such perilous storms
handed roses with less petals than thorns
Yes, I've walked journeys that never end
written a million letters and never send
yes, I've sunk in abysmal doldrums before
been through **** more impure than iron ore
but I never let that past be my definition
I let go of the anchors and put up the sail
a happy future as my motivation and destination
and no matter how many times I'll fail
I'll never stop trying to get there...
storms come, storms go
CP Jun 2014
Please take away these storms
I can't survive another thunderstom
Everyday I stand closer to the platform
I don't want to perform

Please take away these storms
I don't want to be behind a door
On the floor
I just can't cry out

Every time I shout
the thunder bangs throughout
You're all shutout

Please take away these storms
I can't survive them anymore
I want to go through each day screaming and exploring
Yet the thunder is outpouring
This is too crippling

Please take away these *storms
Thunderstorm Sep 2014
You can't keep Storms
and Stars apart.
They're inseparable,
joined together.

You always have both,
you can't have just one.
Bound together,
sealed forever.

The bond they have
can never break.
With Storms there are Stars,
with Stars there are Storms.

There's always both,
two, not one.
Never alone,
for they have each other.

You can't keep Storms
and Stars apart.
Whatever it takes,
they'll be together.

Storms and Stars are always together.
A lonesome figure stood upon the crashing waves
Extended arms to the darkest skies
Screaming out her fury at the heavens above
For the bitter storms she had survived

Tears streamed from weary eyes so tired of battle
Small shoulders shook in agony
Cursing the very things that made her stronger
As this, she could not see

Why me? She moaned and wailed in a mournful tone
Hot fear still gripping her heart
While forgetting that she was alive and well to cry
The most incredibly, important part

Those bitter storms will come and they will pass
They will never stay too long
Remember when you are screaming out in fury
It is The Storms that make you strong
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Eddie Starr Jun 2014
I felt storms in my life, I guess this is to make me stronger.
I never felt the calmness in my life just storms that keep appearing.
I would love to feel the peace at least for one season in this life.
But I know that Christ has a plan and I do want to help others.
I figure maybe God wants me to lead others out of these storms.
I know that he has strengthen those all of these storms in my life.
I am grateful that he has strengthen me the way that he has.
For I know that there are alot of people that needs him now too.
I want to help them to be led out of the storms that they are in too.
Aleczander Mar 29
Storms in your eyes,
Storms in your heart,
Storms in the love you give me,
The storms you hate so dearly,

But you seem to be blind,
You can't see,
How your storms are cages,

Quite sad,
Because I love you,
I loved you............

Adam Wallace Oct 2014
I am her comfort
Her safe harbor and refuge when the storms batter her
I strengthen and reinforce
I polish and I smooth
After a time, back out into the world she goes
Storms are my allies
John Stevens Nov 2010
The storms are pounding
Destruction is rampant
No end seems in sight.
The day is endless
The night never ending
Will it ever, ever be right?

Lightning crashes
Winds are swirling
Torrents of water fall down.
The earth is shaking
The shelter is breaking
Thunderous sound resound.

Above the storm
the Calm prevails
Overlooking the turmoil below.
Awaiting the return
of order again
That Peace and Calm bestow.

Then it is over...

No more pounding
Silence, beautiful silence
Comes whispering in the ears.
The Earth becomes firm
The Sun is still shining
It dries up all the tears.

Through the debris
New hopes arise
Covering the scars below.
Growing stronger, stronger
As strength rebounds
Renewed by the seeds we sow.

Repairing the damage
Replacing the lost
Moving forward with or without.
Finding Hope in the future
as Faith reaches upward
Redeeming Love without a doubt.

When the storms of life
Cause turmoil and strife,
The Son dries all my tears.
When all seemed lost
I counted the cost
Turned over all my fears.

