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polyratic May 2018
I have a few,
like burning a good future.
Losing love
loving lots
spiraling in confusion.

Blinding rage,
petty sayings
a quiet vocal range.

completely forgettable,
earn below the average joe.

I write,
I draw,
both subpar
I can't drive a car.

I can hide in a smile
lie with my eyes
and never really cry.

out of shape,
hoodie shaped,
never took a family break.

Mnm wants me to,
but never said I'd go far.
Won't ever date.
Usually believes in fate,
not holy gates.

my skillset so far.
I've always had skills.
Faizel Farzee Aug 18
My emotions pours into my writing
Stop fighting
Let my words consume you
You know it’s the right thing
My emotions might be dark
I promise, It comes from the heart
Let my words in and it will bring
An unclouded mind and a heart that sing
Let’s call it a summer fling
In the end
Your thoughts and emotions will be in a swing
Lifting you up, bringing you down again
Like flying on a eagles wing
Or the first scent of spring
I will even at times make you feel like a king
I’m down on one knee, and now produced the ring
Are you going to ignore this fact...
Or shall we begin.
What I am hoping my poetry inspire to bring

— The End —