Alex Hoffman Apr 2015

The split personality which exists within us,
constantly battling for the spotlight of your mind,
feeding off your acquiescence to their imposing forces.
Beating like a drum at the sides of your skull.

Craig Harrison Apr 2014

What to do with a mind you can not control
A mind that thinks of things you wished it didn't
behaves a way that isn't you
Split or multiple but their is certainly more than one personality residing in this mind
Scares me with the images, with the dreams
I'm losing control over something that belongs to me
I'm losing me

  So far no voices
but the images I see
the way it controls my every move
I can not help it but I'm losing control

It scares me that I can not keep control of something that is so capable
of beauty
It scares me that I am losing everything that makes me, me

My mind is something I can not control

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any questions please ask them and I will try to answer them a.s.a.p.

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Joel M Frye Jan 2011

Tonight I'll sing with
the band.  My heart will be with
this group of poets.

I'm just a singer in a rock and roll band...see you all tomorrow.
Allen Wilbert Sep 2013

Split Personality

You wanna know what goes on in my head,
if you only knew, you would drop dead.
Anger, depression and suicidal thoughts,
maybe its all those little brain clots.
Conceited, vain and very egotistical,
confused, shocking and very mystical.
I'm eccentric, bizarre, and always unconventional,
my vision is always three dimensional.
I take the path that's less traveled,
things I do leave people baffled.
Even I don't know what I'm doing,
but trust me, I always got something brewing.
I practice in the art of deception,
I'm admired by my depth of perception.
I don't know wrong from right,
I see everything in black and white.
I'm a man you don't wanna meet,
I lie, steal and always cheat.
I'm flirty, horny and very perverted,
if we're alone, I will leave you deserted.
I'm sexy, hot and always aroused,
every girl I have slowly browsed.
I love assault, murder and rape,
but I only write it for an escape.
Inside my head is torture and pain,
I'm certified and clinically insane.
Sometimes I take my medication,
when I don't, I'm on a permanent vacation.
I'd do anything to become famous,
even fuck Donald Trump in his anus.
I've crossed over to the dark side,
to hell, I've already applied.
There is no help for me now,
before I go please give me a bow.
I'll accept a standing ovation,
sick and tired of all the aggravation.
I used to be so nice and kind,
into heaven, I got denied.
Don't pay attention to the things you read,
I entertain you til my fingers bleed.
Ask anybody, I really a great guy,
just like REO Speedwagon, its time for me to fly.

Edward Coles Jul 2015

Take one a day and mind the gap,
the rich and the poor, the beer on tap,
stand in line, date and sign,
the Red Bull jitters, the box of wine,
give way to the left, give way to the right,
the artificial winter, the bringer of night.

Andrew Switzer May 2013

Half of me runs with the lions at night,
Feasting and sleeping on wide open plains.
The other side keeps me safe in the light,
Through the sleet and the snow, the hail and the rain.
Half of me leaves myself open to others,
Ready to spill all the things that I feel.
The rest will only confide in my brothers,
Because before others my heart will not kneel.
I'm open and fearless and quick on my feet,
Nothing can slow me or hold me in place.
I'm closed and concealed, hidden from heat,
No one but me will see my true face.
The right and the left are two sides of one coin,
Two different pieces shall never be joined.

How would you feel if you had someone else in your head?
Another personality that could take over at any minute.
Anyone with DID can tell you that it's not easy.
DID stands for Dissociate Identity Disorder.
This is where a person has more than one personality.
It's caused by trauma that has happened in their lives.
Mostly from childhood to in their teens.
People with DID have "alters".
Alters are the other personalities that come out.
If you only have one, then it is known as Split Personality.
It's actually very interesting and there are signs for it.
Like having black outs and not remembering parts of a day.
Speech and movement become different, along with wardrobe.
And then the personality itself changes, likes and dislikes.
No person with DID is the same.
Everyone has different amounts and different lives.
The only thing that's the same is that they have it.
So if someone goes from being normal to being different.
First see if they are just trying something new.
But if the way they speak and act aren't right.
Then you need to know that something might be wrong.
So if someone says that they have Multiple Personalities.
Or just a Split Personality.
Don't run away and don't call them liars.
Because they are still people and they need their friends.
Besides, once you get to know and understand them.
Then things will seem alright.
It won't seem normal, but it'll be fine.