I am surviving.
I am stronger still.
(c) 11-19-2010
Completed 11-22-2010 for Jen
Chubbie Bunny Nov 2013
Dark clouds roll in over the calm waters
Winds howl and signs tilt and totter
As I sit and watch the big storm roll in

Waves crash hard onto the sandy beaches
Bright lights strike fast on the water it reaches
As I sit and watch the big storm begin

From the black sky, mounds of rain start to pour
And boom crashes fill the open shore
As I sit and watch the big storm hit peak

Lights begin to dim, thunder grows quiet
As nature starts to storms the storms riot
As I sit and watch the big storm grow weak

The seas calm and the black clouds disappear
A sight of beauty to all who are near
As I sit and view the storms creation
Hidden Glace Jan 2018
we represenT
Forests and StormS
in the way thaT
one can burn the otheR
and one can't movE
but one has to movE

we represenT
Thickets and MaelstromS
in the way thaT
A Maelstrom can be peacefuL
and A Thicket can be wonderfuL

we represenT
Infernos and Snow StormS
in the way thaT
A Snow Storm can be overwhelminG
and An Inferno can be uncontrolablE

we represenT
Storms and ForestS
Maelstroms and ThicketS
Snow Storms and InfernoS

We represenT
the Worst and Best partS
of terrible thingS

your turn, ThickeT
Ashley Chapman Jul 2018
Pressesd tenderly,
your carnal flower opens,
its butterfly released,
hovers like a hummingbird
drinking from the bill.

Oh, I too would steal you away
and cage you happily,
to get under your black-fringed skirt; 
to see that pretty dress,
fly off once more,
and see you bare;
burned now forever in my banks,
a first sight,
of dark curls!

As I think of it,
my desire stirs,
but of us
I have already masturbated twice:
hips pinned,
sliding over our wet perspiring bellies,
in our jungle heat:
'cause in the firmament of our embrace
- it's hot -
where glued we **** into each other,
stoking flames,
until sleep,
when we disappear from each other.
My mind crowds,
with niggling neurotic inanities;
yours with manic dreams where bed-wetting criminals in cages beg to be freed,
before better spaces overtake.

When I awake,
I am lying next to you,  
Gwen over the horizon of your fertile valley,
a mountain,
white and reposed.
murmuring desire for me.
I can't wait to answer.

It is late,
late morning,
and we are all half asleep.
You have your back to me,
as we lie,
rubbing feet,
stroking hands,
(the oiled bulb at the end of a finger),
your fine shoulders,
(that delicate but persistent bone in your wrist that stretches with pointed elegance);
as quietly inside,  
(warmly enveloped),
my couched *****,  
rocks us:
each diffusing into the other
like the early morning brew.

Lust and love,
which for a good while on edge had been:
the weeks,
faint promises from afar;
sometimes a little closer,
our shadows in daylight cross,
as one over the other storms;
and once (or twice),
a sleeve brushes,
even better,
hair crackles,
as a speaking lip touches lobe,  
and for a moment,
taking in the other's scent,
a hint sublimely overpowers.

And these,
dearest of fancies,
are just some,
with which to penetrate your mind,
as you have mine:
the energy of my yielding tenderness,
inviting you to complete me,
as I spread for you with desire.

Much later,
those daring looks you have,
the way you walk our stage:
your beautiful elongated face,
those quick-fire arousing eyes,
your sultry self-assuredness,
your pre-possessing self.

I could talk about your couple,
of generosity,
reaching up,
beyond mere comprehension:
of the fact that I like Gwen
(his love gift for you, me);
but actually,
in truth,
I prefer to take this moment to make love to you;
to say how wrapped I am,
folded in your limbs,
in our mingling sweat;
how with your joy,
you touch my desires,
into yours,
so they flow,
run rather:
honeysuckle from your blessed nymphae.

You love my smell,
you say,
and I dream of gathering you in pheromones,
of drugging you,
of intoxicating you,
so once again you will find me,
take me,
have me.
Entice you once more like a creature from its shell:
where I can ravish you,
all of you,
lay naked to me,
your very bones;
those fine elbows,
those knees I would like to ******* over;
wash their smooth surfaces in my come:
from these cliff heights,
rain ***** on the rocks below.

To once more cast aside your socks and get at your toes,
to pour oil on 'em,
to rub and squeeze' em,
while in the moist cavern of your insides,
we ****,
half washed over by our own tide.
And as we do,
I quail,
speaking sweet nothings of appreciation;
from full lips,
your sounds return,
the hypnotic rhythm of your breath:
I engorge and in our labyrinth,
- the maiden and the bull -
we consume ourselves.

