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HB Oct 2010
Dead dog sleepin',
Lyin' down.
All limp, and melted
On the ground.

A twitch, a snort
A slurp, a *****.
Seems to me,
You've got it ruff.

On rocks or mud
Or feathered-down,
This dead dog's sleepin',
Lyin' down.
Shaine Fraz May 2014
You like to say love disappeared.
And I swear it never left, but she talk like Kanye "Ima let you finish"
shrug her shoulders; cut me off, Swift.
    Drinks on the table it was no one else's business, Henny in my system there was no one else who witnessed how she never took a breath like a run on sentence so I'm in the club flexing working on my fitness; arms out stretched on my chest crucifixion.
    I'm forgiven but could never get a word in not even one syllable I'm talking in synonyms I,
nevermore, words with friends.  Triple word how absurd you be trippin ****, on my Instagram insecurity I'm tired of it I'm with my Boys chillin rarely smoked but might burn a spliff; ease the pain so insane major Payne fatigue is in.  
    I got a glimpse of future, I use to, try to hit you up reconnect, bluetooth, I'm in her ear lying for the ***, I miss you, she on top giving me the truth: this all you.  But **** it though I'm not trynna be your man, but when she leaving out for work I be sleepin in
and when she home I tax that *** like I'm Uncle Sam nothing ever change so after head she be at my neck
    Flashback to the present
she still telling me how I don't get it
unproductive in her presence, you not even in front of me I'm still tasting lemons; Yo, my star player wants a trade should I let her go? cut too deep for bandaids should I let it flow.  
    Throwback to the past vampire clothes but the blood different I'm a sucker for that red though: she was floating 6 inches from the earth floor, you's a victim baby true blood, spoil us!  Show Me What You Got lil mama let your "Kingdom Come" dressed in all black spending money black republican?  Awesome and some; I was sliding home she was catching, clamping; say I turn her on like a touch screen, Samsung; with a touch of color you would disobey your mother as I slid under your covers
mid-day massages
"Midnight Maunders"
at least that's how it use to be, now Award Tour got her trippin almost frequently
we use to fight for love she said now she a causality!
        "and how you gonna make this bout you it's about me, phone ringing since 1am it's about 3
  thought you was slick huh,
thought I was sleep, you **** right love disappeared"
but she never leaves.
She's still waiting to exhale, but she never breaths.
© 2014 by S Fraz All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of S Fraz
Mark Lecuona Feb 2012
Occupyin' Blues
Today we made the news
They told us to go
Nothin' sleepin' on concrete can grow

It’s their tea
So don’t take it
The ones who got nothing
Want someone to share it
Where they sit
No matter
The whole thing
Will just get swept
Under another rug

The limo’s are full
Of unrepentant braces
Full of themselves
Throwing dimes at the faces
Of the poor
But they’ll be back
And take that too
Because the money
Is for them
And not for me
And not for you

Occupyin' Blues
Today we made the news
They told us to go
Nothin' sleepin' on concrete can grow

They think it’s over
You got your rights
So why you complainin’
It was better
When they were sayin’
You was a lazy good for nothing
Now they think it’s fixed
You see yourself
In a big White House
But it’s no big thing
To them

There’s no hoses or whips
Instead you get pink slips
Maybe it’s better now
Instead of stringin’
They just singin’
That song about boot straps
And all
So it’s just words
They don’t hurt
Do they?

Occupyin' Blues
Today we made the news
They told us to go
Nothin' sleepin' on concrete can grow

There’s a problem though
Some of the complainin’
By folks who were never livin'
On the streets like poor folk
It's getting’ a little close to home
‘Cause they look like them
Acted like them
Except now they’re not
And they’re sweatin’
‘Cause they know the game

But there’s no guiltin’
No remorsin’
About lootin’
Or pollutin’
No sir
They might be pausin’
‘Cause your causin’
Some kind of ruckus
But they’ll be back to schemin’
And you’ll be dreamin’
‘Bout the time you thought
You was somthin’
On the streets
And occupyin’
While the police was arrestin’
The gutter rats for nothin’
But exercisin’
Their rights to be assemblin’
It's right there
In the Constitution
Or so they were sayin’

Occupyin' Blues
Today we made the news
They told us to go
Nothin' sleepin' on concrete can grow

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved. Mark Lecuona
Whether this is any good or not it's written as a protest song in the most respected Dylan (as in Bob) vein...Just imagine it being sung like Subterranean Homesick Blues. Very aggressive with a ton of cynicism....

I woke up this morning and noticed they made them leave last night... Even in Austin where protest is a sacred right I guess the city fathers decided enough is enough....
mark john junor Sep 2014
greyhound station
quarter to three am
in the rain
she is sitting on the bags
playing a vampire movie on the kindle
the screen lights her up
as she leans in close for the big wedding scene
run my hand along her dreadlocks
stopping to eye a new bead
thats her...a new little treasure for my heart each day

she leans on my shoulder as we
sit in the very back of the bus
bare to the warm night air
while dave matthew's sings to us
a little ditty from his long ago
has such a style don't he
she whispers a kiss onto my cheek
slips into dreamin

miles run past breathlessly
just an ebb and flow of u-gas and jiffy ****
just a parade of kids playing by an endless river
right outside this dim window
shes sleepin softly
i'm so awake to how i feel
to how much she means to me

