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Teetering on her baby legs
A newborn with a Solo cup
bombastic red with a few
undulating ribs
Held firmly in her hand
Is this her first or her third?
Somnambulant yet eager
And just a little out of place
In a foreign territory
On newly contested lands
She stumbles through a raucous crowd
Or was it just white noise?
She’s lost her companions
Although they could very well be close at hand

In the distance she can make out
Laughing faces
Bodies moving to and fro
Spilling forward, little messes
Throwing back cheap libation

She passes through a room and out the door
Into the out-of-doors
Someone following her unbeknownst
Watching her cautious, curious steps
And when she turns and sees the blur standing
She greets it
“Hail Fellow!”

Bouncing from variable to variable
Frequency to frequency
Confident and in command
Of a seemingly controlled chaos
He approaches smiling and holds out his hand

Having drawn her attention from the stars
That she could not find above
Leaning against the garage’s eastern wall
She takes it awkwardly
Tentative she smiles back reassured
Wobbling she returns standing alongside him
Or was she in front?
Purposeful and en route
Emboldened by his presence
And how the way was parted before her
Just by his being there.
By being so close.
She felt vaguely special
it showed in her half-smile
Cloaked in bangs
She held head just a little bit higher

The co-conspiratorial glances
Met by boys eyes
And shes
Went unseen by the girl with the
Solo cup
One of tens upon tens upon tens
A coven would have known
It’s better not to


She was shown a seat to rest
And her cup refilled
She takes a sip and smiles again
She takes another and then a gulp
That spills
He takes the cup away
And places it on the low table
Suggests she go to the restroom upstairs and get herself

Embarrassed she is relieved for direction
Someone knows what’s going on
And his caring
Taking the time
His kind eyes
She’s usually alone
She waddles up the stairs to find
a toilet and a mirror
God she thinks
I look a mess
She tries to fix it
The hair
The eyes
The lips
The dress
The stomach
The *******
The thighs

She shrugs her shoulders at her reflection
Exhales and steps out again
To find him standing there
waiting for more.

She wants another cup.
She’s missing her cup.
I’ll get you the cup he says
In just a second.
Dante Fernando Sep 2017
Through the dance of your caress,
I only contemplate,
Your need to be loved;

The paradise that appears,
Between your flesh and your soul,
Is like a call of life,
Which is able to sway,
Upon my heart;

One step will be enough,
To start such a new dance,
Whereas my senses are already alive,
To feel you inside!

But I want this communion being mutual,
For it is not fair,
To create a new life,
Without a spark!

You are your own instrument in the
world orchestra

Join the chorus
Play a solo


Simply stop
And listen to the beauty
happening all around you

The choice is yours

Be your own voice
Or follow another
But only follow another if
it resonates in your core
as your true calling

Above all else
follow your heart

Let your inner beauty shine
so that the world can
share in the special unique
characteristics and traits that glorify
your idiosyncratic nature
wholly encompassing
all that you are
Making you special
Making you YOU

Because the best version of you
is the authentic you
And it not only
brings inner peace
but is also
the greatest gift
you can give
the world
Written: March 8, 2018

All rights reserved
L Aug 2018







(Meaning behind meeting)

