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Harriet Cleve Sep 2016
Skinhead Showdown
Two skinheads rough, hand in hand, were walking down their lane
Rough and gruff, yes very much, and both were swinging chains!
A toothless grin was flashed within the darkened lane  just then
As coming up the other side, two rough old wrinkled hens!

Two old grannies, hand in hand, were walking up that lane
Rough and gruff, yes very much, and both were swinging canes!
Sparks flew then as chain met cane and a massive brawl ensued!
The skinheads knew they'd met their match, that this night would be rued!

You''re both going down! the skinheads roared as violent fists were thrown
But grannies  quick each threw a kick and the skinheads shrieked and moaned
*******! Get out of here! the skinheads roared just then
And a toothless grin flashed within from each old wrinkled hen!

Two skinheads rough, hand in hand, fled back down that lane
Rough and gruff, yes very much, but both were minus chains!
Two old grannies, hand in hand, proudly held that lane
Rough and gruff, yes very much, as each still held their
Both walked off, heads aloft!
Each was swinging a chain!

Old Skinhead
His Doc Martens stared back at him from an old tea chest marked East India Company
a wary apprehension settling from the burly skinhead gazing at his past buried amongst
his chain which showed some signs of corrosion even though it was folded in the deep
blue pockets of his denim jacket awaiting the return of an other era lost in the arms of
yesterdays battles in the dingy London backstreets where his blood flowed in rivulets
of anger soaking the concrete with the indifference of violent confrontations in a sacrifice
to his manhood and the enemies of his youth and he inhaled his memories as if they
were a gift from the war gods of ancient times beckoning him to don his armour and
engage in a final battle and he even thought it over as his seventy year old hand lifted
the chain from its resting place and carressed the steel weapon which had slain his enemies
leaving the bodies on the battlefields of his youth and instinctively a guttural cry roared
from his throat ' Gerrup ye *******! ' as he wielded the chain one final time before his
heart packed in leaving him slumped on the old tea chest as silence settled upon the scene
of his final resting place in the shadow of the East India Company

Skinhead Swansong
Cyril laced his Doc Martens
Prescribed for violent altercations
Ox blooded and ****** weapons
Battle scarred and battered
Essential kit for tours of duty
The last of the Skinheads dressed for battle

The intimidating black gum shield
Filled out his gaunted haunted face
Taking pride in his denims
He gripped his chain and took a swing
The old battle cry resonating from his arthrithic throat
'Ger up ye *******!

He worked up a frenzy and beat the crap
Out of his council bedsit
'Taste that steel!  What did ye bleedin' say?
'Are ye lookin' at  me ye toe rag!
He still knew his lines even at eighty one
It was time to  bow out
He needed some one to bow out on
Skinheads are funny like that
Involve other people for the crack

The Teddy boys were juking it up
Fifties nights for the decrepids
Ducks arses groomed and combed
Dry cleaned rockers in dry cleaned crombies
'That'll be the day when I die'
The old vinyl floor filler whippin' up the adrenalin
Defibrillators and oxygen on standby
Cyril burst in then

He took out two Teddys and worked his Docs hard
Hard men are still hard in old age
Once a hardo always a hardo they say
The chain was swinging now
Wrecking the jukebox and escalating the battle
'Come on ye *******! roared Cyril
Five teddies were downed now
Then the beer bottle came crashing down

Cyril staggered as his head burst open
His heart packed in and called it a day
A smile came to his face as he took one final look
His Doc Martens oxblooded and ******
The last of the Skinheads bowed out
His chain by his side
Skinheads are funny like that....
T Jones Aug 2014
Not a poem but in protest of flagging truth about racism in Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City, Michigan: Racism is still alive and well in our area.

We weren't always welcoming
Cross burning's (City of Traverse City, MI)
I'm born and raised in Traverse City, Michigan and still living in the same neighborhood where I grew up. I can remember when blacks were not welcome in most parts of town and the one or two around were military visitors.

We had two known cross burning incidents. One back in the late 80's or early 90's the other was around 1924, ******* groups like Ku Klux **** was behind both cross burning incidents. I found old articles on the earlier one but someone is trying hard to white wash history of Traverse City by hiding evidence of the most resent one. Ones like me who were there remember those dark days like it was yesterday. It don't bode well for tourism or the Cherry Festival if there's a record of racism in our city.

Copy pasting one two different retelling of story reported by our sometimes biased Record Eagle articles regarding the first and and will continue to dig for the other one.

January 31, 2009
KKK was active in early '20s

The 1924 bombings and cross burnings in downtown Traverse City were not the first **** activity in northern Michigan.

The Record-Eagle reported flaming crosses in the Mancelona area on Aug. 1, 1923, a full year before. Six weeks later, Traverse City commissioners refused the **** permission to hold a Sept. 17 open-air meeting at the corner of Front and Cass.

About 300 people showed up anyway and marched to a vacant lot west of Front and Union after the unidentified property owner gave permission, carefully noting that it "did not commit him to any relationship with the organization," the newspaper said.

The Record-Eagle also passed on information from an identified **** source in its Sept. 17 report:

Two, maybe three organizers had worked for weeks in Traverse City. About 150 Traverse City men from "among the leading citizens" had joined. An open-air ritual with the traditional fiery cross burning on a hillside would be held "sometime but not yet" in or near Traverse City, and it would be "merely a part of the **** ceremonies and have no special significance."

People who expected to see hooded men in white robes performing rites at the Sept. 17 rally were bound to be disappointed, the paper said. A new state law banned wearing masks in public. It also would be difficult to tell how many in the audience were KKK members because "every person who has signed the Ku Klux card has pledged to keep his membership an absolute secret."

Traverse City, Michigan wasn't always welcoming to people of color.

Traverse City Record-Eagle

February 1, 2009
Ku Klux **** terrorizes TC in 1924

KKK cross burnings, explosions rock city

Black History Month has special significance, since it begins fewer than two weeks after the nation's historic inauguration of its first black president, Barack Obama.

But there are parts of that history that Traverse City, like the rest of the nation, would rather forget. The city never had a large black population, but it did not escape a visit from the Ku Klux **** during a frightening night of downtown explosions and cross burnings on Aug. 9, 1924.

Traverse City has never seen anything like that night of terror. Buildings shook. Store windows cracked and shattered. Houses as far away as 16th Street quaked, the Record-Eagle reported.

And though outside agitators were blamed, some local people may have been involved.

It started about 8 p.m. after three explosions went off across the river from the Lyric Theatre, where the State is today.

The crowd at the Lyric all but stampeded toward the door as women and children screamed. Panicked shoppers spilled out of downtown stores. City police phones jangled with alarm.

