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Qu33nofPrisms Dec 2018
I thought I'd write about you some.

It's almost like a veil of complication and pain
Has somewhat lifted off of me
And I'm standing below the sheen fabric
Reaching up into it
And then letting my arms drop to my side.

I'm always kicking up pavement baby
You tell me you got a poem for me, crazy
But I ain't seen it
No where to be found.

We nestle and neck
Our long spines leading us up into--
Do you remember that day on set
Where I gave a speech and promptly sat
And went right back to work?

Your admiration and respect
It's something I hunted for with
A ferocious siren song
Like when I stood next to you on the boat
And you told me my make up was fantastical
That I was fantastical.

I believe you
I believe that statement most days
And in there somewhere
I love how I think you should and could love me
I used to think
Can't you see that I'm so good for you
Can't you see in all my prisms
I'm over here perfect for you?

The pain of that need
Has somehow faded
Maybe it's because I stabbed my fingers
Into a styrofoam skull
And I've gotten you to reply
That you adore me too.

I just can't sweat anymore
I try things out and I decide to try something better
I hope and I want
You to think of me in all the moments
You don't
But I'm not gonna torture myself over it
Not when I've decided I could play along.

I saw you in a way I haven't before
As I rode your body into the night
And longed for you three times
And though I want you baby
I know it's also just me
And my desire
That's how I just am.

There's something that's powerful there
You said you were so satisfied
And looked away and cried
Wiping away my tears while you held me
In your thin frame
It was only a matter of time
Until someone like you showed up.

I hope that deep down
In those bones you claim to be so closed off, so cold
That you look on this
With nothing but a multitude of immense love.

But also
I don't really need it anymore.
Emily Jul 2018
I'm alone
I've lost everything I had
I've lost my voice
I've lost my fight
I've lost you
                  The gun shots that roared
The blood covering my pride
The scars that are ripped open
You did this to me

Outcast, freak, waist,

           Day after day you say it's me but,
You are the one who broke me
Who stole the last string of hope from me
So here I am sitting all alone

Looking at my phone memories of better days
But where they really better
Or was it just because we were together
But now these pieces are broken forever

And I never want them back together
I'm taking back my life
My life, will, fight,
And now I see a new light

              weak, insecure, broken, scared

They say poison corrupts you
Look at what you have done to me
You've taken every part of me and changed it
Saying I would never make it  

              I'm taking my bags and leaving
I'm taking my hope with me
               So if being alone lets me be me
So be it.
Rustle McBride Oct 2016
Swollen  clouds of passion
crashed* across my face
and Fires flared from friction
everywhere your lips did trace

our Chilly fingers sought their shelter
deep in the spaces inbetween
But these spaces,        now            so              spacious
have wicked the warmth from what I mean

And I,
the only audience to your absence,
unable to exist
For you stole from me my *reason
the anticipation of your kiss.
My body remembers
Arke Jul 2018
when I craved kindness, passion, and fire, I stole
and they say no one person can complete you
but love, when you look at me, I am whole
and maybe we'll have thirty years together
but know the past century we were souls
intertwined with my arms around you

you make me beautiful when life takes a toll
I used to think that love only bruised
you've taught me that it's not about control
I used to think that pain was all that remained
but you came with love to heal and console
and show me the good that comes after midnight
Emma Aug 2018
The blue skies are coming.
This has always been my mantra,
my calling card,
my peace in this crazy world.

I do believe that the blue skies are coming.
I do believe that I will once again sleep,
without waking,
and without screaming.

I do believe that I will once again
be able to walk down those streets
and not feel fear
at the thought of seeing him.

I do believe that I will be able to drink,
and not feel every person
that has ever bruised me
touch my skin.

I believe that the blue skies are coming.
I've been saying it since I was a child,
ruined by an eating disorder
and chronic depression.

I do believe that the blue skies are coming for me.
Depression stole my love.
Anorexia stole my childhood.
But, still, my blue skies will come.
Blue skies are an expression of a time when my mental well being is finally ok, and i am at long last happy.

It will come for you too.
Keep fighting.
Keep breathing.
They will come for you too.
Vicki Kralapp Sep 2013
As surely as heaven exists above,
you have found your way into my heart;
your magical voice and hypnotic smile,
your whole being speaks silently to mine.

Your eyes dance in the morning light,
so kind and compassionate,
as they smile beneath canopies of lashes
and move me without a sound.

I cannot forget the times you called to me,
your soul joining mine as we stole away.
My forever love, though only in memory you live.
I keep you alive in dreams wrapped in your arms.

You carry me with you far outside this world,
with your extraordinary reigns on my heart.
Sweep me away with a love I cannot resist,
to a special life for just us two.
All poems are copy written and soul property of Vicki Kralapp.
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2013
Dancing under the midnight stars
with the Southern Cross so bright,
while music floats on a gentle breeze
and my love holding me tight.

Your eyes like the fire that lights my soul
gaze into mine with delight,
as you press your body close to mine
and we move to the sounds of the night.