Does it make sense yet? Now? No? Okay, nevermind.
Neville Johnson Aug 2018
I’m on my way to San Antone
Gonna cowboy up
There’s a filly there I need to see
Sure enough, we’ll build a fire
Take in the Alamo
Then we’ll dance at The Wagon Wheel
The best *****-tonk I know
I’ll be on my best behave
The whole weekend through
I met her through Cowboy Date
The internet is cool
This solo buckaroo
Don’t intend to be single for long
This is our fourth rendezvous
I’m not usually wrong
I got a new Stetson hat
Took my spurs off
There’s a spring in my gait
I look like George Strait
In my fresh-pressed cowboy shirt
I even got some cologne on
Now, that’s a first
I could go on and on
I told my Mom she’s the one
I’ll tell my gal tonight
We’ll ride off into the sunset together
Assuming everything goes all right
As the old music plays in our quiet room,
I looked at your eyes and hugged you tighter.
We started to dance in that perfect night,
How I wished that moment to last forever.
Morgan Mercury Sep 2013
The first time I saw you it was in math class.
I didn't notice anything about you at first I just memorized the back of how your head was.
After all, I had an hour to ****.
The second time I saw you were in English class.
You sat next to me but not by choice.
But I was happy about it.
It took me about four to five weeks to talk to you,
and I wasn't even the one to speak first.
You introduced yourself and then we worked together on an assignment.
It's been two weeks and I haven't said another word and I probably won't out of random.
My anxiety swallows me whole
and I'm sorry I can't even say hello.
But I have had time to notice you.
And let me just say
I'm in love with your taste in music
I'm in love with the way you hold your books
thinking that if you change the sound of your voice when the diagonal changes,
or if you struggle reading words you've never seen before and sit there for a few seconds trying to piece together what they mean.
I love how you can play the mandolin, you should show me sometime.
As I think about these things I also pick up how you would never even think of me.
I mean really,
you probably want some girl that's outgoing and can strum a guitar solo at midnight with you.
You probably want someone with long hair you can intertwine your fingers in,
or someone you can spend an afternoon together after church with.
I can't move mountains
and I can't even speak without looking like a fool,
but even if nothing will ever happen
It would be just as quite exciting being friends with you.
We could trade books and make each other mixtapes.
It hasn't even been a month yet and I'm already writing mediocre poetry about you.
I'm sorry about that by the way.
I'm not asking for a relationship but a friendship with someone like you would feel just the same.
I wrote this in like 20 minutes and I apologize I don't even know
( for Heather )

"Ahhhh what happened to the world we knew..."

All the songs I sing
are celebrating

their 50th

Man that can't be so
seems like only a moment

a lifetime now away.

And that would make me
older than them.

And ******* I
guess I am.

And here's Stevie singing
just a month or more

after the moon landings
and hey

that's 50 years
one giant leap for...

And yeah I look like
the old man I am.

Don't know where
the boy I was went.

Time has gone

Left me here between
nowhere and some where

"...we could feel the wheel
of life turn our way

yester-me yester-you yesterday
yester-me yester-you yesterday

Sing with me

solo te...solo me..solo noi

One more time, yeah

solo te...solo me..solo noi"
50th Anniversary of the moon landing and when in Naples heard Stevie singing it in Italian on a passing car radio. Loved the song from the moment it came out(about 2 months after the historic one giant leap)and hearing it was again stuck in the middle of a Naples torrential downpour. Then in Leicester Square on a surprisingly sunny day( the next day it would pour with rain)we encountered a little busking band in German get-up  and a Sousaphone player delighting us with Stevie's Sir Duke and yes Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday. Sometimes the past wraps you up in its warmth and puts an imaginary arm around your shoulder.

All the way from the boy Wonder himself from his MY CHERIE AMOUR album. "Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday" was written by Ron Miller and Bryan Wells. At that time, it was Wonder's biggest UK hit.

Stevie was going through some vocal problems and was required to wait before recording a song. Due to this, instead of making Wonder record new ones, they decided to release songs that he had recorded years earlier, and this song was one of them (it was recorded two years earlier).


What happened to the world we knew
when we would dream and scheme and while the time away
I have a dream, so did you
Life was warms, love was true
Two kids who followed all the rules, yester-fools
and now, now it seems those yester-dreams were just a cruel
and foolish game we used to play
yester-me, yester-you, yesterday
Where did it go, that yester-glow
When we could feel the wheel of life turn our way
Yester-me, yester-you, yester-day
When I recall what we had
I feel lost, I feel sad
With nothing but the mem'ry of yester-love
and now now it seems those yester-dreams were just a cruel
and foolish game we used to play
yester-me, yester-you, yester-day

And it Italiano...SOLO TE, SOLO ME, SOLO NOI

Solo te, solo me, solo noi
Solo te,
solo me,
solo noi

Ricordo che,
due giorni fa,
con te ** scoperto una grande verità

Solo te,
solo me,
solo noi

Parole che,
sai dire tu
con un sorriso dai profondi occhi tuoi

Solo te,
solo me,
solo noi

Intorno a noi,
la città non c'è più,
non c'è più
e m'è rimasto solo quello
che noi viviamo
Da quando tu
quando tu
sei qui con me
la nostra vita, sì, è bella così

Solo te,
solo me,
solo noi.


