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Stíofáinín Jan 2020
Once there was a water dragon. He was brilliant and blue and he knew the depths of the sea like no other. Once upon a time a spider laid it's tiny eyes on him. This spider saw how wondrous and free the water dragon was and decided to silently follow him only so as to be close. The dragon, once observant noticed this but decided what's the harm. He let the spider look on as he continued to be himself. One day the spider realised it had something inside of itself that wanted to be free too and it bit the beautiful water dragon. The bite was venmous and the dragon could feel it corse through him and before he could even muster a thought against it, he wanted it. He wanted it and everyday the tiny spider would come to bite him again. The dragon knew this was wrong but he thought, that tiny spider all alone and everyday it comes back to bite me, that must be love. That tiny venom I feel in my heart must be love. And so he kept it.
The spider came from the ground but there was never a way back so it just stayed close to the dark. The cold places where there was little light and slowly those places became the dragons home too. He didn't swim in the light anymore. He didn't swin at all. His beautiful blue faded to grey and he forgot the sun. The spider continued to bite him every day until that last time when it borrowed itself right underneath his skin and then, the spider was swallowed whole.
The spider was called
The water dragon thought, at last it is dead now I can be free again. I can go back to the water now. And he did try, he tried to escape the cave but when he started to see the light again he had to turn away. His head was hung. The spider lived inside of him now and even if it was forever only in that tiny place, he knew he would not escape and inside he felt it and in the bottom of his soul he knew the spiders name.
He was trapped but at least now he could see the outside or watch as it went by. He could even feel the water again and float, floating was better than nothing at all, and he accepted his fate. He was content and he could be happy with being content and he wasn't even all that grey anymore. Mostly grey but still so magnificently beautiful. So he would watch the world but no one could ever see him because all they could know was a sad angry thing that is only called a shame because the dragon that once was is no more.

Once there was a beautiful water dragon...
Now no one remembers, no one searches because of what they might find...
It's better forgotten.
The dragon became a thing that was lost to even a single thought but if there ever was one it went like this.
Beware of that hidden thing, he was once something you may have spoke of. That's all.

But the same water dragon was still there somewhere and he himself knew this much and in everything that was enough.
That's what he wanted to believe.
It wasn't real though.
One day a curious girl found his dwelling, he was sure she'd be too afraid but admittedly nervous as she was she did not look away. Her wide eyes only grew. She touched his face and whispered "beautifil" he unclenched and began to free himself from a rigid position he'd been wrestling with for what seemed like lifetimes. The girl lost her footing quick realising too late that she stood on the dragons tail. She fell back off the cliff from the cave right into the sea.
The dragon thought, if I do this now if I save her then I can remember myself. I will never be grey again but I'll remember that it was not me. If I go out into that sea now I might not ever be able to find a way back here and even though I know this is not home.
this is my only home.
But the girl was drowning.

The dragon saved the girl and he brought her back to his home and there she woke and said "I love you dragon, you have saved me but you are most beautiful in the light. You do know that don't you?" And she gazed at him in wonder but he just hung his head because he could not forget what he believed the girl should never know.
He remembered that spider who was long dead now but part of it would forever remain inside of him.
The girl slid down and caught his head in her hands, smiled and pushed him back into place.

"I found you dragon, I FOUND YOU!!! That means you are mine and I say you cannot live here like this anymore. I will take you with me and we will find someplace beautiful for you to swim again so you can be what you are, so you can feel the sun. I want that for you, dragon. You know why"

"don't say no ok! let's just go far away from this cave now because I love you and I won't ever leave you here but I am a girl, dragon. And I need to see the sun and I want that and that is a freedom that you could never know confined to this cave"
The dragon came so close he was almost inside of the girls wide eyes. His huge, deep, warm breaths on her face made her skin come alive like she was in command of countless living creatures, breathing in her veins. Powerful. That is what he made her.
The dragon said, I saved you didn't I! You know why but please don't ask these silly things. I will not leave here now because it is my home somehow but you can come here anytime you like and see me. Looking at you makes me happy and you know, you know I'll love you but just don't try to move me now because because I am so much bigger than you tiny girl and know this, I have already tried. Nope! I am not going anywhere so don't even ask.
The girl smushed her face into some kind of unnatural expression and huffed.
"I'll show you dragon"
She kicked his tail and ran right up to his ear and whispered.
"I am not afraid of you. I saw that spider once and I know you feel it too and dead as it may be that spider will always borrow down deeper and deeper unless you just let it be free. The dead have left marks all over you. something a girl could never imagine, dragon. I see that and I do not have to know but you should know this, I am not afraid!
And I'll be back tomorrow, and tomorrow and all of eternity because I will never leave you alone here dragon.
And tomorrow, I will make you smile.

Tomorrow the girl came back. She scaled the slippery wall with a world of belongings on her back and when she reached the top where the dragon called home she flung what could have been all of her tiny life's worth out on to the hard rock. She yelled
"I am here, dragon"
And the dragon appeared. He slowly wrapped her in his cold skin and he said nothing. The girls face looked disappointed so he tightened his grip but she sighed and wriggled free and looked at him in the eye.
The girl laughed.
The dragon was in awe of how anyone could escape his grip and he did indeed seem defeated almost but the girl just smiled at him and said "silly dragon, you know that I am too small, you could never hold me"

"But dragon, this is the predicament now you see, I have told you that I am a girl who needs so many things and the sun and the sun but you are my only sun and that is the only warmth that I want to know now and I don't know how to tell you I was wrong. I only need you and I've taken all these things here with me so to make you admit what you yourself already know. You have said it and not said it in too many ways so now you just need to let it be. You dragon, you love me. You have saved me and now I will save you too"
The dragon still said nothing so the girl continued.
She stood the ground, taller than she was and proclaimed.
Not to sway you but to show you how to look and see what is real. This is all I have dragon, so it will work because you will not tell yourself that it cannot.
Just see"

I took these three strings, sangen. And sometimes I can melt colours so you may not feel grey anymore and I will write and sing for you a million songs if you promise to always open your eyes for me.
All of my words which have now fallen right here in front of you. You really should open your eyes and see, it's like an endless haiku.
And third,
What else do I have of value save for myself and who knows how much value is in that. But third, it is spilled out clear. Honesty dragon. All of my honesty and I am not a perfect girl, not at all but I will accept whatever you show me because I only want to see you and I am not afraid"

she asked the dragon and she showed him her heart and all the times her tiny frame had cracked trying to get it out.
"I was not always this either but it is enough dragon, even if we are the only ones who ever know. You are still alive in here.
We are.

The dragon spoke and he said, ok girl I am listening. I am looking so show me. Then the girl whispered
"I know the spider all too well"

"it camouflages itself as something innocent but it was never that. I have been bitten by a spider too and I know what it never wants you to see"

"it can never rest even when you know its dead and the further down it digs the more eggs it lays inside of you, dragon and the only way it stops is if you set it free and I know that feels impossible but all you need to do is show me. Then it is gone and you will be free. I can see its marks on you, it's all over you poor dragon, but it is dead now so please let it go"

"I am only because I had looked at that spider everyday until I wasn't afraid, so I picked it out from inside of myself and threw it away. I cannot do this for you, dragon but I can stay here and make you smile while you find a way to let it go. But, just show me and I promise you it will go and don't worry I know I am small but I am not weak and I am not afraid of you and I will still stay"
The dragon spoke again but only to say,
stay here just don't say anymore.
Sleep now.
But the girl refused to tire and finally the dragon grew strong enough to show her.
Look now, you see it can never come away and I will never let it go now because I am afraid.

