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Lizzy Feb 2015
Wake up
Wake up
I'm up
I'm up
I'm awake

Slipping in and out
I have to stay here

I have no thoughts
When I'm high
I'm up
I'm up
Wake up
Austin Morrison Jan 2017
Seven shots with ****** knuckles,
four bottles of letting everyone down,
Eight hits from a disappointing life.

It only took me one trip to the rehab center called your touch. I used the medicine of your love to become sober.

now I am dependent on you, I need you every day and do not feel the same without you. I have an itch when I'm away and a warmth when I'm close. I became addicted to your love.

twelve tabs of compassion,
three pints of self-worth,
five pills of your warm embrace,
And one injection of beautiful passion.

I want you...

I need you...

I have you.

I love you.
One person can change your life in more ways than you could ever imagine.
Lizzy Nov 2014
I find it hard to believe
Something so healing
could be so harmful

I can't see why it would matter to anyone
How I medicate with self prescribed medicine
I don't see why you would care

Whats the difference
If I drown myself in water or alcohol
I'm still going to die
I never thought I'd miss something that caused me so much pain
Lizzy Jul 2014
Gotta stay high
To keep you off my mind
To keep my fears at bay
Keep them from pulling me away

If I stay high
Than I forget for a bit
I forget why I was crying
And I forget why I was dying

Only when I'm high
Can feel something
Do I feel alive
But I know that's a lie

You make my heart awaken
Shake off the dust and webs
You make my skin warm
Not like ice when I was dead
You give my lungs air
I'm amazed you gave me breath

I don't need to be high
I'd rather have you instead
Chloë Fuller Jan 2018
I get flashes of our first meeting

like airplanes you mistake for twinkling stars

covered in paint our glazed pupils locked

wooden steps that swayed like the curve of my back

your mouth halfway inside me at 6 am on a spring morning

or was it winter?

stumbling back into my arms in a place we call 'sanctuary'

And that's always it.

Why can I only look you dead in the eyes when they're crossing?

We could stopped the universe, because we do every time we kissed.  

Like we can't stop sipping

Hangovers like ropes around my head

What's going to happen when we wake up?

When the dust clears?

Why are we still torturing each other through rye flavored teeth?

Relief is paradox and a vicious cycle
inspired by "Sober" by Lorde, and "Relief Next to Me" by Tegan and Sara. I will be using this piece in an upcoming performance.
September Roses Aug 2018
Crystal eyes
Fall for them
And over
Drown in oceans stormy grey
Lost in forests emerald green
To get drunk inside and snap away to sober

An underground lake cavern
A still, silver cargo ship docked by the bay
A sky and sea beyond the windows
2pm on a shady spring day

Catching a glint in the light
I find my teeth biting my thumb
Oh god how I love to gaze
In what you use to gaze apon
Targeted towards absolutely anyone with eyes, at all
Cana Aug 2018
Ripples riddle the mirror,
Below, faint shapes shift
Elegant forms float here and there,
Little legs thunder, leaving a gentle wake
in lieu of turmoil.

The air is thick, the sun falling,
Already lost behind billowing storm clouds
Etched chaotically on the horizon.
Invisible but for the ubiquitous light.

It is the dragonflies time,
A darting zip and an effortless flutter.
From surfacing **** to towering Reed,
Searching for something we can only pretend to know.

Determined housewives, faces set,
Arms pumping and hips swaying
Their Anatidean waddle so fitting
Their quacks, a wall of stereo.

A lone rusted sign warns of gators,
but of signs, there is that one alone.
No rogue bubbles or beady eyes,
no ticking of swallowed clocks,
no suspicious splashes.