where ya going mister
where ya headed
i point ..."thata way to the bright future"
so full of promise
so full of joys
with her at my side i can do anything
with her i am superman
Dante Nov 2011
You should all be running
There clocks are singing
There cracks are screaming
The horizon one hundred yards away, So
you should be running
Firing your energies, feel the cannon fodder, straight from the Howl
Down past the credence
Up & over indulgence
In the bright earnest face we all so fear
My mother's eyes show me
My father's will teaches
Because his words go
Up, down and up and down and straight & die
& through and ground
Reaching time reach the audience
Reach out for bleachers where watch
tictoc right American preachers
Me junction, the merger, our mental *******
Me ******, me scared
Me changing like canon fire
Right! To the ocean, deep deep depths
To think think future
a clock there is singing
Showtunes for theme songs, church bells
Defcon 12 falling tanks off me shelf
See the mad red carnation
Shot at the pieces in eclipse of today
I keep going when I still have nothing to say
The drapery dying the godbirds still flying
I will never know what comes next
But I've got influence
& I'll need congruence
To empty a vault full of universal need
I want to be running
I'd wish you were running
The stitches, the fabric, sewn loving care
Like the landscaping, keep you warm
I've stolen from homeless
I've stolen from men
I break all the precepts
My breathing's from them
I steal all their oxygen
Whenever I breath Me harmony
Me stretching Me arm reach no peace
I see the world over
the oceans are strange
There's volcanic lightening
& men in white coats
I don't eat, I don’t sleep
I walk for them, should running
out there should running
We feel for the riches
We feel for the dying
Cancerous limp-ation, now windmill's orchestration
Shoes stuck in mud with laces together
Women see lightening when held through the weather
The war, land the peace is
The dynamic tension
The balance in pieces
With eyes up to heaven
Who cares if we're dying
We're all one
One what
I accuse you of calling the charlatan, ****
One bread piece obtuse cause
the sandwich is dying
Do you think that's normal?
Do you think that's abstract?
Boys crying because their teachers have fears
From the past make it last
What is wrong with your peers
Hold together mold together
Find out what's next
Feeling perplexed
Run run run you silly little girls
There's no sense in hiding the rest of the world
We've got one thing in common
And one thing is this
We've all got timing for HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS
Hold together, mold together
Cry together scream
the bonding is no place
for a welcome machine
What do we do
What do we do
What do we do
What do we do?
End swimming, out running
Over fencing, out running, Break walling, out running
Down clouding, out running
Fall like jumpers, run like dying
Out through planetary & temporary adrenal-line
Sleep when men in white coats
Them start walking
They march, they country
They apple of eden & run when the men
in white coats, they lay sleepin
The world is a mountain
the people they range
Look at these weirdos, make them say change
Educate the many use mindscreen no strife
The point of the riddle
Eternal solvation
We are confused with the mental *******
I'm ******* I'm sorry I'm scared
There's isolation in landscape
Something sounds like prepared
Listen to wordplay
try to find the right light
there's air in the landscape...
Cool to the touch
(a few beats)
Say ******* with metaphor
(a few beats)
I've got words, I've got wisdom
I watch movies
There's motion, just grab it
Keep going
You should be running
You should all be running
The world is going to start at any second
You should be running
mark john junor Jul 2014
sweet summer thick with late day sun
all the the children running with laughter's an joys
the men plowing in the rich soil
the women hands to hips all the washin to be done
hear em singing as each stitch laid to cloth
hear em laughing under the beautiful sun
aint no living to be done till you lived
natural on the land....
sweet summer thick with late day sun
walking back now to gather for supper
hear em singing with joys bounty
aint no living to be done till
ya come live under a sweet summer sun
all the children sleepin under the night sky
all the folks dreamin wonderful lives
aint no living like under the natural sun
Cunning Linguist Aug 2018
My trap tags don't expire  
I'm an arsonist for hire  
on these bars
Watch me spit fire, yuh

Got a grill in my mouth
& a grill on my porch  
New balance on my feet,  
In my kitchen selling work  
Got grass like I'm dirt
Hit the gas like I'm first
Eating *** with a thirst
Thots be scary go to church
Give that ***** heckin hurt  
I'ma dawg ripe from birth  
Yes I'm bound to rule the Earth
And I'll pillage til it skrrt
-Bet you ain't gon take my turf
'Less you finna prove that worth
Satisfy the ladies aye
my **** got 1 inch girth

& I'm all
Foaming from the mouth like she rabid  
**** yo ***** leave her shaking,
steady rabbit
Only *** wit gold
Cos' I don't believe in average
I'm a savage with these lavish roasts
so toast to this y'all napping, woah

Gimme  t h i c c  bone  
-I'm here to cuck ur *****
I Go Donkey Kong on em
wit bana-na clips  
Mushrooms down the pipe,
Now watch me all-star this ****
Leave em duckin runnin huffin
when tha muh ******
hammer hit boi

Ball so hard I got u trippin'
Spitting triplets in the kitchen
-To watch the world burn  
Is my muh ****** mission
Be shifting these gears
like transmissions in a sentence;
Remix it to ignition, straight
dunkin on y’all *****-***

Light me up that's what's up,
bruh you real *** vintage
Try and step to me,
catch you sleepin with those fishes
Throw bows with the flow
man I do this **** for fun
Dabbing every day
just stir the *** to color up

I'm on another level
Mine down on the nether
architect if ever
clever big-bro pullin levers
Embezzled Denny’s rhymes
Just to peddle to the metal  
& I'm never gonna give
Until I hit that ****** threshold yuh  

Flexin on these spades
When I play that ****** trump;
If you got no brain
Then I'm ganking all your junk
kickin in yo grave
Push up daisies in the trunk
I'm literally insane
u don't know about dat funk yuh

