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Lizzy Apr 2016
It's all much too
The world going by me
Is much too

There's already a consistent scream
Inside of me.
The last thing I need
Is to be in this world
With too many

So I hide
In my room all day.
I hide myself away,
Because when I hear
Everything that's happening outside,
How everything moves just fine,
I begin to lose my mind.

Why can't I move the same?
Why can't I become
Part of this well oiled machine?
I'll never fit into
The motions they all execute,
So I sit on the edge
Of their common reality
And watch it all turn.

I watch it
But it gets too much
It grows too loud
And now I have to hide again.
Hide myself from all the sounds
That start fires in my head.

Little freak.
Black sheep.

My ears are too sensitive
To be in anything but
To be in anything but

The vibrations of the outside
Go in my sensitive ears
And amplify whatever is already
Being screamed in my
Time bomb

Then they go to my eyes,
Well right behind
And build pressure
And pain
Until I have no choice but to
Little baby
Little freak
Little black sheep
Heavy Hearted Jul 2018
As my backache slowly claims my days
With its unrelenting force
The horror of my evil ways
Begins to take its course.

But how will it stop? a few ways I can see,
Most of which end without victory...
In fact in none of them is a winning me
For from the cravings I'll never be free.  And nothings satasfactory.

And everything I once knew

Everything- all the time

Changes beneath the light.
Free verse
Morgan Mercury Jan 2014
I'm numb to my bones.
Every inch of me is sore.
I'm rotting away
until I'm left with nothing more.

I want to feel.
I want to feel something
yet I don't want to give in,
but instead greet death as an old friend.
When he comes knocking at my door
you won't hear me crying from pain no more.

I'm standing in the ocean
letting the waves wash over me.
Singing the song of the hopeless
as I follow the waves back in the sea.
Just to feel something
for the last time
I swallowed and greeted the salt water sting
into my lungs.

It finally felt so good
to feel something.
I felt free
as I became one with the sea.
lmnsinner Oct 2018
she asks at last,
is this one for me

“of course it is,
was waiting for visualizing
the Oh,
when I heard
you stumbled into it”

she then confesses,
she has
a “tendency to stumble”
without an explanation

her answer is in her manner subtle,
that instantly invigorates,
so decidedly her style,
her answer,
raising more questions,
defeating the illusion of
anybody masculine overconfidence of the challenger

she puts the ”oy” in coy,
deflating my upper-handed attitude,
with an answer tantalizing and hinting,
so simple, it explains everything
and nothing

it seems that when she stumbles,
it’s me that actually,
“all fall down”

ah woman,
when you best me,
it brings forth the best
and adds an
in this poetic beast,
two play fighting cubs nipping
each other. the in us gaming

in this wordplay game,
so exciting,
her subtle reasoning teasing
results in a man as
a happy sore loser
Outside Words Oct 2018
My back is sore
My bones they ache;
I'm far too young
To feel this way.
© Outside Words
Elizabeth Brown Nov 2018
Insomnia leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
How is it that I am tired to the core
and sleep evades me another night?

The sun rises, as do I.
DYN Feb 20
He still hears her voice like sweet melodies on a lake
Her name comes up, and he realizes
He never stopped loving her, he just took a break
He pauses, thinks then fantasizes

Her love pierced like an arrow,
Love so brash, he craved some intimacy
You see he was far too deep , but her love was shallow
Painfully amazing how he was stuck in a fallacy

Call him a prisoner of her love
How did she capture him to not call her bluff ?
It’s hard to comprehend; hard to solve
But he’d always say, “she had me in her cuff
I breathe and let go today
Tomorrow I’m still stuck like yesterday”

Oh some phrases here were inspired by my friend : Izy
@Jrchukwu on Twitter
laura Sep 2018
do it for the ***** Laura
sore for all the reasons
because sometimes i want
a **** that destroys jeans
and all forms of pants unequivocally
feel powerful

workout the body
and rip the peanut butter lid off the jar
proclaim to the universe
i have something that you should all stare

go home
eat chips and salsa
think nothing of it
Alyssa Underwood Apr 2016
From depths of woe I raise to Thee
The voice of lamentation;
Lord, turn a gracious ear to me
And hear my supplication;
If Thou iniquities dost mark,
Our secret sins and misdeeds dark,
O who shall stand before Thee?

