Emm Mar 6
Engulfed in emotions
Everything's a blur with tears
Silly old hopes
Silly old misinterpretations
of generic pleasantries
and politeness
expressed into something more
Let the water flow through the creak,
over the hurdling stones,
let my thoughts move on from this day
Charging forwards leaving your stone behind
CrimsonEye Jul 6
I wasnt supposed to be thinking about you this much
After only one encounter
The way you looked so vulnerable to me when i stared at you
The way you smiled when i gave you those stones
The way you let me touch your scars
That trust given freely
You dont realise that you intimidate me
So i hide behind my smile and pretend im so comfortable
So smooth and so secure
You made me feel powerful and weak all at once
Like i was sinking into a warm emerald sea and hoping i would drown
Here i am
Anastasia Feb 20
Let's play hide and seek.
I’ll pretend as if I am not
Into that kind of shit,
As if I am really not
Into relationships,
As if I am hard as stone,
As if I am hard to reach.
Please seek me though.
I’m not as tough as I seem.

It’s actually so hard for me
Pretending I'm a real stone,
I'm so much more like ice.
I seem extremely cold,
Quite hard to break.
But really you can smash me
Without trying much,
And trust me, I start melting,
At slightest touch.

But I’ll pretend I'm not about it,
Stones don't have feelings.
I am here to protect myself
From melting down completely,
I've got to keep pretending
To be a real stone,
I don’t belong to people.
But really all I am thinking:

"Please, seek me!"
I had the moon captured in the cryptic palms of my hands.
So when I cried, and covered my face, it'd evoke what I attempted forgetting. So I'd be woken with a message left, I had revoked the promise to leave my heart still. I dipped my first fingers into a
forever crippling grasp of predicted conflict, constricted so long,
the pout on my lips dripped a stricken blue. My pupils left fractured, remaining fragments detached themselves from my absence of reality. So much downpour, it started eroding my skin raw, swollen down to bone; stung from the salty ocean washing
over the flesh still united with my body. Lifting myself off my bed;
I slipped the violent skipping stones my veins gripped so tightly
back to their convicted spot. Adapting back to living itself, I recaptured my eyesight, and recited my laugh to what it used to
sound like. Before collapsing again into this everlasting painful
existence, I took my brilliance to cast a vicious smile.
  My persistence was inconsistent, I lost the way of keeping my heart idle.
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
I know I should love two, and I hate that I can't.
Dropping by and throwing stones deep into my lost,
parted heart. Stretching myself through two
dimensions, running through my eyelashes like acid.
Broken up memories tapping my head occasionally,
I try to forget it, your shadow blinks upon my retinas.
Make me forget
Make me forget
This poem is like a part two to Oh, But Why?
All feedback is welcome and appreciated
There is something violent about how I see the skin on your body
Its so rich and smooth, almost decadent and unlike you

This observation turns into a premeditation when you touch my cheek
Its almost like i can feel the heat melting off your bones

As I laid you down and slipped a knife underneath your sternum
You whispered something hidden in painful tones like a sharp breath piercing the guttural moans

But I dont need to hear words to know the searing desire steaming from your guts as I replaced them with hot stones

The blood on your finger tips remind me of fresh water on leaves after a storm and your severed head looks like its been through famine, disease, and a damaged city plagued and war torn

Yet there is still beauty in the decayed decadence that is your mutilated corpse

The moonlight drowns in the canal of blood begging for remorse while the insects march and sing a song of things that can only get worse
This is a poem about the need for closeness between two people
The wind blasted straits
Constructing her face
God’s infinity strokes
Stones for bones
Dirt in our mouths
Sun in our lungs
The chloroplasts react

His art is a dance
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