The girl saw the spider and it was in the dragons beating heart. She kissed his heart and told the dragon.
"it's ok, dragon. Thank you for showing me this"

For several days and nights they slept until a day the girl awoke. She was alone in the dragons empty cell and she walked to the opening where a light broke through and stumbled over a dried out tiny corpse of something that was once called
And she looked far out through the cracks onto the waves and there he was like she had never seen him before and yet somehow it was entirely fitting to her image of what she knew the dragon could be. He was blue again and so fast and when he moved she could feel it through the bones. 

The dragon came back to the girl but still he said nothing. His breath was so close to her again that all the tiny creatures she never let die ran back through her veins and she knew. She was alive.
The girl climbed on the dragons back and he said said
Now, we can go home.
May be just a silly thing but I'm still wanting to put this here
There was once a girl named Caroline. Caroline was very lonely, as she did not have a family, or any friends. Caroline read a lot, which made her feel less lonely, but books couldn't love her back.

One day, Caroline decided she would make friends. She went to school and tried to talk to everyone one who walked by her, but nobody talked to her. She raised her hand, but the teacher wouldn't call on her. She sat alone at lunch, but she was still happy there were tater tots.

When Caroline got home, she went to take a bath, as she was very *****. Before she could turn on the water, a small voice called up to her. "Please don't turn the water on," the voice said, "The water will wash me down the drain!" Caroline thought for a second, and then decided to get a closer look.

When Caroline got closer, she noticed a spider in her bathtub. The spider didn't look scary, like her teachers had always told her they were. This spider looked small and scared. She decided to pick up the spider, rather than wash it down the drain. The small spider began to talk to Caroline very fast.

"Hello, my name is Ivy. Thank you for saving me. I know you must be very scared, but I am not a bad spider. There are some very scary spiders out there, but you don't have to be scared of me." Caroline looked at the spider curiously, and asked why a spider would live in the bathtub. "Well, nobody usually bothers me here. You're the first person to talk to me". Because Caroline didn't have any friends, and because she wanted to help the spider, she asked if Ivy would like to be her friend, and live somewhere with less water. "That would be lovely!" cried Ivy.

Every day, Caroline would come home from school and talk to Ivy and read to her. Caroline came to love Ivy very much, as Ivy always made her smile and laugh, or help her with her homework.

One day, Caroline came home and Ivy wasn't in her normal spot. Caroline went searching for her, but could not find her. Soon, she decided to take a bath. Caroline turned on the water, and then heard a much louder voice than she heard the day she met Ivy. As she looked down she spotted Ivy, avoiding the water.

"How dare you, Caroline! You almost drown me! You should've known I was in the shower!" Caroline was confused. "I'm sorry! I looked for you, but I couldn’t find you, so I came to take a bath. I didn't know you were in the shower!" To that, Ivy responded, "Well, I guess I forgive you, but make sure that you don't do it again."

As weeks went by, Caroline noticed Ivy listened to her stories most of the time, but some days she only pretended to listen. Caroline Blamed herself, because she almost drowned Ivy. Caroline kept reading and telling Ivy about her day, even when she was only pretending to listen.

A few weeks later, Caroline came home to find Ivy missing again. She searched all over for her, even the bathroom where she found her last time, but Ivy was nowhere to be found. Caroline knew it was time for her bath, so she went to the other bathroom, just incase Ivy was in the first bathroom.

When Caroline turned on the water, it ran for a few minutes before she heard a long yell. It was Ivy. She tried to apologize, but Ivy just kept yelling. Caroline turned off the water and tried to pick Ivy up to help her, but Ivy bit Caroline, so Caroline threw her down in pain. "Ow!" said Caroline "You bit me! I didn't mean to hurt you! I didn’t know you were there. I'm sorry. I just wish you would stop sitting in the bathtub…"

With this, Ivy only became more angry. "I was in the bathroom first! Nobody bothered me in here until you came along! This is my space, but you keep ruining it by turning on the water!" Caroline didn't know what to do, so she just started to cry. "I'm sorry Ivy. I just wish you wouldn't sit in the bathtub, because the water may wash you away one day, and I would be very sad to lose you. I love you a lot, Ivy. I'm just scared you might get hurt."

Ivy grumbled and told Caroline to leave her alone, because she didn't want a friend who hurt her like Caroline did. Caroline became very sad, but the spot where Ivy bit her began to hurt a lot, so she had to find somebody to help her.

The next day at school, she showed her teachers where Ivy had bitten her, and they tried to help her, but they only put burn cream on her and told her to wash Ivy down the drain. Caroline loved Ivy, and she did not want her to be washed away, she just wanted her to stop sitting where the water could hurt her. The burn cream didn't help.

After a very long time, Ivy crawled into Caroline's room and told Caroline she was sorry. The spot where Ivy had bit Caroline hurt a lot now, but the teachers would only give her something that didn't help, and hand her a bucket of water. Caroline felt bad for Ivy, so she let her come back into her room.

For the next few days, all was well. But after a week, Ivy was missing again. Caroline found her in the bathroom, so she tried to pick her up, but Ivy just bit Caroline in the same spot again. Caroline threw Ivy down and ran to her bedroom, followed by Ivy's angry voice.

Once again, Caroline told her teachers about Ivy and how she had bitten her in the same spot as last time. The teachers told Caroline they couldn't do anything more than they already had, and they ran out of water. Caroline went home with a very big spider bite, and an even bigger frown on her face.

Caroline was very confused now, because while she loved Ivy very very much, Ivy seemed to only love hurting Caroline. Caroline didn't want to lose Ivy, because Ivy was her first and only friend, but the teachers kept telling her she needed to see a doctor about the spider bite, and she needed to find her own water to wash Ivy away.

Caroline could not go to the doctor right now, because Ivy assured her she was not poisonous, and that she was only imagining the bite being as bad as it was. Caroline tried to stay away from Ivy, but Ivy kept coming into her room and then getting angry and leaving again, but that hurt Caroline too.

After several weeks, Caroline's bite hurt more than it ever had, so she went to the doctor. The doctor told her that it was in fact a spider bite (even though Caroline already knew this), but that only time could heal it.

Caroline went home very sad that day. When she got home, Caroline decided to pack up all of her books and get a bath, no matter if Ivy was in there or not, because Caroline was very *****.

When Caroline turned on the water, Ivy began to yell very loud. Caroline didn't hear her this time though, because she was leaving in an hour and she had to get a bath, and nothing but that mattered. Ivy flowed down the drain with the rest of the ***** water, and Caroline was once again clean.

An hour later, Caroline got onto the bus with her books and smiled, because she was clean again.


