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Ronald J Chapman Nov 2014
Drunk on Soju again,
Trying to forget your voice,

I said I was happy just talking to you,
And hear your voice once more,

I kept my feelings locked up inside,

When I'm with you, I am always laughing and smiling,

But, one by one the echoes of your voice began to disappear,

Drunk on Soju again,
Trying to forget your voice,

I said I was happy just talking to you,
And hear your voice once more,

Like a fool,
I kept my feelings for you locked up inside,

I spent an eternity waiting to tell you,
I love you!

You are gone,
Drunk on Soju again,
Trying to forget your voice,

Now I only hear your voice in my glass of Soju.

© 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
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Ronald J Chapman Jan 2015
Out the window I see;

A crescent moon,
Beautiful lights,
A painting of the place, they call a miracle,

I raise a glass of soju, to drink to you,

Crying for my lost love,
A love that has flown to Heaven above,

I take a sip of soju,
Wondering why my love has not flown away with you,

I only long to hear you laugh,
I only long to see you dance,
I only long to hear you say, “Have a nice day. I love you.”

Taking a drink of soju, wishing you were here with me,
In this place, they call a miracle,

My tears are flying into, my glass of soju for you.

Copyright 2015 © Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
National Liberation Day Of Korea

Freedom means August 15, 1945.
Koreans celebrate their day of liberation.

Freedom is like a Magpie,
Flying in the morning sky,
Above the ancient palaces of Seoul,

Freedom is like the Rose of Sharon,
Growing in "The land of morning calm."

Freedom is like a river named Han,

Freedom means flying the Taegeukgi.
Outside and high!

Freedom is Lively,
Freedom is President Moon Jae-in
President of South Korea,

Freedom is vibrant!
Freedom is festivals,

Freedom is unhindered!
Freedom is a Buddhist monk,

Freedom is unbound!
Freedom is tasty Kimchi,
Deoksugung Palace!

Freedom is lively parties,
Freedom is dancing,
The greatest Palaces of Seoul!

Freedom is treasured!

Freedom is a green bottle,

Freedom is Arirang!
Korea's song,
A gift to the world from Korea,

Freedom is Queen Min; Still remembered,
Resting under a cherry blossom tree,

Freedom is Seoul!
A wonder to be seen on the Han River!

Freedom is luminous,
Busan Nightlife,
Changdeokgung Palace!

Freedom is unchained!
Freedom is sports,

Freedom is escape!
Freedom is honor!
Battle of Inchon!

Freedom is rising in the sky,
One of the most dynamic cities,

Freedom is no longer
Freedom is camping,

Freedom is priceless!
Freedom is one's honor!
Deoksugung Palace!

Freedom is treasured!
Freedom is the miracle,

Freedom is food,
Freedom is Kimchi,

Freedom is hopeful,
Freedom is Yu Gwan-sun!
Long live Korean independence!

Freedom is a Buddhist monk writing,
Freedom is thinking about your dreams,
Not looking behind your back!

Freedom is a child going to school,
Freedom is ultra-modern,

Freedom is escape!
Freedom is music,

Freedom is Arirang playing,
Freedom is essential,
White Day!

Freedom, people, shining in the sun,
Freedom is loved,
Yuna Kim!

Freedom is essential,
Freedom is "The March 1st Movement",
Yu Gwan-sun!

Freedom is shopping,
Freedom is walking our dogs,

Freedom is writing what you think,
Freedom is Sejong the Great!,

Freedom is bringing your dreams into the world,
Freedom is poetry,
Yun ****-ju!

Freedom is traditions,
Freedom is wearing Hanbok.

Freedom is being empowered!

Freedom is.
Freedom is.
Freedom is.

A United Korea!!!

Copyright © 2013 - 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Learn Korean Holidays - National Liberation Day
with English Subtitles
Ronald J Chapman Mar 2015
A field with one thousand roses,

I only see one white flowering rose,

Obsession is only one white rose,
Obsession is only seeing you,

Blind to all others,

Using soju,
I create a mist,
That only surrounds you,
This, obsession with one white rose,
Is an impossible thing,
Sun shining through the mist,
Reflecting your love out to me,

But I can not see your face,
The sun is too bright,

Still I see a lovely white rose through the mist,

I want to grab hold,

But your thorns are too sharp,

How can I suffer knowing you exist, in the midst of my dreams,


I will never be able to touch you,

Why am I obsessed with a single white flower?
When fate has sent to me a gift of 999 red roses?

