You looked at me in that way
That a dog stares helpless
At the unrelenting traffic passing by.

You looked at me, and the gusts
Of winds blowing this/that way,
Seemed a bit more certain and sure.

You stared at me, trying not to
Linger on my eyes, and opened
and closed your mouth, almost saying.

You, again, and forever,
Walk away, and before you leave
You turn and make time shatter between us.

And you mumble something,
Under your breath, I can only understand
"What do I know
Oh god
What do I know"
Silver lights shimmer
Tranquil peace from the moon
Its touch makes all rest

The moon stares at me
Deep into my very soul,
that's broken and bruised

She sees me naked
My true self that's so afraid
to keep moving on

But she calms me down
She shows me my inner light
The light I must spread
On the window sill currently, emotionally drained but still here none the less.
Today was so emotionally draining...
There's something so comforting about the moonlight, I feel like it seems who I really am inside.
Anyway, thank you everyone for your kind comments and support.
It means the world to me.
Amy Jun 24
You saw them walking hand in hand,
You feel a stab, squeeze, pull at your heart.
Her smile brings tears to your eyes
Wishing you were her
His voice sends butterflies to your stomach
But that voice is not for you.
Hiding your face in shame
Away from his handsome face
As you think “how dumb can you be, thinking he had fallen for you too”
Thinking he was looking at you giving you hope.
But reality hits when you realise those stares were not for you.
As they walk past you all you can do is hide your tears away from the one that caused them.
Lost my crush on someone else. Having trouble dealing with it and created this poem.
The clown stares at me
his war paint is as Thursday as Tuesday
His tired eyeballs orbits through my head
although he is more content to hide into his shadows
afraid of what I may know.
Do people like him.
Drunk on the orange light of dusk.
High on drink in a thick glass.
Cocooned in cigar smoke that hovers,
it carries the scent of a sweet menace.
The best part is knowing your balls hang
out of sweaty boxers on the back stoop
while the neighbor lady stares
out the window, ashamed
of the visual rape of her orderly life.
At that moment, you realize, that's it baby.
The concert of life has reached its crescendo.
A spontaneous smile begins to form,
as you also begin to understand,
that's all you ever wanted
in the first place.

-Ron Gavalik
Streaming consciousness. If you want the good shit, hit my Patreon.
Dear dear dear
Keep running away from the clearing
You know the one

                          Where the explosions tolled like drums and bells and the church spire      
            cracked and fell

I always thought it looked like a giant hand flashing the middle finger at the sky

But now that fingers broken and they are calling this some sort of holy retribution but in the glow of the
        Spotlights, we are all made awake
That we were dreaming
And the nightmare fades into obscurity

And we pretend to get on our knees and pray

And you pick me up in your junker of a car
Spray painted black over the rust and dents
And you hold my hand
Until the reality rips away again and
We are
                Flung apart

Like always

Another day interrupted by reality
Where your hand never grips me and I stutter awake screaming

It’s hard to tell nightmares and memories apart
When bombs fall in both

So I fling the door open and pray for an empty sky
Where we can’t hear the planes passing by overhead with death in their bellies

          And in the yard in the silence and dark of an ash strewn night something stares at me and walks inside

And I find myself serving tea for a stranger that calls itself some sort of emotion that was locked away in anger

And love sips on cheap green tea and winces as another BOOM shakes the ground

And then. It asks why you’re not around

So I aim my own church steeple at the sky

And leave love outside to wonder why

And close myself back in my house

To dream about bombs.
Cotton candy blissful balls
roll as I fall for you.
Electric stares of LSD in a
room filled by what we see.
Tainted past,
the birth of a mask,
melts in the moonlight
of what we are.

After parties, subway rides,
club surprises.
Role play games and that look
when I said I'm crazy about you.
Passion in those lips
I kiss you and shades of me I can see.
In those eyes that laugh,
as the past melts in the moonlight
of what we are.

Ups and downs took us places
we'd never been before.
Every bump in the road showing
us something new to explore.
Deeper in love removing the stones
within that block the flow,
food with a touch of magic connecting
these two souls even more,
revealing what we are;

two souls in the desert of life searching for meaning.
Two souls in the arms of the other fighting the memories.
And who knows if what we're after is worth the feeling,
two souls
soulfully dreaming
I wonder if anybody cares
When they see me with nonstop tears
While telling them about my fears
That i've been holding for years
Will they bring me any joy?
That i can truly enjoy?
Cause i can't stop the stares
Can't control the nightmares
When happiness becomes scarce
Where can i go?
what should i do?
I can be suicidal
But instead of being vital
I'll try to find a way
But here are the fears coming again
Scares me, eating my brain
I feel like I’m disdain

And I can’t take more of this pain
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