A large cross burned on the north side of the Boardman River near Cass Street. About 50 smaller burning crosses appeared almost simultaneously at the centers of intersections across the city. Each was crudely nailed together and swathed in oil-soaked rags. Sparks flew when several cars struck them. A city fire truck raced through town to douse flames.

Then, a "touring car" with four men, robed and hooded, though not masked, slowly trolled down Front Street carrying a sign surrounded by red flares blazing three letters: KKK.

Copies of the Ku Klux **** newspaper, "The Fiery Cross," later were found downtown, and police determined that at least two cars were involved in planting and lighting the crosses.

**** leaders called the explosions and flaming crosses a recruiting gimmick, but it was more than that. The 1920s was a reactionary time in the United States. The **** had risen again, starting in 1915, widening its anti-black focus to Jews, Catholics and immigrants, particularly those from southeastern Europe. Its membership was strongest in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

The ****'s most powerful year was 1924, when it reached an all-time high of 5 million members nationwide and virtually controlled the government of Indiana. Its most popular slogan was "100 percent pure American."

The **** had a solid base of support in Michigan. The **** fielded two candidates in the Republican gubernatorial primary in 1924 and a ****-backed candidate was elected mayor of Flint. A write-in **** candidate even made a strong showing in a Detroit mayoral race.

In June 1924, 1,000 men joined the KKK in an Oakland County cross burning attended by about 8,000 people. Traverse City's demonstration took place just two months later. But who was really behind it?

"There is some doubt among the authorities as to whether the offenses were actually committed by local people or men from outside. They believe that local people were associated in the affair," the Record-Eagle reported.

An unidentified spokesman for the local **** denied responsibility, speculating that it was the work of **** enemies or rogue Klansmen. He told the Record-Eagle that the **** repudiated terror tactics and burning of "unwatched crosses."

Two weeks after the bombing, city police obtained felony and misdemeanor arrest warrants accusing Ku Klux **** organizer Basil Carleton of Richmond, Ind., of setting off explosives. Indiana police arrested him on Aug. 29.

Witnesses testified in two trials in December and January that Carleton had purchased 25 pounds of dynamite, fuses and three caps from Hannah & Lay Mercantile Co. about two hours before the explosions. A Park Place Hotel clerk said he saw Carleton hurrying away from the direction of the explosions about 10 minutes later. Two **** members testified that Carleton was not at the scene.

Yet he was never convicted. Juries acquitted him in both cases because the prosecutor could not prove to their satisfaction that he was at the scene of the explosion or that he personally set off the dynamite.

The bomber escaped justice. But the good news was that in Traverse City, no night of terror like that happened again.

It was this event that sparked the cross burning in Traverse City. We had only one black family in our city, when Betty Ponder and her family left Traverse City for the first time due to no one wanting to rent to them, population of blacks in our predominately white city drop to zero.

******* Movement Targets Northern Michigan

by Robert Downes

National Alliance advocates the creation of "two Americas"

Traverse City, Mich., noted primarily for its beaches, tourists and cherry pie values, appears to be erupting as a national battleground of opinion over the ******* movement, with forces on both sides of the issue coming out of the woodwork to vent their outrage over racial issues.
On Thursday, June 5, residents along stretches of Washington and Front streets in town came home to find a slick package of information from the National Alliance hanging from their doorknobs. An outgrowth of the American **** Party, the National Alliance is a ******* group which advocates the creation of "two Americas," one of which would be "White Space only with no Jews or blacks." The Alliance, advocates genocidal practices if need be to achieve its goals, and plans to distribute 1,000 information packets in Northern Michigan.

Protest organized to oppose July "NordicFest"
The incident arose only a day after more than 150 people from throughout Northern Michigan gathered at a "Hate-Free TC" meeting to oppose the NordicFest, a skinhead rock festival sponsored by the Ku Klux ****, to be held at a secret location 20 miles south of town, July 3-6.
The NordicFest is being advertised on the Internet and will feature at least six skinhead bands featured on Stormfront Records and Resistance Records -- both of which are purveyors of neo-**** hate music. It will also reportedly feature speakers from the Ku Klux **** and Aryan Nations.

Thus far, the NordicFest's location has been a closely-kept secret by David Neumann of Bloodbond Enterprizes, the concert organizer and a former director of the Michigan Knights of the Ku Klux ****. Neumann has told local media that 300 tickets have been sold for the concert -- about half the number he expects to sell. Reportedly, concertgoers will be provided with maps to the secret location at a checkpoint.

Bands expected to play at the NordicFest include Intimidation One, Aggravated Assault, Blue Eyed Devils, Max Resist and the Hooligans, and No Alibi.

Local churches offering seminars on the ******* movement and the importance of diversity

Journalists have made inquiries on the NordicFest from as far away as London, New York and Colorado as a result of the Northern Express story circulating on the Internet. A segment for National Public Radio is expected to take the issue nationwide, possibly focusing the world's attention on Traverse City on the eve of the National Cherry Festival -- an event which draws more than half a million visitors, many of them from ethnic minorities.
"We're creating a rainbow ribbon that we hope everyone will wear in rejection of skinheads and the ****," said Rabbi Stacey Fine of Hate-Free TC. "We hope to have hundreds of ribbons during the time the **** is here, available from downtown merchants."

Fine says the group also hopes to march in the National Cherry Royale Parade with a three-by-eight-foot banner covered with thousands of signatures in a show of support for racial and cultural diversity. Thus far, Cherry Festival officials say they have received no applications from Hate-Free T.C., but will consider the request if approached.

Dottie Kye of Hate-Free TC says the group doesn't plan to try stopping the NordicFest despite their opposition ot the concert. "We're ignoring it," Kye says. "We celebrate anyone's right to organize and free speech. But our thing is unity and celebrating diversity." In addition to several church seminars on the ******* movement and the importance of diversity, Hate-Free TC is organizing a three-day "Unity Festival" which will feature dozens of musicians, artists, poets, actors and peace activists at the Traverse City Opera House, July 3-6.

Concert organizers Tim Hall and Tom Emmott say that more than 40 musical acts will send a pro-diversity message to area teens, with performers including Willie Kye, Alright Already, John Greilick, Samantha Moore, the Motor Town Juke Boys, Bentley Filmore, the Sisters Grimm, and Lack of Afro, among many others. A concert with Fishbone is planned for later in the month.