Blizzard **** a hipster *****  
Scissor kick your gizzard slick  
Crave attention slit my wrists
Iced out and I'm ****** lit

Like ah **** got that gas
check my Auschwitz
All about the offense
When I’m toxic wit that nonsense
Coursing through my conscience
Looking for recompense;
Like hollerin at a deaf *****
Or knocking over blind kids

I'm in that hearse
smokin herb
swerving verses
Turnin words
Like its a curse, ya
I'm getting tired of metal and poetry if you can't tell expect more obscene rap I hope offends. I'm gonna record this soon and will post link when I do
andy fardell Feb 2011
Can feel it creepin ..taking over... the tiredness driftin me to bed
wanting sleepin so sleepy over...luring dreams for me to have
the sleepin yearns me.. holds me tight..makes me warming bed so right
Becky Gold Apr 2011
Warm sheets

Soft sheets
Between my toes

To settle
Deep breaths
Low sighs
Slowing Heart

Stretching to
A rising sun
Body creaks
Deep breaths
Low sighs
I awake
King Tutankhamun Aug 2015
******* ain't **** in 2000's i don't trust em
they show they ***** so **** 'em
buck 'em down smack downs with the gun in hand
leave a permanent frown in school i was a clown
after the money the green crack scene king
everything turned reality from a dream
now a loc on the loose lookin' for a caboose
so i can tap it like rabbit smokin' jokerslike a bad habit
show up boy if ya want to watch these slugs dump up on you
still a ***** been real since i was an embryo
don't matter the scenery or scenario down for my barrios
turn 15 keys to 75 G's nigguh please 
i don't mean to brag but i got street cred **** the feds
and cops to 502's tryna get a brother on a catch 22
learned game from the wise my eyes
filled with blood from **** im tokin'
throwin' a peck harder than woody woulda
carvin' haters with barbed wire
im Crazy never lazy with my trigger aim high not low
hop in the blue midnight 64 pinin' the baddest cabbage
raw savage spittin' cavi flow open up ya holes
with my hallows ya swallow casket follow
but ain't no love lost toss out the best of 'em
now they sleepin' with the rest of 'em
ti's the retunr of the G me replica of the E
they may forget you i but imma keep you alive
though ya dead and gone
im continue stompin' much luv from Texas to Compton

So what the ****? ****** bumpin' gums
talkin' loud but sound like they got ***
in their mouth watch ya mouth boy
i ain't comin' to play
deals from Montego Bay parlay in the streets Texas to LA
i smoke muthaphukkaz like a philly
get off the ***** silly crazier than a hillbilly
fuedin' cities show none pities
to muthaphuckaz the world is a ****** up place
too many after the paper chase
from ladies to hoes rich to poors weak trend to populace fashion shows
i opened doors
thats locked dont give a **** thats why i keep the pistol cocked
knocked off'd another now ya blood on the concrete
duck nigguh! now ya *** a sleep a creep
on the real thought really doe
i don't rock diamonds or pretentious jewels
just man made rules **** religion along with a stool pigeon
my hands itchin'
cuz im urgin' for another ****** plan with the pistol hand
to **** propaganda can't tha
stupid *** media nothing but ******* hidin'
behind tubes muthaphukkaz
come out come out so i can show ya what the
hallow points about
i may get killed for keepin' to real
i put that on my kids and my biz
by the way my muthaphukkin' name is!!!
Thomas Newlove Dec 2015
One often 'as problems sleepin'
In ways which affect ones 'ealth
But 'ow can one deal wit 'out but weepin'
When one 'as a fear of their self
Tweet verse uses the exact amount of characters allowed for a tweet on Twitter, no more, no less.
little lion Feb 2018
sleepless nights
sleepless night
sleepless nigh
sleepless nig
sleepless ni
sleepless n
sleeping a
sleeping al
sleeping alo
sleeping alon
sleeping alone
sleeping alone.
Woody Sep 2016
I was at the Double Drop D
when she caught my eye;
feeling all alone,
I was mesmerized

Come a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin'
We could dream this night away

The jukebox was playing
a song from a last goodbye;
hard as I tried, I couldn't get her
out of my mind

But there's a full moon risin'
Let's go dancin' in the light
We know where the music's playin'
Let's go out and feel the night

There was a time
the world was mine to chase;
I crossed a line
and disappeared without a trace

Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon

Such a beautiful dancer,
I knew I had to try
one more time again,
even though I'd lost my shine

When we were strangers
I watched you from afar
When we were lovers
I loved you with all my heart

Life is such a rearranger
we can't get by without the scars;
if she could see me now,
she'd know that I've come far

But now it's gettin' late
And the moon is climbin' high
I want to celebrate
See it shinin' in your eye

If I could, you know I'd take her
back home to Tennessee;
if I could only make her
fall back in love with me

*Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon...
* Italics: Neil Young, Harvest Moon, from the album Harvest, 1972, Reprise Records, catalogue MS 2032.
mark john junor May 2016
its a mystery to me
all the closer than touching with her
all the beauty in being with her
all the hopeful tomorrow dreamin' that keeps her warm
she is right here sleepin' next to me
she has always been here
always been breathing in the background of every thought i've had
in the background of every good thing iv ever done
sleepin' softly next to me all night long
i would wake her
tell her of my long night
tell her of many things great an' small
would hold her
just wrap her in my arms and never ever let go
she has always been the reason
she has always been the question
its a mystery to me
all the years and miles that got me here
lost and found so much seemed like a single wondrous day
beautiful because at the end of it all she is here next to me
always been breathing in the background of every thought iv had
in the background of every good thing iv ever done
sleeping softly
all the closer than touching
all the beauty of being here with her
is mine at long last
she is mine at long last
and i just want to be closer than touching with her
want to live the beauty of being with her
just want to hear her whisper love songs for me alone
mine at long last
Ken Pepiton Aug 2018
The fire knows nothing but burning,
we know breathing that way, naturally done for
our own sake.
We old still know sake and grant mean true immaterial things.
Sake and granted we take to mean

my good, your good, good sake grant me take me con

mentis sans carne

by golly.