My battery is now as low as the sun,
and my pen is as empty.
A not so subtle poke in the ribs
from a universe in protest of the
bad poetry being inked.

c'est la vie
or as we say in English
**** it
Tuesday evening park sit. Waiting, watching, and stuff.
I wrote his sober, so I cannot be held accountable.
jas Aug 2018
***** and whiskey
mind gets slippery
uneven slopes down your body of..
one day, to understand
pessimistic feelings
fading away in the distance of ones thoughts
for moments of time
moments of life
within the reach of my fingers
i can feel the exit on the tip of my grasp
subzero liquor bottles numb my soul inside
as i take a sip that drips down my spine
over an uneasy stomach
words ***** as i open my mouth to
certain sentiments boiled deep into a gut wrenching void
of living with distant reflections
intoxicated thoughts tangled in the brain.
BJ Donovan Sep 2018
If I Sober Up

   Of course I've spent significant time
   between your thighs and I love you
   more than life itself! If I sober up
   I'll make you honest and marry you
   the first chance. Father Paschael will
   do the honors, he's an artist after all.
   If I sober up I'll be a famous rich poet
   and buy you everything! Your feet will
   never touch the ground. When we're rich
   we are carried everywhere and fanned by
   servants who adore us. I'll write sonnets
   to give you a solid place in history, you
   will always be remembered as my Cleopatra.
   I will be like Shakespeare, if I sober up.
tongue in cheek
Possum living Apr 30
I have never given myself the chance...maybe as a kid.
Anesthetized, nullified, numb.
Sick, poisoned, terrified, already essentially dead.
Destroying anything resembling emotion.
Taking them in just like the ***** and the drugs.
Clawing at some misguided craving, to fill an endless void,
completely full of ****.
But now to feel my heart racing just to touch her hand.
To hear her voice say literally anything, but especially my name.
To wake up with her on my mind, and go to sleep the same way.
Like a clueless teenager.
Feeling a withdrawal when I can't see her.
And I am holding on to this feeling, because I think it's my first
Lace Nov 2018
You kissed me this morning.


Thank you for that. It has been a while since someone has wanted me sober and not just in some drunken lust.
refresh mesh Nov 2018
Obesity and malnourishment
from high tides of anxiety

Gargling on plastic-filled saline
trapped by ancient propriety

Stuffed into a submissive pit
deprived of real variety

Our vices clearly failing
while we ridicule sobriety

This hunger's for the birds
because we live in a society
NC Aug 2018
Something different in your eyes
Isn't it a fire?
What are you prepare?
Then why do I care?
It can make me melt, I wouldn't dare.

You introduce me to our river
So I can see you clearer
There's a poison and water
Unintentionally became a power

A couple things I compare
Between you and the scripture

A couple things I aware
When you and me already perspire

It's strange, we bring our bodies to suffer
Why don't wait until we sober
And we can start over.
©anecstatic 2018
The Dybbuk Jan 13
It's hard to live without *******,
Tied to powder by a chain.
"Help," I say, but no one knows:
I'm bleeding lifeblood from my nose.

It's hard to live without some *****,
Liqueur up and start to cruise.
"I want to die." I flip a penny,
Rev the car and hit one-twenty.

It's hard to live without some shrooms,
I liked my life as a cartoon.
"I'm broken inside," I tell my friends,
They laugh along, the world bends.

It's hard to live without some ****,
It helps to balance out the speed,
"I'm in danger," no one cares,
Buried under thoughts and prayers.

It's hard to live with conscious mind,
I need poison, make me blind.
Roll me, smoke me, snort me up,
Pipe, spoon, ****, or cup.
It's two weeks sober tomorrow.
Amanda Feb 23
Cravings for a hit
Hints of sin begin within
Winning bit by bit
Cravings are the worst
Brayan Dec 2018
'On my mind youll never be forgotten...'
'Tis’ as if we're The back seat; strapped in, just like you...
I must've blinked twice already, hindsight I shouldn't've been influenced.. Though; it was as if we'd never return. Almost like trust..
1999-12-20 / April 4 2017

Susanna K.

In memory of a beloved friend.
Ashly Kocher May 5
I don’t care what you say
It doesn’t matter anyway
All the lies and ******* tales
Don’t come crying now, your the one that failed
We tried to help
We tried to support
I don’t give a ****
All you cared about was dope
You just up and left
No warning or goodbyes
You’ve come face to face with your own demise
How do you feel knowing you messed up  your life
You had the world in your hands
Yet getting high was your motive, like a twisted weave of lies
You come crawling back wanting sympathy and support
It’s not going to happen, I’m done trying to help you cope
Good for you, your sober 22 days
That’s only because you’ve been locked away
I hope you prove me wrong but I don’t see that fit
I’ve been put through the wringer with your crazy ****
I want to change, I want to get better
So you have said over and over
Let’s see how you do when your out in the real world again
Don’t come looking for redemption from me
It won’t happen ever again
N Nov 2017
I should hate you.
I should be angry because you like her and not me.
I should be angry because of how you only gave me attention when you wanted something from me.
How I gave you my trust, love, and heart and you broke all three at once.
How you emotionally abused me, manipulated me and had no respect for me.
I should be angry that you gave me hope for a future that you know I most desperately desired.
That you made me think it would happen but you cheated countless times,
and whenever somebody better came along, you left me in a heartbeat, like I never meant anything to you.
You left me heartbroken.

