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A brand new sheriff came to town
I'm sure he's not the last
We've had fourteen in the past year
They leave here mighty fast

Some can't stand the pressure
Others end up in boot hill
It ain't easy being Sheriff
Here in Cactus Mill

He was tall, compared to most folks
That's what the undertaker said
"I'm just scouting for the future"
"In case he ends up dead"

He went into his office
Fired both deputies on sight
He said "you wanna get your job back"
"Then, you'll have to do it right"

"I don't hanker to disruptions"
"In the town ... I rule"
"The laws all must be followed"
"Now,'s time for school"

"We're gonna have a meeting"
"You can follow, or can go"
"I'm gonna clean this town up"
"I just thought you both should know"

He'd printed off some flyers
Had them passed out by the men
It was scheduled for the Baptist Church
It was due to start at ten

He cleaned up and got ready
A good impression he would give
Because this man's demeanor
Chose who'd die and who would live

At nine fifteen he left and went
To the church, to say a prayer
He thought it would be empty
But found half the town was there

We waited till the church bells
Chimed ten times ...and he began
"I'm here to be your Sheriff"
"I'll do the best job that I can"

"I don't like injustice"
"Wrong doers...they must pay"
"I like to keep things, house"
"I make decisions in  a day"

"I'm like a judge and jury"
"I hold my own cowboy kind of court"
"I'm like Roy Bean, I guess you'd say"
"It's my town...It is my fort"

"Gunfights, just won't happen"
"If they do, both men are dead"
"One, because he lost it...."
"The other, cause I said"

"Drinking...keep it local"
"Stay inside at the saloon"
"Don't wander the streets at night"
"Standing, howling at the moon"

"You can wear your guns in town"
"But, I don't want to see them out"
"If I do, then you can bet"
"You'll learn fast, what my court is all about"

"Now, coming in, two miles out"
"I saw a sturdy tree"
"The only one who hangs from it"
"Will be decided me"

"Lynchings...not on my watch"
"Rustling....don't you try"
"The rules all must be followed"
"If'll surely die"

"I have a length of rope with me"
"It's been stretched 'bout twenty times"
"Add one's twenty one"
"So, don't commit no crimes"

"I also have two friends right here"
"Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson"
"Don't make them come on out to play"
"If they do , you'll learn your lesson"

"Back at the jail, there is one more"
"A right old sturdy gun"
"If Smith and Wesson do not work"
"Then you'll meet...Remington"

"I hope that you will follow"
"The rules that I lay down"
"Cactus Mill is pretty"
"I like this little town"

"I might be the new Sheriff"
"And I want to be your friend"
"The choice is which one do you want"
"A long life...or early end?"

He shook the preachers hand then
And he walked on out the door
The towns folk sat in silence
You could hear a feather hit the floor

Now, the question....Did this Sheriff
Clean up little Cactus Mill?
Did Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson
Keep his hide out of Boot Hill?
Yaser Feb 2017
Forged from the dust of long dead lights
struck by the hammer of time
bound forever to paths of space
held by tines divine

Strike once !

Strike twice!

Strike thrice!

and see the sentience born
of the hammer and might and unyielding sight
of the eyes in which stars swarm

Strike once!

Strike twice !

Strike thrice


Temper their hollow shells
Sculpted from the flesh of lights
unto which you'll meld

Strike again!

Now soft.

