LizO May 25
I wouldn’t scale Everest
For you,
Because I’d find it a little cold.
Not only that though,
I’m not really very bold.
Plus the chances of me achieving it
Are pretty much
Slim to none, but I would
Stroke your arms
And do the same to your bum!
Why yes, I did feel the need to end both of today's poems with bum.
I was 14
Hair the color
Of dark maple
Covered in leopard print
I still am
A shy kid
With family issues
You were 16
With hair like the sun
On your cheeks and nose
All my friends had a crush on you
And i did to

That day we convinced you
To come play
Kick the can
In the circle
My obsession
I was too nervous
To actually speak to you
So my way of telling you
How pretty you were
Was to always chase you
In those games
That followed
I always caught you
I thought
You may have let me

One night
You had a moment
Of clumsiness
You stumbled on a tree root...
As Jonah ran to your house
To get your dad
I decided to scoop you up
I carried you home
The whole way
You held my neck tight
I still recall how the skin
On your arm felt
Pressed tightly around my skin
You told me Thank You as i brought you up to your porch
Your dad lifted you in the car
As you drove away
You smiled at me
I floated home

I met Jonah after school today
It was a tuesday in june
We had plans to play basketball
When i saw him he ran up to me
He said "guess what"?
"Nora likes you"
I reply "you're full of shit"
He laughs and punches my chest

I rode my bike to your house that night
After dark
And parked behind a tree out by the road
I watched the lighted windows
Hoping you would walk past
You didnt
After 20 mins or so
I went home

I hated that you went to a different school than me
I hardly ever got to see you
Jonah said you had a stress fracture and wouldnt be able to play kick the can most of the summer
I really wanted to see you

That weekend i got up the nerve to knock on your door
Your sister answered and yelled out "Nora" someones here for you
Your dad came to the door
He frowned at me
I may have peed a little
Or may not have
You came out and smiled at me
I may have peed a little
Or may not have
You gave me a small hug and said "thank you" for carrying you home the other night
I said "no problem"
We talked in your porch swing for an hour or so
Well, more like you talked and i gladly listened to everything
You told me how you wanted to go to art school
That you hated cheer squad but your mom insisted
You promised to show me the pear tree in your backyard
How your parents took you to church every week
How you hated cigarette smoke
And i was suddenly very conscious of breathing to close to you at that moment
How bad drugs were and that you couldnt wait to visit the pacific northwest

When your dad came to the door and said "times up"
I helped you off the swing
You hugged me and went inside

I dont remember the walk home that night
And i dont remember falling asleep
I do, however, remember my dream of you
I remember picking pears in your backyard and throwing rocks on the train tracks behind your house

The next day
I started thinking about how you wouldnt like me if you knew i smoked cigarettes and pot with my friends
How i hated going to church with my parents
You were so much better than me

I sat down and wrote a note
I told you how beautiful you were and how many times i thought of you and how much better you could do than me
I asked Jonah to give it to you
He thought he was playing matchmaker

I avoided riding past your house almost the whole summer

One hot day in august we decided to ride to the bowling alley
It was much faster going the route past your house
As we approached your house there was a black mustang in your driveway next to your dads car
You were sitting on your porch with a guy
He must've been 18 or 19
He was smoking a cigarette and you looked up at us riding by
You smiled and put your arm around his shoulder

I still think sometimes
"I wish i hadnt made your decision for you"
we try to be slim;
you, fear, me?!

                   thank god!
"I'm a father, and I don't do a few things.

A father doesn't babysit his kids,
            what are you part time?
Wake up, if your thinking this,
your not father material
                    your a sperm bank for hire.

I don't get drunk in-front of my kids,
                     you slurring your words.
Anger making you lash out.
           That's a problem,  you see
       love is kindness, not anger and grief.

"I'm a father and I do a few things right.

A father reads to his kids, imagination
            ignited in little minds.
"ROAR" went the dino baby as
    it showed mummy and daddy
its new voice that it found.
   Trees trembled and the earth
             did jump for this little dino
showed off the voice
                          "ROAR" it never knew it had.

A father looks after them when there sick.
                           Team mummy and daddy.

Snooty Maggie,
                    that's mummies section.
Green little monsters popping out of noses,
slim trails on white tissues, so gross.
                           Buggers make daddy heave.

Pukky Pedro,
now this is daddies area.
         scrap the chunks,  
         clean the sheets, give them a shower.
Now get the bucket, that rests next to the
                                                 little ones bed.
Sleep my baby, mummy and daddy are close.

A father is meant to show love,
                                    don't be a part timer.
Were meant to be proud of what we have or had
with the love of our life.
                        We created someone,
who will bring a smile to eithers face just with a look.

— The End —