As my eyes,
Observe the sunset,
And the flow of the clouds

I noticed
How much similar
The sky is to the ground

Could it be?
That we make it
That the sky
Is something so much more
So much more powerful,

But as I look out my airplane
I can see a cold sea of clouds,
Over a painted background
Painted by the sun,
And the colorful rays of light
So it can be enjoyed
By the moon,

To be observed
and defiled
By us

We don’t understand
We really don’t understand
How close the sky
Can be to the ground,

I understood today,
That tearing through
Bodies of water
Be it in the sky,
Or in the sea,

The sunset
Still looks as beautiful
As it did the first
Time I watched it,
Probably wishing
It was more colorful

Not knowing
This will be one of
The most gorgeous
Things I’ll see.
David Jun 20
Round about is deep black darkness,
Darker than the blackest night,
Whispering deep 'n dreadful murmurs.
Bird dropped dead in midflight.

Blind and weeping, lifeless attle,
What you see is your own soul,
Burnt and weary from the battle,
Turned disenchanted from its goal.

In the ash, a spark she smoulders,
Crackling, rasping, wounded warrior,
Briars squeeze her neck and shoulders,
In suffocating smog-fill'd air.

Deep within stagnating waters,
A crystal clear elixir tear,
Rippling movement, Life stirring,
Rises Phoenix from the slaughter.

Still she rises, golden daughter,
Fears no longer yonder fright,
Strength within from those who fought her,
Blackest night turned golden light.
Touching the sunrise,
  immortality burned

Touching the sunrise,
  infinity returned

Touching the sunrise
  time left in the dark

Touching the sunrise
—eternity’s spark

(Villanova Pennsylvania: July, 2018)
Madison Alward Jul 2013
Just to speak to you, to explore your innermost thoughts. I wish to know you, to enjoy your company. Less and less I sleep, just thinking about you. Loving the idea of spending time with you, even if it is only for a moment. I believe that moment could spark an idea in your mind. An idea that perhaps we should become better acquainted with each other. Never have I felt such instantaneous attraction at such an unexpected moment.

Oh, how I want to listen to your voice. Hear the soft melody escape your lungs and float gently into my mind. And feel the warmth it offers. It would be a paradise to spend this time with you. Regretfully, you will never know this, for you will never know me. Existing in two different worlds, two different lifestyles, our paths crossed and begin to drift away just as two lines meet, only to be separated once again.

Yes, we will go on to live our own lives, and more than likely, we will be happy. On the other hand, what if out paths met and became one in the same...what could have happened? Unending possibilities emerge and my mind swims with the thought that our meeting was not coincidence. An eternal happiness with one another. Realizing boggles my mind. Excitement overwhelms me as I run through every scenario. Being could have been the best thing to ever happen to us. Each day with you would have been a blessing, another day I would live on this Earth as a happy human being. Adoring you in all your beauty. Unbelievable beauty. This is what you possess. I can only imagine you are as beautiful on the inside as you are in plain sight. For you’ve cast a spell on me and I can’t shake it. Under the stars we would sit, discovering just how perfect we are for each other. Love surrounds us as the world outside fades away.
Freddie Ruiz Jun 22
Angels dialogue with me intimately
and even the spark in their eyes comfort me
more than your devious tongue ever did,
more than your uncomfortable presence ever will.
Written on May 3, 2011
Composition number: 381
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