Ashley Somebody Nov 2014

It's that cold, small lump
Lying in my stomach here
Keeping me away.
I wish I had the guts to
I wish I had bravery.

Guys, meet stomach
Stomach meet everyone

Stomach loves to shrink
stomach loves to puke
stomach loves to ache
Stomach loves to churn
Stomach loves to
Oh it's breakfast?
I don't feel like it
Oh it's lunch
Pfft you're kidding

Stomach is weak
Stomach is annoying
In short,
Stomach is an asshole

Story about stomach.
pam Jun 2014

Stomach ache
Stomach ache
I'll flash a smile, they wont notice its fake.
Stomach pain
Stomach pain
I'll force myself its fine, because i dont wanna gain.
Stomach ache
Stomach ache
I will do whatever it takes
Stomach pain
Stomach pain
Stop, not again.
Stomach ache
Stomach ache
Im going to control myself, for Pete's sake.
Stomach pain
Stomach pain
I know im insane
But you cant stop me, never again.
Because by feeling such PAINS and ACHES
Makes me stronger, and Im strong enough to handle this.
I am not the slave of my body.


Yup, me right now.

My stomach is really upset with me
It wants me to spend some quality time with my one and only true love

BDR Apr 2014

I get the feeling
In the pit of my stomach,
It's here.

I get the feeling
In the pit of my stomach,
I don't need to fear.

I get the feeling
In the pit of my stomach,
This is going to last for years.

Phantasmagoria Sep 2015

I ate like a pig
no wonder I got sick
then I starved myself
till I could eat a brick,
but then there was no food
and it wasn’t good,
the stomach is a prick
yes, it made me sick!

a playful joke, of course
Olivia King Jan 2013

I hate this empty feeling
In my stomach
Acidic and cold
Like someone punched it

I feel sick
I think I combusted
Wouldn't be surprised
If you loved it

I hate myself
I hardly speak
Because I hate what's underneath

I'm horrible
Understand that

Nicole Sep 2014

You have a leaf on your shoe,
I bet that was noticeable for you
By the time you got to my house I had the flu
Stuck in bed,
I have to fix what's inside my head
You're so nice to be around,
You make me forget my stomach hurts
Normally I would vomit at the sight of anybody else,
But I guess that's just because you're afraid of vomit,
When people are much more terrifying

liz Feb 2013

Those hot peppers you feed me
tsssss all the way down
smoke is in the intestines
and esophagus

have you punched me?
i am sore.

and caffine
i am woozy from you
a wooden ship on rough seas

swallowed enough air for zeppelins
under your shirt hides a fleshy balloon

have I wronged you?
i am sensetive
and vengeful

Claire Collins May 2014

I'm so hungry I could eat a whore
I'm sure she could use the money
I wonder if she charges hourly
I'm so slutty I could eat a dollar bill
Money is the root of all evil
All evil sits in the pit of hunger.

Snowflake Dec 2014

You are like me,
I am like you,
we differ, but relate too.
You're so much like me,
like the brother I never had,
but when I realize the true feeling
the butterflies never end.

How I have been feeling lately with someone ;~;
R K Hodge Nov 2015

My stomach is filled with molten things, but I will be able to feel more love than you ever will. Inside my stomach and throat pipes the hate remains incompletely digested. Our bodies cannot digest our own blood.
There happens to be silt film foaming on top like the fate of a desecrated porcelain sink, a vessel that ceases to be drained. This vessel will always be able to feel more pain than you ever will. The depth of feeling is all that there can be.

Deanna Dec 2014

"Whenever you're stressed,
you internalize it to your gut"
my doctor told me.

My mother always said:
"You feel everything in your stomach."

And it all makes sense now,
How I got knots and twists,
when you said goodbye.
And how I got nauseous,
when I saw you holding her hand.

But if that's true,
why does my chest hurt so much?

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