Ilion gray Jul 2
The sun has come up-
We are scarcely draped
In sheets and skin,
shadows and sweat thrown
Through cracked
crooked wooden blinds,
Uriel was
pouring sunshine into the
openings of our
broken shutters at dusk..
I could hear your blood rise-
As a comets inner crust,
Raging down
From heaven
Restlessly escaping
Like a drunken scotch devil-
Searching for treasure
With the bottle as his shovel.
I could hear your pores erupting
Through tiny chasms of
Your skin,
I want you to know-
I love you
Knowing now,
I have witnessed you,
Are born
Not falling,
How they crawl down
The stomach of clouds,
Then dive into the stone,
The impact resonates
through everything/
Shaking silence from
The shingles of caves
Lodged deep
In the outstretched fingers of
Beneath floating valleys
that are holy,
And secret streams rushing through
Mid heaven, dripping down
The staircase of wind crashing
Through rooftops,
Seeping through ceilings
Where sons and daughters
a dream,
all things revealing!
red wine beads at my brow
I wait to wince

poppies dance out in the yard
in the little warmth from seasons since

her feet trail away
the broken magnum at mine

head, heat, blaring haze
scythes at the atlas of my spine

scorn and disgrace
raw and insipid

the sun turns its face
lends whatever light to the wicked

she said she'd put the fear of god in me
but god is not what I fear

not what oppresses my feet
nor the ache of my best years

he does not hang from her tongue
like the prize of her spiced rum

any vestige of will; any spirit, any trace
for any iota of refrain

quashed, quelled
concealed and contained

another fickle whine
another fleeting wish

any mistake I've made is mine
and hers are carried on the wind

she speaks like the end;
the war, and then what's won

no more sour a tend
than to the wounds of what's been done

the world armed to defend;
her foes a heavy sword against a throng so young

infantile infantry
ripened from infancy

what a weapon are my sons

what a kindness she's coughed up
you never are who you think you are for very long –
at least, in my experience.
a bus ticket and a brain
Fourty enemies I counted
and deadly were all
my first attacker was a
poisonous snake it bit above the ankle than came the thief's of my fathers land and deadly they were there's was a trail of bodies left behind and I had two wounds in all
one worse than the other
the one in my mind was quickly hidden within where it could not be found to hurt me
as if by default
I was born with this blessing
and this a curse the Tzolkin says
its a knife that it cuts through pain
its a transformer
my extrovert enemies ill intent was flunted and the less deadly every other wore a kind mask
they stung the worst
unprovoqued others assassinated my character despiced me for me because they lacked
my forgiving nature
my heart of gold
Gods light on my face
must have shown them their own sin as for
you the human predators
along my wrong path  
you poisoners
Athenian many medeas who
tortured my babies newborn
narcissitic kidnaper deceivers
you were no husband!
rapist mad trelo
your Greek Medeas blood thinners
arsenic cyanide strichnine
your evil chemo to my babies
to destroy our RHO!-DNA
but we prevailed we won
I see the injuries you caused to my daughter chest you bashed my Rosy's skull just to a peace your filthy mideas you scum of earth all twelve of you
your are every mother's nightmare
you died but you were never alive scum of this earth
your jealous medeas
asked you to sadomise a new newborn baby may hell give you
the same remedies and
shub your Geek mythology
in the darker pit abyss of seol
all I did wrong was love you
for your well inked lies.
as for you in America
number two psycho another
pit bull husband from hell even your name Henry was a bad owmen
with a trio agenda you too wanted
my child for his ex and me dead giving birth and all for a life insurance
all for greed and dope two faced
you almost knifed for surviving you and bbeing a good Mom
impotent white trash
you weren't worth my trip
to maternity isle but my child is holy to me
Satan could have been a better father and husband
my dear audience forgive my bluntness I am, just a poem reader many lives have I lived before but in this one
I failed myself and God
please bare with me
from all the bad sons and daughters of God
the poisonous snake bite
was the most benevolent one
it just put me to sleep
inoculating me for what was of me to become in this life a sacrifice to my Lord
To my ONE true love Rickie
my road not taken
thank you for your true love
please I repented in supresing
what pained me and wounded me so utterly deeply I hid the God sent love that you
offered me so lovingly
know that your love was a healer I thank God for all
that you are a Light on this earth
Believe in me said the Lord King Arthur-Lancelott christ in my name no poison no weapon prevails  and all enemy is defeated and with this Mom it was for God knows my heart and my identity.
I saw a banner
“See something say something”
bestriding a Union City street
raising eyebrows of suspicion
in a hood’s homey retreat

I see blood red MAGA caps
embolden distemperate fits
ready to answer jingoistic dissings
with an ass kickin liberty chit  

I see a Blue Line stained flag
It slices a field of united states
a wall to seperate us from them
God save us from reprobates

I hear shouts hailing militarism
saluting troops marching to war
Patriots offer sons and daughters
from families of the nation’s poor

I see a hoisted Gadsden Flag
boasting Don’t Tread on Me
true liberty a hissing asp
venomous country tis of thee

I see the stirring marches
aggrieved white nationalists sing
Confederacy of Blood and Soil!
cries for freedom ring

Lotte Lenya in Alabama Song
by Kurt Weill recording 1930

George Grosz
Vienna Street Fight

i saw something
i said something
just saying
David 6h
One day
I wasn't a daddy
and the next day
I was

One day
I had never held a newborn
and the next day
I had

One day
I didn't know the scent of a baby's head
and the next day
I did

One day
I'd never invented bedtime stories
and the next night
I had

One day
I'd never pushed two children together
and the next day
I did

One day
I'd never broken up fights
and the next day
I had too

One day
they said 'i love you daddy'
and they next day
said it again

One day
I had never dropped off a child at school
and the next day
I did

One day
I had never seen my sons heart break so painfully
and the next day
I had

One day
I had never seen my youngest survive
a car crash
and the next day
I did

One day
I had never been to a graduation
and the next day
I was there

One day
I saw my boys fall in love, again
and the next day
even more

One day
I had sat in an empty room
and the next day
in was full of noise

One day
I was never told I was their inspiration
and the next day
I was

One day I was never a daddy
and the next day..........
for my two sons, now 25 and 21 , i am so proud

— The End —