Copyright 2015 © Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved
Love and obsession Korean drama OST
Sam Conrad Dec 2013
I know what I'm going to do
About two and a half years from now
I'm going to order a case of Soju

Maybe two cases
One Jinro and one Lotte
Just to switch things up

Tastes similar to Purell
Strong stuff, burns your nose
Two bottles will knock you out

Same stuff my mom drank
When she locked my brother
In the ******* bathroom

Same stuff my aunts drank
When they kicked me as
I hid under a blanket

Same stuff I sneaked shots of
A few years ago, when my mom
Was depressed and decided to drink again
Cheers to --
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
Sa-rang had always loved Seoul. Her dreams with crowds, around the Han River day and night. It was a place where she felt delighted and safe.
She was a popular, courageous, soju drinker with charming dark eyes and beautiful pink lips. Her friends saw her as a lovely, quiet hero. Once, she even gave a cup of milk to a lost kitten. That's the sort of woman she was.
Sa-rang walked over to the window and reflected on the colorful lights of her surroundings. The moon shined like a spotlight searching for someone.
Then she saw something in the distance. Or rather someone. It was the figure of Ron. He was a daring king from a far off land with blond hair and vast shoulders looking at the water.
Sa-rang gulped. She was not prepared for Ron.
As Sa-rang stepped outside, and Ron came closer, she could see the substantial glint in his blue eyes.
Ron gazed with the affection of 10,000 kittens. He said, in quiet tones, "I love you, and I want love."
Sa-rang looked back, even more surprised and still looking at the enchanted book. "Ron, please stay until the day I die," she replied.
They looked at each other with pleasant smiles. Feelings of love, like two teens, dancing at a very friendly K-POP Concert, which had piano music playing in the background and two admirable young women dancing to the beat.
Sa-rang regarded Ron's blond hair and vast shoulders. "I feel the same way!" revealed Sa-rang with a delighted grin.
Ron looked nervous, his emotions blushing like a red rose he wished he had.
Then Ron came inside for a nice drink of soju.

(C) 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Chase Graham Sep 2014
This **** could be a lot easier
if I wasn't so dusty
or if my aspiration hasn't been disposed
or exposed. 'Thought you'd like to know.
I'm failing math again."
And my game is still obviously whack,
Anyway I got you to come over.
So, with a pretty girl now and drinking kombucha,
all these Facebook friends
I didn't think I'd have to see again.
Beckon me with a tight fist.
Refresh the laptop and let the afterglow echo
back and drift,
over a nose and fascinating lips.
"You know the bars here don't close till very late."
Everything I love will probably crumble
into a glass of soju. Vices
and the soul undressed
and the fish market's funk clings and holds tightly
onto another's thin grey hoodie.
"What do you do?"
Hobbies among other things include googling
or maybe just oogling at an Incheon passerby.
"Seoul tonight is almost as bright as you."
Nevermore Jul 2014
I would have loved to teach you
Chinese chess
And Muay Thai
Or even Brazilian Jiujitsu
Staining the mats
With sweat and stolen caresses
A serious session
That just might transition
From full guard
To full-on French kissing.

We could have watched Oldboy again
Together this time,
Or Glengarry Glen Ross,
My favorite movie.
And you could have shown me
A film major's favorite movies.

We could have tried the tacos
In Chupacabra,
The salmon sashimi in Sugi
(Their fresh sea urchin is the bomb, by the way).
I could even have cooked for you.
My vichyssoise isn't bad.
And you do love potatoes more than your own family.

Kayaking in the south,
Roadtripping all the way north,
Visited the stone houses and the honest folk
Of the northernmost islands.

Held contests
To see who could drink who under the table.
Your weakness is beer,
Mine is soju.
Could have seen who could hold whiskey better. 

I was dead serious too
When I said I was serious
About taking you
To the West Indies and North Africa
For that pilgrimage of yours.

I was prepared to hear what you had to say
About the things you see
The spirits calling to you
The dead dancing like wisps at dusk
Demons chasing you;
Skeptic or not,
I never would have minded you waking me up at 4 AM
To tell me about your latest vision.