Only you, only me, only us
Only you
Only me
Only us

I recall how
Two days ago
I discovered a splendid truth with you

Only you
Only me
Only us

Words that
You know [well] how to tell
with a smile from the depths of your eyes

Only you
Only me
Only us

Around us
the city is no more
is no more
and I'm left with only
with what we're living
Ever since you
since you
have been by my side
our life, yes, like that is beautiful

Only you
only me
only us
Äŧül Apr 2015
Till Few Months Of Reaching Back,
I Kept Seeing Her Images All Over,
It Drove Me Crazy, Her Presence...

Taking Time Out To Search Her Out,
I Went For The Mountainous Path,
It May Cease I Hope These Dreams.

The Horse Made Me Look A Knight,
I Set Out Solo For The Dark Creeks,
It Helped Me Realize My Solo Aim...

Then She Came Into My View Again,
I Was Prepared For Tackling My Illusion,
It Started Snowing Out Of Nowhere.

Took Me To A Safer Place She Then,
I Was Bewildered Again Once More,
It Was Clearing But She Vanished...

Then On My Way I Stopped To Rest,
I Looked Around For A Place To Sit,
It Came To My View A Huge Tavern.

Tavern On A Mountain Was Weird,
I Still Went To It Hoping Some Rest,
It Had Appeared Out Of Nowhere...
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My HP Poem #839
©Atul Kaushal
Chicken Jan 30
Nothin’ gets me out of my seat, more than You
and Your piano.

Your blackbird voice,
full with sorrow.
Deepak K B Jun 2018
He gives his heart a shake,
And laughs until his belly aches.
The only other sound’s the break,
Of distant trees and birds awake.

_Deepak K B
Stressed ?, Tensed ?, Frustrated in a blow ?,
Go to desert, beach, hill or a mountain of snow,
Sure, plan a trip, better make it solo.
Be free, feel the thrill, fear, love as you go.
Travel to unknowns, meet strangers say hello.

Feeling hurt?,
Stretch a desert,
Feel the sand,
Slipping through your hand,
Realise everything isn't in your control
A camel safari make it a goal.
Experience the culture, mix with locals
to rediscover yourself.

Are you in pain?
Head to mountains,
Altitude will test you in every way,
Your petty issues will go stray,
Try trekking, feel the snow,
Chilly breeze upland it blow,
Challenge your limits.
Trivial issues but mighty mountains digits.

When in doubt,
A beach you scout,
Feel the tropical sun,
Respect the relentless sea overrun,
You surf, sail and try the ****** fun.

Go beyond, challenge your limits,
Experience the miracles of nature,
Subside your pain, let stress be a bygone,
Rediscover yourself in the far unknown.
Many of us are going through unimaginable hard times,
But ugly truth about life is, it goes on.
I see traveling and going to unknowns as a remedy to the pain and frustration. This way one can rediscover himself and find meaning to life.
Morgan Mercury Oct 2014
I never thought I would fall for you twice,
but here I am writing this poem.
I'm just a dandelion lost in this greenhouse
surrounded by these blooming beauties.
But hoping, hopefully
you would make a wish out of me.
You've got this look that makes me crave adventure.
You've got mountains in your eyes
and the northern wind in your soul.
I can't remember the last thing you said to me
and that's okay.
We never talked much thanks to my anxiety.
I'm not too far but my words have failed me so many moons
how am I suppose to talk to you?
You've got your future gripped tight by the wrist
and my hands are lost in all this space.
Maybe sometime in the years to come, I'll discover your footprints
and remember my high school crush all over again.
I'll stop and think if you're out in California making coffee for people,
like I overheard you say you wanted to do in math class that one time,
or strumming a guitar solo on stage somewhere in the city.
I just hope wherever you find yourself in time to come you're happy and smiling brighter than the stars.
I know not much will happen in these last eight months we have together,
but I want to thank you for the day you introduced yourself to me because you knew no one else in the class.
I know I'm just a dandelion in this great big greenhouse,
but I'm just really happy that you noticed me.
Hus J Mar 21
Lately keeping my desire at bay.
Reminding myself on and off to accept what reality has to offer.
Do not try to seek out the unknowns.
Please keep the minds off the wild
Stay where you are
Here's beautiful as well.