A few years later, Caroline looked down at the small scar on her hand where she had been bitten a few years ago. It still hurt every so often, but she knew this was a different kind of pain. The bright lights of the city gleamed down on Caroline and she smiled, because no spider was too big for her in a big city.
briano alliano performing on saturn

hi dudes and welcome to my show, today i am performing a few numbers for you

the first number is saying that i perform these songs so i can spread the word

that death is uplifting, i show you how much i live my life

the first song is coke is nice

coke is nice and redrafted my body

and made my tongue a bowl full of jelly

you see athena says coke is a medicine

and takes the stress out of my body

you seas i was walking down the road

the stress of what doctors tell me was making me dwell

you see i do believe in coke to cure you

and i also believe it can make you happy

because in this life you will die anyway

so what is the problem in dying happy drinking coca cola

medicine of the gods

you see i want the stress to stop, oh dear

and i want it to completely disappear

because dudes, ya see i am so low stressed

you see, i will never get the job i eant,

because they only want the young

you see i believe in happiness

and not feeling very sad

so please leave me alone, ya dead old hag

coca cola is the best medicine, dudes

that was a great number, and now dudes, here is the second song

called 16 pounds

16 pounds to buy a car with

it is a very cheap car if it costs that much

ya see a dollar bill can buy a car mat

it really protects your car floor from looking really bad

the australian cent isn’t around anymore

cause you can’t buy much with it, so i chuck it away,, my friend

a japanese coin is a wonderful coin

i notice there is a hole in the centre

so you can stick your finger in

$16 is a lot ya see

you could buy an expensive tub

of honey from the bee

so if you spend all this money now

just remember the old tune from yello in the 80s with oh yeah bow bow

thanks dudes, and now this next song saying, i am a family person

i am a family person and pretty **** cool

and i am too nice to break any golden rule

ya see i love life and i never stray, yeah i am a family person, dude, anyway

you see with me, i never get stressed cause i am a positive person

i believe in loving life almost every day

nothing can stand in my way

i believe in buddhism because i respect my friends and family

and that makes me alright, i guess

if i see anyone treating me like a hooligan you should freaking get a life, dude

cause i am a family person who loves life every single day of the year

ok dudes as we are partying up here on saturn, here is the spider milkshake

spider milkshake is good enough for me

spider milkshake is such a tasty treat

just catch a spider in your bug catcher oh yeah

add some milk and vanilla and have a party

at the mall i am sitting here having a nice vanilla slice

and suddenly it hit me, i need a nice cold drink

i cloud choose pepsi or coca cola man

but the only drink i can drink

is a spider milkshake yeah

spider milkshake is good enough for me

spider milkshake is such a tasty treat

just catch a spider in a bug catcher tray

add some milk and vanilla and have a party

you see this weekend i am going to live it up is sydney

i am going to darling harbour and manly and circular quay

you see i will head to the coffee shop to buy myself a gift

and that is a spider milkshake very tasty heaven forbid

spider milkshake is good enough for me

spider milkshake is such a tasty treat

just catch a spider in a bug catcher yeah

add some milk and vanilla and have a party

you see as we sit here and eat some nice humble pie

and one kid said i will never tell a lie

and as the time came for after school he said

please give me a delicious spider milkshake, oh yeah

spider milkshake is good enough for for me

spider milkshake is such a tasty treat

add some milk and vanilla and say to each other hey

this is the time that we really party

that was a great number, how many of you dudes want your earth bodies to drink a spider milkshake

and here is our next number for you

oh dear what can the matter be

oh dear what can the matter be

oh dear what can the matter be

i haven’t got much money to share

you see i go on holidays across all  the highways and byways

i wish i could have money oh yeah

i have been lost at the fair

i cheered for sydney at the SCG

as they won the big match oh yeah

oh dear what can the matter be

using all of your grey matter be

the devil is upon the bad people yeah

johnny is long at the fair

i went to the park

to play catch with a dog

the name of the dog was little fog, ya see

he was a very adorable dog

oh what a wonderful dog

oh dear what can the matter be

oh dear what can the matter be

i wish i was about 7.3

so i can go off to the fair

i called the police on my mobile

because this ******* was annoying me

i wish they would leave me fucken be

i want to be left in peace

oh dear what can the matter be

i think he thought i was someone else ya see

because i don’t want to have voices that are crazy

i am so long at the fair

hi dudes, that was my new numbers and i will see you in the cosmos next time, catch ya later, dudes
La Mer May 2016
Mama, why does the spider spin its web?
Bright and silver above my head, she twirls her thread.

Baby, the spider is a teacher of yours,
She spins her thread when she sees an open door.
A door for her to enter in,
A door to seek a brand new spin.

She is scary, mama, and crawls all night,
How will I sleep if spider leaves me in a fright?
And why my door –
Couldn’t she go looking for more?

Ah, my child, but this spider is home,
Ask not me, but the spider, what you must be shown.
A spider knows where to cast her net,
And because of this, you mustn’t fret.

I see, but how can I ask her so?
I can ask her questions, but she wouldn’t know!
Talking to a wall, and watching her weave her thread,
She will have nothing to offer from her little head.

Baby, sweet baby, you’ve got it wrong,
And why towards this creature do you feel so strong?
A spider is what a spider will be,
A wise spirit and a blessing indeed!

If the spider is a blessing indeed,
Why does she show me her net where she catches her feed?
I do believe she is here to scare,
But I shall ask her why she’s in my hair.

Miss Spider,
Hello! And how do you do?
Could you tell me why you spin here,
Before you are through?

I figured you wouldn’t,
You can’t even talk!
Only sound that is heard
Is the ticking of my grandfather clock!

Mama, you told me to ask Miss Spider in the night,
Why she spins her thread at such a great height.
Yet she did not respond, and continued to stir,
Silent as the moonlight, her thought never even occurred.

My child, you must not ask and expect her to talk,
Especially as she spins her web, preparing to stalk!
For animals use language that is beyond our own word,
If you are patient and still, her message will be heard.

Mama, I trust you,
But Spider is gone!
Her silvery web is all that remains –
There was no trace of her at dawn.

Ah, but the magic lies within her thread,
She uses her silk so her stories are spread.
Watch as the moon takes over the sky,
The glistening in the web’s great eye!

Stories and thread,
Spider’s blackness has spread.
Tonight I will watch,
And listen as you said.