I've been really into this for the last two or three years. And I will write more when I know more. Just in case you like this. Thanks for reading!
Jami A Oct 2012

i will never stop smoking

each drag calms me
each puff of smoke seducing me

each hacking cough
reminding me i am still breathing

i will never stop caring for you

each laugh enthralls me
each embrace comforts me

each gentlehardlovinglustful kiss
bringing me to life
more than my blade ever could

but unlike cigarettes

you will leave
have left
are gone?

cigarettes can't leave

when one burns out
i simply light another

i wish you hadn't left
even if you never said you did

i wish that

i wish

w i s h

Hold on, I need another cigarette.

Jordan stenberg Mar 2014

why does the monster have to  come out of the shadows  

why have i become this evil being with no cause

is it because i fail and i have decided to Take whats mine

Choices we make reflect our actions trust me  i am not your savior i am completely a demon  to your parents eyes

the Corrupter which is false oh well past is past because i am a dark soul but i am still caring and will forever  Love is a sick sick feeling full of  idiotic happiness and false reality sky high then your on the ground broken in half

Aren't  all of man kind carry a black spot that is pure evil pure sick twisted hunger for revenge and the craving of wanting more and more

Michelle Greaves Sep 2010

We went
down to the
ice cream
parlor.My friends
had a sundae,
I had a banana
split. I watched
them make it. There
were many layers. First,
the ice cream, yum!
Vanilla,chocolate, and
strawberry.Next, is the
banana,layed on the top,
very peacefully. Then was
the chocolate syrup! And
next was the whipped cream!
Finally the cherry. it was the
best banana split I will
always remember!

Ashley Kay Jun 2013

With brown eyed band boy
alternative beauty
he held my hair and
memorized my shoulders
lied to himself
just to push my heart away,

                                                  The other with eyes of the ocean
                                                  And arms like mountains
                                                  Graci­ng me with curious honesty
                                                  Crumbled for my embrace
                                                  He couldn't stay away,

He with wit and
One liners could strip me
Of any mind created disease,

                                                  While­ the other handed me
                                                  A snow globe encompassing
                                                  Th­e life I had dreamed,

Severed in the middle not of selfishness but from
Broken wings, each are exactly what I need.

Luis Ramos Dec 2014

How deadly is the sight of the flying witch,
she's mighty and flawless, her name is Lynn
elegant and graceful in her broom she'll go,
All of her victims had that exact same thought.

She seizes you with kind words
and for your soul offers you gold.
With her, you enjoy flying,
for you trust you won't fall.

Once in her cave, she speaks with friendly words
she fills your belly and fabricates a loving home,
It's hard to see her as from the underworld
It's hard to see what's about to come.

Before you realize she attempts to take control,
eating the brains of whom you call your own.
She's yelling and screaming, how putrid is her soul.
The witch is evil, but no one cares of what you know.

Now down the stairs she complacently goes,
raises an eyebrow, it's diabolical, it's smug
she then smiles to her husband, a mere puppet of hers
Satan is that woman, the witch who yells.

To a woman I once had a great respect for.
Kagami Nov 2013

Cut me open, cover yourself in a blanket of skin.
It won't make I difference. I don't inhabit it anyway.
It is a shell.
It is a lifeless thing.
It is not me. It makes no decisions.

Split the differences in your own mind and do anything you wish.
Take away every doubt.
Leave it on the edge of a cliff. The rain will wash it down our throats.
A spoonful of sugar.
It is laced. Silk laces, pretty underthings ruined.
They were taken off.
Too many flowers to water with the fluids running from open wounds.

They will not grow. They are made of the plastic from leftover
Glass from a broken window. Portal to the soul
My eyes are not there anymore. Blindly
Stuttering, I cannot speak.
These arms lack bones.
They were buried long ago, burned to blackened
Charcoal. Draw a masterpiece, dear.

Stab my physical canvas with toothpicks and see visions.
Crystal trees growing from my ears, reaching into your voice box.
Sing for me.

Make me dance over the salt, gives me rashes on my legs, blue flame licking what is yours.
Turn the key in my bleeding back. Twist my spine and laugh, watch as I writhe in

How am I supposed to know. My brain is nonexistent, just gears and crushed light bulbs.
There is no light.
I took a step two nights past, I didn't see.

A tusk thrust through my foot, breaking bones.
I admire the animals caged at the zoo. They were stronger than I was, before they were
Eliminated. They are dying, wilting.
I drew flowers on my nails to represent them. A memorial to the horrid truth of knowing about the robotics of life.
This is just a computer, ringing a high. No going backwards. The button doesn't work, the transformer blew, we have no power.

My data was deleted.

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