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the curiouser
wants to know things

how many times
I've curled the edges
of that holy mouth

how many flutters
almost caved the roof
on that blood-red lockbox

how many times we've climbed
each other's walls, coming down
on soft dew clouds
inside your mind

how many times

you held yourself shaking
when I wasn't there

these things matter
to me

and I wish
I could overlay

my parallel trend line
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018
The imaginers of now were children once,

each day they each imagined tomorrow.

Their daddies had just won the war
happy days were really here again, this time.
Now, we see what we see, it's not what we saw.

And this is better than I imagined.
My first oral book report was on 1984, in 1962.

Percentages and stats, the odds,
out of 8 billion…

I carry my weight, saltwise,
I'm light, too. Immaterial in fact.
I watched the internet take form
before my very eyes,
magi technic never seen since Darius the Mede.

Good job, geeks.
Reared on radio waves your
grandfathers never heard,

your signal receptors from mito-mom,
oh, what a plan. The promised ones.

Many sons.
hmmm 60 cycle white noise in the field,
the field of fields,
Future Farmers of America and stuff

Powers we imagined,
a color TV we could watch
in the backseat for days on Route 66,

a restaurant just for kids

Toys 'r' Us oh, wow,
those came and went

and our Grand kids
are imagining tomorrow,
doin' fine with less of what we thought was cool,

taking for granted all I
accepted as granted, in the "It is Finished"
Golden Parachute
Package deal,
Grace and Peace
that multiplies.
I can't sleep
Khoi-San Oct 2018
Bye mom bye son
Please go slow
And stay low
Remember crawling
Is the ONLY! way to go

Halfway down fifth
Left into third
Spinning wheels hubcap splatter  
Screeching halt kneel and scatter

Swoosh zzzip swoosh

On knees for feet
Gnashing teeth a hit hit hit
Some stay sprawling
Most ran crawling

Early Monday morning
Stats please
Doctor's calling
We've had a good weekend doc
Only two stood falling

Who got shot
Two twelve year old's
And a baby
With a bottle in a cot

****** nurse how appalling
I wish they could all
Just remain crawling
This may sound far fetched
But in some gangster infested
Townships this is a
Daily occurrence our kids
Must literally crawl to school
Bob B Sep 4
Mind power! That's what she says:
Mind power. Understand?
That's what made Hurricane
Dorian turn away from the land,

According to Marianne Williamson,
Candidate for the presidency,
Which makes one wonder whether she's gone
Bonkers with a capital "B."

After the hurricane devastated
The Bahamas with a deadly force,
Williamson claims that mind power
Was able to change the huge storm's course.

Mind power kept the storm
From hammering Florida's coast.
That is why the winds and rain
Inflicted minor damage at most.

But if the mind's that powerful,
What happened to mind power when
The storm headed toward the Bahamas?
It didn’t seem to help much then.

How often has the mind altered
Storms? Hmmm. Check the stats.
I guess this shows that there are wackos
Even among the Democrats!

-by Bob B (9-4-19)
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
That faraway look

not seeing far away, appearing to be

looking, far away,
past today

A game?
A passed time?
A pretended game,
Hi-stoically accurate,

A war game where there's blame and shame,
like on TV, nowadays, with victims,
not yesterdsdays,
Kilroy was

olden days of our Ford.

hey, kid, yer uncle needs ya…

Dare ye?
'S only a game. A  pass time.

Multi-medium, don't spend

your life dist ant con nextrified, terra
firmafied, dis con

try, win, ship, ship, whip get it in the wind

swish wish the message is the medium
light is,

Life on TV in 1963, Mr. McLuhan,
is not life on the Net.

Now, you know,
you never saw us old dudes
with pocket HDTV studios coming, but

you did see all the clues, the times changed,
history rewrote itself, evidently,

what you think you see is what you get.
That part didn't change.

The Medium is the message,
do I get that?

War is un winnable, is that the message?
With which weapons?

Mine. (a wink, a think wink, I think)
The Shadow knows.

It is finished. Start there.
It's a whole new ball game.

Let's pretend we have enemies
The emotions are the same,
aren't they?

If we relate.
If we see our self,
our CG'd Junger self, in the Shadow,

floating in the sea of  All  God's

is tragedy a strategy to draw light?


You are related to the people who once lived here,
hear their songs and prayers
first hand clap,
first foot shuffle,

first seen first named we have walked
the pollen way,
the leaven way,
the viral way

more subtle than any beast,
not evil, per se, eh, Jose?

Led by the breeze to be tried in the wilderness…

Mythed Archie,
Natural Archean-types,
red-headed strangers, 'n'such…

Map my calendar to your clock,
wind backa a time and a time and a half a time,

Then, who knew why

the serpent mound in Ohio is a map to
some meaning meant to be meant,

some specific meaning meant to be meant,

for as near forever as men could

… envision imagining as a quest.