Sweet Lentiform,
you did it,
you got me rolling in flesh,
lusting after your intimate parts,
wanting you in bed as I know you must have me:
pulling me on you,
kissing and biting;
my arousal in your palm,
as you run a curved finger over my nethers.

lying prone,
lying ******,
never unconsumed,
please  us,
with more;
so rarely,
unfucked even for a pause,
nothing doing more than sleeping and carousing;
our sustenance barely enough to keep us at it,
an occasional comic thrown in.
throw the ******* comic at me,
will you?
Beat my ******* flesh with it if you like.
Anything to see you standing in all your pearly naked glory!

And if you can,
keep texting me,
so I can hang on your every word like a ******* puppy!
skin tight,
gorgeously wild,
woman ...
Now pull me by my **** into your **** -
where I love it best.
insanereality Sep 2014
i hate storms
the calm before the rain
giving a sense that everything will be okay
then in a matter of minutes
the clear sky turned into a whirlwind
the thunder bangs
on the windows of empty houses
and the lightening strikes
blinding everything in sight
leaving people trapped
stuck in their houses
afraid to come outside
afraid to face anything that could harm them

but i haven't always hated storms
and maybe i don't hate them now
maybe i just hate you
for proving
that not everything would end up okay
for making me feel empty
like the windows on an empty house
and for blinding me with love
maybe i hate you
because of the day when harm knocked on my door
as you stormed into my house
and made me realize we would never be okay

maybe thats why i hate storms
There were some Mountains.
Storms raged.
Stone split.
Time wore on.
And there great heights,
were reduced to tiny Grains.
Millions of tiny Grains.
Heat and air.
And then Glass.
So much beauty.
From such beauty as before it.
And in reflection of the beauty it is gifted to.
Maria Keisoglou Nov 2014
Storms ripple the waters of the sea and change her  colours  they lash upon her like whips and change her .
If only she could for once give us her joy of her exquisite changes ,  alone without the high winds clouds or storms creating this
And if only I could forsake you for the eyes of the world.. !!
CJ M Nov 2015
Storms Off The Coast

Winds Blow and tumble me around like tumbleweeds.
I hear the storm coming close as the clouds roll over me, menacing in all aspects.
Thunder crashes all around me, light escaping small gaps through the small cracks in the clouds. I could feel the cool of a hailstorm brewing…
So I changed my train of thought.
I felt the clouds recede, I felt my mind clear as I frantically searched my brain for things to think of besides.
But they came back.
Again, I felt the clouds creeping around me as another stress infiltrated my mind. I could feel the cool breath of the wind, but there was something more menacing.
Turning my head around, the clouds change their forms. I become surrounded by dark giants, staring at me, fists clenched ready for war.
The inevitability of the situation hits hard, I can’t stop thinking about it, stresses fog me, stresses that, regardless of how I deal with them, creep closer and closer to me, an unbreathable fog that won’t lift.
I take a breath and succumb to inevitability, arms spread as if to greet it with the warmth of a hug, my mind at peace at last.
It never arrives.
Opening my eyes, I realize that I am alone in a paradise near water. Clear air with a warm sunset and a red sky- this is peace.
Maybe one day I shall know it, maybe one day I shall attain it, but as of now I am fully aware that there is a series of storms brewing, storms I can call mine, storms forming off the coast.
Sharina Saad Jun 2014
The storms of our life
strikes the earth
They blow away anything
Just anything
But not as strong to  anchor solidly
not too strong to stand against the wind
Find shelter in him
Do we not?
Flooded with thoughts and emotions
and we can drown in them
Do find shelter and bow down to His decree,
We are cleaner than before
Storms expose our vulnerabilities and weaknesses,
giving us a chance for redemption
Storms so often attack our pride the greatest
The storm gives us a chance
to humble ourselves before our Creator
There is a way to have peace during and after the storm
That peace lies in submitting to As-Salaam.
Just as storms change the landscape of the earth,
our hardships change the landscape of the heart.
die wolke word swart
    en vol water
       tot hulle bars
            met donder en

ek staan in die reen
       van die storm

                      ek lag
                      ek huil
                      ek dans

deur die storms
van die lewe

the clouds
        become black
             and full of water
                  they burst
                      with thunder and

i stand in the
      rain of the storm
            soaking wet

                 i laugh
                 i cry
                 i dance

through the storms
of life
© jeannine davidoff 2011
emma louise Feb 2015
I like storms.

