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Classy J Apr 2015
Oh sleepless night, why are your eyes red? Oh sleepless night, why do you gasp every time you close your eyes? Oh sleepless night, why are you paranoid? Oh sleepless night, oh sleepless night has all the sheep died, because you only see a fence without sheep to count? Oh sleepless night, do you want to talk about it? Oh sleepless night, why do you talk to yourself, have you finally lost it? Oh sleepless night, I think you have and I think I know why! Oh sleepless night, we are one, so really I'm just asking myself these questions. Oh sleepless night, was it because I heard my dad beating my mom? Oh sleepless night is it because I had a baby sitter that sexually assaulted me? Oh sleepless night, is it because after the baby sitter was asleep I killed him? Oh sleepless night,  Oh sleepless night, is it because I get bullied at school? Oh sleepless night, what do I have in my hand right now? Oh sleepless night, I tell you the truth I'm done with you. Oh sleepless night, Oh sleepless night, all it would take is a simple!!!
This isn't a personal poem about me or anyone else. It just goes out to those that have dealt with these situations or someone they know.
Katlyn Orthman Sep 2012
Sleepless nights,
I'm drifting on my feet
Sleepless nights
These weeks repeat
Sleepless nights
Up in the early morning time
Sleepless nights
Feels strange this bed of mine
Sleepless nights
Constant stress
Sleepless nights
My whole life's a mess
Sleepless nights
I feel rundown and sick
Sleepless nights
I'm seeing insomnia tricks
Sleepless nights
Why am I so tired
Sleepless nights
These worrys keep me wired
Sleepless nights
Are every night
Sleepless nights
I wish my world was right
Crestfall Jul 2017
Sleepless Nights,
City Lights,
Keep me awake,
But don’t let me choose the sleeping pill to take.

Sleepless Nights,
City Lights,
Cloud my mind,
Render me blind.

Sleepless Nights,
City Lights,
Invade my thoughts,
Never let me connect the dots.

Sleepless Nights,
City Lights,
Never let me go,
Never let me recall what I owe.

Sleepless Nights,
City Lights,
I’m afraid of the dark,
But I never want to see a spark.

Sleepless Nights,
City Lights,
Shut my mouth,
Or else my luck will fly south.

Sleepless Nights,
City Lights,
Strip me bare,
Keep me aware.

Sleepless Nights,
City Lights,
Why am I alone,
So unknown?

Sleepless Nights,
City Lights,
You’re everywhere and always,
The only thing I can bear in this haze.
SangaHmar Aug 2018
In sleepless nights I lie awake,
Thinking about dying and lying in a wake,
Fearing the cold void that might await.

In sleepless nights I lie awake,
What peace would be like, to finally rest,
Thinking of the eternal slumber that awaits.

In sleepless nights I lie awake,
Tired and weary, sad and in misery,
Wondering when the day would get better.

In sleepless nights I lie awake,
Haunted by the memories of loved one's who've passed.

In sleepless nights I lie awake,
Reminiscing of the past, of the sweet precious memories that keeps out the dark.

In sleepless nights I lie awake,
Thankful I made it through the day,
Without falling apart and breaking away.

In sleepless nights I would continue to lie awake,
And stare at the ceiling in the dark,
Until Morpheus comes to take me away.
Brad French Mar 2017
Oh sleepless night why come tonight?
Curiosity lead me astray
Now sleepless night show me thine telescopic sight

Oh sleepless night why torment me?
Thou came at a strange time in life
Sensuality cover of my sanity

Oh sleepless night why hinder rest?
Youthful travels delay gateways
Yesterdays, break of day, spiritual decay

Oh sleepless night how do you rest?
Time passes yet you do not lay down
Sleepless night show thine sunday best among the rest