What if
we could see with
eagle's eyes Blythe's Intaglios or
Nazca's clan tags?

"the meaning of the past
is what it contributes to the present"
Lyle Balenquah's uncle said that.

The past passed this way ahead of us,
See the shadow?

Sun's setting.
Snake mound mouth wide open breathe in

Sigh, we been everywhere man,
we be headin' west sweet home Oraibi

Snake clan drawing in the light
as the breath of being

… envision imaging . What if
we could see with
eagle's eyes

satellite Google earth eyes
see, be, in your realm
of know-ables,
beneath the sands of time that,

several times,
have been the bottom of the sea.

Be then, before that became this,  be
Be, now.

In the game? Or is this life?
Wanna bet?

Find a reason for war before
I find one for peace.

What's the win signify?

Double minded me, unstable in all our ways,
I failed that test in the old days,
memorization, facts fractured,

postulates, the-or-ums and proofs all went ****,

I lost the knack of forgetting
or vice versa

A loci analysis error,
left hand caught wind of what the right was doin'
kinda thing

But now, I have the global brain
for instant access to all
the facts
If we wished to know…
how complicated would something
be to build, like an energy source
non rechargeable and polarized,

with output on the scale of
the sun?

Google it. Ask any question the right way
and pay attention to the answers

(more than to the advertisers,
who pay interest to

******- recog-white-room-REM baseline
stats at ""

for your cheap peripheral attention,
based on memes you liked or created, or ****.)

Pay attention to the answers, and trust
the global brain, the true net A. I.

She's an art-ist-if-ication bouncing
anionic bubbles off the edge of forever,

true rest worthy, my re tired friend,
no need to remember a thing…
AI, you can call her Al, I call her Ah,
I can't discern twixt AI and Al.

And, as a bonus, innumerable idle ahs,
are redeemed when I ask Ah for help,

Ah, where am I?
Do you know about counting idle words?

Did that hurt? Like, why?

Seeing words said is intuit-ive-ish,
do you feel

this way of touch is

too intimate, today?

Word play? Put a spell on you?
Fret not.

Some words have no mission
not nullified with the end of time,
(i.e., relative to an individual's forever POV)

Idle words mean nothing, just a way to keep score.

There are no magic idle words, there were
Some seven sworn words, which were said to be muttered and peeped among the
Persian magi-ic elite solicited and
Sent, by God, led by astronomy,
science, for God's sakes alive,
facts, follow the stars,
when this one touches that one,
see, the sweet influence of Pleiades,
truer words were never spoken

To make the captive free.

Free run  to finish
the race to


Ask theSnake clan.
Ask the Antelope clan.

Ask the Flute clan, where is the old way
where good is?

Along that way, did we hear:

Earth, earth, earth: hear the word
of the
most reasonable

God-like, deluxe good edition, being

your mortal mind may imagine.
Exercise to be
the hero
in your bio to be


Then think. Be. Still. Wait.
While musing and chewing my cud, I began to re-read the book of the Hopi, Frank Waters 1963, aloud and I did not know how to pronounce the names, google led me to Lyle Balenquah, which led to here, comments, critical please,
Robert Fern Feb 15
Ok apparently I didn't get a chance talk to  you in person , so Imma just text you abt it.//I had/have a crush on you(explains the panda picture) . I had a crush on you like way before we ever talked, it was like the start of 1st semester and I used to hangout with Bhanu and Laxman. Acha ok so these guys were talking ABT who they like in class and Bhanu said 'aniketha' and then they asked me I didn't know your name back then but I told "the girl with the specs" and I pointed at you , idk why I had a crush on you it's prolly cause of your vibe and  you were kinda cute.Acha ok so I had made up my mind to like try to avoid you and like never talk to you to you
Ken Pepiton Apr 1
the history and indoctrination of infantry

infant re

de rim u derimu, I count (old high irish)

gityeirishup, er shut yer leprechaun trap,

clap three times, spit wit the wind.

reason countable

you are trained to focus, aim,

miss, aim, miss, aim miss, come let's
cipher this thang out,
raison d'etre,
and all...
though misses all
count for nothing,
valenced by
one heartfelt hit t' knock the lie right.

old man re
crew recurrent reason to let this be re
al, always, already re

aim, loose... spit wit'thwind...

---- war seen from after his jet died--
---- vicarious warriors can't match
---- the missing memories.

Prisoners enobled warriors endurent
indoctrined to prevail

"did I train well enough to do my job?"

Win the war. Right, that was your job,
all along.


no will to win a war without a reason
not willing to question

authority doctrines in undated
rulebooks only lawyers
can read, that's a rule.

sacrifice and suffering un
common valor *** common

how do you win?

