Emoni Jenkins Oct 2014

I can hear her
Her mesmerizing melodies calling me
Tempting me
I sway to her music
Fill my veins with her voice
And we are one again.

She covers me like a blanket
I can feel the warmth of her love
In my secret places
Its dark inside
And I'm afraid
But she is with me
Holding me
And I am safe.

When she leaves
My soul aches for her embrace
I hunger for her touch
I want to disappear
To leave her as she left me
But her lethal love injections
Are all that I know
And I am weak
And I can hear her
Her mesmerizing melodies calling me
Tempting me
I sway to her music
Fill my veins with her voice
And we are one again.

My lover wants me dead
But I have given her my heart
Sealed our love with a kiss
Till death do us part.

I just picked up nine months sober and that chip is weighing heavy in my pocket.
Jenna Ring Aug 2013

Let me compare you to lava;
leave me with burns.
And your memory,
as quickly as these scars do.

Lindsey Kristine Sep 2015

Dear Crystal Meth,
I loved you
I put so much trust in you
I spent every hour of every day confiding in you
I told you my deepest fears
I let you know how broken i was
and you fucking took advantage of me
You took everything i owned
you stole my family from under me
you robbed me of all my money
We never had a healthy relationship

From the first night i met you
you beat me into a bloody pulp
You made me hate everyone
You turned me into a monster just like you..

You dug your claws into me
You slit my skin with your razors of control
But you just brushed it off and kept destroying me
I tried so many times to leave you
I tried so hard to cut you off
But the attemps just failed

You flooded my mind with thoughts of you
You gave me flashbacks of when we were together
I heard your voice screaming when all i wanted to do was forget about you
You controlled every aspect of my mind
my body
And my life

Then one day i couldnt take it anymore
Your abuse was to muc for me
You had me on my knees begging for a saving grace
I cried
I screamed
I begged god for the light
I wanted to die
I stood on the edge of bridges
I stared at knives and blades
I felt like i couldnt continue with you
and like i definitly count continue without you..

Then one dark august night
God awnsered my prayers
He wrapped his arms around me and rocked me to sleep after so many weeks without closing my eyes
I slept for almost 4 days
Waking only to use the restroom and to shove any food i could find in my face
You slowly left my system

You didnt go peacefully of course
You paniced
You clawed
You begged me not to do this
but i didnt listen

I stayed true to myself
I finally left you...

Things wernt smooth at first
I felt lost
I was confused about everything involving life
I didnt know who i was
I thought i would for sure go running back to you
But i gave it time

I pushed through the hot and cold flashes
Ignored the hallucinations and the fevers
It was pure hell on earth
But the torture was worth every second because leaving you was the best decition i have ever made for myself

Tomarrow is 30 days free from your shackles
Life still is a constant struggle
But honestly
I would not expect any different after breaking free from the cage of satan and into the sunlight of heaven

I now hae so many things to be greatful for
I have a roof over my head
I bed to sleep in thats not jail or a hospital.
I am a cherished member of y family again
I found love unexpectedly with a man who makes me feel like the most beautiful woman on earth
I have my goals and morals back
I see a future for myself
and most of all..
I am thankful i am breathing because you almost killed me

Someone once said
"Dope heads never quit, they only take extended breaks"
Well, i am proud to say i never am allowing you back into my life

So thank you meth
Even though you shattered every part of my soul
I now have a brand new outlook on life
I also never would have asked my now fiance for a ride home if you had never made me so sick i was in the emergency room
I dont regret you
Because i learned so much about myself and life from you

But now i can finally say...
I Fucking hate you and i will never be with you again

One greatful proud, life loving forever ex tweaker <3

My letter to the monster I overcame.
Scot Powers May 2013

I can't stay here tonight
gotta keep runnin'
but there's nowhere to hide
keep gettin' dragged under
urges build deep inside
control is the problem

Wasted all my yesterdays
fortunes lost never regained
took a while for me to see
Sobriety, brought victory

I can't stay here tonight
temptations weaken me
when we unite
the demons take over
lose track of time
nothing else matters

Wasted all my yesterdays
fortunes lost never regained
took awhile for me to see
sobriety brought victory

Well I stayed here tonight
took on all comers
stood tall for the fight
attacked from all corners
beat back the night
standing tall on my own now

Wasted all my yesterdays
fortunes lost never regained
took awhile for me to see
sobriety brought victory

I wrote this a few years back while reflecting upon the lost years to my addiction and recovery from crack cocaine. that is the sobriety, I speak of..

