Jamie Sep 2014
Well its taken me all day
But I have clued it all up
You lied to me
I was never the only one

Here I am with a hole
In my heart,
But it's not empty as
Tears fill what I hide inside
It physically hurts
Cera Apr 2014
Betrayal is the closest friend
and the most eager lover.

Betrayal is the whetted apathy towards the willow tree
that lay in the rubble of old letters and scents.

Betrayal feels nothing
but joy in itself, blinded by its ignorance.

Betrayal is the abrasive hug
and the facile drawings of a thundered smile.

Betrayal feeds the poppies
and waters the corpse.

Betrayal is the closest friend
and the most eager lover.
Little Azaleah Mar 2015
No, it's not the fact that I'm heartbroken,
that you're with him.
It's the fact that you didn't tell me
something so important,
even when you knew how I felt.
I feel betrayed, back-stabbed.
And here I thought you were my friend.

- { E.I }
It hurts.
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
You stabbed me in the heart
Pierced the veil
I am now left exposed to the raging storm,
The scalding sun,
The slashing tongues
You stabbed me in the heart
So deep I bled
I stagger and sag
You stabbed me in the heart
Right there where I hid
My love secured
How was I to know?
How could I have seen?
You stabbed me in the heart
I am left alone now
Soaked in my stream of tears
The rain is falling and
I am soaked,slapped and
Beaten roughly
Standing outside the lonely
Street of life....
credit to Edi
g Dec 2015
of them all
you were the one
I least expected
to stab me
with a piece of my own heart
how foolish
You stabbed me in the back.
And then pretend,
Like you were the one,
who was bleeding.
JCruz Hernandez Jul 2013
You stabbed me in the back, and expect me not to bleed.
Now every time you stand behind me you expect me to breath with ease,

You stabbed me in the back, and expect me not to see.
Though you sowed it up and closed it up its still infected, blue, and green.

You stabbed me in the back, and expect the pain to leave.
Still I feel the steel cut deep beneath cutting through every vain and stained your sleeve.

You stabbed me in the back, and now expect of me,
To walk erect, to talk correct, and to act like life’s lovely,

You stabbed me in the back, and I’m expecting you to see.
That you stabbed me in the back, and I’m trying not to scream.

You stabbed me in the back, but the one to blame is me.
I turned and left you cold and wet and expected you to plead.

I stabbed you in the chest, and expected you to smile at me.

-J.Cruz Hernandez
Tehreem Sep 2016
Love is an invading apocalypse
From all four directions
Deteriorating the soul of life
Fire falling from the sky
A serpent who swallow heart
Eating away the entire existence
For the innocent animosity of a lost soul.
If it's him and not me, go. 
Please go. 
Don't make this any harder. 
My heart has been through tornados and tsunamis,
But nothing could prepare it for this. 
For you leaving. 
For this heartache.
For you are choosing him over me. 
And over. 
And again. 

If it's him and not me, leave.  
Take your bags and walk out the door.
But don't you dare look back,
You've left me before. 
Without a doubt in your mind,
And I was a fool to let you back into my heart. 
This time was the last time. 
This is your choice. 
You choose.  
It's him. 
Not me. 
So go.
The pain that replays over and over again. She wouldn't know. Sometimes I wish she knew how it feels to have a heart that been threw love and hell.
rk Aug 2015
you said you'll have my back
but clearly i understood you wrong,
since last time i checked
you stabbed it
Sayedda F G Mar 2014
One chilly autumn night,
her mother struck her with a knife.
Tears pouring down her face,
blood gushing with all its strength.
Dawn of Lighten Aug 2015
Shimmering fire roar like lion in it's den,
The brute force of a single swing cut like doubled edged sword.

Such is the might of the great leader stand firm,
And the their voice solid like anvil,
while exuberance protrude with their sharp tongue.

They are the primal males who would rule,
And bend or shape all things into a form!

For all those leads must clear the rough edges,
And some edges will cut so deeply.

So deeply the edges cut even the royalty to bend their knees,
And like Achilles with arrow in his heels limp.

To the den the lion crawl with roar dimming of radiance,
And fire of the candles seize just as he draws the final breath!
Sometime a change can be so great, the foundation that you once stood crumbles beneath you, and takes time for you to stand firm again!
Francisco III May 2016
As I write about the girl
who broke my heart,
I often think of stabbing myself
in the front with my pen
because I'm too tired
of being stabbed
in the back.
Hi Hello Poetry. :)
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