13 Apr 2015

The hints of a razor gleam
creeping up from behind
shivers begin to scream
a thought undefined.

Crystalline destruction manifests
in shards of failed dreams
circulation and cells cease
I am dumber today.

Clogging and fogging the mind
promises cheat their way into lies
when depression becomes a way of life
serenity is found at the end of the line.

Escaping the cavity
in trails of shame
in vigour and madness
incapable of sadness.

Black hole eyes
cannot see the coming despair
the next morning impairs
certainty is a lie.

Senses start to fail
iron will turns frail
the devil’s sugar and salt
must never be taken so lightly.

Subtle and methodical
killing what makes you, you
another round for old time’s sake,
and you’re stuck to it like glue.

Posted on December 16, 2014
Damo P Apr 2015

Speed enthralls us all sometimes,
Enjoying the risk whilst we risk our lives,
Faster and faster down the road we go,
Not worrying about getting home,
On our bikes, in our cars,
Pressing the accelerator so we can go fast,
Not wondering about using the brake,
Who cares about the risk we take,
It happens to us once in our lives,
Speed enthralls us all sometimes.

Enigmuse Jun 2014

I'm trembling, but who's to blame:
the dealer
the drug?
And, at this point, what's the difference?
I like the way the dealer warms me up, but I like the way the drug cools me down. I like the way they both make me crazy, but I love how they keep me sane. I love the way they whisper everything, but at night, they scream my name. I like the way the drug kisses my insides, and the dealer covers my skin. I love the way the drug feels like a virtue, and the dealer is nothing more than a sin.
I like the way this addiction is going, but I hate it all the same.
I wouldn't mind the dealer, if he wasn't the same place from which the drug came.

love poem
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016

In a field
Turn round and around
Until the sky becomes the earth
Until the wind becomes
The motion to carry a thought
Until love moves at the speed of sound and rests upon a star
And falls on solid ground
With a blanket of the heaven to break its fall

Just wanted to write as I sat on a train and watched a girl spinning in field whilst at play
Looking up at a blue sky I wondered if her emotions had taken her feet off the ground
To all those in love you must feel this every second I know I do
Thank you V
Raphael Cheong Sep 2014

What has become of us
Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life
When did evolution condone us to regress into a state
Of uncalculated caucus
As we meander our way through the rapids of life

Is hardly a best-fit descriptor
For we are past the point of speed
We mill around like headless horses
Buzzing bees
Stinging roaches
Fallen leaves
Roaring lions
Try to lead
But fail
Like cottons fighting breeze

Is this all we are?
Is this what we were made for?
To quickly climb the climb
And await the graceless fall
Parachutes prepared for praise
But our pride prevents and prevails

Till the day I climb the ladder
Shall I not attempt to see
What the view at the top might be like
I fear it enthralls me
But then reality strikes like a maddening blaze
And suddenly I see
That I'm well on my way up the hill
As I swing from bridge to bridge

Is this the way to live?
Uncautious steps with kleptomaniac ease
As we take what we desire
From our capitalistic divider
Though we hate to be the same
Not at all do we differ
Are we not all blinded mice
With a tetra-human vice
Spiders apt at spinning lies
Banking life on Friday highs

All around me boring beasts
Lost to whims, to say the least
What I fear most is the day
I give in and join the race
Is the day I eat my heart out
Just to enjoy the highest gaze

Till then here trapped in the zoo
Enclosure encasing truth

Finding fault with every human till the day I conform too

Megan Wilcox Dec 2014

A few years ago
I fell in love
Racing 60 mph down a 45 zone
Clutching the seat and the door
Of a 98 nissan sentra
Hoping to get the hell out of that car
Because i couldn't stand him anymore
His reckless turned me on though
In a way that opening that car door
Seemed like an exit strategy
I didn't need to take after all
The darkness that encased the car around us
Seemed like the perfect mood setting
For the thrill we both wanted
And for me what i needed
Love didn't understand that
My fear for speed
Resembled my fear for life
Life always seemed to flash by to fast
Like it always had some place to be
And i wanted to remain still
I wanted to take a picture
Because i knew it would last longer
Instead of it always changing
And rearranging itself
Love drove me through the streets
many countless nights
Expanding my perspective
Reversing my sense of direction
A feeling of protection
That i didn't have before
Love gave me reasons
To speed through life
To not be scared
To every once in a while
Let go of the handle
That i strictly held onto
Love became my life
And i thank god
Each and every day
That i didn't take
That exit strategy
That i sped away into the night
And lived an actual life.

jessiah Aug 2014

I just want to go 200 on the interstate
and see if the world still wants me

My skill is wasted on slowness
Underappreciated and mistaken for arrogance

Behind the wheel I am confirmed
Decisions here are not the customs of monotony

But a nuanced puzzle of physics
I am a navigator in an ocean of outcomes

The engine is roaring with me
We were made for exploding

Alexis Garcia Sep 2013

lines of speed;
bleed through what we
desire and need.
Take one more,
make it four;
forget what made you
crawl and plead.

Randi Williams May 2014

15 MPH
caution, the kids are at play
embracing the youth they will
one day lose
just like you have

50 MPH
you get where you're going
but on the highway there are hazards
if you don't watch where you're going
or look through the dark
you'll wind up turned over

70 MPH
you're making time
straight forward shot
but you can not see the scenery
and the music is too upbeat
but speed along, sweetie, speed along.

100 MPH
only on the track are you really safe
you're passing strangers
you're losing control
but you can't slam the breaks
you can never stop

280 MPH—

Get it?
Dark soul Apr 2015

Lemme go as fast as I can
All the winds hurting my skin    
Forcing it ..pulling it back
The speed thrills      
Adrenaline reveals
No such ecstasy
Like such it feels
Going faster
growing fearful
That undying and
about to die feeling
The risk being so sweet
You crave for that
sugar coated thing more and more
All so euphoric
All such momentum
Being so moment full
After a certain point
Being in no control
Such rejoice full
After a certain time
The speed addiction
Controls you
Instead going the other way around
Imbibed so deep into brain
Ever hungry for it      
If ever speed kills me
Don't mourn
Because I would be smiling.

The last three lines are a paul walker tribute ...
even if he is dead , he still lives in our hearts . May be legend rest in peace .
Christine Sep 2010

My shallow breaths
Not in enough, not out enough
Drown me in oxygen, not h20.
Forgetting what "slow down" means
Is a dangerous thing.

And my hammering heart
Too fast, too hard
Pounding out an imprint on my shirt
An engraved bloated pear, for all to see.
Does it starve when not in love?

And you, there.
Slowed down, not as time
As an individual. A marker of time.
A maker of metaphor.
Remind me to breathe
Remind me to
s l o w d o w n.

And me, here.
Too fast, too slow.
A potato imprint
Of changing, of change.
A penny for a thought
A nickel for a word
A quarter for a second
Stolen from my mind.

Catherine Jun 2013

you are the sun
and i am dust from a distant

i want to chase you but
each time i get closer
you travel away from me

making it impossible to
hold you in my


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