Sometimes they start slow
with ominous, cadaverous clouds,
slowly rolling, tumultuous.
A few drops of rain,
frigid and fresh,
speaking in a pattering argot on my roof.
Calm, soft rain.
Rain that lulls me to sleep.

Sometimes they are fast and sweet.
An ephemeral rush of raindrops,
mellow cannonades of thunder,
trees still verdant,
green against gray.

Sometimes they are hot and volatile
with lightning so bright
it hurts my eyes,
thunder that roars
and permeates the quiet.
The wind screams,
rain batters my windows.

These are the nights I do not sleep.
I sit, thrilled,
listening to the primitive barrage,
the aphotic chaos,
remembering that this is how it feels
to be alive.
Thunderstorms are beautiful.
Missblackraven Sep 2015
oh how you remind me of storms...
   like lightning you *shine

       like thunder you cry
            and your soul, oh your sweet soul,
                like darkness engulfing the night sky...
                     as I whisper...  *engulf me in your darkness too
I hate storms...but oh do I love you...
There is a calmness after a storm to remind you nothing is permanent; not even the storms that once roared so fiercely, not even the calmness after. There is no calmness when he walked away but there was no storm either, his footsteps werent puddles and he wasnt a rain cloud. The house didnt shake and the furniture didnt rattle the only thing that did, was your frame but there was no calmness because inside you was a hurricane composed of regret and remorse and confusion and longing shook you in every thought you harboured and ached in every breath you took until it was too much to contain and you see the storm in your eyes and hear the thunder in your screams. You wonder what you can do the calm the raging storm what can you do; sixteen is not an adequate age to be handling storms well enough to not leave a mess of an aftermath. But all storms will eventually cease and so will this, and in the silence of the night you are kept awake trying to remember the calmness before the storm, and after it. Outside the wind is howling and it is a beautiful sound; the downpour steady, it keeps you at peace and before the soft cosmic rays of dawn reaches your windowsill on nights like these,you anticipate another storm.
harboured is a word amiright
DC raw love Apr 2015
I have weather so many storms in my life and
I can only pray that the last was the last and
hope the future holds calmer weather for me

Storms seem to **** the emotions out of me
And leaves me fragile in every step I take
I try not to look back but I always do

Never knowing what the outcome will bring or
How it will effect my life that lies ahead of me
I sometimes don't think of others, which is selfish

Storms of my life have been very strong, hurtful and painful
Some have hurt and brought tears to my eyes wanting forgiveness
Some have just totally ****** me up and left me confused

I think back on how things should have been handled
Could I have done anything different, like maybe prepare
How can one prepare for the unkown without knowing

Can I see a pretty day turn gray and then run away
I cannot predict my storms in my life nor the outcome
All I can do is curl up and pray that I have hurt no one
chloie Jul 2018
the wind, unseen,
collides with the walls
and makes them sing
a groaning song.
a wail, a whisper,
then silence.
you hear.
you listen.

then the rain starts
to knock on your roof,
gentle at first like it is shy,
doubt in every drop
or consideration in its presence.
but you know in your heart
that it is not welcome
nor is its embrace;
you endure the knocking
and never dare to go outside
to greet it.
you will feel okay.

then the rain decides
it no longer cares.
the gentleness dissolves.
the pounding starts above you.
so does the pounding
behind your eyes.

the lights go out
and you are engulfed in darkness
making the spaces you've known
your whole life unfamiliar
all over again.
candles replace light bulbs,
orange replaces white.
there is a lick of a little flame
on your hands
wherever you go,
so you don't stumble—
a comfort from the shadows.

flashes of white lightning peek
behind the curtains
and illuminate your face
for a fraction of a second
and you feel either or both:
relief of light,
or a terrible fright.

what are you really afraid of?
or the terrible thunder
that soon comes after?

but you lift your voice to the heavens
and remember to hum
your favorite song.

you pick your way through
the furniture and messy clothes
and open a door.
you lie in bed and surround yourself
with a thousand pillows
and your heaviest duvet.
warmth settles in you,
first in your spine,
last in your toes.
you shiver one last time
from the transition
of being cold to no longer.
you sink into your makeshift fortress
as your eyes adjust
to the faint contours of your room;
bathed in new light (in the dark).
you hear.
you see.

the world outside is in chaos,
but in Here you are safe;
the rain hammers ceaselessly,
but in Here you are safe.

you feel.
you listen.

you sleep.
“I need to talk to you.” I hate these words. Because in a nanosecond I felt nervous; uneasiness filled my heart, afraid of what you are going to say & afraid of what will happen next. These words are just like the introduction of all the stories I have read. The stories that will always end up breaking my heart.