And shape them true,

to ring out their sighing dirge
and bind unto their idle forms
the mind, the soul, the search
I quite dislike the way this poem ends. Maybe someday I'll alter it.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.
CK Baker Mar 2017
fischers rap
on a hot tin roof
bristol creek pools
over rock and seed
english wolfhound (and the barkbuster)
stroll pine lane
vibrant colors
of a cool spring
in cob yellow and
forest green

field mice squander
in cotton wind
goats and ferret
hold seven hour trim
raven and ****
meddle and forage (on a splendid fiaker goulash!)
crickets and frogs
in swollen grey logs

creepers fill the
cut stone walls
coy wolf high
on a frayed white rope
eagles perched
at trudy’s bend
catamounts laze
on a snow base cedar
(pared arbutus bent  
through a failed ground rock)

brush spider spins
a timely web
brown bears fumble
at the spirit jamboree
quizzical squirrels
***** their nuts
as pillow clouds float
over telegraph trail

12 point dances
on talus and scree
hen hawks float
in a big hard sun
clydesdale and coach
trot copper smith road
(glancing down
on finch and the warbler
whistling through
colander row)

lavender fills
the peat soil box
mountain cats
guard the heavenly gates
black eyed ridge
is wide and open
the country squire hails
this fruitful land
PoserPersona Dec 2018
Iron and coal fused into a steel sword
torn from the comforts of an idle home
Against both will and wish into the forge

Mere foot to pedal unshackles the horde
onto that which was ****** into the dome
Iron and coal fused into a steel sword

Crude earth melts into an effulgent form
that once cooled will become harder than stone
Against both will and wish into the forge

Burning is sequestered by drowning boards
that go unnoticed but for hissing moan
Iron and coal fused into a steel sword

New pain begins despite what came before
anvil and hammer fashion the unknown
Against both will and wish into the forge

Those who endure will still need to be honed,
to be, of their own soul, the highest lord.
Iron and coal fused into a steel sword,
against both will and wish into the forge
“Mastering others requires strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” -Lao Tzu
Wade Redfearn Jul 2018
It isn't like that.
It isn't a left turn too early,
a lark awake at night,
thick brown light in an open field;
unpredictable: a bad or counter-miracle.
It is only wanton.

You know how it is
Suddenly, something trapped between your toes:
the world has a strangled voice, it is
unroofed. You want the comfort of normal walls,
normal light, normal noise; in your hand
is a hot brand you'd halfway use
to smith it back together
and halfway swallow.
I had different plans for this vacation
than destruction.

I had plans. You had plans. The earth
planned its axial tilt; the weather planned
its burning; we put aside too little water.
A few plants were familiar -
the ruined piñon pine I remembered from the placard.
One lonesuch tree that made a little niche
at a defiant angle into the air
and outlived all except its orphaning.
How we thought we could fare better, I cannot say.

Ten feet up by one hundred feet over:
one liter water per mile climbed:
fatigue. Fatigue.
The quiet supremacy of all these rules for living like
transit and occultation
refraction and dimness
peristalsis pulling down
huge loads of sunlight
into the ***** gully
like bread and meat.

You will not see the bottom
no matter how hard you look.

If blood I am, then what kind of blood?
Unsettled and unsettling. The circulatory system
has an apt name: sometimes I can feel yesterday's blood
in the same neurons, saying the same thing.
I have no choice but to repeat it.
Time sheds its significance.
I have no continuity:
I have rhythms.

The new day, on fire and sitting in the trickle
you held a golden fish in your palm
as if you had made it by will
and cupped, it circled in the valley of your fingers
and I ate from the vision of care.

Erosion: isn't that what made these furrows?
I beg it to unmake me
flat like a seabed and many fathoms green
where the sun will never reach me.

In the penumbra of your anger
I do not fear dying,
only dying unclean.
Heights are all the same.
They would all break me and none would enough.
The grasshoppers and gecko hatchlings
all die in their way, rubbed in the hot dry dust.
Parched, I gnash my stone teeth
and tongue of chaparral -
I am making a song to say
die with me
but smile at me.

Then I see it through flashes of temper,
frame by frame, like a fingertip behind a pinwheel:
a dream of something distant that is also true.
Dreams of freedom alongside dreams of dying.
ConnectHook Sep 2015
†           †           †    

A quorum of biblical scholars
turned their doubts into thousands of dollars.
Armed with Document Q
they revealed nothing new
but the dirt neath’ the white of their collars.