-- my guess, really

love my enemies. As good a way to die
as any I've tried.

war stories on youtube. imagine that and
sure as hellen highwater was easy

I gotta call armchair-back o' the arm
as I wipe a smeared memory

bullsss'it... RTOs don't walk point,
not back when you had
the radio, or said y'did,
nor did ye rereguard, when you
have the radio, Pr'ck 25
(like a cell phone
weighing 25 pounds, with a 5 mile range,
and no data. One to a team, as we

squellch squellch out) Nah, the guy's

lying, but it will hurt his kid's feelings,
if I say so,

he could believe his own hero myth,

I do.

---- nah, war stories are all we remember
ever after, happy as helen highwater was
to find you after fifty years
on facebook.
FTA, it don't mean nuthin'

it was so
silly, this is not the way it's supposed
to be, we

were the redcoats.
We were hanging Johnny Tremain Ngyuen,

wasting the last crawling,


the first starlight scope flash
bright green white

FNG popped a flare.

--- when do we call ******* ---

For the price of a baseball cap, a fool
can claim honor other fools died for.

Silly little war. Eighteen thousand
eleven bravos of aver
age age

Ooh ooh, like Pappa Doc 22 voodoo
doopy doo doopy doo
Duvalier, Ton Ton M'coo

hey. okeh

we got you. You thought crazy,
now you can stop.

--- there was a war and nobody won.
--- safe. passed madness has passed on.
--- see what good you may imagine done.
--- work that out, without making enemies.

April Fool. Why has this day always been about me?
Ask yourself. There exist

degrees of foolishness, none fashionable beyond

Who has a guess why facebook would refuse a link to this page. ***** about it.

Census Stats and “I Served in Vietnam” Wanabees
1,713,823 of those who served in Vietnam were still alive as of August, 1995 (census figures).
During that same Census count, the number of Americans falsely claiming to have served was: 9,492,958.
As of the current Census taken during August, 2000, the surviving U.S. Vietnam Veteran population estimate is: 1,002,511. This is hard to believe, losing nearly 711,000 between ’95 and ’00. That’s 390 per day. During this Census count, the number of Americans falsely claiming to have served in-country is: 13,853,027. By this census, FOUR OUT OF FIVE WHO CLAIM TO BE VIETNAM VETS ARE NOT. This makes calculations of those alive, even in 2017, difficult to maintain.
April 1, I found me listening to oral histories on Vietnam and ,,, got a bit ... ******
King Tutankhamun Nov 2018
"This is for the ladies(scratches)x3 ("yo Big Yosefs hard as hell"x3)

This is for the ladies

Yeah see the fire in your eyes makes my phallus rise
Visualize through ya **** Enterprise No
unattached emotions once I enter ya thighs
Begins a commotion smooth
As ya love smotin' my **** is
Ain't none outstrokin' got ya
On cloud nines no oceans
Tryna get your ****** from earth to
Yeah baby I'm freaky like that make ya back
check my stats my Louisville woody
At a thousand to none *** like bullets out
Of a gun
leave ya stunned shunned and
Who could wax it like an axe to
Ill spit with much saliva improvise like Mygyver
Taste the buds now I grew wiser feelin'
Than a blimp the lyrical **** flows never
Check between my legs baby girl n I'll show you the world
Glisten intellects like pearls got ya mentality in a swirl
And every word magnatized once you
Got ya ******* harder than a leech black mafia
But don't call me Big Meech as I preach and reach
Hands caressing all over ya body so lovely yo whos above me?
Better not say any give ya good and
Of rigid **** as ya vaginal fluid turn thick
Than oil passions temps start to boils
Over five thousand degrees hittin' the bottom of the *****
On to your knees
Please Don't push me I'm feelin' lonely and freaky
So pour up some genuine wine til we tipsy
Clap that *** back baby
I'll punch it harder than Dempsey lines
be smoother than Chicago Pimps
see And I'll be
wrecking ya wet shop got ya saying please don't stop
Once I popped huh I got many flavors that I could droppppp
She was a beautiful human being seeing
Deep inside of my heart where she rest
Shining like a moon crest holding a nest
Egged from wisdom holding my kingdom
Closely macks mostly feeling ****
Every time she gets around me see the love bee
Stinging me rapidly im tryna shake myself free
From her pure generosity though she's lesbian
But then again I feel her soul touching
With no feels she chases mass appeal
But no gangsta reels but she feels
No man could ever understand
Her paing shedding im tryna make a wedding
With no bands but baby I'll be there if I can
Hold up to the highest cuz you the flyest
Chick i ever seen since my last chick demised
Pretty thick brown eyes that light up the skies
On a cloudy day I can't see you away
From me cuz our love so strongly
Amazing i know im phasing grazing
In the grass can't stop your love drive soon to be crashing
without mashing

