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Chiron Aug 18
As i left you sleeping calmly,
a thought came to my mind,
how the rythym of your heartbeat,
mimicked that of mine

I pondered there a moment,
in silent, reflective pose,
a desire to stay longer,
oh how i longed, *** only knows

A morning I imagined clearly,
as i left you soundly sleep,
i saw you stirring gently,
an image i will keep

I brushed my lips to yours,
slid my fingers to your thighs,
felt you breathing heavy,
a sight for my lucky eyes

Your skin as soft as velvet,
mine heart against your chest,
a mouth descending southward,
my lips to do the rest

Time no longer matters,
until you tremble deep within,
these thoughts i hold to dearly,
until i see you once again
There's absolutely no way im waiting a week to see you again
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2017
And there I saw the perfect bed.
Just the perfect size, height width everything I could have dreamt.
I imagined the perfect sleep in my perfect bed.
Never quite seeing home the same again.
It came equipped with sheets and blankets even a heated mattress.
This bed was better than anything I could have imagined.
I climbed her leg and slipped myself in her pocket.
I haven't slept this good in a long while
Somewhere far from the stars, I slept
and dreamed a dream where I dug a hole
in the sand, which fell as the pyramids wept-
I dug too deep; Earth swallowed me whole.
Some angels freed me from that prison
in which I knew the hour or minute
but a year had passed my vision
and spun a world without me in it.
Today I am calling out to every man
who wishes to flea the waves of sorrow
by sipping their cyanide from a can:
Refuge which we take, we borrow
from the children of tomorrow.
lauren Nov 2016
i have slept restlessly for  nights now, reliving the events that have conjured within the past 72 hours. i think to myself, how would anyone want to bring another into this world knowing the pain they will endure? yes. you will feel pain, indescribable, chest filling, body aching pain from your head to your toes. i wont try to paint a perfect picture of this world and let you down. hating me every moment for the things i never said. you will be beaten down by others, torn away from the connection you thought you had. you will sit in a coffee shop alone, biting your lip with anxiety, and he will call you in the dead of night pleading for you to keep him company once more. you will miss the way you looked at the world, with innocence and purity, reliving every moment of suffering and rewriting its pages. you will invest your heart in people, things that will only let you down. but sweet child this suffering that you feel will be soon over. it is how you overcome these situations of awkward confrontation and scandalous betrayal. because one day a bee will buzz past you and you will jump up and down like a child again, tugging on the end of your own dress, smiling. you will laugh once again because the perpetual love you feel from those who surround you with positive energy will fill the gaping hole of disappointment that the world has so willingly handed you. like i said, i will not paint a perfect picture for you, because every artist has their flaws, but they cover them oh so well. and you should never have to carry that kind of burden.

love always,
jane taylor May 2016
in the heart
of the night
a slice of moonlight

i rouse
its mesmerizing lure
gently stirs
a hazy

from shadows i emerge
hearkening its echo
you’re dreaming

its shimmering light
engulfed me
prying open my stubborn eyes
in the onyx

its silver glow
enticed me outside
i stood silent
whilst glistening dewdrops
danced on my toes

a sterling lunar crescent
enlightening midnight

wake up
life’s a trance

in an ocean of emptiness
i heard
a celestial orb
and ne’er slept again

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