Run cigarette companies out of business
Introduced you to my friends and my family
Listened to you sing and
Allowed awe to seize me again and again
Written a hundred poems in praise
And read your requital ones.

Kissed under the stars,
Talked in the dark
On the sand
Until 3 AM,
Exchanging yawns and hugs,
Bumming smokes off of each other
And greeting the sunrise
With a bottle of local moonshine
Bought from the fisherfolk.

Taken you shooting
9mm, .45, even 12 gauge.
Entwine my arms around you
Whisper in your ear
Inhale the cordite in the air and the smell of your skin
Teaching you shot placement
That you're pulling the trigger wrong
And hold your breath a bit and don't flinch.

Played Skyrim and CoD all night long
Yelled ******* at each other
While kicking *** on Tekken
And swapping spit in between rounds.

Made friends with your beagle
And discussed a life together
A dog, a cat, maybe no kids.
Just one, if ever.
Argued over names for the kid.

We had a real connection, too,
But, oh well,
How was I supposed to know
That you were just looking for cheap thrills
For transient pleasure
That the 'connection' was probably just one-way?
Maybe I'm just stupid.

I'll just have to find someone else
To do these things with.
Someone better, smarter, funnier,
But none of your legion of issues
The truckloads of your problems.

Have a nice day.
SWB Aug 2012
In the freshly seared hours of the morning
there's a hot, bothered growling
coming from beyond
the rose-studded chipping fence posts,
sick with the stench of stained mattresses
and mounds of cage-less garbage-
tossed *****-nilly
into a smoldering, contorted
**** of stacks.

in this spot of dawn
-in today's un-showered
moist enclave-
I find, syncopated
by the vrooooming scooters
and gassy buses,
a fresh hope diffusing faster
than the steam from drains,
-subtler than the soft soju snores
of last night's  curb cuddlers-
slinking up, down, around convenient stores' corners
past every security camera,
bouncing off rib cages,
tickling the barbules of  the songbird
perched in my utility wires
in a nest neater than my bed.
This is summer, Korea.
This is Korea in the summer.
it was
all too easy,
forgetting your name,
tasting the starlight tucked
behind someone else's
wisdom teeth,
our soju-laced smiles
crashing at 90mph
and the memory of you
in the headlights and wreckage,
our 2am laughter
echoing in your bones
from 5654 miles away,
my hands knowing
the age-old roads
that led to brand new places,
and the faded map of you
folded and kept hastily
in my back pocket.

*(I was far too proud
to ask for directions
to come home)
Ronald J Chapman Feb 2016
Miss Goodbye!

Loving you is like peeling a cold onion,
Your face reminds me of dark kitty cat,
Always crying, "meow."
Together, we are like soju and mint chewing gum.

My dark hot pepper,
Why do you cry so much?
The perfect companion to a curry Soul.
I can not cry with you anymore,

Sunsets turn black,
Clouds turn gray,
I love to watch the sunrise each day,
I can't stay,

Oh! my sad kitty,
Your eyes are like tears filling empty glasses with soju,
On a winter's day,
I don't know what to say?

Your dark Kitty cat face,
Your honey Soul,
With tears always in your eyes,
I've run out of empty glasses to fill,

I can't stay.

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Song Ji Eun - False Hope MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
If I should Disappear,
Look far to the East.
You will see my spirit,
From a wondrous place.

A house full of glowing lights.
A place of delicious food.
The place where the young party!

All I see are green bottles of Soju.

Reality is a staircase leading nowhere.
Life, full of problems, is hard!
I work every day.
Korea is so far away!
My soul on fire and everlasting pain!
Korea someday!
Even if my ashes on a jet plane.

© 2013 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Landing at Seoul Incheon Airport

Seoul Korea
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
A dream is a sunny Korean Green Day.
Enduring loves, like a firm hand.
Singles like soju.
Where is the intense girl?
Crying tears quietly alone!

Drowning sorrows
With little green bottles,
Never love a tear.
Kiss seldom like a cold holiday.
The small girl nowhere views the drunk in the mirror.