Dada-esque wire spoke far writing ease
e everything e-literate e-mail

the boinin' in d'boozum, dat be da ting, da ting con sum in all ya'lifes.
be knowin' dat, be knowin' a-dam lie.
Jah know y'know, don' be sayin' no y'don'

Be happy. Jah know haps be hap'nin' allatime. *** sum, take wha's granted,
take all fo' free.

You got nothin' t'boin, nothin' to oin, be a bird brain seein' stars fo'

no. birds be sleepin' when stars be seen so birds consider nothin', sidereally.

Hmmm. Quit?
Walk away, say, I got nought to say I ought t' say.
No way.

Temporary tempt-test-u-us sitchee-ations,
suffer it so. It don' hurt t'say no f'now so

How'd that that shiny critter know my game? How'd it know,

I think
thisaway and it is gone, forever. (which has begun, btw)


The biosphere is regaining consciousness, Capitan.
Shall we continue burning?

What's the bullocks count?
How did those Dada ideas survive this long? Or are they gone, such non-sane suggestions, fountains of living waters flushed to oblivion?
J Chicago Mar 2015
found myself on a greyhound bus
travelin far from all that muss
them lonely hearts
them angry cops
them vacant eyes
them burned out shops
that dark cold city sure ain't pretty
too many jail cells
too many private hells
too many bloodshot mornings
too many deaf eared warnings
not enough to keep me here
not enough of that free beer
never enough  dope to shoot
not enough  in pirate loot
not enough warm pillow dreams
no thread left to sew my seams
not enough to keep believing
not enough...
i think i'm leaving

just too manny worn out souls
count my toes to count the holes
run down
on empty
gotta get my fill
lookin for another pint to spill
sippin on some stolen *****
i got nothin left to lose
sleepin under concrete bridges
shivering and cold as fridges
chipped teeth and blood stains on my shirt
Aww hell i'm fine
it didn't hurt

spare change for whiskey
root beer chase
and hopes to get between her lace
first kisses and them pretty lies
crumble into last goodbyes
the laughter fades
the raindrops burn
on open road the wheels turn
i got two thumbs
i'll level one
and i'll ride off into the sun...
Sam Temple Apr 2016
yo, dawg
I remember this one time
we was straight chillin
I fell out and was sleepin hard, dawg
my homeboys was actin the fool
smoking that tea
wildin out
like they was straight mad
party was of the hiz-ook
then this little blond ***** rolled in
takin bout whitey
o’ some ****
I was tore up, dawg
sleepin in a muthafukkin teapot
this ** flappin her gums
bout this and that
like we give two *****
homeboy, we was jess lookin to rip it up
out of the blue this trick
says ‘cat’
dawg, I jumped up
running across the table
moving furniture
up in this here muthafukka
my homeboys lit out after me
hollerin like big dawgs
one a’ those fools
we like to call the Hatter
went to rubbin a bit o’ jam on my nose
a little on the gums
you how we do
that **** did the trick
and I fell out
hard like a muthafukka
passed. the ****. out.
hit the bricks and skid my chin
you feel me?
bout that time this little trip rolls in
talking about being late n’ ****
that Hatter straight destroyed his rolex
send homeboy to cryin like *****
dawg, that **** was the craziest party
we still talk about the madass ****
…..never knew what happened to the blond
chick was a trip ---
poetry month prompt 21
Lived on one's back,
In the long hours of repose,
Life is a practical nightmare--
Hideous asleep or awake.

Shoulders and *****
Ache, and the mattress,
Run into boulders and hummocks,
Glows like a kiln, while the bedclothes--
Tumbling, importunate, daft--
Ramble and roll, and the gas,
******* to its lowermost,
An inevitable atom of light,
Haunts, and a stertorous sleeper
Snores me to hate and despair.

All the old time
Surges malignant before me;
Old voices, old kisses, old songs
Blossom derisive about me;
While the new days
Pass me in endless procession:
A pageant of shadows
Silently, leeringly wending
On . . . and still on . . . still on!

Far in the stillness a cat
Languishes loudly.  A cinder
Falls, and the shadows
Lurch to the leap of the flame.  The next man to me
Turns with a moan; and the snorer,
The drug like a rope at his throat,
Gasps, gurgles, snorts himself free, as the night-nurse,
Noiseless and strange,
Her bull's eye half-lanterned in apron,
(Whispering me, 'Are ye no sleepin' yet?'),
Passes, list-slippered and peering,
Round . . . and is gone.

Sleep comes at last--
Sleep full of dreams and misgivings--
Broken with brutal and sordid
Voices and sounds that impose on me,
Ere I can wake to it,
The unnatural, intolerable day.
Phil Lindsey Mar 2015
I see your bags all packed for leavin’
And I’m sure you have a reason
But there ain’t no reason I could understand.

You tell me you need freedom
And I wish I could believe ya
But I think your ‘freedom’ means another man.

So if freedom’s just a cover
And you’re leavin’ for another
Here’s my advice – I hope it makes some sense

You should compare the life your choosin’
With the one that you’ll be losin’
Cuz the grass ain’t always greener on the far side of the fence.