I'm a reformed man
my habit has been cast out
a good woman
showed me how to bring it about

with her understanding ways
she helped me give up the grog
and life is so much better
now that I'm no longer in a grog fog

on the path back to sobriety
her hand guided me
with its never ending
patience and solidity

she is a redemptive angel
in my eyes
she gave me reason
to see a clean sunrise

the grog couldn't stay
in my addled life
cause it had imparted
much too much strife

for the rest of my days
I'll be a reborn man
for a wonderful woman
took hold of my hand

her love and care
showed me how to kick the grog
and she has lead me
out of it's fog

ryn May 2017

Today is knowing
that the night before
was only a feeble attempt
to delude myself
into thinking
that the world spins around
me and my ideals.

Today I know better.
Today I am sober.

J C Lucas Feb 2014

The women drink the tapwater-
even the infants are drunk.

Infamous one Jan 2013

when you drink its all fun and games
till that day when death stares you in the eyes
drinking changes you hurts those around you
the day you change put down the bottle
the world is clear but doesnt make sense
the friends are gone because you guilt them the choice sober living
you call to hang but drinking is all the know
soberiety and alcohol cross paths but have no relation
some cant speak with a drink in their hand
the drink for liquid courage thaey convince you to join the party
you cannot go back because you made a self respecting promise
you could never and wont ever go back
the idea to take a sip might make you life slip into darkness
the world you plan of never living again
chance of change change for the better other ways to enjoy the world
not in a bottle or risking life in one deadly drink

Nicole Ashley Apr 2015

I want drugs
But I like you better sober

I wish I could help him be sober. I wanted to be his drug, but I guess that's what choices are for..
Grim Princess Jun 2013

caught in this
too real of a reality
where I'm forced
to look
in the eye
of my monsters
shake their hand
and say
'nice to see you again'.
salvation is so close
just a little smoke
a little prick
a little sniff
anything to
because I'm suffocated
by my nightmares
and beaten
by my own harsh consciousness
I need a release
something my
too busy brain
can't fight against
for once
so I'm reaching out
for a taste of a monster
bigger than my own
to drag me away

COME swish around, my pretty punk,
And keep me dancing still
That I may stay a sober man
Although I drink my fill.

Sobriety is a jewel
That I do much adore;
And therefore keep me dancing
Though drunkards lie and snore.
O mind your feet, O mind your feet,
Keep dancing like a wave,
And under every dancer
A dead man in his grave.
No ups and downs, my pretty,
A mermaid, not a punk;
A drunkard is a dead man,
And all dead men are drunk.

KM Jones Apr 2014

What are you searching for at the bottom of that bottle?
Any message to be found, I'm sure you swallowed long ago.
I lose sight of you with every shot glass emptied.

-watch as you grasp at the shadows of the charisma upon which you rely.

You commit to the role of comedian perfectly; ironic
Your wit dulled along with your senses.

- like a court jester with no head to lose.

But someone like you should never play the fool.
"I love you's" mean less when tainted with tastes of whiskey.

And I just want you to want me like I'm that last drop...

I'm not asking you to let me be your sobriety.
I understand dependency...
I know I complicate recovery...

with my red wines and reminiscing.

- and I just want to clear your head like coffee beans...

You tell me I'm intoxicating
- and I don't know how to tell you I don't want to be just another drug.

Jon Thenes Mar 2016

The hurdles I must cripple
gauze against breath
within this gripe
of well patrolled
polite sobriety

What clarity can I operate ?

take a breath
expel a myth
pattern a thought
create an action
reset and repetitude

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