Go now, child,
And remember your deed,
For to question the web
Is a blessing, indeed!
Children's Story by Meredith Spratt
Mateuš Conrad Nov 2018
what could possibly be a logical joke,
akin to: 1 + 1 = 2... ha ha! type?
i can't think of logical joke,
comedy is beyond being calculated,
it can be properly
  executed within the realm
of punctuation a drop-line...
  but that's about as far as logic
centers around comedy...
   only recently i revealed
that i am arachnophobic...
   (rob zombie - the girl who loved
the monsters)...
           i am... i see a spider
the size of a thumb...
     i'm like: jeez! get that thing
away from me!
you know how comedy exists
in logic?
             it exists in phobias...
given that phobias are illogical...
well... that's still the antonym of
  yes... i know the spider
is only the size of my thumb...
but phobias... ha ha!
there's something obvious about
the joke of phobias,
as there's also an ontology binding
  arachnophobia? is spontaneous,
it's a reflex reaction...
  and that's the logical joke...
the illogical fear...
   funny... really funny...
this progressive term...
what is it... hmm...
     - this really comes as a reiteration...
how can i be, "islamophobic"?
where's the reflexive reaction
upon seeing a Muslim in full
religious attire?
where's the principle of phobia
being acted on?
the reflex reaction?
where is...
phobias are the jokes of logic,
and the comedy of logic is:
that they summon illogical
reactions to the altar of relativism...
ergo... if i'm scared of
a thumb sized spider in the shed,
i should be scared of my thumbs...
islamophobia is such a made-up
what logic is logic to me,
behind the spider?
            em... i'm trying to tickle
& trickle god into all of this...
but i can't...
what sort of logic is behind
the spider?
   a spider, like all animate beings...
well... even trees are animate...
in slow-motion (phototropism)...
what logic is there?
there is no logic to them...
they are purely empirical reactionaries...
there's no logic,
because there's no consciousness
of thought,
the senses are too inclusive
of themselves,
to allow an exclusivity that
might make their being
impregnated with thinking,
fertile with thought...
ah... i see the joke...
my phobia is funny...
   ha ha...
    you want to experience
a fear of god?
          find your phobia...
sure, the spider has no knowledge
of logic, but whatever "created"
the spider has placed an irrational
fear of the spider, and lodged
it into my general standard
of logic...
i see the fear of god in a spider,
as i also see the comedy...
phobias are categorized by
irrational reflexes,
   they are a set of cognitive reflexes...
so... why is the term islamophobia
so bogus?
what... you think that when
i see a woman in a burqa
my "natural" reaction is:
a reflex, 'kin to the words:
  oh ****! a suicide bomber!
     this term is what the ancient
Greeks would call:
what the **** are you talking about?!
(said really quickly).
- but that's the nature
of phobias... and the nature
of the comedy of logic...
it is derived from phobias...
i can acknowledge the comedy
of being "afraid" of spiders...
not all...
   it's not exactly a fear...
it's not a disgust...
it's a reflex reaction i have
       from god knows where...
  you can't associate Islam with
an attache of: phobia...
like i said... a phobia is the joke
of my own logical conclusion...
i'm laughing at the illogical
premise... my cognitive reflex
and subsequent ****** reaction...
since there is no logic
behind a spider,
only the illogical pure empirical
functioning of the being...
and... past the "illogical"
nature of the spider -
the logic of a "god"...
    **** contemplating god
using the spider,
and, "the architect" reflected
in the spiderweb...
i'm going after the joke...
but... Islam as a phobia?
last time i heard...
Islam wasn't illogical...
it was just a logic different
to my own...
so... where's the joke?
where's the grand phobic
reflexive stand?
   i'm like the ancient Greeks...
what the **** are you talking
   (said really quickly)...
it's no phobia to be apprehensive,
        a bit like...
          heating up oil in a frying
pan... and the moment
just before you drop in the potato
chips one by one...
   has the water been properly
drained from them?
or hasn't it...
and the oil will go crazy?
that's not a phobia...
   a phobia is the comedy of logic;
but Islam is a logic
of its own kind...
  a phobia is trans-national /
  trans-ethnic, trans-gender, trans per se,
     so why do i not retract
with a reflex upon seeing a Muslim
in his religious attire?
like i would with a spider
in a shed the size of my thumb?
so... what Islamo-phobia?
The spider is the name

OF male and female

The spiders have forty

Thousands of mainly

Count kind but only

One hundred of several

Kind can be divided

The main act is the female

Who responsible of house

Building and take care

The holy Quran said

In the main of the Surratt

Spider that the weakest

House at the world

Is the spider's house

The explanation of Quran

Said it is the strings

As it built its house

At entrance of the cave

The enemies of prophet said

The prophet and his friend must not

Enter at that empty cave

As the strings of the spider

Must be cut and flied at air

The modern scientists discovered

By taking the genes if those

Weaken strings at eyes

They put them at the *******

Of Nigeria lands' goats

They got strong protect chests

Of shot used by persons

Who are exposed to dangerous

The Islamic explanation got false

And they said your Qur'an has not true

The Muslims still weak

Their science still  stick

By their bad old things

There is a social scientist

Who looked at the south east

Of Asian for spider's knowledge

He reached that the edge

Of knowing "how they could

Build their house at wide street"

He found at the night

When the traffic be light

At the high speed way

It can ascended at a way

From the light column in hurry

Tying its string strongly

At the height of column

And crossing the way

Making its string

By his mouse only

And two hand also

Spinning its long string

Till it reaches the other column

It  ascended it speedy

Still spinning the string

And tying it at the height

Tension and strong

It crossing at that hanging

That weak string

Making another string

Till it making its home

She got a sticky thing

At some parts and corners

When the prey was in

It looked by its six or eight eyes

It has also eight legs

The miracle of Quran

Is not only at the names of the Surats

But also the verses in surats

There are three names of insects

Bees ,ants and spider

Who till Mohammad that

The bees live at groups

The ants do the same things

But the spider does the other

It lives only by its matter

The spider has eight legs

The male gets a big insect

And gave it to its lover as a present

When she begins to eat

He begins its love

When he ends

He must run

Fastest ,fastest

Or he will be the  love

The love's martyr

As she turns to injects him

Till he lost its world

Not by love

But by the drugged

She begins to ****

***** every useful thing

Of his victim body

The true rule appeared

The spider inner house

Is the weakest

When she puts her eggs

She take care of them

Let those eggs

Go to the victim

When it puts at the web

The strings vibrates

The spider looks

The victim got stuck

It tried to escape

It could do nothing

She lost its force

The spider looks

When she sees it big

She releases

To avoid the ****** fight

When she sees small at bright

She ran at speed

When she gets stick

She gets something

To avoid that matter

And runs as she could

She injects

Then she wraps  

After that she eats

She takes care of hers

Her eggs of course

Till the day of gotten

Small spiders of eggs

Every one chased the other

Not as a game

But as a hunter

Every one eat the other

Every one **** the other

The big crime

Was gotten of the mother

She chased her child

One by one to hunt

All of them gets the matter

Of the anger and hate

"The spider of animals vulnerable, home of the weaker houses, what increased by taking only vulnerable, as well as those who take without parents, poor helpless in all respects, and when they took the Patriarchs without getting strong and their help, on increasing vulnerable to weakness, and here to weak.

They trusted in them in many of their interests, and  let it at them, and they abandoned them, that those will out, they let them down, did not get them useless, nor give them  of their aid less useful thing.