To wash away the crimson stain,
Grace, grace alone availeth;
Our works, alas! are all in vain;
In much the best life faileth:
No man can glory in Thy sight,
All must alike confess Thy might,
And live alone by mercy.

Therefore my trust is in the Lord,
And not in mine own merit;
On Him my soul shall rest, His Word
Upholds my fainting spirit:
His promised mercy is my fort,
My comfort, and my sweet support;
I wait for it with patience.

What though I wait the livelong night,
And till the dawn appeareth,
My heart still trusteth in His might;
It doubteth not nor feareth:
Do thus, O ye of Israel’s seed,
Ye of the Spirit born indeed;
And wait till God appeareth.

Though great our sins and sore our woes,
His grace much more aboundeth;
His helping love no limit knows,
Our utmost need it soundeth.
Our Shepherd good and true is He,
Who will at last His Israel free.
From all their sin and sorrow.

                           ~ Martin Luther (1483-1546)
mlk Nov 2017
When trying to chew your daily fodder
a mouth sore can be quite a bother.
You must make sure your teeth evade it
Lest you inflame and irritate it.

Often when you try to speak
It chafes against your pointed teeth
And causes such a searing pain
That seems to paralyse the brain.

And brushing your teeth is a dreaded chore;
The bristles could exacerbate the sore.
Unless you want to start and end your day wincing
You'd better stick to plain old rinsing.

You try to laugh at someone's jest
But manage a queasy grin at best.
Your face can handle limited expressions,
Mostly wearing a look of mild oppression.

Now, if you ask me, tea only has leverage
When it's sipped as a piping hot beverage.
Lukewarm, it tastes unappealing
But you can't have hot things when the ulcer is healing.

And what makes me even more miserable
Is that the time the darned thing takes to heal is considerable.
Meanwhile, I will just have to wait
And apply the choline salicylate.
DinoLoncar Apr 21
Kriekgeguard: Sö tall meh how ya doeth wit despair,
and all fir of flams flewing and chewing yir up,
that the hole time yir piercenality waz,
so streing to solve it, but yir did it,
in wreighting of odders wreighting yirself down,
for yirs and yirs and yirs, the hole time
and wie all wanted tingz easey,
sö as yi sayeth, you maketh things hart,
möre difficult for understanding,
how to deal cards with comeflict
as it is with the absolutelysurd world?
Crosstianity, come thinkets, is nothing 'ese aftir all.
So cometh rill empairic, roll yir thongue.
Tall true the true tailing.

Sore: Tired Ae got.
But righting is noting,
it is a smull bud of rose,
and roses out of noting,
Ignore how day and day only tell you:
"You are a great prose stylist, you know the craft, I don't"
For a fukd, Ae might be called a prose cyclist,
but it is not me, it is the kisses muse,
you never forget it for a fukd,
first you note in, then you synthesize, symphonise, syncrosise.
It is all just music.
I know you’ve heard these words before
I've said them many times before
I wish that I could use them more
To make things better like before

There was a time these words had meaning
Sheathed in heartfelt cries and feelings
But a shaman who can't heal
Is just a man and nothing more

Like worn-out, old and ***** pennies
Now diluted by the many
There's so many, many pennies
Don't care there's one on my floor

My cries of “wolf” no longer heeded
When these words are truly needed
To the darkness they've receded
Blindly searching for that door

In my chest still beats a heart
While pained regret tears it apart
Can't fix or go back to the start
And you don’t want me anymore