A proud “health & wealth” Oklahoman
was renowned as a gospel-tent showman.
While the scriptures he twisted,
their tithing assisted
his rise from poor hick to rich Roman.

A sexually diverse professor
(assured he was not a transgressor)
spoke only of openness
glossing sin’s brokenness;
rainbows and tolerance – yes sir.

A Mormon, who lost his own ephod
Realized he was running quite slipshod
and invoked Joseph Smith.
(Yes, it may be a myth –
but it’s not like misplacing your I-pod…)

A Christian whose faith was prophetic
held to views that were truly pathetic.
This crazed Pentecostal,
not quite an apostle,
had taken an End-Times emetic.

A sober and staid Presbyterian
was distrustful of thoughts millenarian.
After smoking some bud,
he awoke with a thud;
in his sleep he’d become Rastafarian.

A preacher who fleeced his disciples
overdrew his own balance of scruples.
He was finally captured
(defrocked and un-raptured)
and rent by his destitute pupils.

A sister who waxed Pentecostal,
mistook herself for an apostle
Speaking pure glossolalia
she sure could regale ya’
with prophecy; crazy – but docile.
What's wrong? Too hard to LIKE me ?
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  

         †           †           †
Lyn Senz 2 Apr 2018
by Danny Smith

The old man rises from his chair
gently cursing the ache that crept into his bones
when he wasn't looking

His slippered feet scuff the carpet
making a journey they know without him
to the window

He watches down on the cars
as they flash through the rain on an urgent journey

Leaning forward to rest his forehead
on the cool damp pane that shields him from it all
his prison wall

The cars seem to softly merge
as fragments like a broken mirror
tease and torment

A lifetime of dreams and tomorrows
that somehow became painful yesterdays
much too fast

Squeezing his eyes tightly closed
he remembers her face and the soft scar on her cheek
a perfect imperfection

The laughter and cries of children
running to him with chocolate smeared mouths
grown now, gone now

All of them to different worlds
ones where he was afraid to travel to
out there

Plenty of time to make it through
but the nights seem to skip the sunshine days

he shuffles back to the chair
lowering himself with limbs that can't be his
removes his slippers

Reaches for the polished shoes
years old but hardly worn and still uncreased
laces them

Moves slowly through the house
turning of lights, collecting a wallet
a pack of cigarettes, a photograph
pocketing them

The old man stands at the open door
just a fragment of someone elses memory, as he walks
into the rain

©Danny Smith
one of my favorites. it may be the only
copy on the internet. I couldn't find it.
it used to be on the 'Poemish' website
which is gone now. He had maybe only
12 poems in all that he submitted, and
they were all good, but sadly this is the
only one I decided to save. He lives/lived
in England as I remember.
Greenie Feb 2016
We were crazy.
he and i.
We'd cut ourselves with rocks to see
whose blood would run the fastest,
It was hailing and we went for a swim.
He said he had a rope. He said
there's two Smith and Wessons in his ******* closet.
I kissed him.
No favorite colors,
We'd lie in the shade of synagogues and under the blaze
of search lights, a couple of lost springs. Picking me
up around the corner so they wouldn't see, he'd
tumble his bike so that we'd fly and i'd scream.
He said for us to run away. Never sweat. He said let's
run, let's ******* run. He said shut the ******* door.

I run. Run away. He doesn't like me to. He had a rope
and there's two Smith and Wessons in his closet.
D L Smith Aug 2016
"Here he lies." The priest almost cries.

The crowd they sway with the sadness.

"I dream alone." Says the Queen on her own.

Their small world trembles in the madness.

Not a word can be heard, a silence over the village.

Not a sound can be made, people wonder if they will pillage.

Deep inside they cry with fear, because their King is no longer near.

The hush that is upon their land.

So soft, un heard, the last bit of hope.

It died within the King's hand.