“I don’t love you anymore.” There. I know that was the second line you are going to say. I expected that. But I guess even though how much you are prepared for the situation and how much you expect that that may cause your heartbreak, you cannot help not to be hurt so much. I did not know what to feel that time. It was a myriad emotion and inexplicable feelings, tears are falling down my face and at the same time my body suddenly feels weak. And I did not know what to do.

It seems like yesterday since you told me that you will always be here when I needed you and that we are going to see together those places we are never going through. Your lips that tell me you really love me and your eyes that can tell it is true; that you are sincere. It has been just like a storm that came in and you are that storm that suddenly destroys my whole life when you left me.

Now I finally understand why storms are named after people.
Liz Aug 2014
You are my wind
You are my sun
The blood in my veins
The bones to make me stand

I've been drowning
And i thought you were my life raft
I thought you were my island
My safe place to escape

But turning away from the water
Won't make it go away
Running from the sea
Won't make it less deep

I've grown so used to finding my boat
So used to hiding from the tide
I panicked when it wasn't there
Has my boat sailed away?
The panic gave me a cramp
Tied weights to me
And I began to sink faster

How could my boat do this?
How could it sail away?
But the more I missed my boat
The more I needed it to stay

But not as safety
Not as refuge
But a love to share
And laugh and grow

I still need my boat
But not like I did before
No more hiding
No more dry land
I need to swim

Because boats are fun
And great for days
But the sea is a beast
That no boat can match

No she doesn't care that I'm a mermaid
Who fell in love with a fisherman
She doesn't care I've spent too much time on dry land
I forgot how to use my fins

A mermaid that can't swim
What a pathetic life it is
But she's cruel
She wont keep the boats around

So don't forget how to swim
Don't forget how to use your fins
We are strong us mermaids
Making deals with sea witches
Seducing men to their death
All fine folk tales
But you have to believe the myth
Always been strong

Because regardless of what Disney said
I can't grow legs
I'll always be a mermaid
But what use is it if I can't swim

When I learn how to swim again
I hope my fisherman will come back
I hope he hasn't sailed too far away

When I'm on deck of our boat again
We will dance and sing
Maybe have dogs
And flowers to remind us of land
A piano in the dining room
And guitars lining the walls
Music will echo
They can hear us from land
The happy fisher and his happy mermaid
Living together again

But storms always come
Because that's how nature works
It rains
It snows
It storms
Than the sun returns

This time when the storm comes
And makes waves that could touch the moon
And I get thrown overboard
I won't forget how to swim

I'll play with the fish
Make friends with sharks
And await the return of my beautiful fisherman

But you will always be my wind
My sun
The air in my lungs

But soon I will have gills
So I can breath when the water comes
You can't be my fins anymore
You can't be my dry land
You can't save me from drowning
Because mermaids are free
But if you want
You can be free with me

