Kaeru May 2014
I see Sloth from “The Goonies”
whenever I see you.
You softly ask me to make love
but I hear “Baaaby Ruuuuth?”

Maybe it's your crooked teeth
or your rancid funk.
When you say you love me so
it comes out “Sloth love Chunk!”

I see Sloth from “The Goonies”
when we go socialize.
And when you greet our many friends,
you're saying “HEY YOU GUUUYS!”

Maybe it's the way you grunt
or just your lazy eye.
But when I'm having sex with Sloth
it makes me want to die.
Smiles May 2014
I wake up every morning with this feeling of dread
Can't escape this groggy feeling left in my head
So I continue to just lay here in my bed
I don't even get up to eat I just sleep here instead
I lay and decompose as my skin starts to shed
Wasting away all the blood that I have bled
My arms dangling off the side drenched in red
My existence is pointless I might as well be dead
I don't care about anything I'm unmotivated this feeling embed
Sew my eyes and my mouth shut with needle and thread
Tie me down and pump my stomach with meds
Take a gun to my skull and fill me with lead
My sin is sloth you haven't misheard and you havent misread
I'm not okay don't believe those lies you've been fed
My deadly sin.
RH 78 Jan 2015
The sloth is the most delightful creature.
It's smiling face is an endearing feature!
Sam Miller Sep 2012
Lacking motivation
Doing so little
Wanting nothing but rest
Humans forget that
Nature is their home too
When they chop it down
Having some emotional feelings from when they chopped down my favourite uncle's tree and he died. At least he didn't mistake his arm for a tree branch as my grandfather did
martin Dec 2011
The 3 toed sloth
Rhymes with goth
Or is it oath

Moves slowly

Sometimes algae grows on his head
Joni Mitchell didn't mean him when she said

Wild things run fast
3 toed sloth, he'd come last

Once a week he climbs down from his tree
And that's to have a poo and pee

Now sloths get amorous
But sex is tricky up a tree
He moves too quick, he's not used to it
And hits the ground involuntarily

Randy broke his arm
Kind people fixed it with titanium

He resumes his slothful days
But now he's more careful with his loving ways
Randy lives in Costa Rica near to the world's only sloth sanctuary.
RH 78 Jan 2016
The sloth is a creature which I can relate.
I do not rush, I'm always late.
It's laboured movements are a wonder to me.
A bit like mine at half past three.
He likes a snooze he sleeps all day.
The same as me if I had my way!
Sloths have beards and so do I.
They hang from trees.
I might just try!
I love sloths and I like their style
They're just like me with my great big smile!
svdgrl Jan 2015
I lift my head ever so slightly,
snuggle back in.
When do we ever really owe ourselves?
And what?
Respect? A second chance?
Slumber is what we deprive ourselves,
or make bed-ridden with guilt,
when we should rejoice.
I am at peace when the phone is unimportant,
and I forget the day of the week.
Hell, this poem was perhaps my biggest feat.
But I'll tell you more, once I get some more sleep.
Harley Hucof Aug 2014
No justice nor equality
How to live without envy?

No money nor security
How to live without greed?

No motives nor prize
How to live without sloth?

No accessibility nor satisfaction
How to live without lust?

No pleasure nor satisfaction
How to live without gluttony?

No logic nor sense
How to live without wrath?

No compassion nor humbleness
How to live without pride?

Words of Harfouchism
Richard j Heby May 2012
I'm exercising;
not eating.       *"IT'S NOT EASY
[A] People, who willingly
sacrifice progress for comfort,
are deserving of neither.
Curtis Apr 2014
I am myself
I live free
I pity those
Who do not know themselves

All you see
Are the people you need
The people you use
To set your mind free

It is the sin of sloth
To only think of others
You are worth not your time
You know not time
You think for pain
And ask what you have gained

You need yourself
To be set free
To see others
Whom they really be

I was there
But my mind has been cleared
I have lost all my fears
And become a deer

You will be there
And I'll be here
Come to me
When you're free
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