"Even if the NordicFest doesn't happen, something positive is going to come of it because it gets people thinking about the prevention of violence"

The Unity Fest counter-concert is seen as a vital tool in fighting the influence of the ******* movement on teens in the area. After the initial story broke, the buzz in local high schools was that the NordicFest would be offering free beer to minors. Although that notion is clearly erroneous, a small number of teens in the area still cling to the idea and have also been attracted by the rebellious nature of the skinhead rock scene.
Tim Hall believes that his Unity Fest concert will help turn that tide. The three-day concert will be located in the heart of Traverse City in the old City Opera House, with easy access for the hundreds of teens who hang out downtown, often with little to do. "Our message is going to be one that values racial and cultural diversity," Hall said. "And we've had a great response so far. We had to put a lid on the performers when we reached 40 acts, because everyone wants to play at this event."

The Unity Fest will also coincide with the Annual Reggie Box Memorial Blues Blast, which was created five years ago to bring the heritage of black music to Northern Michigan for the overwhelmingly white Cherry Festival. This year's Blues Blast will feature John Mayall, Marcia Ball and the Bihlman Bros. in a free concert downtown on July 6. The concert will also feature a strong message promoting diversity.

The law enforcement view Traverse City Police Chief Ralph Soffredine says members of the law enforcement community, including the State Police and sheriffs from Grand Traverse and Wexford counties, are taking a wait-and-see approach as to whether the NordicFest will even be held.

"People ask what we would do if the skinheads wanted to march, and it's our position that they have the same rights under the First Amendment as anyone as long as they're obeying the law," Soffredine said. "It's a neutral situation for us. We just want to maintain the peace."

He added that skinheads coming to Traverse City would be treated "no different than if longhairs come into town, or square dancers. We'd certainly observe them and respond if there's trouble."

The chief noted that a similar event occurred in the Buckley area several years ago when several motorcycle gangs gathered for a rally. While the event was monitored by local police agencies, few people in the area knew that it occurred.

"Even if the NordicFest doesn't happen, something positive is going to come of it because it gets people thinking about the prevention of violence, which has become a serious problem in our community and our schools," he concluded. "The unfortunate thing is that it sometimes takes a ******* or a racial issue for people to get active."

"Sheriff Barr implies that people who have the courage to confront them will be put in jail."

Not everyone is happy with the neutral attitude of law enforcement. Judy Lowenzahn of Traverse City thinks that local police agencies should get tough on the **** concert, which has no legally-required bond or liquor license.
"These hateful groups are using skinhead music to recruit soldiers for their facist movement," Lowenzahn said. "If they are allowed to hold this event, in violation of local, state and federal laws and in violation of common decency, we will be capitve audience to their deranged homophobic, anti-semitic, racist, sexist ideology. Those who protest this message, along with those who are their scapegoats will be targets for hate crimes."

Lowenzahn upbraided Grand Traverse County Sheriff Barr after he made comments in a local paper that "I'd just as soon personally let them have their little event and be on their way." Barr added that if there was a confrontation between the skinheads and protestors, "there's going to be someone in jail."

"Does Sheriff Barr suggest that people of color and others who don't fit the aryan model hide inside their homes for the holiday weekend?" Lowenzhan responded. "Rather than offer a plan to protect the community from the violence that grows whenever white supremecists do outreach, Sheriff Barr implies that people who have the courage to confront them will be put in jail."

Northern Michigan targeted because of the predominantly white population

Up to now, the vast majority of Northern Michigan residents have been klueless on the **** and the ******* movement. Many, for instance, had no idea that there even was a Ku Klux **** operating in the region until Neumann revealed that there are about 60 members operating mostly as "a fraternal organization" between ******* and the Mackinac Bridge.
Similarly, the existence and agenda of the National Alliance is all-ne
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Goats and skinheads try to boast
they say they do it more than most!
Musk ox have a mighty try
Bang! A crash to split the sky.
Alpine sheep, buffalos too
all decry "the rest are poo!"
But they see stars around their nut
when they receive a Dragon ****.
No run up or deep breath required
**** all day long , they're never tired.
Oh how the jealous ones desire
a headbutt fuelled with dragon fire!
Lawrence Hall Jul 2018
This is the Last Straw –
and Something About Sacred Buckets of Holistic Ice Water

****** predators, human smugglers
Starvation in the Sudan, civil war
in Syria, mass executions in China
Journalists murdered almost everywhere
Fashionable infanticide, homelessness
Unemployment, urban terrorism
Mass ******, school shootings, wildfires, racism
An unstable national government
Anti-Semitism, border desperation
Riots, arson, ecclesiastical corruption
****, alcoholism, historical cleansing
Skinheads, abuse, Khardassianistas
Volcanos, the death penalty, free verse
Affluenza, Jerry Springer, The View
Herbal tea, antifa, anti-antifa
And the soul-******* existential despair
Of inspirational singer-songwriters:

Nah, not a bit worried about plastic straws

But I must go now; The Voices are telling me
To pour a bucket of ice water over my head
(As long as it’s not a plastic bucket)
Harriet Cleve Jul 2019
To all those skinheads who purchased our boots

especially the British, it's you we salute

with a holler and yeller, the cry of a brute

you kicked many arses, such are the youth

Are you even a skinhead if you don't wear our gear?

a pair of old sandals would not instill fear

practical men's shoes? no one gives a hoot

A foot doing the kicking needs a Doc Martens Boot

Some of you skinheads are now in the ground

Dr Martens left sitting in the 'lost and the found'

I've heard the eulogies, some quite profound

'He loved his Doc Martens!' 'His shoe choice was sound'

For all of you skinheads those boots are your passion

though some of you wore them only when it was fashion

that cherry red smooth with its fine yellow stitching

looked great on the tough guys and the girls who liked *******

We sold the most boots in that Great  London City

where the boot boys are ugly and their girls are so pretty

shining their boots off the nitty and gritty

to the arses they've kicked, we extend our kind pity

So thank you dear Skinheads for all you have done

raising our profile while you had your fun

wearing our cherished 1460 boot

'God bless you Sweet Skinheads!'

It's you we salute!'
One4u2nv Jan 2012
Write on the bathroom wall this:  

Diligence is probably slaying rebellion

Dreaming comes out of an atomic bomb

Your girlfriends in a gang that’s lead by prostitutes  

Cavemen getting punched in the face by men  

Werewolves developing a crush on skinheads  

Soldiers experimenting with martyrs  

Your nextdoor neighbor pretending not to know a *****  

A gypsy writing love letters to a villain  

A guy you once dated driving away from a distant memory  

Your mother at a funeral with an executioner

Mind control freak making eye-contact in an elevator with a flight of birds  

Gleefully bulldozing gigantic flaming embalmers underground  

Ferociously inspiring detail-oriented museums in the dark  

Painfully sorting through stainless steel students backwards  

Electronically sorting monophonic apparitions in the shadows  

Faithfully inhaling Armenian scorpions at tea time  

Briskly hovering above loud controlled substances eaten by America and spat out  

    Dream about this next time you sleep:  

