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Junior Semil Feb 25
Women want men to be straight up.
I wish I felt like you really loved me.
I feel like you want to see me when you don’t have a better option.
I feel like you have a secret life that you don’t want to share with me.
I feel like you don’t care whether I stay or leave.
I feel like you are not attracted to me.
I feel like I’m doing everything to try to make this a “real” relationship.
I feel like you don’t have respect for me.
I feel like you are embarrassed to be seen with me.
I feel like I’m nothing special or different than the hundred relationships before me.
I feel needy and unwanted.
I feel like you don’t want to touch me.
I feel like you wish I would just be happy with a relationship on your terms and not have other needs.
I feel like all I’m going to get from sharing my feelings is the response, “smh” or "this again" so I keep it to myself.
I feel like you don’t really care about how I feel.
I feel like I’m almost done.
LearnfromBOBD Jan 13
love is a beautiful thing
For a Soldier who loves his duty
So weak that I couldn’t pick up a pin,
to keep the best part of you.
It hurt me, when you feel weak,
Always thinking what I can do.
Dunno what’s best for me in this summer,
I will always give it a try.
Until my heart and mind feels better
For you the reason why i write.
We yet to realize the truth, I smh,
for I will continue to love you, my dear
Haven't spoken properly in a day
Will you check on me if we part ways?
I knew I broke some pieces last night
Trying to get the equation right
For as long as soildier never off a duty
Our love will never be a pity
Minuscule Ego Dec 2018
Troubled, trouble again he felt
How could she tried to do such to him
How could she throw out all he ever ate up
When all he’s ever done was loved her till health
Oh he wish to fly a dreamer n’ say goodbye to it all
The stumbling and fights - the curses and the brawls
Theirs were none compare, but now, a finished ashes
A fire that burns and burned, n’ then flickered out
Leaving a wound that bleeds more gashes

Is his knight of shinning armor now a fraction
An embarrassment to the highest order - a madness
Does she see it in his eyes - though he'd tried to hide it
That the best things in life aren't free, so why get blown
Stay young and let the wheels keep spinning in motion
For easy beams of life are a glee - it all ends in a frown
Some in the graves and some the caves
Some in those cravings that end with AIDS
But you’ve trained to trample on scorpions and snakes
So where are your wits? My heart teased

Is she willing to stay? The brain bellows
Tis present, what's yesterday? my heart replies
And that of her mischievous plans? He echo slowly
A flunked! I suppose - I know she craved for tomorrow
That at times love isn’t prove by poems and presents only
Sometimes it has to be proven through pains and patience
But as for the incursion pain, that plan must not delude me
Not today, not forever. Indeed good and better suits us well
But the aim must not dethrone me; let’s it makes me a ******
For if one succeeds in turning a man from his manly posture
Not only do it loses his humanity, but it also earn him a killer
And yes! I see all the beautiful flowers up ahead

Mi lady in red (s2m) : oh she is bleeding out red
Redder than the sunset n' brighter than the black
We all have planned and all succumbed to its sorrows
But if one’s wise, they will realize there’s always tomorrow
Ours is right now, so swallow the pride and take my throne
Cherish the Prince and decorate his life with your flames
For good is better n’ bright and better is best n’ prettier
And the Boss n’ every other are only petted and petter
The perfect story: I bleeding you and you, only me
(s2m) : Oh! A dream come true

(s2m) : Break the rules n’ have a fun
Let’s loose ourselves and swing along
In a music that rules the day and all night long
But I refuse be a victim of saving someone’s mom
Most especially one who seems like she’s drowning
When in truth she’s not – when she’s acting n plotting
I ought not to be the next Lemuel that fails and felled
Hush! My heart spurned again, she’s all I want ever wanted!
Can’t you see how wide opened I am – I’m always wondering
Where does she? How I long to see the sun rise on her face
What is she doing? Is she okay or is there someone else?
Is someone loving her more: a guy or a girl I suppose
Does she get lost in their eyes too? Oh, it’s absurd
You and everyone versus me and everything
A logic bomb and Elle - a soldier and Simi
(smh) : Oh! A gleam that’s not true

So now I am standing on all men’s behalf
I guess it’s only me who’s saying: we are sorry mom
Sorry that we made a fool of ourselves and broke you
I’m sure we all prone to love you but it all went wrong
We fooled ourselves - we’ll get over her just like a song
But I can’t live that lie anymore - I be a fool to lose you
So again my heart bleeds: a change is all tis asking
The chance to rewrite all the cries and scars
That’s keeping you from a change.
There’s a danger in loving someone too much, but sometimes that’s just not enough.
Juan Bot Feb 26
The boy walked to the store.
The boy wanted a smore.

He asked the store owner, and the store owner said,

Why is the world so racist? SMH :(

If you laughed at this, you should be ashamed at yourself.
Racism is bad.
They say I can't be a feminist and **** ****
They say my fantasies are capital sin
They censor my speech
They also like to say I'm quite meek
But too wild when I finally chill

They say I can't date a man older than me
They say this girl - who does she think she is?
They say I can't be on pills and against my chains
They say I can't bite the hand that feeds
And they just don't understand me
They say so much about me! I can feel it over my head
But I learnt to do something instead

So much hate and misunderstanding I get
But I use it to dye my hair
And prance like a peacock around
Showing my weird pretty feathers

**** it!
I know all your ****
It just won't soak up on me

— The End —