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I feel lonesome hands approaching mine
to walk me through the desert.
I tense my arms against the open night sky
which cannot be pushed away.

I want you to love my grey skies,
my pensivity that rolls across mountain ranges -
the same to me as sunshine igniting streams.
Just a different lens
through which my creature plays with light.
She is elemental
and sloughs skin off the earth like lava flowing
into the ocean to close its eyes.
I'll eat my own tail
to discover what I already know.
Brandi R Lowry Jan 2018
I lie awake each night
Long after you're asleep
I envy your restful slumber
Through salty eyes I weep

As the air thickens
I struggle just to breathe
Bowing my head in sorrow
I pray so desperately

Grant my mind solace
If my thoughts go astray
Allow my soul to carry on through grief courageously

Protect me from the pain
That haunts my every thought
Awaken my restless spirit
If my dreams become too dark

Make my heart resilient
If it shatters painfully
Teach me about patience
While I gather it piece by piece

Allow me the courage
To assemble it once again
As I try not to crush
The fragile pieces in my hand

If my strength grows weary
And I tremble at the knees
Hold my hand and steady me
So I stumble gracefully
Writing this poem helped me through one of the darkest hours of my life. Out of pain, we can create much beauty. We just need to listen to the soul. I hope it helps you see the beauty through your pain.
The old  clock doesn’t work!!
I missed its sound !!
Tic tock tic tock
Time is running ,it’s not a joke ...!

Slowdown please ....why are you so  quick?!

Tic tock, Tic tock
Stop this sound , it gives me a shock !!

I woke up at 9 o’clock...
I glanced at my phone clock..
The screen was very dark ...
It seems anarchy !Sorrows !Miserable!!
That  very hot day in September when
my body was hot  ....
My eyes got wet!

I wasn’t able to see anything,
Just black and white like a dim light at a dark night..!

The lights  of the house, where have you been?

Tick Tock  tick Tock
That day has opened my destiny book ..!

My home was surrounded by cars , and
he has left by a big car,
The doors were opened !!!
My mother’s face was very sad..!

I fell down , I couldn’t stand
Empty handed ;hold my hand
The light of the house was concealed by sand ..
He passed away!!
He passed away!!!

It is a somber day ..A day without him.
And I still remember, that  Monday ;the  mid of September!!
I lost my mind and I lost my temper,
You know why it’s hard to forget and l keep remember..
Cause on that day I lost my friend and I lost my father..!
I first felt the ferrous fissures
Delivering shivering quivers
Down my spine
As each chime took the light
Outside of our present days

Then the shakes grew into tension
My naked, sobering suspension
Was left never to mention
Nor whisper what I needed to say

And when I asked you of this
You withdrew so quick
I only had time to trace the lines
Of your escaping shadow

Holding on to tentative strings
And all the small things
You left for me to find
The same gray forests of signs
And silent ways

Designs you used to craft and convey
With clever ease
Laughter beseeching my thoughts
Silence now haunting my dreams
They are now presently looming
Cold coniferous trees

It's not as if I can pretend
Like simply taking paper and pen
Could possibly remedy this
When I have to look down forever
At the ink staining my foot, leg, and wrist
I'm convinced that I created this fate
Because it seems in this picture frame
I'm the one who made a mistake

You carry the hate in your heart
like it's been priveleged to you

My misgivings have now adopted
the persona that I imbue

I faced the other way as we faded
when you withdrew

You suffer daily
and face this struggle alone

Claiming everybody abandoned you
and did you wrong

But you don't lose me
Like I've told you all along
"Smashing, watch the glass fly
Ain't no way, ain't no way you can go back
Float away, float away, float away yeah
We're frozen in this moment
Ain't no way, ain't no way you can go back
Float away, float away, float away yeah"
Axion Prelude Jan 2018
The somber whispers of defeat haunt the wind; my skin reels at its chilling touch

Harmony concedes to an epithet of solemn solitude; it creeps within my very bones
Makayla Jane Jan 9
I don't understand why you decided
That leaving was better than staying;
Or why you think
That you don't need me anymore
But its fine dear,
I can only hope this is temporary as usual
And so when you come back,
I'll foolishly accept it
And try to pretend and hide the reality

We've had many nonsense fights and periods of silence before and I'm hoping this seems to be so.