Quizzically exquisite keyholes inside a sunken ship  

Wearily alcoholic skeletons invading our love  

Sharing sternly precious lithographs with Charles Manson  

Adoringly high-pitched frescos out on the streets  

Wildly crunchy affairs with reckless abandoned hope  

Her boyish handymen is like Mona Lisa without her brows

Sensually cuddling big pistols  

The AntiChrist finds the cure for cancer in the local pet shop

Mary Magdalene can sometimes lead to your soul’s desire  

*** can (and often does) lead to motherhood  

Absolutism has never touched cooperation  

The Tao Te Ching manifested properly may ease the destructiveness of Christ  

******* is hindered by believing in motherhood  

Nature encourages rebirth and recycled courage  

Ashtanga Yoga is more important than victory  

An inspired mind isn’t always The Bible  

Energy must always conquer evolution  

*** is a decent alternative to nightmares wouldn’t you agree?  

Electricity is a manifestation of mercy and Tesla  

Pleasure feeds on Gandhi’s sweat ridden bald head  

Candidly breaking dormitories brimming with joy  

Barely used unstable translators outside the lines  

Enjoying calm lavish casino hotels with the electric eager manicurists of tomorrow  

A janitor burying a troop of apes while nature contributes to death and new yesterday’s  

The unknowable comes out of knowledge  

A ***** mind finds the cure for ignorance in patience and the aloha spirit

Education contains traces of drugs and alcohol and also combats drugs and alcohol  

Satan always enjoys Richard Dawkins.
Harriet Cleve Jun 2019
Delicately, extremely delicately, Penelope Bloom wrapped her headscarf into place. The fragrance was staggering to inhale.
The heightening scent of Summer radiated from her countenance.
Beneath the scarf was a blossom of red roses, scarlet tulips, pansies, bluebells, daisies and every other flower a botanist would roll off the tip of their tongues.

Penelope had shaved her head the night before as part of a charity awareness for 'The shelter for broken hearted Skinheads Society'.

In her bedsit was a shared bathroom. The shampoo smelled divine and she had poured an abundance on to her naked scalp to calm it down. This potion was actually an elixir with restorative properties for botanical flora. It was a trial potion left there in error by a scientist two doors down.

Silently she walked out of her bedsit and holding down her panic took a stroll into the Botanical Gardens for guidance.
She could not work up the courage and decided to sit on a park bench and figure things out.

As she did, Henry Hammer & Tongs McVicar noticed her. He was the founding member of the 'Shelter for Broken hearted Skinheads Society' and he eagerly sat down beside her to thank her profusely for her support and kindness.

He was overwhelmed by the heady scent emanating from Penelopes scarf.

'Good God!'  he cried

'You smell divine! '

In defensive shock Penelope replied 'No Henry, you are smelling the gardens'

'Isn't it beautiful though?'

Just then an old lady walked by.

'Excuse me lovey'

'There are a bouquet of flowers streaming down your shoulders!'

The flowers on Penelopes head could not be contained and burst from the scarf.

Henry Hammer & Tongs looked on in bewilderment as Penelope ran off like a galloping garden of colour.

The old lady gasped in amazement.

Running back to her bedsit Penelope bumped into the scientist.

'Oh my God!' He cried

'Eureka! Eureka!'

Penelope was like a moving forest at this stage.

'You know about this!' She cried

'Well! Answer me!'

David Longfellow just looked though and for a long time stared and stared before he spoke another word.
Glenn McCrary Jan 2012
Epilogues of skinheads amuse the ******

Eclipsed by innuendos of hatred

Vigilant they tread in sovereign flocks

By way of death they will strip us naked

In our absence zany remarks surface

Hidden by indefinite philosophies

Foolish they swarm the emerald candles

Worshiping the fathers of hypocrisy

Conquer or perish we must

To survive humanity's wrath

Lend a hand Glasgow would not

Distraught we sought immune paths

Honor us by opulent memories

Waste not our exuberant energy

© 2011 (All rights reserved)
Ben Brinkburn Feb 2013
Japanese businessmen knocking back the whiskey
some solace in a truly alien land
there’s a meeting in the corner of fascists
skinheads denim jackets  snakebite pints
they gauge the bar wary
so insecure in their own land
someone saying it’s a crying shame a crying shame
a disconnected voice
and Chisel and Aldo are dealing in the toilets
Charlie K **** and E
complicated system of tariffs and loans and franchising
true capitalist skill at work
TV blur
body bags off the plane
totem to a pointless war people
lining a high street to remember those who have fallen
for the corporate cause
girl killed in the street for her iphone
news as ***** linen
news readers as grinning cleaners of media
and Meat comes up to the bar and says
‘He’s a force of nature that bloke.’
Then just stands there.
I have no idea who or what he is talking about.
‘Quite’ I say.
And a young skinhead laughs nervously palming his scalp.
A lamb to the slaughter.
It’s a big club.
unnamed Dec 2012
My sweet Austin Texas ecstasy, my beloved Guadalupe you
gem of the desert. Your family’s a basket-a-bigots but
******* they drink for miles and how near they are to my
heart. This heat’s a drug I swear it. Let's swim in that hole
in the bedrock between two rivers. That'd be nice: me and
you and mobs of Westlake High sophomores with their
blue-raspberry bikinis, a hundred Teen Vogue magazine
covers lined up on the grass like a set of bad church pews.
Imagine that whitewash of a crowd, you and me so alone in
that big static it's better than private. Let’s punch brick, peel
back our knuckles and watch’em clot in the sun. **** gauze,
we’re goin’ to a punk show. I’m puttin’ on short sleeves,
goin’ on parade, gunna flaunt my cigarette burns like a Cadillac:
I want those dorks at the Mohawk to look and love me like
they love gore. I’m gettin’ my black-eye ribbon tonight.
We’re in the Chaos in Tejas show, darlin’, put on Crazy Spirit
and bring your 2x4: skinheads ain’t jumpin’ themselves.
Let's get medicated, hunny, let's get saved. I love watching
Austin bleed out into the sand every dusk. Love the musicians
sailing out grimy and frothing over what night brings:
what a big sky, Texas, you're almost better in the day all
parched ground and azure azure. I love the glass on the high
buildings here, they’re like mirrors. This is God’s powder room.
This is where God sees himself drugged up and beaming in a
beautiful powder room. This is where God goes to remember
youth. I love how youth hasn’t gotten you yet. That unassailable
capacity for charity, that surging belief in belief shouting out
through your temples, I can’t stand how you make me sick of
making myself sick. You slapped the ******* outta me so quick
I’ve never seen grace move that fast. I thought you'd knock the
grapefruit polish right off your nails you hit me so good.
What a sight you are, kid, so proper and fit, Christ, you could
be therapy: so brunette-in-the-Fall, so full-lipped,
unabashed and Aristotelian, frayed like anything but ****
well stitched, impeccable at the seams.
After Matthew Dickman
Mateuš Conrad Aug 2016
better than an autobiographer, a chronicler... when you die you'll find me among Bulgarian prostitutes sneezing good luck when your try to reinvented the airs surrounding the English monarch taking a **** into her crown... i know there's this thing concerned with tattoos and peacocks, but established peacocking, passed from generation to generation is just silly; animal plateaus with what man calls democracy - survives as long as the majority is kept asexual and the few engage in the acts of fleshy gymnasiums.