You whisper my name so soft and low,
I answer and am entranced,
and my heart beats so loudly like drums in the night
to the rhythm of the dance.

You have moved me so, like no one else,
and with this sweet thought I'll stay.
You've come to me like a thief in the night
and stole my heart away.
All poems are copy written and soul property of Vicki Kralapp.
kevin hamilton Feb 2018

hands grasped
for purchase
on the sheet-white ceramic lip
surfaced from
a dark wine burial at sea

burning calligraphy
stole my pinkest skin
i tried, i tried
to join someone i never knew
part ii
Mom I wish I could be that dancer
I wish I never heard of cancer
I wish I was that girl everyone wants to be
I wish the ones who are closest weren’t the ones to leave.
I wish we could just pick up the phone
I wish I didn’t feel so alone.

I wish you could just love me faults and all
Every yell is a push, you push and I fall
Fall into reality, this haunting depression
Into tears & pain and my obsession.

I live in a world where my dreams are in control
I’m always happy and my heart never stole
Life is perfect and it all works out
Reality is something I live without.

I’ve got “the boy”, the ladies pay attention
The “good job” grades & what is detention
High on a pedestal daydreaming away
All my wishes, all my way.
But I snap back to reality if you tap or you call
Every time you push me, you push and I fall.
Read more at http://www.******
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
I thought I’d found a summer home
to keep me through my days.
My heart had led me to a place
where sunlight always played.

Instead I found an ice-cold heart
from one that I adored,
for winter camped out in my life
the day you closed that door.

In hindsight I look back and think
how could I’d been so blind?
To see the man who’d stole my heart
was just a state of mind.
All poems are copy written and soul property of Vicki Kralapp.
kevin hamilton Dec 2017
black lung whispered
abject terror in my ears
a circle of candles
and closed eyes
made plainly *****
by the thought of you
beneath the rising tide

i poured raw honey
down your abyssal throat
stole a different form
and fell into your arms
only sweet goodbyes
as i grabbed my overcoat
Lizzy Jan 2014
I clenched my eyes,
Afraid to look at you.
Because all I wanted
Was to give you this body
Not what lived within it.
But you stole it,
Like every kiss leading up to,
That moment.
Maybe that's why I cried
Because I came to the sudden realization,
That from that moment on,
Your name was carved
Into every bone in my body.
And the thought if being without you,
Tore through my mind
Like a wave of infinite destruction.
And it pained me to know that nothing lasts forever.
Because in that moment,
All wanted was forever,
With you.
None but the cobbled Hackney will accept
Their Postcards sign this Doveling Bond, betwixt
So both decide a Limo; And dated Theft
Of many Soul-Chasers which do not Exist
From there both Virgins took a Scandal-Plate,
Wrapped in Hookahs only the Wise could see
Goodbye, First Perfume! Not from what will sate
The Photographed Script of what they should be
From this a Problem looms. In such Stone-Bowl
We become the very Thing we disgust
Hearts still cry out for the Thunder they stole
And baste their Image on the Throne they must.
Realise, just now, the Name of this Theme
From Enlightenment whose Founder they blaspheme.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
A Sad Alex Jul 2018
I will write you the most romantic verses tonight
For you deserve nothing less my love
Than verses to make your heart soar
Than verses than make you want me more.

I will say “You carry my heart in yours”
“You stole it like a thief in the night”
“But I don´t want it back, to you it now belongs”
“It is yours, my sweet, as am I”

I can write the sweetest verses tonight
For they remind me of you my love
When I see you, I smile from side to side
The clouds go away, the sun shines bright in the sky.

I can say “You are a beacon of light”
“You are the reason I go to sleep every night”
“You are everything to me my dear”
“I love you, please, don´t ever leave my side”

I could write you the most sensual verses tonight
For it´s something I can´t help my love
The sway of your figure, that look in your eye
It sends my senses into overdrive.

I could say “Tonight no one else exists but you”
“The night is only yours and mine”
“Your lips clamor my kiss, your hips my hands”
“As our breaths mingles, our bodies melt into one”

I want to write so many things my dear
Fill pages with silly love poems
What I don´t to ever write is “Goodbye”
And I want to tell you always
“I love you… I love you so much…”
Audrey May 2018
My heart
Knew from
The start
That you would
Break me
My friends
We came to
An end
Cannot make
Always stole
From me
Weren't meant to be
I knew you'd hurt me
I said it you won
My life is done
I knew you would
Break me
Why did you
Break me
You were a Godsend
I now  know why
It had to
Stephen E Yocum Aug 2013
When I was young,
I chased only fun,
My head all filled,
with ******.

I wrecked some cars,
Got into some fights,
Broke a bone or two,
But never learned my lesson.

There was right there,
A guiding Light,
That shown out,
From within my Father.

He knew the ropes,
Had run the course,
He'd even been in prison,
But me, well,
I was too "smart" to listen.

We butted heads,
The Old Man and me,
But I remained too
stubborn, to heed,
His hard won
Sage advise.

To me back then,
Some of his words,
sounded silly,
trivial and small,
'Cause, at my tender age,
I still reckoned,
That I just knew it all,

When he died,
We all cried,
After all he was
my Father.
But gone is gone,
And I wanted fun,
Off I went to find it.