I made a public collection {Letters To Jennie Collection} so all further letter posts will be together if anyone would want to follow it and read them. Thank you for your time~
Traveler Aug 2018
Swirling spiral of anti-matter
Cascading down an endless ladder
In non-corporeal states
Spirits search for their soul mates
One taste and we miss our goal
And cling to a second-hand role
One state that we all share
Bittersweet and unaware
Feed on life, consumed to death
We devour the world with every breath
Forged by chance, nurtured in deceit
We glimpse the truth and quickly retreat
Our description becomes indescribable
Our delusions become undeniable

You were once mine for a moment in time
I embraced your accustomed wounds
Used and abused, starving for love
You shone like a Samhain Moon
Yet love is alive, not a lie
Not a manifestation of will
Not a statue of god or paradise façade
Nor some unholy devil’s deal
I was once young with mind undone
Chasing a somber moon
Yet time has devoured
Those dead flowers
Upon my empty tomb
Traveler Tim
K Wolff Aug 2018
Never forgotten,
Always in our hearts;
Here it has been written,
For those yet to depart.

Kind words starve sorrow ,
Fills lives left hollow;
Here to annul fears,
And dry the fresh tears.

Stone crumbles, and falls,
Chipped away by wind and rain;
Acceptance befalls,
Where there was once so much pain;

There are no more flowers,
The past is left behind;
Time and death devours,
Even the strongest bonds unwind.
I wrote this a few days after reading epitaphs at a couple of graveyards. It's an inexplicable mix of emotions i feel when I'm at those places. It's such a somber place, yet there is still some hope and happiness. It's hard to see from an outside perspective.
Classy J Apr 2019
Dulled passion, lingering fire.
Sailing across my empty desires.
Strayed away from my paths for so long.
Sustained pretender believing nothings wrong.

Prolonged suffering, becoming my new friend.
Tedious tendencies paying dividends.
Lost everything by gambling.
Red-eyed monster got a hold of me.

And I...
Just wanna break away.
Just want to feel ok.
Just want to be sober some day.
But today is not that day.
But today I’m just a slave.
But today I hate myself.
Drinking my pain away.

Tossing and turning, losing sleep.
Pegged to the ground, as a black sheep.
Melancholy Malcolm, maladapted mongrel.
Maliciously troublesome, painted as hostile.

And I...
Just wanna break away.
Just want to feel ok.
Just want to be sober some day.
But today is not that day.
But today I’m just a slave.
But today I hate myself.
Drinking my shame away.

Thinking back at the times I laughed.
When reality made sense to me.
Thinking back at the times I cried.
When reality came undone for me.
Thinking back at the time I screamed.
When people kept leaving me.
Thinking back at the time I said nothing.
When my words could’ve changed something.

Wishing I could break away.
Wishing I could say I’m ok.
Wishing I could be sober some day.

But today is not that day.
But today I’m just a slave.
But today I hate myself.
Drinking my life away.
Outside Words Sep 2018
On a gusty autumn night
Another husband was swept,
Somber under the porch light,
Abigail watched and wept.

No men were happy,
As they dealt with poor Abby –
Day in and day out,
So miserable and naggy.

Nine is such a tender age
For a father to leave his daughter,
In horror, Abby waved,
Her mind underwater.