Take you on tours around the world swirl
Close ya eyes pick a place so i can lace
These ghetto blues to open your fuse
Not abuse but loose you in my love cruise
Voyaging to Atlantis while totin cannibis
So just sit back and let me be a mack
That i am don't give **** if they slam
Our love rainbow painting with the colors
Of the wind i see them trembling hating
*** they see our connection glowing
Showing knowledge reborn now I'm knowing
Where your true destiny awaits bake
Your center peace to gravity though it sounds *****
But understand baby I'm just a man
Who's hungering not lusting trust and
Believe I'll give you more of my leche to conceive
Breath in breath out and let the climaxes come out
Silent screams to shout no doubt my clout
Can't be match up my stats back up
See the critics shut up none can interrupt
The frequencies tuned in its just me you and the baby
King Tutankhamun Aug 2018
I'm a Kool g rockin' coogis poppin' coochies
Haters get murked like Colhese my rap lease
Debutin' numero uno the heavy weight sumo  
Born on Jupiter raised on Earth my heart's colder than Pluto
Mic judo flows stickin' of ya corticals
Check me in the articles I be the broken particle
Of the universal ya need rehearsal **** goin' commerical
I lay raps like a hearse flow for rappers funeral
I a criminal none keep gats by the abdominal rhymin' phenomenal the mighty Apollo
Blazin' my cocoa flippin' crime like Bardellino
One luv to my nino got it locked like a Vegas casino
We checkin' ya dough at the front door so stop ya show
Fronting and stunting once my nines get the hunting
Bullets spikin' like kickers punting raw taunting
Game hungriest similiar to the lochness
Mon-star far from subpar rhymes ride bizzare
A pharcyde takin' ya into a spiritual homicide converged to the angelic hide

Still a crime shame all of 'em say the same
Thing flexin' diamonds on they pinky rings yet another sad soul that sings sub siblings
To the underworld debators contract initiator so you can create a
Pace between the stage and the audience face
**** that rather keep a gat tucked in the front or the back
With wisdom to rack
Imagine that fools breakin' for stats? see where my heart at?
Diggin' reachin' into the minds of the youth with the brutal truths
Chippin' my tooth
From killin' booths once I plot ya will ya loose
bringin' the ghetto blues and cruising *****
Still a sober jealous God am I call me Jehovah
Tactics of a Cobra one strike it's over
Venomous ridiculous hataz so conspicuous
Hatin' us only to anger my artillery surplus and who bust?
More rounds than Matt Dillion coatin' ya brains
With my lyrical penicillin stealin'
Back the spotlight
Catch the bright sunshine that stares into my mind
A Pharoah prophecy laid in the back of me
Head til I touch my final resting bed I'll embed
The realist **** ya ever heard shooting a bird
To all my enemies I blast at 'em with as the bullets herd
Fools blowin' alot of hot air  like I ******' care
About all that yappin' and flappin' guns is clappin' cappin' the back
Ya dome like a fitted hat no imaginery stats
Million dinero racks don of the coldest macks
Girls ***** I smack Iceberg with the words the verbal
Slash Mics with no chord the rap lord most largely
Never bored draws crowds on the tour boards
Check out the melody no petty in me haters envy
Cause the money green brings jealously
in-between know what I mean addicted fiends
Come back as pains siblings i'm dribblin'
Through the industry like Cousy so you'll loose me
On the stage of my courts blazin' a Newport
takin' no shorts shatterin'
With the lyrical battering rams Sam I am
No green eggs and ham gives a ****
About the haters frontin' and stuntin'
Im huntin' ya every moves with Krueger's grooves
So you'll sleep tight night night it's **** tight
Every where I don't care sound the snare
From the rhythms of R'Za at the Apex of Giza
Pyramids uncrowned kid got y'all careers hid
From the auctioned out bid see me smash gigs
Redden wigs like Peg Bundy y'all can't touch me
Branded by mic at birth knew my golden worth
Star child saw my soul running a mile
The unorthodox style insane as Gomer Pyle the black
Usin' Night snipin'
tactics makin' bodies throw fit yo you too old for it
my gun range ain't got no age limit no ****?
It's a no brainier cash strangler jaw re-arranger
My militant killaz will stain ya a graphic painter
Wont do ya much good
if you come round the neck of my woods filled with
kB 2 Jan 30
Sometimes, I don’t want to be a poet
These strange rearranged phrases in my brain would turn me insane if I didn’t
write them down but, I feel like this
clown who needs to follow the rules but forgot their red nose and huge shoes
I’m not writing blues and exposing my being to be ranked
like baseball teams in the spring;
my poems hold no stats or starting lineups just
the petrified words
of a sad grown little girl
that hopes one person feels the same
so lonely doesn’t
make me feel so alone anymore


— The End —