No the grass ain’t always greener on the far side of the fence –
Sometimes it’s a confusing shade of brown
Compare the life your choosin’
With the one that you’ll be losin’
Life might not be better on the other side of town.

Yeah, he’s probably real good lookin’
Tells you he just loves your cookin’
Takes you clubbin’ and goes dancin’ all night long.

But at night when you are sleepin’
Midnight memories come creepin’
Do you shed a tear when you hear our favorite song”

Think hard before you cut the cord,
Don’t choose a life you can’t afford
Don’t ever want you having no regrets.

Consider what you’re doin’,
And all the lives you’ll ruin
The grass might not be greener on the far side of the fence.

No the grass ain’t always greener on the far side of the fence –
Sometimes it’s a confusing shade of brown
Consider what you’re doin’,
And all the lives you’ll ruin
Life might not be better on the other side of town.

Well I guess that I’ll stop the lecture now
Cuz you ain’t listenin’ anyhow
There's nothing more that I can say or do.

I’ll help you haul your bags outside
That Cadillac must be your ride
I hope the driver takes good care of you.

And baby you can keep my key
Consider it a gift from me
I’ll go on livin’ in the present tense.

Then when I’m done with my friend Jack,
Most likely I won’t want you back
Cuz' I like the color green I got on my side of the fence.

Yeah I like the color green I got on my side of the fence
No matter what I'm gonna hold my ground
Then when I’m done with my friend Jack,
Most likely I won’t want you back
I like the color green I got on my side of the town.
pwl 2014
jeffrey robin Jul 2010
little jackie paper
sings for his supper

he aint got no home

little mary's just a kid
sleepin underneath the bridge

she aint got no home

america is just a lie
an ugliness in space and time

it aint no-body's home

but i'll love you
you can love me
an we will be one family
an make this world a home

little jackie paper
sings for his supper

he aint got no home

little mary's just a kid
sleepin underneath the bridge

she aint got no home

she aint got no home

she aint got no home
jeffrey robin Jul 2010
little jackie paper
sings for his supper

he aint got no home

little mary's just a kid
sleepin underneath the bridge

she aint got no home

america is just a lie
an ugliness in space and time

it aint no-body's home

but i'll love you
you can love me
an we will be one family
an make this world a home

little jackie paper
sings for his supper

he aint got no home

little mary's just a kid
sleepin underneath the bridge

she aint got no home

she aint got no home

she aint got no home
Ma Cherie Sep 2016
Well, I'd woke up early
**** rooster
just about  the crack of dawn
last crickets chirping loudly
heavy dew carpetin' the lawn
cold air, ya know
can see my breath that time of mornin'
as the tired furnace is  a kickin' in


Emmmm hmmm, well dat'
woodstove she's a squirmin' with anticipation!
Yes sir,
smell of the incomin' weather
fresh cut and stacked Maple, except them box elder type you know gettin'
Oak too, yut
some Birch ...burns real pretty

I hear them pumpkin patches callin'
eager to win those hearts
and the children
funny duffers in costumes

Ya, beckonin' a reckonin' they are
to become silky pies in their namesake
a big ol' mess left in that wake
from jack-o-lanterns,
& roasted an toasted
seeds of joy we use all win'ter 'round here

Kinda like the sound of them tires on the pavement ya know?
Warm hummin',
they're rustlin' down asphalt
with the leaves
visitors headed home again
will give way to the sloshin' of sleet, freezin' rain
whata' pain

Well here comes the ol' horses
and a wooden cart
to collect the trash
17 years
Percheron prizes them beauties
I really like that sound too
hoves clunkin' in perfect harmony

Yut, agreed,
love this place indeed
clip clopin' along with jinglin' bells soon
straight outta' Robert Frost he is

A symphony of smells
the ringin' of the church bells
time to eat

"Well...take a seat
Mornin' boys"

Oh Momma's up
Fill up her cup!

Oh thank you kindly
Well, we got some perfectly cooked hickr'y smoked local bacon
Scrambled eggs so beautiful and fluffy they look like clouds of clear yellow sunshine on that plate
those girls did well this year
Maple yogurt I insist on
with that crunchy homemade
sweet n' salty nut Granola
Don't forget some fresh fruit salad
stuff goin' on now
rest been reserved for winter days
Can't say that I'm not lookin' forward
to some wild blueberry pancakes
and that beautiful amber
Vermont maple syrup"

was a lotta' work drainin' those sleepin' veins of golden sugar
Is a great mornin'

"Good to savor the wonderful gifts the seasons bring, share and enjoy "

We certainly are grateful ma'am.

Take Your Hat Off What's The Hurry?
Just because...some people say "Yut" silencing the T here not everyone of course, I love old time Vermonter's they know everyone and everything!
M Clement May 2013
I'm listening to Chance the Rapper
And there's some whimsy in these veins
Give me a weeken' of sleepin'
I think I can come around after that


Take a tire iron to the side of my face
My mind's lost its wheels

All I want to do is *******
Just to feel
******* to self-sabotage
Explosions of regret
And possible highs
of Seratonin and Dopamine

Let's get high

It's weird
When I was a kid
My goal was to make everyone
Stop smoking
Seeing that white puff
Trail from the mouths of adults
All I wanted was for them to realize what they were doing
The un-healthy choices they were making

And now
all I think about
Is buying a pack
Just to cut the
Edge off of
the ****
I'm feeling
Keyholed poet