If they knew the truth of science, their experience and the state of got them as Gods not helping them , but they let them down, but they turn away the Lord Almighty Merciful, who if he took up slave and trust in Him, suffice pantry religious and worldly, and increased strength to strength, in his heart and in his body and case work. "

"Verses 41_43" of  Surat the spider" no 29 of holy Quran
Paige Jun 2014
if i took a spider egg and put it in a cage all alone, would the spider react all on its own?
would the spider know how to get food by himself, or would the spider need help, just like you or myself?
could the spider make his own web? or would he need a teacher?
would the spider be nice? or just become evil?
could a spider live on its own? without having a home?
im guessing the spider isnt that different from you?
but then again the spider didn’t work all on its own
i put it in a cage for him to be all alone
he needed the help like you and myself
he couldn’t make his own web, no one taught him he was alone by himself
a spider is just like you and i
he needs a little help to get by
people overestimate things we can do all alone
we are just like spiders we need a real home
look at your friends with open minds
and accept them with flaws on there sides
some spiders are like humans they dont always have a home
but with help from each other they dont have to be all alone.
John Cena May 2015
there spider once
spider sad
spider **** small child
spider prad
spider crawl into dead child
lay baby spider
momy pick up child
explode in to baby spider
mommy cry
cry spider in eye
Jolene D'Souza Jan 2015
My girlfriend was so pretty
And normal as could be
But then something horrible happened
And changed her entirely

One day she was sipping coffee
A spider fell into her cup
It was too late when she gagged
And realized she had swallowed the spider up

The next morning when she woke up
And scratched her sleepy head
She discovered that overnight she had grown
Eight spider legs and a giant spider head

She screamed as she crawled out the door
And shrieked when she looked into the mirror
Her spider senses tickled and twitched
And made my poor girlfriend quiver

Her life has never been the same
Being half a spider and half a lady
At first I wasn't sure I could continue dating her
I mean, just imagine starting a family and having a spider baby!

Sometimes I think and wonder
What to do with our lives
Normal is seeing your girlfriend shopping
Not chilling upside down from the ceiling watching Desperate Housewives

Sometimes its quite funny
To see her browsing at a store
Where she’d usually buy a pair of shoes
Now she’d have to buy three pairs more

When I couldn’t take her shopping
And tried to run off with the guys
She spun her spiderweb and caught me
And took me by surprise

I’m so sick of her spider antics
I really wish we were done
At first she was a lot of nice things
But now my spider girlfriend is no longer fun

I took her out to dinner
And the only thing she ate
Was a plate of fried houseflies
And a glass of lemonade

When I tried to hug her
Her eight legs wrapped me tight
They gave me such a shock
Eight legs were such a hideous sight!

I couldn't take it anymore
I broke it off with her and made her understand
But now I really regret my thoughtless decision
Because now my girlfriend is dating Spiderman.
Mary Jane must be furious at the guy's gf :P
Idris Muntaqim Apr 2020
The supervillain named Kraven the Hunter is going to assassinate the coronavirus patients, as you can see;
When Peter Parker finds out what Kraven is going to do, he changes into Spider-Man immediately.

As Spider-Man, Parker wears a spider-armor suit that has built-in web shooters and magnetic webbing, which is amazing as can be;
The spider-armor suit also has enhanced durability.

Spider-Man swings through the air, searching for his foe;
Kraven is also known as Sergei Kravinoff, in case you didn't know.

When Spider-Man finds Kraven and the villain sees him, he tries to assassinate the webslinger;
Kraven the Hunter deserves the *******.

With his spider-armor suit, Spider-Man can't be assassinated by Kraven, which is nice;
Kraven the Hunter is cold as ice.

Spidey knocks out Kraven and spins a web on the evil guy;
After that, Spidey calls the police and that's no lie.

The coronavirus patients thank Spidey for stopping Kraven, which is polite;
Spidey is glad that he had defeated Kraven in a fight.

When the police arrive to arrest Kraven, Spider-Man swings away;
Spider-Man is also glad that he had worn his spider-armor suit and that's all I have to say.
The Terry Tree Aug 2014
Spider, Spider, Spider
Spinner, Weaver, Guider
What is woven with extreme
Frailest of all houses
Illusory and deceptive

You spin a miracle
A glowing spherical
Concealing the great plan of
Reminding us of God
Composing fabrics of the world
As creation

A cosmic inventor
Sun, Moon, Stars, Equator
Dancing in the maze you loom
Spiritual leader
Sound communicator
You can hear all nature playing
Light pulsating

Stargazing foreteller
Fate of future dweller
Divination is your key
Soul light conductor
Between two worlds of Human life
And Divine life

Your thread is like a chain
Umbilical cord train
Golden ladder to climb high
Brilliant footsteps slide
Joining Heaven and Earth
Reminding us of Cosmic Birth
We are all one

Deliverance and change
Prepare us to arrange
As our authenticity
In gift of power
We must learn how to use
Infinite possibilities
Engaging us

Mesmerizing magic
Bridges become tragic
If the earthquakes of our lives
Lose all respect for
The lessons of learning
Kismet is the fire burning
We must beware

Our fragile human state
May not find time to wait
As you dangle from your thread
For the gifts that we have
Keep us from mirroring your swing
God bless our lives

The infinite is now
Your presence showing how
To be aware that each step
May be occurring
In a dangerous way
Looking into your net I see

My fingers are your legs
To you I make a pledge
My eternal plan engaging
Soul self vibrating
Embrace the Universe
Know life is not a curse
Weaving the version of myself
At best will be

Spider, Spider, Spider
Spider, Spider, Spider
Spinner, Weaver, Guider
What is woven with extreme
Weave a prayer upon your web
For us to see

Idris Muntaqim Sep 2020
A villain named Fancy Dan is holding a married couple hostage inside their house;
Fancy Dan is a total louse.

When Peter Parker finds out about it, he changes into Spider-Man, which is true;
Spider-Man swings through the air, searching for the house that Fancy Dan is in, and here are more things that he would do.

When Spider-Man finds the house, he lands in the backyard, as you can see;
He breaks the back door open and enters the house immediately.

Spider-Man jumps on the ceiling and crawls on it and that's no lie;
Spider-Man will make sure that the hostages won't die.

Spider-Man searches for Fancy Dan while crawling on the ceiling, which is smart;
Fancy Dan is also an expert in the martial arts.

When Spider-Man finds Fancy Dan, he spins a web on his foe's gun;
Spider-Man snatches Fancy Dan's weapon away from him, which is fun.

When Spider-Man jumps off the ceiling, he kicks and knocks out Fancy Dan;
Spider-Man also spins a web on his foe as fast as he can.

When Fancy Dan is beaten, the married couple thank the web-head;
The married couple are no longer in dread.

When Spider-Man tells the police that Fancy Dan has been beaten, they enter the house, which is great;
Fancy Dan is someone who Spider-Man hates.

When the police arrest Fancy Dan, Spider-Man walks out of the house and swings away;
Fancy Dan is going to prison and that's all I have to say.
Francis Duggan Apr 2010
A fly stuck in a spider's web gives a buzzing distress call
Too entangled for to fly free and too powerless for to crawl
Unto a safer surface for it no get away
The sleeky black house spider rushes forth and grabs it's prey.

It can't escape the spider's fangs no matter how it try
Perhaps it is a natural death for the common blow fly
Many of it's kind have a more painful end they linger for a day
After inhaling the poison fumes when hit by the fly spray.

For the hungry spider a nice meal it's appetite to satisfy
It may have to wait another day or two for to catch another fly
Of the flies that fly into it's web perhaps two out of three
Seem to cheat death in the nick of time by somehow struggling free.

The fly cannot escape the spider's grasp today the hunter eat
And to it's taste buds a sleek blow fly makes for a tasty treat
The laws of Nature apply to all of life even to you and I
And for the spider for to live the blow fly had to die.
Idris Muntaqim Nov 2020
A group of supervillains called the Sinister Syndicate is protecting a drill musician who's an evil black guy;
The group consists of the Beetle, Boomerang, Hardshell, Hydro-Man, Rhino, Shocker, and Speed Demon and that's no lie.