Thine heart shalt rest no more,
Find eternal peace by the shore.
Amitav Radiance Jul 2014
Sleepless eyes wide awake
During a sleepless night
Tossing and turning
The bed is so uninviting
Not allowing my soul to rest
Listening to the dark lull
Turmoil in the mind
In retrospective mode
So many incidents come alive
Darkness giving me clarity
Of my experiences
Trying to decipher the past
Imaginary solutions
For episodes from my past
Time travel, visiting in reminiscence
Not sure whether I am happy or sad
More of a neutral state of mind
Sleepless night engaging me
In a futile attempt to resolve
Only memories can visit the past
Time, has long ago taken me miles ahead
My sleepless night indulging
In hallucinating my mind
Ramblings of a sleepless soul
From the experiences of sleepless night
Lily Barrett Nov 2018
Sleepless nights
Are the worst
Because each time it hurts
More and more
Every part of me is sore
Sleepless nights
Cause me to think
Of what pulled to me to the brink
Of self-hate
To escalate
Sleepless nights
Are common
And completely rotten
I no longer sleep
My dreams I no longer keep
Sleepless nights are dark
Not even a single spark
Comes through the window
My head in limbo
Sleepless nights
Are spent alone
I lie prone
On my bed
With the tears I shed
Sleepless nights
Occur more than twice
little lion Feb 2018
sleepless nights
sleepless night
sleepless nigh
sleepless nig
sleepless ni
sleepless n
sleeping a
sleeping al
sleeping alo
sleeping alon
sleeping alone
sleeping alone.
Kelly Rose Feb 2015
Another sleepless night
3am, a bit beyond
the witching hour

A time of quiet reflection
Remembering dreams lost
& Creating dreams to be

Thinking of past sorrows
Anticipating tomorrow's

Another sleepless night

Contemplating Life's mystery
Marveling at the
Wonder of it all...
Joyce May 2012
When, instead of cozying in bed
I wander out there with Kerouac,
Imagining that I am Kerouac
Or some slave who walks upright;
Or a priest without a crowd
With hands and feet tied.
When, instead of snoring like hell,
I am left unimaginative by some;
I am making disgusting Love with shadows unknown
And remain pinned against the wall.
I am some nine year old senile who wets her bed
in fear and disbelief.
Lights flicker and then fade
And the switch becomes a button pressed to send
Someone in raving comfort.
I am not a stranger to sleepless nights
Even when night becomes noon.
Nightmares haunt me no more but I
Am left haunted by my bed.
Sheets crumpled by tossing and turning.
My bed does not recognize my warmth.
Voice recordings and constant tweetings
Pump blood to my Über active head.
Sleepless nights are well received as my body
Succumbs to sleep.
I live in a different world with five hundred other names
And the ten thousand other Me’s are all in disarray.

(And when the clock chimes at one, two, three ‘til way down six,
There’s a carnival of sorts with hair strands flailing like
Seven sets of arms.)

I am not a stranger to sleepless nights
And wetting my bed is not a Sin.
I am sinful beyond recognition, as my bed is my witness.
I have had different beds
But to me, they’re all the same.
Some, soft; others, too hard
Or covered in satin, exaggerated by the moonlight. Some, made of wood
While others, with tight springs.
Water’s absurd but so is steel.
Double padding, triple linings, four feet, at times, none;
There’s the car, the guest room, the floor, hospital bed,
A seat next to a complete stranger ---
I make my bed before sleeping
And leave it when I’m done.
I am not a stranger to sleepless nights
And I jump on the bed at midnight.
I am not a stranger to morning tides and the morning shows on TV.
I’m not a stranger at all, no,
And when I sleep, I sleep in peace.
Stranger things have happened
Noons and sudden weekends are no way sleep - inducing; I am left believing
That nights and days dance in my
Sachin Jain Mar 2013
2 AM and I lie awake,
thinking as the time goes by,
yet another wakeful sleepless night.
I dream of ghosts and wake-up screaming,
tears in my eyes
yet another wakeful sleepless night.
I want to go in dreamless slumber,
when will I get that I wonder
yet another wakeful sleepless night.
I have my troubles and my mind a rubble,
and at 2 AM I lie awake,
thinking as the time goes by,
yet another wakeful sleepless night.
Kaitlin Collide Sep 2013
Oh sleepless night
What a trick on me you play!
For the reason I cannot sleep
Is because I anticipate the day

We build our day up
To have it elapse at night
But how too often a time I experience
A continuance through the night

Oh how unfair to me you see
For nighttime is a break much overlooked
Because I walk through the day quite sleepily
Which is difficult in a day so overbooked

Sleeping figures
Rejuvenating minds
Your mind is cultivating in peace
While my face is forming lines

Oh how I wish I didn’t get so worked up
I expected this to happen
Which ironically is the reason
My tiredness has been dampened

I lay in bed, ready
Ready to try this out
A pleasant sleep is all I wanted
Without completely passing out

How I get so jealous when
You lay there and drift to rest
While I’m dealing with two polar issues--
Either abruptly collapse into sleep or else from it slowly digress

Oh sleepless night, you tease me so
You fool with me and upset me so
For when thinking of tomorrow I surely know
I’m not going to be as lively as my potential.