See what I did there?
It was an on-purpose accident

Am I really meant for priesthood?
Is that something that's in my life?
I mean, what, 4+ years solo?
Dates in between,
and ladies, thank you
For the times where you remind me
I'm worth a ****
Or an hour of your time.
But for the most part, I'm solo

My mom, God Bless her, has been single
Dates in between
For 7+ years
Maybe I'll catch up.
Maybe I'll outpace her

She sent me her will the other day
You're looking at the guy in charge of her life
Should she be unable to make decisions.
Well, I guess you're not looking
You're reading, some half-assed-therapy foreplay
Ladies, love me, I'm a weird, depressing sack of ****.
Aww, poor baby
Pick yourself up off the ******' floor and make something of yourself
God willing, there's something
I just gotta put on some different
These are getting dark
Maybe I need to drop off the map
And find a cleaner
Do they have those for rose lenses?
BlakOps Feb 2012
Mockin’ my sin.
Off topic thoughts
Lost in clouds
Wait.                                                            ­                                    
I’m day dreamin’ again.
Gettin’ a headache
Starin’ at this papermate.
Prayin’ for ink volcanoes
As papers lay waste,
Book bag graveyards claim
Tree sashimi
But wait.                                                            ­                              
I’m sleepin’ again.
Tan colored walls, I’m fiendin’ again.
Blue waters, clean air
Sand freckles on Brown skin
Time is not of the essence
White webs claim to be beds,
Only to claim time as a victim
Stop.                                                     ­                                         
Lost me again.
Starin’ at a screen
Colorful words fill white walls
The desktops hardly seems like a substitute
Drones stare harder
Teeth cut through chain
Walls crumble beneath my feet
Halt.                                                       ­                                       
Where are my friends?
A partner in crime
Trouble is requirement,
Adventure is not a doubt

                                                          ­                 But wait.
                                                           ­                                            I’m only dreamin’ again,
                                                                ­                     Fiendin’ again,
                                                          ­                                     Where is reason?
Critique is welcomed.
King Tutankhamun Dec 2015
Yo its two thousand fifteen
And i still aint seen
No ******' progress
I wonda why i gotta keep a gat
And a vest

Fools aint playin' no more
I see the govs ready to score
They say pain is temporary
But how? When its so many in the cemetery

Loved ones and fallen ones
Im still eatin' bread crumbs
Off the floor tryna find the key to unlock the door

To my mind but im blind
Ask the Lord for sunshine

MY moms aint feelin' me
But i got my homies
N a pistol with me

I see visions at night
Im dead at least thats what my undertake said
******* homie?? Im feelin' lonely
My mind playin' tricks on meeeee

Next day i feel under the weather
Hopin' it'll get alittle better
Day dreamin' about last night
Still thinkin' its the reaper in my sight

Shake my head stand tall but i aint scared
So my family sends the preacher through
And tells me to tell him what im goin through
He said i need to go to church
But thats *******
Im havin' a spiritual fit
Cuz i just cant cope all that biblical ****

He says im wrong
I say **** him
And i grab the ****
Playin' ol gangsta *** songs
NWA ICe cube n Eazy E
Its soo sweet
Turn it up check the bass in the beat

As i fall asleep damnnb homie
My mind playin' tricks on meeee

Yo now im sleepin'
Here he comes the demon peepin'
Is it me?
Or my conscious speakin' to me?

Evil thoughts conflictin' war
All my enemies i see them in gore
Then of a sudden i ask the lord
What the **** am i hear for??
Tears running down mamas cheek
I wake up but i cant speak
Peep through the ******' window
Take another hit of the indo
I see myself lookin' at myself
Layin' in a casket

I drop the blunt then a flew
Try to rush and look for my crew
But they dead too
Walk througj the shadow of death
Take a deep breath
As my consciousness left
Suddenly I woke up in a scream
Touch myself n seen my cream

On the dresser i fill refresh sa
Im in a cold sweat
Called up my homies?
They right by me
And i said got **** homie
I had a bad dream
But all this time my mind
Was playin' tricks on meeeee
Quentin Briscoe May 2013
Its friday morning
and all my tears are washed away
all my tears are gone today
Is friday morning
And my rain is gone today
all my rain is gone away
Its friday morning
and my sun in shining today
all my sun is shine brightly
Its friday morning
and from just one night of sleepin right
Of makin love with you all night
And feelin love in all its light
Everything feels so right
Its friday morning
And here you are next to me
Here you are touching me
its friday morning not saturday or yesterday
Its the perfect time for me
to say I love you I love you I Love you!!!!!!
Its the perfect time for me to say I love you.........
Louis Fraser May 2012
Boxin' up progression
Lockin' down session
Rockin up to lesson
Fine pressed
Geared up for givin' blessin's
Confessin' to felons
Commitin' crimes
Soakin' up voddy in our melons
Shoddy villains lookin' back at us
Jhon Goddi riddums
Billin' em for scandalous
Band of trust
Wankers spittin fictitious
Malicious lies
Leaves respect for wise guys sleepin' with the fishs
BlakOps Feb 2012
My dreams have a Hollywood camera feel
I see myself standing giving a good yell, hell
No matter what I be doin', I know that camera never be sleepin'
On me, it has to stay creepin'
My mind state is always dreamin', imagine
A man whose lives in dreamland
Yea that’s me, believe it if you can.
Adventures. Mr. Fox is dead, he left his head,
Or wait, the tail.
I use it as my vial,
Hidden are my coerced thoughts.

