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Cné Nov 2017
With stolen moments, I could get lost in you,
with the ease of walking into a silent room.
Everything in the world fading away,
when I feel your lips on mine and what it conveys.
A kiss, a smile, your touch on my face
a treasured sight, this secret place,
where we connect and share our art,
tenderly sharing bleeding hearts.
Kolour Fabriken Jan 2017
laying next to you
escape'd in your dream't morning
i feel love at it's slowest speed
and when I kiss you to wake up
it’s like an entire summer
gloriously spent
I lost my inspiration long ago
Not quite sure where it's gone to
Somewhere around the time we went our separate ways
You know that I still think about you...
I still think about you.

My heart could not bare to be alone
Or spend a long time without use
I know that it's not your problem anymore
But after all, you were my muse.

Until this very day, I stare into the sky
Wondering where things went wrong
I admit I made mistakes along the way
Mistakes that can't be fixed with a song

And although I've managed to move along
The things I said then, still haunt my days
But I can't take it back now... No, I can't take it back now
"Forgiven" is just a fleeting word we say

Ever since that time, clouds have hovered overhead
With thunderstorms hot on my trail
I'm just waiting for the skies to open up
But I'm well aware that ship has sailed

I pray, that someday we'll wash ashore
Unto an Island made only for two
Then, we can live out the rest of our days
Under the shade like castaways, if we so choose.
the hate
comes from every angle
but mostly from the heart
in spite of glaring
that leaves the
lawn uncut;
as if littered driveways
and starving dogs
justify another term
of stolen wealth
After watching the recent debates.
Jaycee Dec 2014
I feel like such an idiot because,
My thoughts are masochistic.
I don't know if I should feel-
Embarrassed or desolate.

Maybe scummy is a better word.
Dacy Maly Dec 2015
I tried to store it away
and it lost its luster
It cannot exist hidden away
It does not thrive in memory
It must be free and wild and pure
to be paradise
William Eberlein Feb 2013
Beneath the sun and moon,
twice have I fallen into love.
Many years past,
under an oath of breath,
I was bound to the first.
And on a promise of shadow,
later came the second
to steal my heart
with a rising crest.
And so you may name the loves of me.
Wife and Mistress.
Sky and Sea.
Mya Jan 2017
With each treacherous kiss
You ripped the words from my tongue
You snatched the power from my lips
Everything I had- you consumed
Leaving me with nothing
Jaycee Nov 2014
Why does everyone want to lose it?
Isn't it supposed to be somewhat sacred?
I've always thought so.
It's too bad that mine was stolen from me.
The Napkin Poet Oct 2017
Blood stains covered my art supplies
You didn’t believe in that artistic risk though
It wasn’t too long before my sharpener laid in in your trash can

You picked my pills and I off the tiled floor
I thought i’d be the one who’d be flushed
But it was the pills that drained down the toilet

You always grabbed my hands as they craved color
That familiar purple stain my skin wore too well
You bought me a fidget cube to fiddle with my tensions

You took everything I loved from me
Every form of devilish comfort
Alot more than I could ever do for myself
Nthaby Sep 2018
You were born with a garden of flowers reigning in your heart
Every flower bloomed at the right season
You caltivated your garden
You pruned your flowers
You watered your flowers
You loved your flowers and couldn't wait to share them
You gave the key to your garden to wrong people
They stole your flowers
They didn't help you water your flowers
They cut your flowers
Your garden was now ruined
What am I gonna do now? You asked yourself
You covered your head with blankets crying.
Your flowers are in ruins
You have fresh seeds now
Seeds to start a new garden
With tears running on your face , you revive the old flowers and plant new
You patiently build your garden again
The dead flowers are on the outskirts
The new flowers are hidden where no one can see them
You love your new garden more than before
More intensely that you are hidding it away
You dont want people to see your flowers
You don't want to give them the keys
You show them the old dead flowers when they come to view
Knowing very well that no one likes dead flowers
I’ve dated many guys
No one really stood out
I never believed in love
Yes, I had my doubts
Never had a need to be guarded
Because I’ve never really been broken hearted

Then he walked into my life
No danced into it
His eyes lit up the entire room
And out of everyone
His eyes drifted to mine

It wasn’t even official
He didn’t ask me out
But we never ran out of things to talk about
My dreams for the future
What happened in the past
He listened to all of it
And didn’t judge or laugh

When it became official
I was already in love
Spent most of my time with him
There was never a dull moment
I gave everything to him

There was no hesitance
I fell right away
And just as fast
It was all taken away

One mistake
One ****** remark
One fight
One broken heart

Then he was gone
I can’t even say that my heart is broken
Because you see, he took it with him
He never gave it back

He may have smashed it with a hammer
Because I always feel sharp pains
All I know is there is now an empty space
And no pieces remain

Except for maybe one
That will help me learn to love once more
To help me find a man
That will make me once again feel whole
Nigel Finn Oct 2018
I sometimes take words that were first used by others
(I'm About to admit I'm a bit of a crook)
Re-hash and re-use them, and make my own covers-
Stealing little known lines from an eloquent book.