Couples walk tender romantic, holding hands.
Adoring green clothes,
Trees rise.
Nature kisses like a boundless delicious boy.
Trees are eagerly awaiting a firm stunning, pure love!

The eager mountain patiently desires the girl and boy.
Kiss calmly like an enduring, unwavering blissful wind.
Couples fall roughly like a hot misty Korean day.
Ooh, love!

Copyright © Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
August 14th – Korean Green Day Lovers Holiday
Couples are supposed to dress in green, and walk outside in the woods. Singles would drink a (green) bottle of soju to console themselves.
Chase Graham Nov 2014
With looping hillside vendors
and red-light beams stalking the
cigarette smoke clouds, clinging
behind business men mobs (of 4 or 5)

and fracturing wildly from green-glass
bottles of soju and the girls
(oh the girls) who guard and call
out from dark thresholds with only
a spotlight of pink neon from

(***, Trans Cafe, Eat Me)
the signs from above. And the glass
walls separating the men
from the girls and the short skirts
(plaid like schoolgirls) beckoning,

silent and alone, sitting on stools
(one leg over another) paid at the bars
for two drinks (and 250,000 Won)
usually by Americans, bored and trapped,

stranded (at Yongsun Army Garrison)
they venture Incheon at dark,
with sad eyes and lust, (trading paychecks
for hand jobs) guilty and delaying,
waiting for a three year tour (of
what feels like a lifetime) in Seoul
to end.
SWB Jul 2012
The florescent window starts to tear
as unaware patrons laugh at what's not,
this curious artist tries not to stare.

Commotion and soju leave no room to care;
hard laughter claims faces and leaves them red hot.
The florescent window starts to tear.

There's a booth full of groping; revelry's shared.
A landfill of lonely unslurped shots.
This curious artist tries not to stare.

Fat tangible energy filling the air,
this hand girps the pen with all it's got.
The florescent window starts to tear.

Now they're howling and growling and shooting off flares-
not even the S.W.A.T.  team could make them stop.
This curious artist tries not to stare.

Now every wall's shedding its scales 'till they're bare,
while people are drooping and turning to slop.
The florescent window starts to tear.
This curious artist tries not to stare.
Ronald J Chapman Jun 2016
Many decades past,
Years older,
Life colder,

Oceans apart,
Unable to feel your beating heart,

Memories strung together, unraveling,
Keep seeing your outline in my visions,
Difficulty remembering our passion,

Hard rainy night,
Thundering memories,
Drunk! Seeing our dreams floating away,
In a green bottle of soju,

Still hearing your laugh,
Visions of your smile in flashes of lightning,
There is no need to be sad,

Still seeing visions of your bright smile,
Every morning in every glowing sunrise.

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Song for a stormy night
SWB Nov 2012
Try to hear
If you're ok-
"Yah! already told you."
Ronald J Chapman Mar 2015
Tonight I will dream of your magical city lights and,
Tigers everywhere. That far away place where you live,

Listening to echoes of ocean waves and your Jeju music,
I long to sip from your charming glass filled with Soju,

In my dreams;

I fly on the exquisite silver winged magpie,
Witnessing -- skimming over vast continents, oceans and seas,
Of sparkling waves of my happy tears;

The depths of all the seas of the world,
Shall never separate our shining love again,
As this growing love, brings our Souls together from afar,

In the twilight, we feast on chocolate-coated Jolly pong,
With tender chocolate kisses of love,

Adorned in white silk robes, we pluck our loud love chimes from our hearts,

I touch your cheek,
Like magic, your charm appears,
Warming my heart,
You grab hold;
Place your head against my chest,
Listening to the music of my beating heart,

Our Souls melt into one song,

You will always be my adorable Korean princess,
The kindest Soul of my growing eye of love.

Copyright 2015 © Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved
"White Valentine Trailer" MV

Complete song "Once Upon A Dream - Jekyll And Hyde"
Ronald J Chapman Nov 2016
When you were taken from me,
On the cold spring day.
I began painting with a brush dipped in words.

Cherry blossoms blooming,
Sound of the gayageum,
A haegeum crying.

Promises made,
Promises kept,
Promises were forgotten.

Drinking soju,
Driving away sorrowful spirits.

Painting words with love,
Painting words with loss,
Painting  words with tears,
Painting words with hope!