The camera pans right, watch me fight.
The camera pans left, watch the death,
Of reality, for it’s all a fallacy.
We are all lost
Following a Shepard, confused
Lost and mistaken.
This camera, promotes what has been taken,
Our souls.
Escaping through the peepholes of our consciousness, leaving behind only traces of our former glory, where personification was unthinkable and Natures laws included humans. Rain was not push button controlled, and you couldn’t tell snow to blow. Where water was free and not bottled for clarity.

this camera controls me.
stealing my memories, gee.
who would have thought.
a digital dream--catcher.
except this time it catches,
my happiness,
desires, and dreams, real
motivation is killed.
Critique is welcomed.
King Tutankhamun Jan 2019
Check my frequency static stations easily
See haters after me cuz I invoke catastrophe
To all of my adversaries backed by hells army
Y'all can't harm me turning ****** into barbie
Dolls catch ya slippin' in the bathroom stalls guess death answered yo
Call still holding my ***** ******* to the laws
Raw as **** uncut lyrics made to gut
MC jaggernaut and what not? Strategized with plots
You can tell I'm from Houston cuz I rap alot
Smoke a few glocks that'll make  bodies rock
Hearse flow see how many I can make go
Six feet below my beef is eternal inferno
Feel the temperature rise in my
Ruthless forever as an outlaw so I'm destined to rise
Double my size fools need to
My raps untouchable say y'all killers but NOOO?
******' with me you'll be sleepin' with blood on the floor
I'm ******* like nineteen ninety six deep in the mix
Watch for the snakes in the pit they nothin' but culprits
Mad at me cuz my money ain't spent ahhh ****
Another hit made by the ***** King Tut cut
Off my loyalties cuz they undercover enemies
Hidden tactics improvise my
Skills gettin' them kills ending weak
Now I just signed your bills and still
We the rawest
regardless **** any other hating *** artist
We polish 'em
By a landslide makin' casket hides it's suicide
Tryna step to the Southside mafiaso
back back before you get ya wig pushed back
My raps more addictive than street crack
Giving the fiends an ear dose til they overdose
From playin' to close to the devil's playground
Though his son in law keep the lyrics raw
This is the styles of an immortal Texas outlaw
Letting off my lyrical shells makin'
**** being carried by six I'd rather go be judged
by a panel of twelve well???
JL Dec 2011
The cops got called at one a.m
An she's sitting on the front step
Smokin a cigarette wearing sunglasses
Hello officer he's inside
In the bedroom sleepin
Let me see what's under them sunglasses
A ******* eye and her lip is bleedin pretty good
The cops run in stomping over and on Christmas presents
The kids are cryin Daddy, daddy!
Mommy what's goin on
Their comin to talk to daddy about him bein mad
Dad is a fighter though and takes the first cop
Right in the throat with a balled up fist
The second cop got him good with his nightstick
Straight to the gut
Daddy is layin there while the good beat him on the ribs
In chains they drag him out to the car
Cussin and yellin up a **** storm
Momma sittin there cryin her eyes out yellin
Baby I love you im sorry
I love you I'm sorry

Time is gone by
Things have called down
While the pigs are takin statements an ****
Right there in the trailer park I see that girl
Some construction workers daughter from west Virginia throws her glasses on the ground
And asks to talk to her lover
He cryin in the backseat
Locked up
she broke my heart when she cradled his bleeding head to her *******
Whisperin I love you baby
With all my heart
She kissed him on the lips
A good long kiss
A movie kiss
Tommorow is Christmas baby I'm gonna bail you out
No you won't baby
We got our rent to pay
There ain't never a passionate kiss in this trailer park
That don't end with both of em tastin blood
Christmas eve in Tennessee means broken teeth and ******
And cops givin out a whippin
Breath count.
Doubled out.
Half pause and exhale.
Breathe full for more.
Closed eyelids.
Charged silence.
And then
A siren vibration chorus
opens up two contrasted locked doors,
and falls through my porous shapes.
Wash the old cell storage and erase
this byzantine conduit maze made
for losing myself to the grey man inside my skull.
Pull back my irises and behold
a reshaping of awareness.
I AM thisss awareness.
In bold language and expansion,
upward glances and dances
I made up from star dust ballerinas dancin.
So far away from being lost to the chances.
There are no chances.
Life was made not for you, but from you.
To pull through purpose
and choose to
Directing ITs glow.
Showing God how to flow.
How to sing praise and know
that nothing has been lost or is leavin.
Darkened waters, and quaking storms are weakened
in the silent, still, space that this pressence has seeped in.
Of, in, around, and through.
Sleepin until called to move.
We are always callin.
So true.
IT stays so true.
Whatever you put in, IT pulls to you.
So open up, let in this groove
or choose to lose all that ever meant something.
Was or ever will be hard to lose.
Just see the space and welcome IT in
the empty fullness from where you begin
and end up to begin again.
Recycled through spirals of your imagination.
Practical estimate of reincarnation;
a collective memory passed down through generations
of double helix information storage stations
jotting down every hoped for expression
of who you could possibly be.
And still the variations reach towards infinity.
So yeah this kinda is your one shot
to give this particular expression what you got.
God has just got TOO many incredibly beautiful ideas waiting to be expressed.
And they are all YOU.
So take a step back, it's okay to be impressed.
But even when its hard not to lose my breath to this glorious unfolding,
I still gotta get up,
get dressed,
and go to work in the morning.

I greet presence with every breath I take.
Or at least try  to remember ITs name.
I'm still unfolding myself.
Still just pushing the sleep dust from the corners of my eyes.
But with you by my side
there is no one against me.
Only a lover constantly insisting
that the room is oh so cleverly crowded with secret undercover versions of myself.
Existing in and expressing The ONE LIFE that we all are.
Come to me my Love.
Let us begin.
Some person told me you were dead.
My wife, my love, my friend.
I would have cried if I was alive,
But I've been in cold dread instead.