D. L. Smith 8/25/2016
Johnny Noiπ Jan 21
Aoa oinka;        UA and black, but Manasés,
Manasés and I pae-pae Sinasina pipi tilotilo.
E leai, that Faustura ATU I Tulaga lenei and
he or she or me FAFO, AE or Lelei OU him.
"E i e te alu Auala sau ai ai".                                                  For khayr leneil:
          "Tulaga E Mai Le Maualuga or tatou;
Tamaitai uliuli 30 Pekopochi -
Manasse;                                               white PO black and white III Transfer
           Deep id will be measured with Fuhrers,
me faateleina Ai or aofai or fuainumera
or Tagata matutua Shidils co.;  William Miller Manasés,
Manas pupui papaya.  Tagata 30 Ma gaoioiga
Muamua Valu Muamua,  sasaa uma Hippopas
John Brown and pei fuaina to Yureverkitikinit,
UA will be tolu Taimi ISI m feiloai A,
AE and she or she meatotino,               teuina or fuamoa
I tapua'iga mamanu Faranilala force AE,)
Taua Ma toatele will be Tulaga Latou ma'i
NA VAAI William Tupe "Temwalitwali.šik"
ma'i.Nuwad manatu St. Valin USA emipasi
Hāwišitochi, i'Schi,    Tagata asiasi to wash,
PE or aoga PO or the pisinisi;
Rigel Le glue, AE Behalikopitru
Manasseh Prox Ecto [40] canvas vasega
Tolu Euripimit to the canvas of Tolú Taimi;
I go or I go to the Z faamasino, vasega!
Muamua Manasés u'amea -   You and I, Luma,
or publish your email address o|
o Mai Le Pépé iloa Le Ma.   Te NA mafaia;
Afai e faia or ina fatao ina e Amata I Manasse
Amata Mai 1948, or I Taumafai e talisman T
was a luma alafeagai (W is faataitaiga: Tamoe
neniveniši Taua Manasse Sepania), algorithms,
algorithm Le MA washed.                              Vevela Vevela Manasés Tarako.
D L Smith Nov 2016
Sobbing and breathing is all I have left.

Though I have oxygen it still feels like she took my last breath.

Theres no greater pain than my heart shattered on the floor.

Broken and bleeding, begging for no more.

I walk through the house with these tears in my eyes.

The person who left me I hope that she cries.

The pain of today will go on for more to come.

This world has darkened a bit more for now I am numb.

I look in the mirror and I only see half of myself.

The other half left me inside of this house.

I begged her not, I'd let her be free but what have I left when it's only just me?

So as I pick up the pieces of my shattered dreams.

I'll slowly sow back together all of my seams.

Maybe one day I'll be complete and all of this will be no more.

But for now and tomorrow my heart sobs on the floor.

D. L. Smith 11/12/2016
Jeff Leslie May 2011
I have longed to be like Jesus since the day I was reborn
With a heart formed by the Father, by His hands so strong and warm
For although my soul was perfect, this old heart had far to go
It was lofty and self serving; never broken, hard as stone

But the only way to change my heart was not to mold like clay
He must carve it with a chisel that would break the stone away
So pain became my teacher and its lessons I learned well
As every trial would test me with each wounding swing that fell

One day I asked my Father as He formed His shapeless art
"Where did You find that chisel, Lord, that breaks so hard my heart?"
He took me to a village, somewhere, long before my time
And showed me where a blacksmith, there, was working near his mine

The local king had ordered that some special spikes be made
To perform a certain service later on that ancient day
The smith stoked up his furnace till it singed his heavy beard
And the strikes that made his hammer ring were heard by every ear

Then he spun the massive whetstone, pressed each spike against its edge
And the sparks shot out like lightening as he sharpened up the ends
The spikes, still warm from grinding, then were gathered in a cloth
And delivered to the mountain with the prisoner and the cross