But then I remember the words you said to me,
the way you made me feel when the cold weather and cloudy skies were around,
and all those horrible memories of you fade away.

My god, I wish I didn't have to love you the way I do,
but I find it impossible to stop.
It took everything in me to delete those pictures of you where we both looked so happy.
It took everything inside me to accept that you don't need me,
you never did.
You don't miss me.
You don't care about me the slightest bit.
You don't even want me.
It took me every bone in my ******* body to keep you out of my mind when I wasn't sober.
But I realized that you were all I thought of, sober or not.

Because my heart kicked you out,
so you just moved straight into my mind.
Aaliyah Houvener Sep 2018
I hate you
you never take blame or responsibility for anything
it wasn't only me that broke us up
it was drugs
and lack of loyalty
it was the abuse
or the anger
something went wrong in our relationship
and the blame isn't all on me this time
i own my wrongs
and this wasn't all me
you get me so mad telling me that i do things out of spite
well i am not the same person i was when i was 14,15 and 16, years old
i am grown now and i know how to set boundaries
but you seem to take them as blurred lines
it's so frustrating
you don't listen
you don't understand me
and you use everything against me
you never take blame
life isn't fair don't you understand?
you make me so angry
i feel trapped
just like our relationship
i can't ask you to pack your **** and get out
it is not fair to anyone
especially not you
slay Jul 2018
Show some patience for me please, im sick of all the instant gratification
Pop a chill pill just to breathe, cause all I see is violent recreation, okay then
Bought a necklace then I sneezed, my neck, my heart, my veins they all are frozen, but I’m chosen

I’m coastin ,
Now for the moment
Sip mimosas, with my feet up
She roll the **** up
My little Nina
Shorty got me drinking just to stay up
I feel messed up
Get fed up
Always gotta hold my money closer

But I miss her
She was like a soulmate and a sister
Then she dissed me, I dissed her
But she came back around like I had kissed her

I walk a line so ****** thin, sometimes I think I’m on a one way track to heaven
Never busted on a lick, because my mind is already a prison, I’m Satan
Hit the break so hard and skid, I can’t believe I’m even here to say this, but when you’re famous

You stay blameless
Blinded by the limelight and the danger
I’m no stranger to her pain, though
She holds on to me and never lets go
Baby, let’s go
She tried to tell me no
Put her hands on me but I enjoyed it

All of Her frustration, I endure it
She cycles back to me, another boredom
Can’t replace me and she knows it
But that doesn’t stop her from searching

Please don’t make this complicated, I just need some time alone to fix this
I keep going cause it hurts so bad to look back the past really got me trippin, from a distance
I’m so sorry Didn’t see you standing there my thoughts are cloudy, tunnel vision

Bae, mind your business
We aren’t there yet
And I’m gonna pretend like you ain’t say that
But you hurt me, can’t forget that
I said I forgave you and I meant that

She blew me over
I’m never sober
I think I’m in love, I never told her
So how come I’m not with her?
She’s my twin flame mirror
I can, I can’t fix her

Never mind, I might just try anyway
Give the world to her, she’s my Francis Bean
Why’d they give a heart to me anyway?
I’m gonna break it just to see what’s on the inside
And if I can, just to see how many times
If I can empathize
Make me second guess myself, I won't fight
I've got so much living left inside this life, but
This life's in my head eating myself alive
If I push the pain aside,

I know I hesitated once, but just know that I will never be mistaken.
Once I learn to trust my gut, these ******* won't even know that it was me who hit them, I'm just playing, and
Maybe by the time I'm done, I'll be a person who even I, myself can live with.
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