i like nights like these, no poems, no scaffold, nothing
to get to grips with... the last day of the Olympics turns out
to be boring... father talking about Irish Nazis
with that ironic motto of *Abreit Macht Frei

like a singalong - working Sundays,
the Irish **** thinks he has Romanians
under his belt he can goose-strut
toward a failed project... you rarely hear
of construction industry's blunt racism...
but it's there, and they dare call it
the enlightening Europe...
no wonder Islam is attacking former colonial
nations, makes the argument speedy
and solidified... it does **** me off..
you watch these anti-Chinese poets
labour words: but at the same time say
things like: depeche mode's 'words are
unnecessary, words like violence,
words are unnecessary, they can only do harm',
not the poets, those who practice poetry
and try to keep the status quo...
i hope the Irish sinking in the frozen
waters of Titanic met their hamster angels,
i really do... not man enough as a featherweight
to box against a Klitschko, fair enough...
but mind you: words are everything,
this stance to avoid the meaning of words
is not s much anti-biblical (in the beginning was
word, and with god was destined to reside) -
later man came along, and recognising that
certain pieces of information were implanted
in words he decided the stuffing was too much...
better do a Christina Aguilera -
words can't hurt, can't infringe -
so we're basically backing up to the utility of
sign language, or punches...
back in the monkey haven... so much for the theory
of evolution... are you saying we shouldn't be using
words? that's basically what you're saying...
keep it simple... keep it ~friendly....
ensure the idea persists, but that language doesn't...
we were never going to agree,
neither was William the Conqueror with Saxon swine...
i know a schwab when i sehen one...
a stick has two ends... edition of being struck over
the head... edition of being hit in the ******* another...
but i just like days, when there's nothing meaningful in my head...
it's all helium giggles at that point...
going to the supermarket to buy whiskey
two white ****** and a dozen black hyenas march in
with me... **** small? not really... well, the ultimate
freedoms, i'm scuffling speedy Gonzales (next thing
on the censor's list of forbidding acquisition of control),
it's just fun to watch and fun to watch
looking at the stereotype skinheads...
words like violence, break the silence -
words... mm, in general i call that perfected coordination,
Moses and Prometheus, in ideogram of Egyptian
stole the meaning, later translated into skeleton Hebrew...
no prince talks the language of slaves...
no point kissing rosy Christ's backside right now...
i just want them to attempt their **** with success,
i just hate living out a life as an ensured ******* for
their safeties... it gets boring when they fail...
so you get my bearing... Nazis in England on
construction site... mainly Irish Nazis...
taboo or as some would call it: no ***** to attack
their former colonial masters... so attack the
colonisers... **** first... the head comes second...
oh the moaning and groaning of women...
**** ahoy! the men are expendable.
2 white ****** and a dozen hyenas running into
the supermarket after an **** to buy red bull
energy drinks... prancing around the city centre with
wild pride... an alcoholic rat scuttles past with
the words: what the **** are these clowns on about?
you think these girls will be able to raise a family
for their shortcut attempt at impersonal ******?
they're charity shop material... i'm not imposing
a Hijab... just saying...
what a lovely feeling, what gratification after
visiting a *******... moments like these are
just there, i'm hardly fighting for the English rose...
more like fighting over a Scottish thistle...
prostitutes are great tools when looking at society...
you get baptised in their waters lubricated without
any social cohesive reaction... that's the greatness
of prostitutes... you feel nothing when such examples
propose themselves to be viewed...
prostitutes are the greatest anaesthetic providers...
you can or don't have to believe me...
i'd rather be in their company, the fullest spectacle
of transparency... because it's not really the freedom
women and men encounter, i'm in full of support of that...
**** as much and as many as you want...
the problem is bound to Satan... the original fruit
constantly evolves with the evolution of the godhead...
i thought it was about *******... but given this
spectacle... it's actually more about LIES...
lies create spies and governments, they also create
false moral physiques... they're so ******* horrid
that you end up wanting to watch your girlfriend
**** a hundred ***** than to hear her say
that she's a nun... scout's honour... lies are worse
than the acts... everyone wants to be free, un-caged,
and that's the respect derivative...
but being lied to is out of the question...
lying should be in the old testament decalogue -
more important than ****... that's why the power
resides with prostitutes for man's encompassing
some sort of sanity... there are no lies...
there's just obvious promiscuity... those little
Christian boys can gag in their confession booths in
Churches... when you stop lying and feel no guilt
and no need for being redeemed from sins (extended into
crimes, denotative as merely lies) becomes obsolete,
even in Brazilian slums... you see those little
gnomes feeding trivial experiences of threesomes
and ****** the exotica that is simply a bunch of lies;
their exotica is bound to a family meal...
a shared meal... watch them lining up in their
cars at the McDonald drive-through...
or eating alone to a solitary confession...
once you spot them, you're like: what the **** are priests for?
i've just spotted a confession! they're sitting
slouched in some cheesy fast-food conveyor belt
trying to re-enact their tales of the Amazonian rain-forest
escapades for that much more of "exotica".
Harriet Cleve Jun 2019
'What are you going to do with us?'

'Do with you?'

'Well, well, well! we have a thinker amongst us?'

' You will do what we tell you! We will do the telling!'"

'We will do the kicking!'

'We will do the thinking!'

It was late afternoon. Three young boys had wandered around a low wall of an old delapidated graveyard. Unwittingly they had uncovered a lair of drunken skinheads. Cider bottles lay unceremoniously strewn about the tombstones. Cigarette butts grew from the soil in abundant numbers. Some of the headstones were scorched from the flames of a bonfire; burning near a shrub where the roots spread like crippled arthritic fingers coming up from the dank soil.

Tom looked in terror at the features of the face on which the mouth threatening him was offset to a broken nose. He recoiled at the sight of the teeth in that cavernous filthy mouth.

One of his teeth were capped in a putrid yellow veneer. His lips thin and vicious. The vaccuous look in the skinhead's eyes were evident of drug abuse. His face was skeletal and close to death.
Suddenly Tom was struck across the face by a sovereign ringed fist.