Instantly I understood just what he made them for
The chisels used to shape my heart first crucified my Lord
Now every ****** that life will bring I'll welcome like a prize
For every chip that falls away will make me more like Christ
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
1, 64, 64, 1 Corinthians 40, 240 1 Corinthians 26, 1900 3 to 10 hours in SBC 270 51: 7 (8) 900 minutes 50 minutes - 50 min - 50 min - 50 min - 50 min - 50 min - 50 min min, October 21, 2000 1 9 64 1240 64 64 64 6400 9 50 50 50 50 ****** and 12 270 (50) 250m / 7 to seven Europe, Russian ****** and the backs of men and ****** and young women, ***** in the night of transfusions in the Greek city of July 11 and at the age of 14 years in Greece and Blue on the coast of Kenya's red letters in the Shrine of the Inner Temple under the hills of the seven "Zhou Chu; John Johnston, John the Gospel and John's History, John (1540-1623), Facebook, John and Deborah, John Mark's ****** and Time's Timer (1668) had 16 (1568-1581) in New York in 1687. Born on September 15, adults known in the 1960s, Peter Smith saw in the 1960s an image 1:40 The days of Christ, 240, 1 Corinthians 26, 1900 Hours three, ten minutes, ten years ago, 277: 517 minutes, 900 numbers, twenty-five or minutes, five minutes, 1964: 1 : 1 computers in twenty minutes, minutes, 50 minutes, 50 minutes, 50 minutes 50 50 64 647117 hours, 50 minutes, October 21 26 2000 9 50 50 50 ****** and 12: 270 (50) 250m / 7 to seven hours In Europe , Russia and Chris ***** and black on western and coastal. Transfusions of blood transfusions were established in Italy. George was born with an 18 year old heart in the Greek world. These are mining fields, the song of Giggine changed.7 (8) Number 12 Number 12, 50 minutes, 5 minutes, 1964 411 Computers are consumed in twenty minutes, minutes, minutes, 50 minutes, 50 minutes, 50 minutes, 50 minutes minutes 50 50 64 647117 Hours, 50 minutes, October 26, 2000 1 9 64 1240 64 64 64 9 9 50 50 and 12: 270 (50) 250 m / 7-7 hours in Europe, Russia and the West black and white and The sea The blood transfusion was announced in Italy. George was 11 years old and was in Greece. Here is the mining area, Igor's Belly has changed. This expert led to the fight against the right foot. Goggie color. "So many people in the world, Zhou Chu, Jesus Christ in the government of Corus, the main world." John Johnston, Phantom, John, John, History and History, John (1540-1623), Facebook, Deborah, John, John Mark and many others. (1668) to 16 (1568-1581) in 1687 in New York. On Sunday 15, I was murdered because all the countries were organized. Peter Smith who was seen in the 1960s also put an end to world trade in global programs. In 1965 the court had "Senate and witnesses of God." Judges 1, 1, 64, 64, 64, 64, 64 school leaders; 1:40 Christ, 240 a. 26, 1900 3 hours and 10-10 minutes CSB 270 51: 7 (8) Parties 900 minutes, 50 minutes, 5 minutes, 1,944,411 all new computers; Twenty minutes, 10 minutes, 1 minute, 50 minutes, 50 minutes, 50 minutes, 50 minutes away. 50 50 64 647117 hours, 50 minutes, end 21. 26 2000 1 9 64 1240 64 64 64 6400 9 50 50 50 50 hours and 12 270 (50) 250 m 7-7 12 hours Europe, Russia day and night and today in Italy George was in his room on July 11, 11 of 12 years in Greece and in the games; Kenya - The White House is the music that cleans the ****** and cleans them in a sacred ceremony. Guggy is full of mountains. Six million people are "Zhou Chu: The first women of the world, along with Jesus Christ, are the most important of all ideas". John Johnston, Phantom, John's ****** and the Gospel of John, John (1540-1623), Facebook, John and Deborah, John Mark ****** and Time Timer. (1668) the 16 (1568-1581) in New York in 1687. He was born on September 15 and knew the ****** and all the elders. In 1960, Peter Smith, who appeared in the 1960s, took a photo. In 1965 there was no "House of the Senate" in the church. References 1 ***** and 1, 64, 64, 64, 64 and 64 have been destroyed over the years; Day of Christ: 240, 1 Corinthians 26, 1900 Three hours, 10 minutes, ten minutes CSB 270 51 7 (8) 900 Number 12 minutes, 50 minutes, minutes, 1964 411 Computer minutes, minutes 10 minutes, 50 minutes, 50 minutes minutes, 50 minutes, 50 minutes. 50 50 64 647117 Hours, 50 minutes, October 26, 2000 1 9 64 1240 64 64 64 9 9 50 50 50 and 12: 270 (50) 250 m / 7-7 hours in Europe, Russia and the West's black and white and The sea; The blood transfusion was announced in Italy. Jorge was fourteen years old among ****** and was Greek. Instead, the new product has changed. The authors give advice because they change cats. That the jellyfish shifts garbage is contrary to the wild ****** whose legs are left up to the oil. The color of Goggie. "Many people are asleep"
CK Baker Jan 2017
He hit the canvass
cold last night;
that impressive frame
and charismatic soul
father, son
and consummate brother
went down for
the proverbial
10 count;
complete with iron band
and Iroquois
tap out pipes
and that fashionable
Frank Smith vein