The Sinister Syndicate is protecting the drill musician from the police, as you can see;
The police want to arrest the drill musician for the crimes he committed and I know you'll agree.

When Peter Parker finds out what the Sinister Syndicate is doing, he knows what he must do;
Peter wears a suit called the Spider-Armor MK III, which is true.

In his Spider-Armor MK III, Spider-Man flies and searches for the Sinister Syndicate's lair and what I'm saying is right;
Wearing the Spider-Armor MK III is definitely bright.

When Spider-Man finds the Sinister Syndicate's lair, he lands on the ground and breaks in;
The Sinister Syndicate is full of sin.

When the Sinister Syndicate sees Spider-Man, they try to attack their foe;
In his Spider-Armor MK III, Spider-Man is able to beat the Sinister Syndicate, which is excellent to know.

Spider-Man spins his webs on the Sinister Syndicate and on the drill musician, which is cool;
Spider-Man photographs his enemies who are total fools.

Spider-Man calls the police, which is great;
Spider-Man is someone who the Sinister Syndicate really hates.

When the police arrive, Spider-Man flies away;
He changes back to Peter Parker and here's something else that I'll say.

At the Daily Bugle, Peter gets paid for the photos he took of the Sinister Syndicate and the drill musician, which is swell;
The Sinister Syndicate and the drill musician are now in prison and that's all that I'll tell.
Idris Muntaqim Mar 2020
A supervillainess named Shriek wants to **** the coronavirus patients at a hospital, which is bad;
When Peter Parker finds out what Shriek wants to do, he gets mad.

Parker changes into Spider-Man and searches for Shriek, while swinging through the air;
Shriek has no care.

When Spider-Man finds Shriek and the villainess sees him, she uses her sonic energy blasts to try to **** the hero;
Spider-Man avoids getting killed by his foe.

Spidey hides from Shriek and I'll tell you why;
If Shriek can't find Spidey, he can knock her out and that's no lie.

When Shriek is unable to find Spidey and the web-head sees her, he knocks out the ***** immediately;
Spider-Man stops Shriek, which is spectacular as can be.

Spider-Man spins a web on Shriek;
The coronavirus patients thank Spider-Man for stopping the evil freak.

Spider-Man calls the police, which is smart;
Spider-Man had taken Shriek apart.

When the police arrive to arrest Shriek, Spider-Man swings away;
Shriek is going to prison and that's all I have to say.
Storm Raven Aug 2015
sitting in the garden
watching a spider
poor thing
has only
seven legs left
walks so fast
the spider is
so much like
every other
with only seven legs
this spider is still
a spider
even though
it has seven legs
it still walks
so fast as any other
delicated to the spider in the garden
Idris Muntaqim May 2020
A supervillain named Boomerang is gonna assassinate some of the cancer patients and I'll tell you why;
Those cancer patients are fans of President Donald Trump and that's no lie.

When Peter Parker finds out what Boomerang is gonna do, he changes into Spider-Man, as you can see;
Spider-Man swings through the air, searching for Boomerang, and I know you'll agree.

When Spider-Man finds Boomerang and the villain sees him, he tries to assassinate the hero;
The villain uses his exploding boomerangs called "shatterangs" to try to assassinate Spidey, in case you didn't know.

Spider-Man battles Boomerang while his spider-sense helps him avoid his foe's "shatterangs," which is true;
Knocking out Boomerang is what Spider-Man would do.

Spider-Man spins a web on Boomerang, which is a spectacular thing;
Boomerang is a total ding-a-ling.

Spidey calls the police, which is bright;
Spidey always does what's right.

The cancer patients, who are President Trump's fans, thank the web-head;
Those patients are no longer in dread.

When the police arrive to arrest Boomerang, Spider-Man swings away;
Boomerang is going to prison and that's all I have to say.
Idris Muntaqim Sep 2020
Ten criminals are damaging some stores and what they're doing really stinks;
Spider-Man and Daredevil have teamed up to stop the evil finks.

Spider-Man and Daredevil swing through the air, searching for the ten criminals, which is true;
Here are other things that Spider-Man and Daredevil would do.

When Spider-Man and Daredevil find the ten criminals, they tell the jerks to stop;
The ten criminals are full of slop.

When the criminals see Spider-Man and Daredevil, they try to attack the two heroes, as you can see;
Spider-Man and Daredevil fight and defeat their foes immediately.

When the criminals are defeated, Spider-Man spins his webs on the punks, which is swell;
Spider-Man and Daredevil call the police and here's something else that I'll tell.

When the police arrive to arrest the criminals, Spider-Man and Daredevil swing away;
The ten criminals are going to prison and that's all I have to say.
Idris Muntaqim Aug 2020
Spider-Man is swinging through the air on a sunny day;
He notices a crime and here are more things that I'll say.

A villainous cowboy named Montana is trying to shoot and ****** a female scientist, which is true;
Spider-Man knows what he has to do.

Spider-Man stops Montana by spinning a web on the evil cowboy's gun;
He snatches the weapon away from Montana, which is fun.

When Montana sees Spider-Man, he pulls out another gun and tries to shoot the webslinger;
Montana deserves the *******.

Spider-Man makes a web shield and uses it to knock out the villainous cowboy;
He spins a web on Montana and that gives him so much joy.

Spider-Man calls the police, which is cool;
Montana is a stupid *** fool.

The female scientist thanks Spider-Man for rescuing her;
Here's something else that would occur.

Spider-Man swings away when the police arrive to arrest Montana, which is swell;
Montana is going to prison and that's all that I'll tell.
Idris Muntaqim Mar 2020
A supervillain named Viper is gonna ****** the coronavirus patients and I'll tell you why;
She thinks that murdering those patients will end their suffering and that's no lie.

When Detective Jessica Drew finds out what Viper is gonna do, she changes into Spider-Woman, as you can see;
Spider-Woman glides through the air, searching for Viper, and I'm speaking truthfully.

When Spider-Woman finds Viper and the villain sees her, she tries to ****** the superheroine immediately;
Spider-Woman uses her bio-electrical energy to shoot Viper, which is grand as can be.

When Viper is unconscious, Spider-Woman calls the police, which is fine;
Viper is a ***** and a swine.

The coronavirus patients thank Spider-Woman for stopping Viper, which is nice;
Viper's heart is cold as ice.

When the police arrive to arrest Viper, Spider-Woman glides away;
Spider-Woman has saved the day.
RJ Days May 2015
I found a spider crawling up
the drainpipe and it freaked me out
for a minute until I realized
that I am bigger than a spider
and no arachnophobe at heart

I am no arachnophile either though
and so I smooshed the spider
with a paper towel into the wall
thereby ending its life and sparing
me and those I love from spiderbites

(from this particular eight-legged foe)
And likely sparing the flies as well
But that's not so great
But I still forgive myself
for messing with the natural order of things

And I forgive everyone who kills spiders
and everyone who chooses not to **** spiders
And every spider who eats a fly
And every spider who bites a man
even if that man dies.
I still forgive the spider, even if
it is not my spider to forgive.