So please return my beautiful sailor
And we can live on our happy boat
And I'll be one with the sea
Because this sea is a part of me
So this is super long and I'm actually gonna write a full explanation of it because yeah I feel like that's needed. So I have depression, and I used my boyfriend to hide from it. But that all crashed when my depression took over and I couldn't hide anymore, and I was mad. I was mad at him, at myself, at the world. So I flipped, and it pushed him away. Hopefully not forever but I feel like ****. But I needed it, I need this. Because I realized that hiding won't make the depression go away, it'll always find you. And when it does it comes on full force. And this time no matter how much he loves you, he won't be able to save you because depression is a beast. It's a monster beyond any comprehension and it will tear you apart. Now that it returned and stronger than ever, I couldn't be saved. And I was mad, why had he made it go away before but this time he can't? I was mad, didn't he love me? Than why can't he save me? Well guess what, it doesn't matter. Love is beautiful and love is strong, but nothing can cure you from a mental illness. I forgot that. And I had grown so used to being able to hide from it I forgot how to live with it. I forgot how to be my own warrior and to fight for myself. I'm not a ******* damsel in distress, I'm not a poor soul that needs saving. I'm a warrior, I've lived with it this far and forgetting how to fight will only get me killed. Depression is the sea, and I'm a mermaid that fell in love with a fisherman. I live in the sea, the sea is a part of me, like depression. And I can't run from it because it won't go away. This isn't a Disney movie where I can sell my voice for legs and run away from the sea. I can't, I have fins, it's the way I am. I have scars, that's who I am. I'm not a normal person, I can't **** it up and be fine, I'm sick. I can't grow legs and run away, I can't live on a boat. And there will always be storms, nature will never be sunny forever. Depression will come back fighting. And when you get thrown overboard and start to drown because you forgot how to swim, don't be mad at you fisherman. His boat got thrown by the storm too. I forgot how to balance my mind, how to find harmony with my mind, and live with my depression. So I flipped. And it's not his fault, he can't fight depression either, it's so much bigger than all of us. But I forgot that. And now I'm drowning in this storm of depression without my fisherman because I got mad. But now I know that I have to learn how to fight for myself, because storms will always come. And if I drown every time I'm gonna lose my fisherman. So swimming is the only option. He isn't a prince, or an angel, or a savior. He's just a fisherman, and I ******* love him. Our boat (our relationship) has sailed away for now, but I'm praying it'll return. When I see my fisherman again, I will remember how to swim. So when depression knocks me back into the ocean, I won't drown. I go with the waves until it calms, than I hop back our boat. But anyway, there's a lesson for ya. Don't rely on other people to save you from depression, because it's impossible. And don't get mad when you forget that. Anyone who read this far (props to you if you did) and suffers from depression as well, DONT FORGET HOW TO SWIM. We're not regular people, but not in a bad way! We have fins and live in the sea, we fight all her terrible waves and storms and keep swimming. Because mermaids are ******* strong as **** hell yeahhhhhhh. And if you're reading this and you're someone's fisherman (or fisher lady) meaning you're significant other suffers from depression, remember we're on this boat together and smooth sailing is not always a garuntee. So don't get mad at your mermaid when they lose it, the sea is just gettin a little crazy. Just remember, when they drown, you can't save them. Because depression (the sea) is stronger than anything, so don't feel bad. Don't feel like a bad boyfriend or girlfriend, don't feel like you're not good enough, all you have to do is wait for the storm to pass. Because you're only human and depression is a force much stronger than that. But human isn't bad, it's beautiful and perfect, hell yeah you a great fisherman. But fisherman cannot control the weather. So just wait out the storm. And Jesse, you're the best fisherman there is (I'm sorry that's so lame) and sometimes mermaids are stupid. But don't dock your boat because I'm learning how to swim again, and I won't forget when I get knocked overboard again. I love you always, and come around again, I'll be swimming just fine and ready to get back on our boat. I love you
storm siren Aug 2016
But beautiful.

The outcome is annoying,
But ethereal,
At times.

I am a Storm Siren,
I call upon the chaotic ways of nature
To bring forth necessary damage and carnage
In order to inspire growth
And new life,
New perspectives.

I do so subconsciously,
I draw in winds
And thunder and lightning,
The destructive nature
Of rain and floods.

My lightning,
However frightening
Causes fire,
And my thunder,
Will pierce your eardrums.

My rain will drown your sins
With flood waters,
And my winds will
Tear the memory
From your skin.

And I despise my storms,
Because they personify myself,
But I'd rather be a storm,
Than a drizzle.

And I know one day
You'll find me in this storm
I call home,
And put roots in
So together we may grow,
Despite flood waters
And lightning.

And one day
You'll hold me,
And I swear your arms and colors
Are the key to halting
The winds and the thunder,
Because within your arms,
There's only a faint
Of the pitter-patter
Of rain.

And when I hear your voice,
I am cleansed of the burning feeling
The fire gives.
Relief is sweeter
Than any pain.

And my heart aches
For your hand
To hold.
So things.