Complicated life,
Sorrowful days,
Half a lifetime past,

Looking at Heaven,
Asking why?

Getting drunk,
Can't forget our dreams,
Living years without love,

Wishing to return to Heaven and you,
My beloved.

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Davichi - Don't Go Don't Go Live [Eng. Sub]
Ronald J Chapman Nov 2014
For a thousand times.
I put on a happy kind of face. But
I travel on in life as a lonely Angel,
I like tasting wine and walking the dogs.

I contemplate thousands of times past.
But when I start to think,
My mind turns straight to forever.

Seeing my reflections in a wavy river,
I look into my eyes,
I think about forever with a smile.

But I think it's the next thousand hours that will make
my life worthwhile.

Why is it so hard for me to decide which I love more?
A thousand days or forever?

I like to use words like 'food and 'travel'.
I like to use words like 'charity' and loyalty'.

But when I stop my talking,
I daydream about forever.

I like to hang out with tequila and soju.
But when left alone,
My mind thinks of forever.

Why is it so hard for me to decide which I love more?
A thousand Days, or

© Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Ricia Sep 2017
When we broke, You told me that me that although you're the last person I should be hearing this from, I should be rational even during my saddest times. It was as though you knew I'd harm myself when the pain overwhelmed me.

No love, I'm not suicidal- we both said it before. I won't **** myself over something like this just as how I know you won't. the physical will survive.

But what you don't know is that the internal has died. It first died when we broke, it died the second time when we talked and laughed and our smiles faded when we realised that the time to part was coming as we saw the sun rise. It died a third time when I cried and for the first time- you didn't hold me, Nor apologise. And it died a thousand times over when you let me walk away.
Ronald J Chapman Jul 2016
I feel sorrowful,
Darkness makes me ill,
I feel miserable, depressed,
My heart is drenched in soju tears.

Hunger rips at my foundations,
I feel tired,
Anger is dragging me down to the depths of misery,
I want to die!

Is it because of being alone for so long?
With the blue rays of despair, raining down on my Soul?
Or am I lost in a tale of Hwang Jini, adrift far from my home,
A foreigner missing his Seoul,
I don't know?

Kyung Mi, I miss you, my wife,
Kyung Mi I miss you, my love,
Kyung Mi I miss you my best friend,
I was getting better but then,
Thoughts of never seeing Kyung Mi broke my heart again,

I feel brokenhearted,
Cold nights chill the flesh on my empty hands,
I feel downcast,
An outcast, living far from home, Missing his Seoul,
Feeling crushed my only purpose.

I feel miserable,
Death is doing its best to take my Soul,
I want this to end!

Is it because of being alone that I feel this way?
With the blue rays of despair, drenching my heart?
Am I lost in a story of Hwang Jini, adrift far from home and alone,
I don't know?

Kyung Mi missing my one true love,
Kyung Mi missing your beauty,
Oh God, Kyung Mi missing your kindness,
I was getting better but then memories of you,
Thoughts of never seeing Kyung Mi broke my heart again,

Oh! God! Take me back home.

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
49 Days ~ Tears Are Falling (eng/rom sub)
Ronald J Chapman Mar 2016
I've forgotten who I am,
Afraid of the days to come,

Memories drowning in a glass of soju,
Memories hiding in long shadows,
Crying out, telling me who I am,

Not listening,

I've forgotten who I am,
All the ghosts have disappeared,

The cold wind blows through the night,
Yet! I can't breathe, but still only yawn,

Afraid of the days to come,
With only a glass, filled with tears and lost memories.

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
[ENG SUB] EXO 90:2014 Xiumin Remake MV "A Glass of Soju"
crystallaiz Nov 2014
It's been, what, 5 years?

The 1st year, I hid in my room
with depression devouring me

The 2nd year, I broke so many phones
trying to reach you, but you never picked up

The 3rd year, I started pretending you never left
I beat up anyone who tried to convince me otherwise

The 4th year, and I thought learning you would bring you back
Midnights had me studying Chinese, and I didn't care if I got heartburn
eating the spicy tofu you liked so much when you were here

The 5th year, I kind of realised you weren't coming back

But then, somewhere around autumn, you called and with that
horribly familiar accented Korean, you asked to meet.
I should have said no, shouted in your ear, swore at you with all the curses I used to teach you, slammed the phone on you.
I should have done all of those things,
but I didn't.