And I forgive every web-spinner and maker
of things which are stronger than steel

And I forgive you too if you let me
but I won't forgive you if you fear the spiders
and I won't forgive you for smooshing them
if it's irrational and not for the sake
of saving the potentially bitten,
or at least for the sake of the flies.

I can't ever forgive you for that
anymore than I can ever stop thinking
about you and what it meant to be your friend.
Idris Muntaqim Jun 2020
A supervillain called Swarm wants to exterminate the humans and I'll tell you why;
He wants to rule the world with the insects and that's no lie.

Swarm's body is composed of bees surrounding his skeleton, as you can see;
When Peter Parker finds out what Swarm wants to do, he changes into Spider-Man immediately.

Spider-Man doses his costume with insecticides, which is smart;
He swings through the air, searching for Swarm, so he can tear him apart.

When Spider-Man finds Swarm and the villain sees him, he tries to exterminate the hero;
Spider-Man battles Swarm, which is wonderful to know.

With his costume dosed with insecticides, Spider-Man exterminates Swarm, which is cool;
Swarm was a total fool.

The people thank Spider-Man for exterminating Swarm, which is polite;
Spider-Man is glad that he had beaten Swarm in a fight.

Now that Swarm is exterminated, Spider-Man swings away;
The web-head has saved the day.
George Krokos Nov 2010
The spider weaves a web so it can catch its prey
wherever it is convenient to take its hunger away.
An intricate net so finely built yet strong to withhold
all those creatures of nature that get caught in its fold.

The spider knows it will most likely do its job well
and so in the course of the day only time will tell.
It is only when something bigger comes along the way
that the web will break and from its foundations stray.

It’s made to withstand the elements of wind, rain or shine
though it appears in structure to be very delicate and fine.
It never ceases to amaze me with what precision it is made
the work of a skilled artist and product of non-human trade.

It’s made of the same basic material as the silk of the worm
which the spider spins out of its body but is sticky and firm.
The purpose behind the two though has a different motive
being to the both of them uniquely characteristic or native.

I wouldn’t like to be one of those creatures caught in the web
struggling desperately to get away and feeling its own life ebb.
The length and trouble some creatures go to in life to survive
is part of the drama that goes on in nature to keep them alive.

The spider’s web hangs securely moving gently with the breeze
and is fastened onto stationary objects that support it with ease.
Its creator waits patiently at the centre for the right time to come
when the web gives signs that food has arrived again hmm…yum.

If you then happen to see a spider’s web that’s along your way
don’t go and deliberately pull it down as it is a crime I must say.
Unless abandoned or an interference let it catch the spider’s main feed
which is based on its natural instinct of survival and not that of greed.
Private Collection - written in 1997
Phobial Oct 2013
The sky transformed in a matter of seconds
From a bright powder blue
To a sickly gray that reminded me of my darkest days.

The teardrops from the sky came trickling down
bit by bit
Slowly picking up speed
As I could hear the pitter patter on the window sills.

I walked over to my window to watch the show.
To watch the raindrops maneuver its way
past the nooks and crannies of the trees
and soak up into the ground.

I noticed something odd.
Right outside my window, lied a spider web.
A huge one, about two feet in diameter
And in the center, sat a beautiful maroon colored spider,  curled into a ball to protect itself from the penetrating water droplets.

The web had to be one of the most
beautiful creations I'd ever seen.
How could something so minuscule
Create such a wonderful piece of art all on its own?

But as I was looking at this web
I was watching something devastating.
All of the spider's hard work
Was being battered by the rain.

The web was shaking violently back and forth.
Surprisingly, it was remaining mostly intact.
Unlike the fragile spider,
Clinging onto the strings of its creation for dear life.

The rain continued beating down
As I stood there admiring the web's strength.
The web was withstanding everything the storm threw it's way.
But its soul, the creator, didn't seem strong enough to.

The storm faded away.
The web, a little beaten down,
managed to stay strong enough to survive.
The spider, however, did not.

This reminds me of myself, you know.
Beaten down with words, mockeries
Beaten down by my past
My memories

I keep my outer shell perfectly intact
So that no one knows what is really going on inside me.
When in reality, my soul is dying.
My depths are shallowing, just like the spider.

I am not the only one like this.
I was oblivious to this fact
Until I watched this spider
Take his last breath before drowning.

Why couldn't the spider be as strong as its outer shell?
Why can't I be as strong
as I make myself out to be?
Maybe I'll find out one day.
Idris Muntaqim Jul 2020
Spider-Ham is an anthropomorphic funny animal parody version of Spider-Man, as you can see;
He made his debut in Spider-Man:  Into the Spider-Verse, which is a 2018 computer-animated movie.

I dislike Spider-Ham because this character really stinks;
Spider-Ham is a stupid *** fink.

I'll avoid reading a Spider-Ham comic book;
I also dislike the way this character looks.

Marvel Comics had made a big mistake making Spider-Ham;
If you dislike what I'm saying, then I don't give a ****.

Spider-Ham will never be swell;
This character is full of **** and that's all that I'll tell.
John B Apr 2016
A spider sat and waited upon his tower high

For death to come and take him

Or for prey to come and die

When in the dark of night his home was shaken by a fly

The spider says "I thank you"

"You will give my children life"

The fly says up to the spider

"Please oh please just end my strife"

The spider says back to the fly

"Should I could to spare your life"

Says the fly unto to spider

"I am not afraid to die"

"My life is spent in circles"

"In decay I'm left to writhe"

"It is no mistake"

"Not happenstance"

"Luck has not the right"

"I am prepared to be entombed"

"I chose to die tonight"

The spider took a final look upon his meal to be

Says the spider to the fly

"You are braver far then me"
Brent Kincaid Jul 2015
The hinky stinky spider
Spun a crooked web.
His mama called him,
Said “You stop that, Jeb!”
Jeb the hinky spider
Pays nobody mind.
He stumbles on his way
Just as if he’s blind.

The hinky stinky spider
Spins webs around DC
Pulling in Republicans
To his philosophy.
They do not notice
His mind is awful dim.
That is because they
Are half as bright as him.

The hinky stinky spider
Spins old and faulty tales.
Knows half the voters
Will fall for all his wails.
Hoping he is lucky
Like his brother Dub
And gets himself elected
Resulting from a flub.

The hinky stinky spider
Looks just like a man
Looks very much like
A normal also-ran.
Hopes he can win with
What he thinks is fame
Based on ignoring
The blight upon his name.
(Yes, it’s another one of my Worsery Rhymes!)
The spider, dropping down from twig,
Unfolds a plan of her devising,
A thin premeditated rig
To use in rising.

And all that journey down through space,
In cool descent and loyal hearted,
She spins a ladder to the place
From where she started.