I hope you read this. <3 Good night, Bluebird.
Katlyn Orthman Feb 2014
Storms heart lays not in destruction
But at the point of despair it tears it down
To become whole
And rebuild our already shattered lives
Storms heart acts not in hate
But in pain of our cries of despair
The storm cries with us
Feels our pain
The roaring winds are our echoed screams
The pouring rain is our tears
The raging thunder is our anger
The twisting coiling winds
Colliding with the earth
Is our sorrow our love, our hate,
The storms heart is our heart
Together we destroy
We rebuild
Together we are a raging storm
One of the first poems I ever wrote and uploaded onto hellopoetry
Alyssa Lynn May 2017
Storms of feeling,
Storms of people embracing one another,
Storms of laughter and smiles
As lips meet in sweet kisses.
Because sometimes the storms inside me aren't a bad thing.
(Storms Bring Out the Eagles But The Little Birds
Take Cover )
When the “storms of life” gather darkly ahead,
I think of these wonderful words I once read
And I say to myself as “threatening clouds” hover
Don’t “fold up your wings” and “run for cover”
But like the eagle “spread wide your wings”
and “soar far above” the trouble life brings,
For the eagle knows that the higher he flies
The more tranquil and brighter become the skies...
And there is nothing in life God ever asks us to
That we can’t soar above “On The Wings Of A
And in looking back over the “storm you passed
You’ll find you gained strength and new courage,
For in facing “life’s storms” with an eagles wings
You can fly far above earth’s small, petty things.

ወጀብ ንስሮችን ያወጣል

(ግና ትናንሽ ወፎች ከመጠለያ ይመሰጋሉ)

የሕይወት ወጀብ ሲሰባሰብ፣
ደሞም ከስሎ ከላዬ ሲሳብ፣
እገባለሁ ማሰብ፣
ግሩም ምክሮችን እነኚህን፣
በአንድ ወቅት የሰማሁትን!
‘ለራሴ እንደዚህ እላለሁ
አስፈሪ ደመናዎች ሲያንዣብቡ፣
ክንፋችሁን አታስገቡ፣
ደሞም ሮጣችሁ
ሆናችሁ ጉጉ፣
ከመጠለያ አትመሰጉ!
ግን እንደንስር ክንፋችሁን ዘርጉ፣
ሕይወት ከሸከፈው ችግር በእቅፉ፣
ሽቅብ ሰንጥቃችሁ ተንሳፈፉ!
ምክንያቱ ያውቃል ንስር፣
ሽቅብ ሰንጥቆ ሲበር፣
ሰማዩ እንደሚቀየር፣
ወደብሩህ ጠፈር፣
ሰላምና መረጋጋት፣
ያደረጉት ግዛት!’
ሕይወትን ካጤንነው፣
እንድንቋቋመው የተጠበቅነው፣
ነገር ወይ ክስተት፣ ዘበት፣
በፀሎት ክንፍ፣ የማንለው እልፍ!
ያን በወጀብ የተናጥንበት
የትናንት ሕይወት፣
በምልሰት ስንመለከት፣
አዲስ ተስፋና ብርታት፣
እንደሚሆኑን ተደራቢ ሀብት!
ሽቅብ በንስር ክንፍ፣
የሕይወትን አውሎንፋስ
ጥሳችሁ ስትሉ እልፍ፣
የመሬትን ጥቃቅን አለመመቻቸቶች
ረግጣችሁ፣ ትንሳፈፋላችሁ!

(በሔለን ስቲነር ራይስ)
Uplifting poems
rained-on parade Jul 2015
Cyclonic is your kind of adjective;
I suppose I was born to love storms
like you.

I could never really keep my hands to
myself. Nor my mouth. Or my words.

I love you like hurricanes love destruction
and mornings love reckoning.
My life is a series of misfortunes disguised as experience.
Lou Sasol Nov 2014
Snow, sweet snow,
come again...
Laden those tree tops to their brim.
Got good gear to keep us warm,
All we need is a perfect storm.
4 Wheel drive will get us there,
find us smiling on first chair.
heaven knows we passed the tests,
Issue forth for we're all blessed.
riding on snow is the way to go.
Antino Art Feb 2018
South Florida
if you were a body part,
you’d be an armpit.

You’d be a bulged vein
on the side of a forehead
forever locked in a scowl
behind sunglasses.