there was no grudge
in this match
no condemning contest
or mad cap bout
just mano a mano
with the dark apparition
and it played out
(despite the bills
and pressing deadlines
and calls from Christ)
it came with tears
and fear
in that decisive
and surrealistic
voice from the ridge

they all arrived;
on plains
and trains
and fat boys
from across seas
and remote hills
bringing tales
and sorrow
and mourners
in mass
with eagle wreathes
and adorning pine

it was cited
as natural
but there ain’t
nothing natural
about The Heater
going down
nothing natural
for the
mauy thai bossman
with black leather gloves
and golden heart
the giver of hope
to those blue
collar dreamers
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
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My small fishing boat, I am a fisherman but the technology of fishing boats is growing greatly. So I think that dogs are not like dogs, I am sorry for the country and football.
Robert James Smith (born 21 April 1959) is an English singer, songwriter and musician. He is the lead singer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, principal songwriter and only consistent member of the rock band the Cure, which he co-founded in 1976. He was also the lead guitarist for the band Siouxsie and the Banshees from 1982 to 1984 and was part of the short-lived group the Glove in 1983. Smith is known for his distinctive voice and guitar style and his unique stage look, the latter two of which were influential on the goth subculture that rose to prominence in the 1980s.
Zeeb Sep 2018
Black binders beside the linac, speak of those most ill
A daily transit I do make, and passing by, a look I take

There’s Mrs. Smith and Mr. Brad
My childhood friend’s Mom and Dad

Each will have their turn in the beam
In desperate hopes to be redeemed

And who'll be next on the cancer roll-call?
******* it, ******* it, seems like us all
Tom Spencer Mar 2018
The donkey and the ox
what a racket they must have made!
Munching on the straw
from the crib in the manger.

Such thick headed beasts!
How did our Savior survive
with all of His toes -
His swaddling free of slobber?

Imagine, if you will
their warm grassy breath forming
little clouds that were filled
with His radiance.

And pity poor Joseph
asleep, off to the side, and Mary
completely exhausted.
For, while resting, they missed

what soft brown eyes sensed -
that before shepherd or angel
or wise man arrived, a feast
had been set for the taking.