The blow knocked him to his feet and it was all he could do not to cry out in terror. He received a kick to the side of his head and his mind reeled with the conviction he was about to die. He was pulled to his feet and lifted to the face of his tormentor.

'You scummy little *******!'

'What are we going to do with you?'

'You and your mates are going to build a den with all the debris about you. Start collecting them broken slabs and bring them to the fire!'

A roar of laughter came from the bonfire.

Five other skinners looked on in hallucinatory amusement as Ned Marlo gave the eight year old kid a kick up the ****.

All this time young Tom's friends Martin and Robert watched as Tom was further brutalised and got a frightening going over.
They were terrified and mute with shock. It was dusky now and a cold breeze chilled their tears which poured from their horrified eyes.

Getting slowly to his feet Tom started gathering old stones and slabs.

Dates stared back at him from the headstones.

William Crawley  died 1882
devout husband  - succumbed to typhoid
God have mercy on his soul

Tom would die in this very graveyard. He was sure of it. The skinheads were out of their heads on drugs. One of them had taken out a razor blade and was waving it in front of Robert.

Now it was dark. A moon watched intensely from a point so far away it was powerless to intervene.

Peering up from the stoney ground in curious wonder were the eyes of a very large rat.

Then more eyes as if they had come to witness this horrible scenario.

Instinctively and with great courage for a young man, Tom grabbed them in his arms and hurled them at the startled skinners.

Then he ran for the gap in the wall as if his life depended on it.

He ran and ran and ran like the hounds of hell.
Martin and Robert ran like prize Olympians behind him.

'Come back you little *******!'

'You shower of *******, come back!'

Still the young boys ran and even the Devil would not catch them in that moment.

The grave of William Crawley suddenly subsided and Ned Marlo fell into the typhoid ridden abyss.
Marko Antic Mar 2016
We are at the concert.
We sit. We drink.
Fight broke out. Close by.
The skinheads, metalheads, punks.

Local madman approach us.
He speaks to me:
"I saw the devil, ****!
I saw hiiiim !!! "

"O really? I saw him also, yesterday,
when I watched
TV news. "

We give him a beer.
He's leaving.

**** it, we are all lacking so little love
a couple steps toward each other
just a few steps
but it's not happening
and eventually the devil comes

He does nothing special
He's only filling
The void.
Translated by Mary...
Amanda Comeau Apr 2013
Sadness is blowing all across the sidewalks here. This town is an old scar, worn on the arms of too-tough teenage skinheads. I don’t belong here anymore.
I tried to become someone who fades into the background here, just another curly head in a sea of Texas hair, but I’m too different to be the same. I come from water, brownstones, and seasalt air. I don’t belong here anymore.
And so I write letters back to Boston and empty homesickness into little paper cups, saving it for later. I can be alright here, growing up and meeting people I could’ve never imagined, if I want it. The question is, do I? I feel like I don’t belong here anymore.

Did I ever?
Robin Carretti Dec 2016
Trees we hike dark coal
He whispers blade eyes
Cut her not to like
White drizzle wedding
ghostly take a hike
Her bare skin shivers
Knocking on heavens door
Those skinheads hit her floor
Life's cruel wicked costly
Silver bullets hit the smoking
Chattered teeth hearing sound's
He shifted so close desirable
( tasty mound's)

The Stranger  Billy don't B fool
  Dark-love complicated **** it
Computer slammed her fingers
All Choked up Elvis twist

Deep-house music strangled rope 
Touching a nerve dead-beat
Harvest-hair Rocky horror seat
Trembling in your
 Rocking Chair
No flair black tears red tip check
of word fears
Elevated you deadly crumb's
in a row nothing to show

Blood was dripping
Someone's eyes pop-out fixated
Dark brain felt polluted
white chalked her stalked
You were being watched
Eye's stalked daggered

Rows and Rows
Cosmic dark Gothically
Webs caught in webs
black tears
Parasite horror website
Bood ***** bite
Loud drips from the sink
Wrinkled Hand's Slime Sticky
Her long neck lastly tricky

Rocky-Road yellow brick
lightly pricked Emerald city
Eye's melt fingers slipped
The poppy, eyes I tripped
He's no lover of mine cheaply.
Cedric McClester Jun 2015
By: Cedric McClester

Bubba is waiting
He’s anticipating
And salivating
Soon he’ll be mating
A blond with blue eyes
Who’s in for a surprise
When he stops to realize
He’s not one of the guys

And once he gets there
Just to be fair
I hope he’s aware
Bubba might share
And no one will care
Wherever he beds
His friends the Skinheads
Will be giving him meds
Betting tails or heads

They’ll have quite a hoot
In and out his **** shoot
With no ****** to boot
And his tears will be moot
Once Bubba tames him
And renames him
Then properly claims him
No one’s gonna blame him

For being a trick
Forced to wear lipstick
And **** *****
The small and the thicks
And he better not bite
Or try to fight
He’ll be quite a sight
They’ll do him up right

Copyright © 2015, Cedric McClester. All rights reserved.
Bubba Is Waiting is what I anticipate Dylann Roof, the South Carolina church murderer might expect once he is released in the general prison population.
Harriet Cleve Oct 2019
In the retirement home for skinheads

it is hard to maintain order

everyone wants to swing their chains

don their doc martens

run riot in the rockers wing

before launching into foul mouthed tirades

all the nurses on standby with sedation syringes

Other than that it's a very quiet place
Scarlet McCall Mar 2018
Be a lesbian!
Shave your head!
Be a radical--
(better rad than dead!)

The “Skinheads” were Nazis;
they didn’t like Punks.
Politician is confused,
speaking mixed-up junk!

Shave your head,
or wear your hair long—
You could be trying to say something,
or nothing at all.