Thus I, gone forth as spiders do
In spider's web a truth discerning,
Attach one silken thread to you
For my returning.
Bluejay Nov 2014
Anti ode to a spider
Oh, little spider,
how can you be so tiny
yet ever so scary?
Why are you always around
when nobody wants to see you?
On all my best days,
you show up and my heart races.
Oh, little spider,
how can you be seemingly
harmless yet ever so deadly?
Why is it I know fear
will do no good though I scream?
On the ground is where you belong,
not crawling up my leg.
Oh, little spider,
I will never be your friend.
And that's my anti ode to a spider.
Terry Collett Oct 2012
You stood
in the playground
of St Jude’s school
which was really

the basement
of a bombed out house
which had been gutted
and the basement tarmaced

and the walls
were still there
where kids climbed up
and around

the thin ledge
when Janice
put her hands
over your eyes

and said
guess who?
and you put
your hands

into the pockets
of your short trousers
and said
Miss Murphy

or Miss Ashdown?
Janice said
it’s me

and she removed
her hands
from over your eyes
and you turned around

and looked at her
and she had
her red beret on
and a pink scarf

around her neck
to keep out
the cold
you must

have known
it was me
she said
who else

would put their hands
over your eyes?  
her eyes were bright
and you thought

you could see yourself
in them
as if they were small mirrors
Jupp might do

or maybe Carmody
you said smiling
she didn’t smile back
but pulled her lips

tight in a line
then she took your hand
and pulled you
along the path

that led
to the school toilets
and pushed you
inside a cubicle

and shut the door
behind you both
and said
don’t you love me?

there was a large spider
hanging from
the cistern chain
close to

her red beret
and it hung there
swaying back

and forth
and you said
of course I do
right down

to your white socks
but there’s a spider
above your head
and she looked up

and screamed
and a voice
outside the door

are you all right
in there?
Janice’s eyes widened
and she watched

as the spider
moved up the chain
and she said
yes it’s all right

Miss Murphy
just a small spider
and you stood there
next to Janice

wondering what
Miss Murphy
would say
if she saw you

and Janice
in the lavatory
and the voice said

ok as long
as you
are all right
and the footsteps

moved away
and Janice took
your hand in hers
and you sensed

how cold it was
slightly blue
and it was just
9 year old Janice

and the big spider
and 9 year old you.
A boy and girl at school in London in the 1950s
Ben Brinkburn Jan 2013
I have a spider in my drawer
in my cutlery drawer
and it’s cool
I like spiders
like cats and
as ****** difficult.

It’s been there three days now-
scuttling about.
And I've tried to rescue it;
it’s obviously forgotten about
the way it got in.
But hell, can I help?
No chance.

I try a knife.  Metal.
Doesn’t like metal.
No way
I try my finger
tender exploration
then it pulls back.

‘Hell!’ I curse, ‘I’m trying to help you!’

Then it scuttles down towards
the spoon section.


I try a spoon

Still doesn't like metal

I'm in despair

This cannot go on

but the little ****** needs at least
a fighting chance.

There’s some string in the drawer.
So I tug it out and the spider tentatively
feels it- backs away a little-
then feels it again.

I give it time.
I sense but do not know (exactly)
That spider time
may be different
from mine.

So I hang in there, wait.
And the spider climbs aboard
but I do not know for how long,
how long this will be for.

So I quickly put the spider on the floor.

And off it runs.  Along the kitchen length,
under the door.
To who knows where.

But, good luck, I say.  

****** good luck.
ah the joys of bedsit land... wrote this 12 years ago living on a hill in Swindon.  Still think of that spider n'all. hope it had a happy life.
K Balachandran Dec 2011
A spider in it's web,

is a mistress

of a myriad things:

for instance,

a five finger exercise,

or a full bare breast on which,

a hand is tenderly spread.

On canvas space,

spider forms evoke layers of

meanings.Imagine this:

from secret holes of

moonlit camphor trees,

come out love-lorn female spiders

wanderers of dark nooks,

enticing perfect mates.

The deceptive calm

in them is the most

dangerous precept,

if you know the spider

the way you should.

I watch her sitting on the floor

at the far end of

the poorly lit room where

a group is in it's

usual squabbling

she is bored, still aroused

no one else,  and she

looks at my lips

The spider web

is a sign language she


she playfully points her finger

down between her legs.

Curious, I strain my eyes

in the oily yellow light,

see the phantom of a spider:

dark, sinister with a gleaming eye.
Featured Poem:  Sunday,July,3,2011
Edward J Mis Mar 2010
Startled me, it did
With darting speed, a small arachnid
That leapt, then rested upon doorframe
Fascinated me all the same

I’d seen these as quite loathsome creatures
This one epitomizing their standard features:
Clinging and spindly, longly legged
Many eyes – quick death, they begged

So grabbing a tissue, I prepared for gore
Having slain these things many times before
I wadded the weapon tight in my grasp
When the spider did speak – and I did gasp

“You are, sir, a gentleman, I do so guess
And I will so die at your behest
But perhaps from me something you could learn
And my purpose t’would be duly earn’d.”

“Go on,” said I. “Say what you will.”
Disgusted by the thing I’d planned to ****
“My life is short,” the bug went on
“Spare me and I’ll still soon be gone.”

“That’s no reason to your company savor
Sounds like I’d be doing you a favor!”
But it stretched and displayed during my hesitation
All the merits of its creation

I watched with skeptical cocked eyebrow
The spider approach and grinning now
“You’ve already spent more with me this spell
Than any other bugs could have lived to tell.”

“All I wanted in this spider’s life
Is not strength, nor size, a man nor wife
But just to hear I’m thought of separately
From other spiders you’ve killed lately.”

“So, with our promise and the final ****
Bugs appearing, no longer will
And all creatures, then, that you will meet
You’ll happily choose to love and greet.”

The spider and I consummated this pact
And suffice to say, I committed the act –
Crushed the thing to death betwixt
Fore finger and thumb, with tissue affix’d

Since that spider, the abhorrent gnat
On the door frame never a spider sat
But since the spider’s vague prediction
I have new troubles, this strange affliction:

A hatred I had felt so sure
Simply isn’t any more
And I must tell everyone I see
Just how the spider baffles me
K Balachandran Sep 2019
The spider, in many hues rules.
But I never could understand
The complete operational rules.
                                    Still I have
Unflinching  faith,like no other
On the spider, that it knows
The rules of transactions inside out.
I am in the web of a clan of
Spiders, day in and day out.

I just lie supine in comfort  
And let my song bird fly high
In the sky blue oblivion
Of my mind, listening to
The singing of the bard of
The absolute, transcending limits.
        I am more and more lured
in to his cave where light is present
By its physical absence.More and more
An innerbeing after substence
In the company of this siver luminous.

She comes alive, fire risen from smoke,
Her red hot eyes capture my truth quick!

The spider sitting on top of me
And working on me with
Her oceanic mind that seethes
Agile vaginal muscles, I picture
Is still reading "Every Women"1
From memory; I just feel it
as each of the steps to the
thousand petelled lotus is
left behind one by one.

My silver spider
who flies with me from
the conjoined base of
"Mooladhara"2 at the ****.
If she is the fire, I am the sky.
Hear the silver bell she rings,
In mind's eye I see how her
Silver strips gleam, wet with sweat.

As we step out to the garden path
The green spiders of thick foliages
Waved at us.Golden spider of the sky
Hanging low beamed at us.
1."Evcery Woman"(A gynacological guide for life by Derek Liewellyn-Jones)
2.Mooladhara means "the root and basis of existence" according to Tantra Yoga, located at the ***** one of the seven primary energy centres of human body.

— The End —