Still a young man,
I chased that fun,
going a little wild.
Ignoring most everything,
The old man had advised me.

In a bar,
the "Memphis Star"
A guy pulled a knife,
to stab me.

In a full blind rage,
I triggered my response,
And stole that man's
Life forever.

As you can imagine,
Right about then,
All **** commenced,
My plans and direction,
All took a correction.
Everything changed forever.

Now as I sit thinking,
Within this rank prison,
I dearly wish that to,
My old Daddy's wisdom,
I would have devoted,
much keener attention,
Avoided this, final pit fall.

Tomorrow mornin',
A Hangman is comin',
Music Crescendo,
Base drums rollin',
I finally rapidly drop,
to the end of my own rope.
Cause that's all he wrote,
The curtain descends,
to a last goodbye I'll be goin'.
Not autobiographical, thanks be
to all the Gods. But I have met
this guy. Perhaps we all have.
To any previous reader, I have
modified the ending, thinking that
perhaps this fellow needed further
"straitening out". And surely he got it!
Day Jan 2017
11 days, I spent in grey hospital socks
wandering halls bare, not even clocks
17 girls, all torn and broken inside
opened our wrists, drank cyanide
"behavior heath", but we knew was psych
held wandering souls, all pale and ghostlike
sat in a circle, we shared and we cried
of times we stole, drank, smoked and lied
stories of ****, abuse and pain
somehow all one and the same
different faces and different lives
but most chose to end it with knives
but failure brought us all to this place
to learn a new name, gain a new face
fed us some pills and watched how we'd do
if we'd scream and suddenly turn blue
but only a few continued to fall
and theirs are the saddest stories of all
my heart broke each night as I sat and heard
one of the girls minds became blurred
still even now, I shed a tear
for every lost soul, that we never hear
Recently went to an intensive inpatient behavior health center after a major panic attack and breakdown. I was suicidal and was diagnosed with major depression. This experience, really changed me and opened my mind so much. More to come . I give thanks for this site for giving me a positive way to cope. You all are amazing. <3
King Panda Mar 2016

and I galumphed
to the rock salt
shore and
waiting for
to run over
the dune’s


it had only been
a few minutes
but I could see
the rhino cloud
and spitting
if only I had
the strength
but you stole that
from me


the steam was
fresh against
my cracked
I could feel the
salt melt off
into the
crane swinging
jaws engulfing
my twisted


I did not find you
only an
unbreakable bottle
with an
note and a skeleton
with rings
on its


my last dreams
were ones
of us
on a mountain
hot air balloon
specked against
the sunset
everything was so
the wind blew
your hair
as I drank
in the
this was the last
time I remembered


black expanse
with a little
white dot
popping from
corner to
life always played games
with me
death was no


this creature
feared you
this creature
was a long visit
with fire burning
and love notes
this creature was
spit out by
your mouth
this creature
was loud by
your breath
this creature
spackled and
never reborn
boat stench and
and mashed
raining on
your body as
the desert breaks from
its last


we will meet
I’m sure of
RK Aug 2018
Even in the depths of medication and depression she saw a glimmer of light , She must have! I knew her children meant everything to her. Her husband held fort, through thick and thin and I witnessed him. We helped him at times when he too was worn down, visiting his wife in hospital, tme after time, after time...

He couldn't go to work, not for a long time. The nature of her depression so black, he made sure his children were protected, fully engaging with the important issues in life.   Loving care, being present, showing strength at his best.

He managed on social welfare, knowing well what  his priorities were.  He took them to school, their lunch boxes filled with nourishment. The main ingredient being love. And he collected them too, with a loving smile and huge hug.

I felt so proud of him.

And in school they did well,
a straight A - in every subject.  In the later years they went to university, and excelled beyond excellence. He was always right beside them. Finding the way whatever way he could.

I felt so proud of him.

It was depression that stole her beautiful soul. We did our best to lift her, and we did.  We saw the best in her,  And she knew we cared and loved her.  Later she took a stoke that fully paralyzed her.

He continued to care for her at home. Even when his own health failed he tarried on and he prayed that God take her, before him. He was amazing!  When I'd ask him how he was doing, his  eyes would tell me, but his words said;  ”oh! I'm just fine”
And I so admired him.

The Elegy...
Their son spoke in soft loving words about his Mother's life and the goodness of his father care.

" If I can be half the man my dad  is...

Half the father my father is ...

Half the husband my father is ...

Then I am blessed”

And in the silence, you could hear a pin drop!

Thank you for reading. I'm doing my best to see all sides of life and death. And I feel writing is cathartic .
Yanamari Sep 2017
The mirror broke.
And such a thing, although inevitable,
Tainted my vision,
And stole my hope.
I lost my smile,
When, what I had was lost.
Over time the pain faded
And was replaced anew,
Increasingly constant,

Another's mirror broke
And the innocent pain, revived,
Gifted my mind,
With the cracked
Memory of my mirror.
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