It’s like I’m a hobo on Fifth Ave
Looking at the rich not realizing what they have
I get excited over spare change
While you collect your pay checks again and again

So let’s face it, tomorrow I’ll be miserable
And I’ll look forward to when the clock strikes night
But then the hours I have will become considerable
So I’ll lay there restlessly and drift away just before the light.
So I’ll get a taste of what sleeps like
But I’ll never get to experience it right.
Oh you cruel, mean sleepless night!
Where dwells your brother so known as the “Goodnight”?
written in my freshman dorm in 2011
TheSilentWarrior Jan 2015
Eyes heavy,
and limbs numb.
My body wants to rest,
but yet I can't.

So much to do,
so much to see.
I want to do all things,
before sleeping.

My mind racing, and my fingers
dance on the computer keys.
What should I do now?
I can't sleep or sit still.

So much going on,
no time to sleep.
No time to rest, or close my eyes
for a few seconds.

I have to wait till I feel my
eyes become heavy,
until I close them and dream
the mysterious of life.

I am so sleepless, my eyes are half way opened.
My limbs half numb , and my mind out of

Mark Steigerwald Nov 2014
Far away on tides of blue,
father still then havens of gray.
Stretching across those wondrous fields
farther still then the breaking day.
Reaching fourth strands of hope,
grasping for life in the depths.

A light appears in the mire,
a hope filled with deepest desire.
The eminence of this light priceless
the glory of its beauty,

The stars gleam
the darkness beams,
the heavens soar
and the moon drifts and dreams.

The night is alive
under this sleepless light,
stars shift and sway.
To the beat of its reflecting gleam,
the galaxies drift away, away.

The wolf cries mournfully
to it's long lost love.
The moon in return
shines all the brighter.

The heavens rejoice
for the light is theirs,
the songs of the deep
rising higher and higher.
The night is alive
under the sleepless light,
The stars arrayed in all their splendor.

The night is alive with color and life
Love and peace,
beauty and such magnificence.

When the sleepless lights
shines ever bright,
the darkness fades
and the night comes alive.
Sherenna Nov 2019
One sleepless boy
Falling to the deepest of the ocean
Looking for himself in the ocean waves
Little boy, it was just a dream

One sleepless boy
Running through an unending maze
Walking through an unending road
Little boy, it was just a dream

One sleepless boy
He is running through a neverending dream
A beautiful and horrifying dream of a one sleepless boy

-Inspired by a girl named Jessica-
This poem was inspired by a lovely girl named Jessica - she wrote a story of a sleepless boy, who was afraid to be caught in his dream.
Shannon Jeffery May 2014
It's time to enter a sleepless mind
The cogs and wheels spin and grind
I hear the whistles and the chimes

My head racing faster than a v8
Thoughts are larger than a U.S state
For my sleep I am ever so late

Clocks in my head, tick tocking
Side to side my head rocking
Chains pulling of the ship docking

Inside a war is going
Bullets and missiles a throwing
Explosions is all, lost for all knowing

Eternity lost in void of thought
Reminiscing on all I was taught
Consistent darkness you haunt

A sleepless mind is what I see
It is all I know how to be
So if don't you mind, come join me
Yara Jul 2014
Dark drapes fall on both sides

Heavy with the drought of sleepless nights

When the moon shone but did not shine

Through the windows that are stained to this day

I'd try rubbing the grit away

But the grains of sand have found their home

As have the lead in my heavy heart.
The windows are eyes
The drapes are the lids.
Figure out the rest.
ThingsWillChange May 2014
A free verse poem by me!*

Some nights I can't sleep,
My mind is consumed,
With the thought of how,
Much easier it would be,
If you were my side.

For you,
The one who put me in this state,
Is not here,
By my side,
Though I wish you were.

For you,
Are the cause,
Of my sleepless nights,
My restless nights,
My dreamless nights.

I am lying here,
Awake in my bed,
The covers pulled up to my chin,
Curled into,
A ball.