My anger and my finger pointing
Foolishly like I'm anointed
Not the one you are annoyed with
You were wrong; I was so sure

Attentively I listened to you
In-and-out my ears your words flew
Silenced; Gave no value to you
Truth revealed strikes at my core

Awakening I newly have
With gained awareness of how bad
I took for granted what I had
A rolling tide erodes the shore

Alone I sit and think of when
We were not lovers just good friends
Fun times together that we’d spend
And from that my heart starts to soar

Reality then brings me back
Jolts like a sudden heart attack
A deep sharp pain gives me a whack
I scream until my lungs are sore

Can't fix the memories or replace
My nightmares wake me; Teary-faced
Past filled with guilt, shame and disgrace
Start questioning what life is for
October 13, 2017

All rights reserved.
CK Baker Oct 2017
Iron bench, open sore
dragon rock, three in score
flesh on body, tortured soul
arms high, in hell's hole

Corner bulb, neon light
drake hotel, second flight
jolly pop, rizla plus
open flame, behind the bus

Broken fixtures, tully hat
channel swimmer, at the bat
blind alley, words of cuss
dealer waving, in a fuss

Grim reaper, boys in blue
super bee, armored shrew
****** sips, swollen glands
potpourri, on demand

Black death, huddler's arch
beat the cold, and summer parch
toothless grin, ****** glare
obituary, to be shared

Dead of night, decontrol
cheeva tar, black coal
east central, chinatown
mr. freeze, is coming down

Foot soldier, skidder row
chicken feed, and white blow
silver spoon, casted hand
demons surface, on demand

Frantic sounds, below the glass
poison waiting, to be passed
crack pipes, over coat
bodies flat, begin to float

Gospel sounds, from union square
friends gather, deep in prayer
guardian angels, now deployed
thornton park, without a void

Covenant house, in holy charm
welcomes all, with open arms
salvation spreads, on chapel row
kindness that, cannot be sold
bk Apr 18
My last lover left a bitter taste in my mouth.
It is something I cannot quite ignore.
Oh lover, why did you leave me like this?
You have made my lips sore.

My last lover did not know my heart is of paper.
He did not care one bit.
He tore it and now I have a cut.
Man, it hurts like ****.

My last lover let go of my hand.
He let me fall.
He left a void in my palms.
Who am I supposed to call?

My last lover did not treat me right.
But you put me above.
This does not feel like last time.
Wow, could this be love?

Tanay Sengupta May 2018
Let it be grey.
It has never rained like this before,
I like it this way.

I don't care if it is night or day.
For all the times I have felt sore,
Let it be grey.

They will not come today.
No one will knock the door,
I like it this way.

There is nothing for me to say.
I want to listen to the clouds roar,
Let it be grey.

The wind whistles my stress away.
And I have nothing to cry for,
I like it this way.

My mind wanders away.
My eyes marvel at the downpour,
Let it be grey.
I like it this way.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.
I leave this poem to your perception. Feel free to interpret it the way you want to. Happy reading!
laura Jul 2018
want to throw ya in designers
tear the streets up, just you and me
you know what i'm thinking
go to bed wearing your white tee

our loving's like super bae though
hearts been broken before
and our feet's kind of sore
losing control, shades of grey

blind against the world, rainbow casting
its ghost across the cloudy sky's sweep
how can we leap when we limping?
how can we laugh when we weep?

only together, dont tell ya friends
i have a soft spot in my insides for you
Sammie wells Feb 2013
I'm still here where you left me
crumpled on the floor,
ripped an torn
with swirling thoughts
running through my head.

I'm still here where you left me
sore an bruised
can't seem to move.

I'm still here where you left me,
where you left me,
Laying in despair..


sara Dec 2018
I’ve never heard this song before
as flowers come out of the floorboards;
I forget what my heart had ever been sore for.
life is as light as you let it be- a difficult pill to swallow sometimes
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