You speak the language of horns
middle name, finger
blood type, combustible

You're a melting ***
that's boiled over the lid
sweating salt water at the brows
eyes red as the brake lights
in the maddening brightness,
you’re torrential daylight
heating nerves like greenhouse gasses
waiting for a reason to explode.

You’re a tropical motilov cocktail
no one can afford
2 parts anger, 1 part stupidity
melting in place, thirsty for attention
full of yourself in a souvenir glass with a toothpick umbrella
You're all image

You’re the curse words breaking out the mouths
of the angry line mob at Starbucks in the morning
You’re the indifferent silence
in the arena at the Heat games leaving early,
showing up late
due to the distance
from Brickell to Hialeah,
West Palm to Pompano
the gap between the entitled and the under-paid
a skyline of condos in a third world country
You’ve always been foreign to me.

You’re winterless, no chill
you attract only hurricanes
and tourists,
shoving anything that isn’t profitable
out of the way like the Irma storm debris
into the backyards of the Liberty City projects,
onto Mount Trash Can off the side of the Turnpike
hidden beneath Bermuda grass, lined with palm trees
you’re cold blooded
crawling with iguanas
blood-******* mosquitos
parking lot ducks and people not afraid to get run over
you get yours, Soflo
and you'll go as low
as the flat roofs of your duplexes
and the incomes that can barely pay the rent to get it
latitude as attitude
temper as temperature
if you were a body part
I swear you’re an *******

south of the brain, one hour
in all directions,
I’d find you.
You’d impose your way
onto my flight to the Philippines,
to Seattle, to Raleigh
You’d follow me like excess baggage,
like gravity,
bringing me back when asked where I'm from:

That area north of Miami, I’d say
(the suburbs, but whatever, we are hard in our own way)
I'd show you off on their map
as if some badge of grit,
certificate of aggression
I know how to break a sweat
walk briskly thru Walmart parking lots, drive evasive
ride storms in my sleep
I know you, I’d say,
“He’s a friend of mine.”
and I’d watch them light up
and recount
the postcards you've sent them
of the sunrise
welcoming brown immigrants
onto white sand beaches
You were foreign to us
yet raised us as your own
in the furnace of your summers
edges sharpened, iron on iron
the forger striking softness into swords
built for survival
I'm made of you

my South Floridian anger cools down
in your ocean breeze

if you were a body part,
you'd be a part of me
a socked foot in an And1 sandal
pressed to the gas pedal
as my drive takes me north
of your borders, far from home
You in the rear view mirror
like a sports car on the exit ramp
the color of the sun
Danela Aug 2013
Storms are the type
the type of thing to make
to make people restless
restless people create
they create what makes them
what makes them feel like they deserve this

Storms are not only found in weather
there are storms that can
that can change a person
change a person so much
so that when they think,
or become restless
that storm begins to form

When that storm forms,
who knows when it'll slow down
and if it slows down will the rainbows come out after?
or never?

When a storm finally calms
if and when it ever does
does it ever start back up?
does it make a mind tired?
does it make a mind strong?
j Jul 2018
I don’t care how
or care what you do
to make it happen;
I just told you
make me shine
so slather me in turpentine.

I want the sun to shrink
and the world turn dark,
when she’ll no longer rise
after she rests her eyes
upon my fiery spark.

I want the moon to swoon
and raise the tides
when he looks for the sun,
but instead
it’s my beauty that he finds.

I want the stars to bow down
and shower me in gold
when I shine brighter
and reach higher
than the stars of old.

I want storms to make
the world stir
when I walk upon
their earth,
no matter what it’ll take.

I don’t care
if it kills me;
just answer my plea.
I just want, so badly,
to shine,
so slather me in turpentine.
Bo Burnham Mar 2015
I saw the morning dew betwixt thine thighs
as I removed my source of Grecian power,
as if King Midas dared to touch the skies,
upon thy body fell a *******.

Thy body's temples, two church bells had rung
upon thy chest, a row of pearls bestowed.
The sun had set, thy set with wary hung
I thought, "How black a night, and blue a lode!"

I said, "What light through yonder ****** breaks?
It is the yeast!" And now my belly's yellow.
My pole gives cause to storms and earthy quakes,
but 'tis not massive, I am no Othello.

And when that final moment came to pass,
like Christ I came a-riding on an ***.

— The End —