Lying here,

My feelings towards someone special, someone who probably doesn't feel the same...
delved so deep in to a dream
I got lost along the way it seems
woke up in a nightmare
murmuring things I didn't mean
and now the clock is ticking
a pendulum of searing pain
backwards, forwards and repeat
at least for me the pain is sweet
to be reminded of my shortcomings
to rekindle the flame of life's deceit
sleepless sleeping is a curse
and lifeless living I feel is worse
with every breath a problem unearthed
spirit and flesh, love and hate
I know not which will falter first
forgive my potential for that's what hurts
having something you forgot how to use
my self worth
my local church
and any gift I had from birth
back to my sleepless sleep I go
in to a realm of the unknown
where I break bottles with the lifeless living
and learn the dead can not keep giving
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive
**I am alive
A clock ticks time by tirelessly
Gears winding like twines of string
With quaint clicking quickly quieting
Until finally time stands still

Broken glass of a smooth clock face
Gears halting in deformity
Glistening shards like the sands of time
Ceasing in their downward flight

A once beating ticking heart of life
Now is lost within a sleepless night
Once a momentum to continued light
Now falls to the ringing silence's might

Time broken into shattered deaths
Until there is simply nothing left
Maybe you've guessed; my nightstand clock broke. It's not like it was an antique that belonged to my great grandmother or anything. Oh wait....
Dreams of Sepia Oct 2015
5 a.m motorcycle
where you headed to
through the endless darkness
of the empty suburbs
yours is the night to have & to hold
sleepless & free
stirring up the wind
yet lonely
so lonely
I can feel it
whatcha lookin' for,
lil' Brother
not yours the comfort
of  dreams & forgetfulness
(nor mine)
riding through the night
just killing time
in the empty suburbs
JT-TJ Nov 2010
Can't put my mind to rest, it's another sleepless night.
My eye's are wide open, and it seems a constant fight.
I lay here in thought, about my long boring day.
Daydreaming of tomorrow, and the bills I must pay.

I toss and I turn, trying to find comfort in this bed.
Punching my pillows, so I can have a place for my head.
After a few minutes, the cycle must again repeat.
Then there is an itching sensation, that begins in my feet.

After laying here for an hour, and going through this charade.
I get up and go to the refrigerator, for a midnight raid.
Now that I have a full stomach, maybe I'll have better luck.
But another hour passes, and this is really beginning to ****.

It's running close to two o'clock, and my eye's have yet to close.
Then there is another itch, except this time it's my nose.
My eyes begin to get heavy, and I'm hoping I will sleep.
And then I hear my alarm clock, beep, beep, beep.

By now it's four o'clock, and I still haven't slept a wink.
My eyes hurt so much now, they hurt to even blink.
I drag myself out of bed, so I can move forward with my day.
And hope that I will sleep tonight, or there will be hell to pay.
I slept

The two nights

I couldn't
Hear your voice

My tossing
My turning

Keeps me up
Because my soul

Feels alone
Without you

And not even
I can sleep

Not even me
Who sleeps endlessly

Can sleep even a night
Without hearing your
Sweet words
And whispered nothings.
Amber Jade Oct 2011
I'm tired,
My body screams for sleep,
But I'm still to scared to close my eyes,
And my heat is too incomplete,
I know tonight I'll remain awake,
Sleepless in a massive stampede,
Now it starts to get to my head,
And i begin to stop making sense,
Sleepless in the light of day,
And night's shadows too cold for my delight,
So I'll stay awake for eternity,
Insomnia isn't too far behind me,
So do i sleep and get ready for the night,
When i stay up well past the rising light????
I have no clue.... i have not slept properly for days and its getting to my head a little, i'm really starting to make no sense... any way as usual i wanted to try to express how tired i am and yet i can't sleep and this is how it turned out...... ENJOY???
Kelly McCarthy Mar 2014
I can’t sleep.
An endless wandering
piano strain
caught between

She lays
her head
against his
across his
heavy heart.

A sad
each breath
he takes.

I hope
death will
of arrows
the night.
Each aflame
with the
and conceit
of  the
human race.

Only then
will I slumber
the skies
and stars.
Glistening in
with the chorus
small voices
and the movements
of the

A haunting
us of memories
and their purpose
of nostalgia.
The notes
us to go
To hope
when hope
is gone.

Because I can’t
I dream
of brokenness
and hopelessness.
A darkness
darker than
the night
my unseen
and billows
beneath my

I look to them
so close to
the edge,
and I pray
like sweet honey
drips from
I pray for
them both,

The girl and the boy who haunt my sleepless nights.