Seeking for next thrill
Quietly, calmly, patiently
Am obedient as the the description goes

Yet thoughts mercilessly tilting toward the windows
Just like old days, being ignorant of classroom boards

What's wrong?

The sun is hurting, couldn't worship for  long
So bright, eyes barely follow the views
That's alright.
Not wanting to be moon just waiting for the shines

Well fed with greed, to be onboard in repeat cycle
Most willing to settle with current flows
Even though slightly insane, I thought.
making love with no love
(kissed her with his freedom)


a new person in an overnight stay in a strange,
aptly named,
bed and breakfast


you do all the same things that just feel good, careless loving
that comes from practiced renewable remembering,
kiss her neck for hours, drink in her crescendoing cooing

rename her Appalachia, bemused, wondering why,
she gasp-asks, when your tongue traces her odyssey body
from her Georgia to her Maine, then no need to explain

it all feels familiarly strange, imbalanced, shaky, loving the thrill
of your first solo bike ride, an invisible hand letting go,
the wow of walking the line of new freedom and
old responsibility that you have walked on both coasts

carry on, love is coming to us all lyric, enacted-recalled,
loving yet another
long cool woman in a black dress with unquestioning

how to explain to her, how to yourself, loving with no loving,
and the best you can stammer is it is like writing a poem
with too many commas or none at all

she laughs you up with one mouth lingering,
then one amazing kiss on your heart
and nose,
grabs a piece of toast and gone girl,
then you are returned to alone, to the dreams that
may or may not have occurred and two hands overflowing with
too many commas
and none to keep

11-18–17 2:54am, somewhere
“kissed her with his freedom”
Cactus Tree by J. Mitchell
11/18/17 2:54am
The Anybodies Jul 2015
Esperar... ¿Cuánto?

¿A veces no has pensado que mis palabras son como cuchillos atravesando tu alma?
Porque no piensas que el tiempo no es cura para el dolor, menos remedio para el rechazo.
Es como susurrar contra tu propia sombra, qué tan solo te sientes.
Es a veces llenar el dolor con una falsa sonrisa, como gritar en un lugar donde nadie te escucha y estar solo para que nadie entienda cuánto sufres.

                                                        ­                 - Bryan Fuentes
in the bluest of skies
float both moon and sun
with a graceful gull
sailing the winds
in-between them

ღ ღ ღ

the crows fly low
in a ******
preferring an
obstacle course
of trees to the
peace of
the heavens

ღ ღ ღ

today, i'd like
to make a choice
and push past the
point of no return

today, i'd like
to soar as that gull
leaving the crows
to their frenzied pace
of smokestacks
and billboards
and chain-link fences

ღ ღ ღ

the sacrifice of
loneliness doesn't
intimidate me

the sole fear
holding me back
is what reception
those pitiless crows
might prepare
if ever my wings tired
and i had to drift down
fading currents, gently,
back to the earth...

ღ ღ ღ

crows always have
this hungry look
in their dark eyes
Wow, that turned surprisingly darker than my initial intention, and surprisingly quickly, too, haha. I had images of those once must plastered on any free piece of wall space on countless HR office walls, and others, the dreaded and ultimately meme-snuffed-out motivational posters.