Its funny but I'm not laughing.
Its sick but I'm not puking.
Its painful but I'm not bleeding.
Rescue me from my sickness,
Before I stop  breathing.

Why do I always act so happy,
When I'm so **** sad.
Why doesn't someone save me?
Where is my superwoman.

Find me some emotions,
Because I lack any,
before i give up entirely.
Silent sleepin' deadly dreamin'
Before the zombies come,
I be comin'
and maybe it makes a day go by a lil faster,
as i get a lil sweater
take it off like a strip dancer poleless,
abound on this earth's flat surface.

You know, I'll say, and you can quote me on this.
Its easier to go up than to go down,
But, also don't forget, that what goes up, must always come down.
You think your the ****, wait 10 years, you'll be one dead *****.

Hey *******.
Or so some person told me.
A L Davies Sep 2011
get up early & open the windows to get that
fresh balcony air from the slow-waking city
whisky claws still in my scalp;
smell of last night's stale smoke inside from the girl sleepin' upstairs
and her after-glow cigarettes down on the couch.

nothin' quite like cooking up
some eggs in a greasy skillet,
-- big hot mug of stiff coffee.
(the way it sits like oil in the stomach)
slouched at the table by the window
in longjohns and
an old familiar shirt (no sleeves/girl playin' baseball)
might go smoke in the rain, talk to the neighbour who
feeds the pigeons ...
then pad upstairs and wake up miss new *****
for a little *joviality.
1280 rue st. marc, apt. 501
Hooflip Nov 2014
Im a teddy bear that’s off a vicodon
or 14
rather have a morphine n a line a done
It’s fine tho
Comfy, mad fluffy, cuddle buddy coming.
**** a bad *****, leave her mind blown

I’m on vinyl
Tapdancing on your turntables
Help an old lady cross the street
then I break her ankles
Tank full
Stole the sheriff car & i’m invincible
Peeling out until the wheels invisible

I’m on mission *****
To laugh & see some pretty ****
& if ya cry along or crack a smile
Well that’s some blissful ****

A ****** idiot
behind my eyes convinced me
That the beauty’s more important than the soul
& made me hideous

Well I was for a little bit
Saw the light , snatched it
Packed the bowl n then I took a hit
Look at this
Noodies from a stupid *****
The ***** thick
n ******* pop
i’m pickin up my jaw,
it dropped.
This **** n ***** been busy ****** carmel broads.

Floatin in a moat
like oh no I only had a door to go
That castles made of acid
& the king’s a ****** dinosaur.

I’m all kinds of flow
Myself, I wouldn’t mind to know
Or maybe that’s my mind just tryna hide
That I don’t wanna know

Sticker pickin,
Peelin leaving pieces
On the surface that accepted it’s adhesive

Fizzy twisted
Drizzy crying in my shower
Been trying to get him out for hours

***** I’m captain underpants
Runnin down the block & then I gun it back
Im out of breathe but **** I couldn’t let & go without a pack
Whats up with that, finger snap
The sky is the limit,
We’re all under that
Mind is never shut down
till the come down
better run now
I’m numbing & i’m tryna bust a nut

Girl you’re ****** beautiful,

She sleepin on me, couldn't even use my shoulder, Shoulder cold but how she doin me is colder,
it's cool, get it?
I made a pun about the temperature

I'm mad lame but less so because I said it first,

Up all night talkin to the stars
******* got kids like a brotha got bars
I'm hard
Waving it out of the window of my car,
I was sober & I crashed into a bar

That's ****** funny yo
Tummy go grumble
Flow hungry
order dominos

*****, where the **** my pepperonis at?

You ****** my pizza up n now my foot is floating towards your sack

Imagine that,

So demented,
***** i'm elvis with a head spin.
How you not ***** but them ******* melted?
You're welcome c;
er, thank you, for being bout the finest chick i've ever seen
& being nice instead of being mean.

I wish that you were single
Wish our skin could come together
Wish my tongue a chance to travel through your dress code
your neck go, in circles & circles
You ride it,
Your nerves all alive at one time
& my timing
Prone to make you moan a lot louder than you ever have
show you how it feel to *** a thousand times back to back
Can you use that body better than it looks?
Rattle back n forth, you roll that *** beyond the books
Lock it up, drop it down
******* bouncing to the rhythm
Of us pouncing at desires stuck within us...
**** you got a big ********-larry
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Wherever I maybe,
in the front porch, in my back garden,  
reading a book,or for a  walk,
on beige soft powdered sands,
picking pebbles on the beach,
as crushed corals brush my feet,
I shall remember you!
Gazing with my caramel eyes
in the vast blue serene seas,
I shall think of you!
a soft sweet whisper,
in the wafting wind breeze,
a dew drop in silent streams.

Wherever you maybe!
reading the newspaper,
scenting the morning aroma
Of fresh coffee beans
gardening,planting tomato seeds,
Or lyin'in the balcony of dreams,
You shall remember me!
a playful wild white daisy,
sleepin'on a hammock,
of crisped auburn leaves.

In your absence,I shall call your name!
In my distance,you'd yearn,for my touch !
In Seperate lands,We loose each other,
Yet lives the memory,of when we hugged,
Of when we kissed the  richest soil,
Of when we ****** the ripest fruit,
Long lives the memory, Of when we Loved.

(To the man in my dreams)

— The End —