(For Sherry Smith)
Tom Spencer © 2018
Mateuš Conrad Oct 2018
.well back in my days (2 years ago)... you could groove to Patti Smith sing her rock 'n' roll ******, and listen to American Head Charge cover the same song... you could actually listen to Die Krupps Nazis auf Speed... back in my day - you weren't deemed a 70 year old nostalgia steam-train... while still in your early 30s; good luck finding that Patti Smith track... might as well resort to róże europy: kości czerwone, kośsci czarne (european roses: red bones, black bones)... and to think the *** pistols got away with their shenanigans... 40 years prior; Patti Smith! come on! it's a great tune! or tuning... whichever.

racial slurs... so the suffix in
schwarze-negger is
a collective private property?!
Dr. Dre can say it,
as urban insult,
and i'm reduced to a colonial
past that isn't even mine?!
can i say the names
of countries like Nigh-ger-ia...
or Nigh-ger?
          can it just be an urban
slur these days?
   compared to spawn,
yes, black panther *****...
***** on a lemon before
******* on ***...
          what's next:
yo... walking *****?!
      the ****... well... if we're
in the interracial Olympics,
i once ****** a bony black
girl with a Kama Sutra slim, tight,
that it wouldn't require a 12"
to ******* a Ghanian lard
the soft pouch of flesh where my
***** originate from
using her coccyx...
          even i didn't expect
finding out the riff...
   on joan jett & the blackhearts'
song i hate myself for loving
      i'm with the Ire on the topic
of racial slurs...
   instead of "offense"...
we resort to head-butts...
   like the two Posen bucks...
running headlong into
a bare canvas...
            comment section?
well... obviously i take off
my Francis Bacon mask.
lina S Dec 2018
Define what you want to be.
Write it down
Imitate it.

And you will be.

But decisions are hard to make
I know . .

And the world made this heart of yours break
I know . .

And seeking happiness ***** you in situations that end in a big cut that leaves a scar.

Now fear is instilled within you
And it's hard to shake it off
It's hard to move it on

It's hard to control the brain.

But write it down
Define it
Then imitate it
And it will be
You have nothing to loose.

Either move on with purpose
Or keep trying to replay history
Or purely rely on destiny.

I choose purpose
There’s a Devil of a night each year, the night of Mr. Haim!
When the devilish and ghoulie ones come out to play their monster’s game.
And why some would seek to trick or treat on this scary day of dead?
Careful now cause gremlins, trolls …sprites and wolves, will offer up their dread!
Quiet, shush, I hear a pack of creepy-crawly boots…

Ra’atan-Zu and the Boogedy-Boo!
And the skeleton bones, clink…
And the skeleton bones, clink…
The skeleton bones clink.

That crafty-smith of horns and hooves is spying on these kiddies,
As Ra’atan-Zu and the Boogedy-Boo are hunting strays to do their dastardly-ditties.
Quiet, shush, I hear a pack of creepy-crawly boots,
And their costumes, oh-so-foul, the evilest of suits!
And there she is, that little girl who can’t keep up, in a tasty mushroom ensemble.
And the skeleton bones clink in her path to give her quite a tomble!

Ra’atan-Zu and the Boogedy-Boo!
And the skeleton bones, clink…
And the skeleton bones, clink…
The skeleton bones clink.

And Sammy Haim, that smithy-devil, a ***** hoof -igniting ghoul’s desire,
He’s howling out, demanding now, “Put that child to the fire!”
And little does he know, no little bit, not even a small clue,
Neither Ra’atan-Zu nor Boogedy-Boo intend on giving him his due!
For once a year on Halloween they get one night to spaz,
Get down and *****, wild and crazy and play a little jazz!
That little mushroom of a girl will play a tiny fiddle,
Ra’atan-Zu and the Boogedy-Boo, a jazzy duet with child in middle!'

Ra’atan-Zu, Boogedy-Boo and a little girl too as they get down actin’ a spaz! Playin’ all night, howling to the moon and kickin’ out some wicked jazz!

And the skeleton bones, clink…
And the skeleton bones, clink…
  The skeleton bones clink.

Halloween narrative rhyme.
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