blaze foley (was the **** BTW) - clay pigeons
CK Baker Aug 2017
the banners are blowing steady
(fully extended in the hot august wind)
contemporary in style
tightly trimmed
and all gloriously dressed
in the latest colors and hues
it’s a fleeting distraction though
as the caskets
and children
and grieving widows
are rolled steadily across
the burning tarmac

it’s the beginning
of that inevitable
two part proceeding
a skotoma for the ages
delusionary in nature
rich in grays
and eerily reminiscent
of that foreign reign
clipped in silence
with dark roots of fear
set deep in the bowels
of a chapter
of unimaginable sin

indifference as pronounced
as the accompanying salutes
haphazard sentiments that are
cloaked in the horror
of endless
aborted days
forgotten buggies
and bunkers
and rat packs
how could the switch
be set so wrong?

it’s truly an illusion
(this way of the world)
simple indulgence can grow
so beastly and consuming
try telling the tale to the
tibetan monks
or broad peak sherpas
(those boys know how to get it done!)
how to bask in
the ice cold waters
how to savor
the lava hot falls
couldn’t the others
have figured this one out?

the flags have settled
at half mass
and are tinted
in a charred yellow brown
the lifeless dreams
and inspirations now
in the rear view
leif running solo
(exempt of his trusted gunners)
ready for the numbered lines
his eyes open
to the ever changing
enemy at hand
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
I’ve been moving to the same song for so long,
I’ve forgotten how to make my own melody.
Singing only cover songs that I’ve heard along the way,
trying to find my own voice again.

I found myself moving to a different sound;
one of joy, of newness and sweetness of life.
Music that has been fighting to be released, exploding now into song.
For a time I was singing in perfect harmony with the voice of angels.

Your music was your own, doomed to repetition,
stuck behind an immobile wall of fear.
Caught up in youth and crisis.
You left heaven behind, free falling into another.

Looking for harmony in others, our duet became my solo,
making our song incomplete,
sounding more like a dirge than dance.
Once, one of beauty, I now weep at the sound.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
Wk kortas Nov 2017
Three days, is what the HR rep said, somewhat sheepishly,
As if she was fully aware that boxing up one’s grief
In a span of a few dozen hours
Is a matter of wishful thinking
And certainly she sympathizes
(Indeed, as she speaks,
She spreads her hands in such a way
As you half expect doves to come forth in full flight)
Empathy being their stock in trade,
But the law and the handbook say three days,
And then you need to have your head
******* back on and looking forward.

Eventually, the mail brings fewer envelopes
Marked with embossed flowers
And subdued and tasteful stamps,
The usual flow of solicitous inquiries,
Pre-stamped and pre-sorted,
Inquiring as to your credit needs,
The condition of your windows and siding,
Resumes apace, and more than once,
In fits of inappropriate black humor and frustration,
You scribble, in bold thick strokes of a marker,
The addressee no longer resides at this location.

You return to nine-to-five,
Though your ghosts keep their own hours,
Stopping by to visit on their own schedule alone,
Prompted by the tiniest of things:
The dog scampering to its feet in a hurry,
As if someone was at the door,
The discovery of a long-unused pitching wedge
Standing expectantly in the back of the closet,
A song from long ago which was beloved
When you lived in the pairing mandated by Noah
Before you entered the shadow world of ones and nones.
Sometimes you give into the giddy madness,
And rise to waltz around the room,
Careening about unsteadily, clumsily
As you have yet to completely master
The difference in weight shift and distribution
That is required of a solo act.
The timing of these visitations
Often disrupts your schedule and sleep patterns,
And you think that perhaps tomorrow you’ll call in.
M Suárez Jan 2012
Piensas en el ayer
El ayer en diamante
Lágrimas de oro
Anhelos de piedras preciosas
La voz diurna
Las miradas suicidas
El olor centelleante
El tacto preciso
El gusto con la lengua seca
Y crees que fue una pesadilla
Un amargo café al que olvidaste,
- sin querer - ponerle azúcar
Un olor a quemado,
de una fuente imprecisa,
pero cercana.
Los dedos entumecidos,
de tanto cansancio.
La vista nublada, perenne, constante
sin significado alguno.
La garganta irritada, rasposa,
de no ahorrar las palabras.
Eres un espejismo para tus ojos
No existes
Solo piensas que tal vez
Una vez más
¡Gracias a Héctor por ayudarme con el título!
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