Crimes of parents, what a shame
Those with good ones count your blessings,
Lest we forget little Abby’s pain
And teach our children similar lessons.
© Outside Words
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
standing at the top
bleary-eyed and nauseated
holding on to stomachs,
glumly watching rain splatter the windshield.
dawn was breaking .
it was freezing and gray;
There was no sunrise.
beaten by fierce wind gusts,
Were we going to ride
that winding wet road?
the most tricky parts
feeling like an idiot
I was up all night,
somber meditation on mortality
we approached the summit,
passing through the gates
how am I going to know my limits?
The volcano had conquered me
how have I lived this long?
watch the sunset.
we made it to the top
passing through lush forests
up the arid moon-like summit,
I descended into the crater,
a rocky path of rugged lava.
this otherworldly place
black, orange, red and silver
Vents emitted plumes
the air is crystalline and still.
I heard no sounds
I posed for pictures
in the background Romeo was waiting.
We watched the sunset
It was sublime
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. - source -
L Maughan Apr 2019
shy April
sloped  in the morning sun
reconciled to soapy trees
washing up in the moon
pantaloons of clouds
quibbling over rain
in half tones of
somber jesus
tails of night mares
wet skin wet
fuzzy May
I touch
Makayla Jane Jan 9
I had a feeling it'd come to this,
Yet I didn't want to accept such fate
Though I'm still confused,
As to what the **** I even did
Laughing and joking with all perfectly fine
A week of absence
Then suddenly years of memories thrown out the ******* window

Tell me,
Did I mean so little this whole time?

Nevertheless I laugh,
For I believe and trust you'll respect what has happened in our lives together
Realizing we shouldn't part ways;
Likewise that the first fight your boyfriend and you get into,
Will bring you strolling on back
Or even if your boyfriend and you break-up,
Shall do the same

Until then,
I mind to wait...

It's just a waiting game I suppose...

I made a public collection {Letters To Jennie Collection} so all further letter posts will be together if anyone would want to follow it and read them. Thank you for your time~
It begins with a soft bite
That quickly forms into a leech
Beseeching my thoughts...
Controlling my speech..
Preaching important matters
Carrying potential to teach
All their essential condescending
Never-endings out of reach

Yet the pitfall arrives
When I choose to listen
With sighs and ghosted thoughts
The result of some or other condition
Bolstering a vision with apt precision
When every remission indicates
The necessary revision

Envy stifles a stern conviction
Jealousy trifles within final prediction
Anger endangers calm
Making strangers within this perdition
Bring it all in as I wriggle and writhe
Because I am to blame
For all of my pride

...It stays inside

As soon as my cards were shown I decided to fold. I can't keep this under control while I'm so vulnerable. Yet another rapport thrown in the fire and tossed out the door... And I'm so **** gullible. I watch this bridge burn from a distance before it will mend. Yet again the result of desiring you-
More than a friend
Talia Oct 2018
I'll just wait 'till I die,
and I'll meet you by a bench somewhere in the afterlife;
We can just sit there and watch the world burn for all eternity.
20:45 - Oct 09
Logan Robertson Jul 2019
jack fiddles life away on his thumbs~
the little digits beating like drums~
over loaf he brows~
buttering skid rows~
from his jam, he awaits for crumbs

Logan Robertson

Jack's stuck on the corner of life, a quarter here, a quarter there, is his angle.
Terry O'Leary Nov 2013
The Flame, aflicker, licks and flays,
illuming evening’s negligees
With braided curls she swirls and sways,
and flits and floats in light ballets

A Flame, to conquer creeping fog,
flew dancing towards a random log
Her flight perplexed a leery frog
beside a silent somber bog

The Flame, a ripple, all alone
alit on leaves where birds had flown
The aching twigs began to moan
A rising breeze began to groan

The Flame arrayed an ancient oak
with torrid tongues and veils of smoke
A ****** bailed, the dam had broke
The leery frog soon ceased to croak

The Flame uncoiled and lashed midair,
consuming crowns with utmost care
A crazed coyote fled her lair,
left in the lurch bewildered bear

The Flame, unfurled, went wild and grew,
enkindled cats and caribou
Remaining... not a residue,
as reeking vapors bade adieu

The Flame revealed her strength unshackled
Flora, fauna crisped and crackled
Fire Witches clucked and cackled
One more forest stripped, then hackled

The arsonists were well aware
the Flame would travel everywhere
The weirs are gone, the land is bare,
and soon you’ll find a city there
Lazhar Bouazzi Dec 2017
He dreamed of the silver rays of rain
Kissing the pallid thirst of the desert

He dreamed of a hectic, blue wind
Fluttering - with no sails on orange boats

He dreamed of the stars shining alone
Out of the somber dome of night

He dreamed of his imagination
Re-inventing a color to the sea

©LazharBouazzi (December 2, 2017)
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