I've stolen from Shakespeare, yanked words off of Yeats,
And pilfered from Plato and Brown;
I've probably swiped stuff off all of the greats,
And many of zero renown.

There's more to be heard in the wise words of Wilde
Or took from a Tennyson line
Or the thinking out loud of an inquisitive child,
Than could spill forth from this pen of mine.

So if I've stolen from you, and perchance have offended,
(Yes- I'm about to steal Shakespeare again)
Just think but this, and all is mended;
Nothing original came from my pen.

Which means that, eventually, all that I've ever done
Will be lost in the shadows of time,
Skipped over, or lost, and simply outdone
By your works original shine.
For the record- I do try and admit to my word thievery when I'm aware of it. So much of it's unconscious though, that I doubt I'll ever know of all the occassions I've done it.
Meredith Ann Jan 24
It's so strange
knowing someone knows everything about you
your joy
your expressions
your rhythms
your triggers

you know this because as you move parallel
you follow the same in all of them
and you know they understand you
and can only wonder what they are thinking

I desperately want to reach out
take back my own information
for it is of use of yours no more
but I am stuck with you forever watching me from afar
as our emotions will never intersect.
Izzy Apr 2018
You stole my sky
You stole my stars
Now when I look at the night sky
I don't see a hope for tomorrow
I don't find peace
I can't find the old me cause
You stole my sky
You stole my stars
You stole all I ever had

And now you are gone
You run away with my heart
You left me with few broken pieces
And I am not even able to hate you for that.
Isaac Aug 2018
Fixating on tomorrow’s duty
steals you away from today’s beauty.
Written 21 August 2018

Matthew 6:34
Shofi Ahmed Feb 2
The ocean moves
stirring the water.
But none see the sunshine
behind the full moon in bloom
that steals the starry night.
nightdew Feb 22
i think it's normal to miss people,
i can see you twirling your hair with your finger,
i can hear your melodious laughter rumbling through my mind,
i can feel your smooth skin under my fingertips.

i want to admire your beauty once again,
gaze into those dazzling eyes,
feel your lips locking mine.

but you're gone,
you've vanished into thin air,
leaving nothing but bits and bits of memories,
and countless amounts of heartache.

and along with you,
you've stolen my heart,
robbed me of the sun's rays,
and took away countless hours of sleep.

you've left nothing but pain,
poured me endless thoughts at 3 AM,
everything consists of missing you.

is missing someone like this still normal?
i don't think it's possible to get over you.
Daisy Marrow Sep 2013
I am not superman.
I carry around guns for protection.
I have killed many
And never was sorry.
I have stolen from men
who have stolen from others.
Do not look at me as a savior,
Not even as a big brother,
because I am nothing of a role model.
My wings have broken
and I don't even have a place to call home.
Pain is written on my skin with the smirk of a devil
leaving cracks all over for sorrow to sneak its way in and bury itself deep into my bones.
So give me hope because I'm not man enough to create my own.
I keep putting other's lives before mine hoping that counts as love
but wind up realizing that doesn't count as anything
Trust me, I'm no superman.
I can't even save myself.
I've burned my cape in the fires of **** because I've been there enough
to know I can't wear it anymore.
I have flaws enough to fill the ocean and I'm sick of drowning
and I'm tired of counting dead bodies
and I’m tired of swimming through waves I'm not big enough for.
So hear the violin and piano play my symphony
of the fallen man.
I never said I could fly.
I never said I could save your life.
I never gave up though.
So hold me tight and let me finally break and fall into the arms of someone I can trust and someone I know that'll keep my heart safe buried next to theirs.
I've played wicked games and lost too many times and now I just want to sleep.
I'm tired of turning up black and blue
But I'll do anything to protect you.
If you were never here then I would have ended this a long time ago.
I would have welcomed the salt water into my lungs
Or fall asleep in a tree and meet death in the morning as I hang in silence.
But now I beg for hope because I'm torn apart.
But I know am seen as your superman so I’m going to hang on with all my might,
And live this life with you
as a hero
as your superman.
Dean Winchester
just like popcorn -

those soft, incredible clouds
appearing from what
once was

rock -

my thoughts are formed.

out of nowhere,
another pops into my mind,
joining it's fellow corns,

only to later

be consumed,
and discarded

by people who


- v.m
i was eating popcorn, then this happened.
My temptation,
My alluring forbidden fruit

A succulent and sweet taste
Lies within those soft lips
But still, i must distance myself
With you just beyond my grasp

My temptation,
My alluring, forbidden fruit  

With fair skin, as soft and white
As a winters first snow.
Captivating me with your touch

My temptation,
My alluring, forbidden fruit

No matter how hard I fight it
From the very first taste,
That first stolen kiss
I became addicted.
To you, My sweet forbidden fruit
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