Be a “*****”, be a “***.”
If it strikes your fancy,
dress up in drag.
Be a hag, be a crone.
Let your gray hair shine.
Be partnered or alone.
Be a ****, be a ****.
You are a Who,
not a Which or a What.
Hag/Crone here. I was amused by the politician, whose name I've forgotten, who called Gonzalez a "skinhead." Apparently he doesn't even know what this term refers to.
Homeathome Jul 2019
The swarming bullet ant
Learned the subtle of not giving a ****
But, they sting like bees, and can't fly
Like freaking grammar nazis
Poe Reimer Oct 2016
I watched a show by Richard Dawkins,
(I love my atheistic squawkin's)
and he observed how we've improved
the more religion's been removed.
Now, there's no greater fan than me
of love and peace and harmony
but soon these thoughts will just seem trippy
like skinheads listening to a hippy,
'cause he got old and he forgot
the little fact we overshot
and he forgot that life grows cheap
at times the clover isn't deep.
Such harmony will never do
with ten to feed and food for two
and bigotry's more suited for
survival in the resource war.
The dark ages, we find, are not
renowned for gentleness of thought;
your attitudes may shift, perhaps;
recall the war; recall the ****,
and dogma helps you stay the course.
Religion's coming back in force.
Mateuš Conrad Aug 2018
never understood the counter argument of
op sports, within the confines of
feminism, having to resort to women...
  counter-argument of women in sports...
women boxing... n'ah, prefer fake Sappho ****...
women doing rugby?
   and they thought skinheads looked ugly...
women playing football...
the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? C.K.N.U.
what happened to the men who would say...
well... it's sort of teasing repressive
*******... watching these 18 year olds
do the gymnastics...
like... my my my...
   even my **** isn't quiet as flexible
as that: body of work...
     synchronized swimming?!
sexist! no men do it... why?
   because they can't!
          imagine the sort of legs
scissor chopping the air, that weren't female...
and male tennis?
  BO-ring... serves an ace...
ace + **** of the advantage...
   woman's tennis i can watch...
male tennis is boring as ****...
      sometimes you get a chance
to watch a tennis professor,
   with a perfect backhand,
like federer:
        but it's not longer tennis,
it's an aesthetic of the backhand perfection...
but women have their sports...
tennis is one of them...
          but football, rugby, boxing?
i guess some men never knew
how to spend an hour with a *******
to contain her rage...
like, sometimes forgetting
ton inscribe male genitals to an hour's
worth of kissing, a fascination
with the torso, but not the *******...
     women have their sports...
it's just that... for the most part....
most, drunk men,
hyperventilating on a bad ref. decision
will, simply, not, tune in...
  and why blame them...
   gymnastics and synchronized swimming...
and all that glitter and make-up
    all i see is legs...
      robert palmer's: god bless his
soul - addicted to love -
        where's the *******,
and all that genital rubbing
on the 10cm beam cartwheels?
no, women have their sports...
   but hitting it mainstream with a bunch
of skinhead congregation
at a pub...
   watching the footie?
           that's just ******* on
the already ******* upon Olympics...
       like some sort of rock n roll start-up
with groupies...
    sure... i have a yummy tummy
pregnant fetish for one of the bangels...
but women boxing,
women playing rugby,
women playing footballs?
    is that even remotely sexist,
countered with: only women can write
   but i prefer womens' tennis -
given that there's no **** and serve...
synchronized swimming,
net ball instead of basketball...
      i will not watch women's football
for the reason that women give:
admiring footballer's legs...
       i prefer admiring the legs of
female gymnasts...
   that's borderline on something
otherwise legal...
                 18... is like:
            so so, sh'oh baddy-bad-bady -
there can't exactly be an equality
quotient within the most profitable sports,
sports most hindered by
               such a shame...
that some women do not respect
the Olympic spiritus sancti...
      at least in Olympic competition
women reach the equal status of
post-scriptum expression of tears....
     as those male football ballerinas...
ooh... now that i have teased...
i can't wait for the breach of
   watching 18 year old girls
perform gymnastics...
sorting out what is a ******,
borderline ******...
        and a frustrated flower
               imploding to attract a bee;
fun, fun, fun.
Harriet Cleve Oct 2019
In a breaking new military development the following initiative has been adopted.

In the event of total war breaking out, it has been decided to recruit every single skinhead in the country.

A special beret has been manufactured; which illustrates a pair of ox-blood maroon coloured Doc Martin boots as the regiments insignia.

Every recruit will be issued with a knuckle duster, Dr Martin boots, and a stainless steel chain one metre long.

A gruelling training course will be implemented which will involve smashing the heads in on a purpose built test dummies rig.

Inside sources have revealed further that the regiments battle cry will be ' Gerrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuppppppp ye bleeding *******!'

In close quarter combat it is expected to be 'I'll bleeding **** ya! Ye stinking toe rag!'

It is believed that this will make use of the Nations civic warriors currently on standby and dispersed throughout the cities. A major plus is that they are already battle hardened and blooded.

Initial reactions from the Royal Constabulary are positive.

'****** fantastic! It will keep them off the streets and channel their aggression'

An insider in the SAS parachute regiment expressed concern at the possibility that unleashing the nations skinheads might be 'cruel malevolent and odious and contravene the human rights accord'.

'All is fair in love and war but come on!' said an undisclosed source.

It is hoped by the brewing companies that this will boost the sales of lager in the armed forces.

All together 'I don't know but its been said

all the hardo's are skinhead'

'Gerrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuupppppp ye bleeding *******!'
Harriet Cleve Nov 2019
In the dense scrubland of a Guayan jungle