"So how's it been all these years?"
This is going all wrong, I shouldn't look so excited
I shouldn't be smiling like I'm looking at my favourite person in the world
And you make it sound so simple. "I'm great, thanks."
I guess you'll never know about the hunger strikes,
or the crying,
or the self-harm.

Now everything's falling into place.
We talk and laugh over soju,
and we watch variety shows with me in them,
and dramas and movies with you in them,
and it's like you never left.
Only I can't quite erase the 5 years,
but it seems as if you already have.
It's okay, I don't mind.
(actually, *******)
I love you.
I cried a bit writing this... This isn't my story, just written for a very confusing and complicated relationship that I'll never know or understand fully between two unreachable people. (you got that right, they're idols, and this is a mindless rant by an overemotional fangirl)
Subin Jun 2018
The overcast skies reveal a cluster of cumulonimbus clouds,
a day so dreary and dark that it conjures the idea of fleeing
-- escaping into mindless memories of better times,
sitting in the grass field next to the Markthal in Rotterdam,
opening another bottle of soju in a murky downstairs Seoul bar,
a bar where more than once her feet had buckled under the weight
of one too many drinks, stairs lopsided and wobbly as her steps,
getting stuck in traffic on the way back to the airport of Kuala Lumpur,
tears on her cheeks streaked parallel lines, etched into her make-up
as if a part of her, dripping down into her lap where her fists
were balled up, clenched tight and shaking from the pressure,
visiting Singapore’s Supertree Grove in a one-day trip,
traveling back to Europe, now in Berlin, next day in Prague,
where the standout memory is one too many shots of Becherovka.
Back home it is ten degrees and rain is slowly drizzling down,
the streets are covered with a reflective surface, a mirror
she does not want in front of her, a confrontation she does not want
She left Carcassonne’s castle behind alone, retraces the steps
as if the outcome could still be changed, a mindless mind game
When the sky clears clear contrasts are formed
her escapism has escaped and she is like an esclave to her thoughts.
She travels through all her travels but no what ifs are left to be explored
Tomorrow the weather turns again and so will her memories,
an endless labyrinth she has not yet found an exit to.
Ronald J Chapman Jun 2018
Another night has come,
Standing here beneath heaven's stars,
Drunk, loving a green bottle of Soju,

Missing you, looking at sister moon,
Losing you my, only love,

That day,
You were taken away from me,
Tears filled my eyes with pain,

Calling out to God,
Did you take her from me?

I still think of you,
Every day,
Such a long time missing you; spending  days in pain,

I can't think of anyone else but you; My love,

My Angel in Heaven,
I miss you.

It hurts so much,
I have not found anyone else,
To love me like you,

Thinking of ways to,
Turn back time,
To change that day, you were taken from me.

Remembering you every day,
Praying to God to hold your Soul in Heaven one day.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Soundcloud text to speech poetry recitation
B E Ragland Mar 2020
The days are becoming too many bricks
through one window
or too much hornet soju before hitting
the next noodle spot.

Old news like the petrichor.

The walls are screaming "pick up the pen"
like it's so simple to not sip the sickness
out of this distance and call it a friend.

Mentally melting,
sell it quick,
sell it quicker.
The market's on nose-dive.

Stuck and helpless but on a slow climb
to mindful of what "self-as-center" gets.

I guess this isnt idleness...
dove Dec 2019
“residents only”
you opened a gate to
an apartment complex
one bottle of soju
you and me
i drank most of it though
the sky is getting darker
i need to leave
but i stay a bit longer
bottle almost empty
you said i was cute
you were smiling at me
the sight of my drunk ***
singing and dancing
im sweetly spinning around
Jiali Jan 19
i think maybe i'll write
on soju and beer
and blow cigarette smoke on the page
the words that appear
make me think that i fear
a lifetime in my head
19/01/21 14:48
B E Ragland Jan 11
somehow, slowly sipping soju
through crazy-straws isn't seen
as art.

same goes for cyanide, somehow.

tough crowd.

gold falls from my ceiling
like fake snow on the set
of a ****** sitcom.

— The End —