I watch
as they
my demise,
my brain
rots away
my limbs

They have
of me.
a fleeting
that nags
at their
each footfall
them farther
from my
and closer to
their empty

It was
they too
never existed,
as both
to the
that soundtracks
their never-ending

The girl and the boy who haunt my sleepless nights.

Now we
the moons
I just can't sleep. No matter what I try. And this haunting album "Memoryhouse" by Max Richter has my mind reeling. It's so overloaded with feelings and emotions I had to write. And this is that result of that.
Here's the link to his album on Youtube:
Tabitha May 2014
Late night conversations about sweet nothings,
I feel as though he is just -something,
Something so goofy and unique,
I smile from ear to ear as he speaks,
I stay up almost the entire night and day,
It would be easier if he were to be next to me and stay,
He says we practically read each others' minds -telepathy,
I can go on and on about his sympathy,
We make funny faces all the time,
He is what I call  -a dime,
Not a dime's worth nor it's size,
It's quirkiness and shine,
And to end this poem is hard - just in a few lines,
His eyes and smile fill the room with light,
There is not one thing I regret from these,
*-These sleepless nights.
s Dec 2017
when you ask me if I'm bored
of listening to your story,
I ponder what boredom means to me
and why I'm grateful for mundanity.

you colour my life
in every tone of grey -
in a nourishing, poetic,
underrated way.
grey - the soul
of every colour in the world -
invisible and aligned
like all things well designed.

or maybe because grey
feels like routine,
and you’re the everyday
that's to come
and that has been.

you're where I set my bar for normal;
you're my Sunday night pyjama informal.

You’re my common sense,
my reality check,
my perspective lens,
my goodnight peck;
and even your grim phone voice
& plotless stories on sleepless nights
are part of the palette 
I've come to adore,
painting magic
in monochrome.
Oh No One Apr 2014
When I'm laying awake in bed on a sleepless night,
I often think of you.
I think of the way you laughed
The way you cried on the phone with me.
The way when you kissed me while you were smiling.
The way you sighed.
The way you chuckled softly and brushed off a compliment.
But most of all,
I think of the way you made everything I was doing seem better when you were around.
nichole r Jun 2014
the hollows under her eyes
got deeper
as invisible hands
scraped further.
Cné Aug 2017
The weary mind in turmoil writhes
and slumber will not come.
The moonlight seeps
like latticed withered vines.
I listen to my heartbeat,
in the silence like a drum,
And through my shuttered eyes....
see strange designs.
The night will not take me prisoner,
and bind me to restful sleep.
No dreams, or any respite,
no way, my soul to keep.
Groaning as I turn myself
to rest beleaguered pain,
I stretch to ease
my tortured back and sigh.
Then I fluff my pillow
to deactivate my speeding brain...
Rolling in the covers,
as my body sweats and strains,
seeking to lose myself,
discarding all, my pains

But my eyes are wide...
and still the question..."Why?"
Brains on hyperdrive
If I could have your arms tonight—
But half the world and the broken sea
Lie between you and me.

The autumn rain reverberates in the courtyard,
Beating all night against the barren stone,
The sound of useless rain in the desolate courtyard
Makes me more alone.

If you were here, if you were only here—
My blood cries out to you all night in vain
As sleepless as the rain.
Dia Jun 2014
It's an anxiety attack waiting to happen when I can't think of a witty way to say something unoriginal; something that everyone has heard before, but that just now occurred to me to say. I can feel my thoughts racing, my heartbeat speeding up to pump blood to my overreacting brain that's now thinking, "How the **** am I gonna get these feelings out, now?" I can't think of a cunning way to use a metaphor--one that I need to be able to put this pen to the page and call all these thoughts in my head poetry.
What is the meaning of poetry? I feel like I should have some kind of figurative language in here, but my brain is fried. I'm too numb to process a **** thing. I'm so numb that it physically hurts and that pain is all that I can feel. That and the burning of my eyes from lack of sleep. This isn't poetry. I don't know what this is--random words strung together by a writer who's falling asleep at the page, who doesn't even know what sense is at this point. It's a's a ramble. Sleepless ramble
I was writing this last night..."this morning" at 1am and I fell asleep while writing it. I woke up and found this so I decided to put it up.
Emily Dawn Dec 2014
These eyes, dark stains left behind by the rivers of coffee
I force past these lips trying to coax life,
Back into a body that doesn't remember what it is to feel it.
A tiny something I wrote and didn't hate
my mind stirs
and then I lie
for hours

— The End —