my girl Beryl cuts a swathe

larger than an Indian Elephant

no bigger girl God ever made

once she stared a rhino down

kicked a vulture out of town

took on skinheads, chains and all

smashed their heads in, what a doll

Beryl writes me every day

she's heading home this coming May
Sandra Lee May 2019
Dear Ebay, Amazon, WalMart:
Looking to buy
A New Mother Earth
Trying to find one
Not ravaged by dearth
Of beauty, of health, of kindness, of mirth.
Please contact me soon
Before it's too late
I already have
Too much on my plate.
I have roadways and beaches and oceans to clean;     Insurmountable obstacles
If you know what I mean.
Politicians to woo
And humanity too
Wars to end
And more round the bend.
Babies to hold
And children to scold.
Then there's
Skinheads, Radical Right
They all put up a fight
So much to do
Feel like the old woman who lived in a shoe.
Had so many children
She didn't know what to do.
Tyrants to fight
As well as forest blight;
Including bad news
Almost every night.
Please contact me soon
By email or phone
Just whatever you do,
Don't leave me alone.
Our precious Earth and humans. What are we to do to protect all.
Big Virge Jan 10
From China To Some ... U.S. States ...
And CLEARLY NOW ... In The UK ...      
Many Choose To Live ...  " Behind Closed Gates " ...    
But The Word MANY ...  " Exaggerates " ... !!!!!!  
The WEALTHY FEW Buy Homes With Pools ...    
With Cash That BURNS Like HIGH PRICED Fuel ... !!!    
And Are Now In Zones Where They Live Alone ...    
To Exist Amongst Their ... Breed of CLONES ... !!!!!    
FAKE This ... FAKE That ... !!!    
And YES ... FAKE TANS ... !!!    
Which Of Course They CLAIM ...
HELPS Keep Them SANE ... !!!    
NO LONGER Do They Have To Face ... !!!    
Those Who RAISE ... Local Crime Rates ... !!!!!    
ILLEGALS of A DIFFERENT Race ... !!!    
Who ...... THEY CLAIM ..... !!!!!    
"Just come in, and spread their evil, brand of sin !"    
CLEARLY The Colour of Their Skin ... !!!    
"Hey, come on now, that line was foul !    
We're not racists, We'll let you in if you are rich !"  
So ...
Is This How It's ALWAYS BEEN ... ?!?!?    
Or Is This Just ... " New Age Living " ... ???    
Where SELL OUTS RUSH To Join Their Clubs ...    
................ "Behind Closed Gates" ................. ?  
When They've Had Enough ...    
of Living Their Lives ... Around HOODLUMS ... !!!    
Come On Now Man You Must Be DUMB ... !!!    
You Talk of ... " ILLEGAL ALIENS " ... !!!?!!!    
Well Listen Up Son ... !!!    
Cos' You've ... LOST The Plot ... !!!!!    
The HOODLUMS Live NEXT To Your Lot ... !!!!!    
YOUNG Skinheads Who Are Smoking *** ... !!!    
And TRYING To Rap Just Like Some Blacks ... ?!?    
"So, how'd you feel about that ?"    
You DON'T Want IMMIGRANTS Or ... So You SAY ... ?!?    
But ALLOW Them In To ... CLEAN YOUR PLACE ... !?!    
Then Have The Cheek To Pay Them At The Minimum Wage ... !?!    
You People REALLY Are TWO-FACED ... !!!!!!    
Live ... " Behind Closed Gates " ...    
And REFUSE To ...... INTEGRATE ...... !!!!!!    
Well Some Would Say ...    
That You're Breeding HATE ... ?!?    
Or Breeding Like SICK Families ...    
Nephews ... Sleeping With Aunties ... !!!!!!!!!!!    
Live Behind Closed Gates ...    
" NO THANKS OKAY ! "    
A Human Zoo Is What Some Choose ... ?!?    
Just To PROVE ...    
They're BETTER THAN ... " WHO " ... ???    
The ... REST OF US  ... ?!?    
Well ... Listen Up ... !!!!!!    
Look Who Lives NOW Just Like MONKEYS ... !!!!!    
In A GATED RESERVE ... I'm A Bit Concerned ...  ?    
What's Coming Next ... SWINGING FROM TREES ... !?!    
Listen Up ... " CLOSELY " ... !!!!!    
I'm ... HAPPY To See These IGNORANT FREAKS ...    
Kept AWAY From Me And In THEIR OWN SOCIETY ... !!!!!!    
...... " Behind Closed Gates " ...... !!!    
Or Worse ... "CLOSED Doors" ...    
Are SEPARATISTS ... And That's FOR SURE ... !!!    
Who Keep Their SICKNESS ... Locked Away ... !!!    
Well Maybe That's A BETTER Way ... ?    
Than Having THEM Next To You Each Day ... !?!    
So ... What Do You Say ... ?    
Are You One of THEM ... ?!?    
Who's Got PROBLEMS With IMMIGRANTS ... ?    
Well I Suggest If That's The Case ...    
Buy Yourself A Home Behind Closed Gates ...    
But Let Me Ask You  THIS Question ...    
Who INDULGES These Systems ... ???    
of Letting IN ... Us Immigrants ... !!!    
Are They NOT YOUR Governments ...
And YOUR RICH Friends ... !?!?!    

To Make Dollars And Cents And Pounds and Pence ...    
And Maybe Now ... Even Some YEN ... !?!?!?!?!    
Immigrants Are PEOPLE NOT ALIENS .... !!!! ? !!!!  
If They Break The Rules Lock Them Up That's Cool ... !!!!!    
For YOUR Troubles ... ?    

Proves That You're A Tool ...
Who Is USED Like A FOOL By DIVISIVE Groups ... !!!!!!    
Well I've Now Had My Say ...    
But ... What Do You Say ... ???    
Do You See Yourself Living ... ?    
... " Behind Closed Gates ? " ...
Inspire by a documentary that showed such a community in Los Angeles, and it's issues, on the BBC !
Mateuš Conrad Aug 2018
.                 what the ****?!
.                        a third of my face is
it's not exactly
a skinhead shave...
but i'm sure only last night i was
fiddling with something
akin to a reggae violin!
- and when i talked
to strangers...
introducing the term
i wasn't implying
    i was always fascinated
by the spread of
in-group slang...
i was talking to two
metal music advocates...
invoking the spastika...
   (borrowed term
from styxhexenhammer666) -
funny as a rabbit on steroids,
and amphetamines...
the term meathead
is not a reference to skinheads...
back in a Stratford pub
i was actually referring to...
   meat-heat, head-banger...
well... if there's anything
to go by...
   you start heat-banging,
awaiting ram horn clutches
in a mosh pit?
          meat-head is
not a neo-**** term...
it doesn't imply a shaved
head... it implies
head-banging yourself
     like curating a piece
of pork slab or a beef stake...
where the **** is
the third of my face?!
       i swear only yesterday
i was fiddling with
an excess of ***** stemming
from my ****** features,
notably the chin... huh?!
where is it?!
    meat-head ≠ skin-head...
you... ****'ah ****'ah clueless
broods of community service
employed by a news collective...
when i introduced the term
i was thinking about
a heavy metal festival...
and the boys that head-bang
their grey matter out,
like some rugby players...
            i could have been thinking
about the brain,
as i might be coinciding
rare fungus, or oysters,,
except that fat is not exactly meat,
notably with an electric current...
meat-heat ≠ skin-head...
it implies the activity of
        the caucus of the drill-sergeants
that are woodpeckers...
it was never supposed to
be a degrading term,
more... self-deprecating humor...
     count me in as also
accustomed to head-banging
and the mosh-pit,
at the London gig where
Slipknot filmed their
    heretical anthem
   i was in that maggot pit...
****... half of my face is missing...
i was starting to enjoy
growing the sort of ***** on my face,
like a 1970s **** actress might have
done, around her: floral *****
of incubated Venus analogy...
   **** me... a third of the volume
of my face, missing,
  in the space of a few hours...
can't exactly compensate such
a loss by jerking off 2 times more...
need to find a toothpick
or something equivalent...
  to fiddle, and pass the time with.
Harriet Cleve Dec 2019
Cyril the Skinhead was tired of it all. It was a long way from the seventies and he missed the riots and violence.
Even now that old sound of Trex 'get it on' filled his eyes with nostalgia.

He missed the beer and throwing the empty bottles at innocent heads. Sometimes he shouted ' Ye bleeding  *******!' but his voice carried no menace now. He was too old and no longer a threat.

Tonight he would sneak out of the old folks home. It was time to touch base with any of the lads still alive.
Time to get the chain  swinging and the doc martens ready to root someone up the ****.

The seventies were over but that didn't mean his life was.

Tonight London  would  become a battlefield for old skinheads.

— The End —