Francie Lynch Apr 2015

What is the difference,
Asked the educator,
Between being skillful,
Such as a prostitute,
And being educated,
Such as a teacher?

Well, replied a prostitue,
One educates skillfully,
The other skillfully educates.

Which is which?
The educator responded.

Depends, said the prostitute,
On the pay and benefits.

Amitav Radiance Aug 2014

So many spices
Chef tried a culinary masterpiece
Connoisseur’s nightmare

Add the right amount of spices. Always more is not right. :)
Khadija Mansaray May 2015

I wear pain
around my neck
like a diamond necklace,
and embellish tragedy
so that it doesn't rob me of my essence.
My mother taught me how to adorn pain
so that it doesn't choke me.

C E I A Jul 2015

It feels like everything is institutionalized

But you can’t teach common sense,

Listing skills for a job application

I can’t write down intelligent

Because your level of intelligence can only be judged by others,

What you have done

someone else may have done differently,

I can’t put down open minded because

People can’t go both ways,

Except in a sexual cause

Some people tend to go both ways,

But people can only be open minded to the things they have been though

Because in the end one

Can only make one decision,

So the only skill I really have is

Common sense.

Laura Jane Mar 2015


standing for prayer
the corner of the school desk
thrice daily finds me

flatness and hardness,
and the fluorescent lighting
heavenly verses

it’s tuesday morning
forgive us our trespasses
and I’m told to chant


horseback riding is
a wonderful thing for girls
it builds self-esteem

trail rides through the scrub
learning skills in the outdoors
Palomino flanks,

hard leather saddle
rolling, dazed, back and forth and
sweating in the heat


vaseline vignettes
of slick and dewy couples
raw, tanned romance, all

in rapid Spanish
the love in Latin Lover
is jacuzzi steam

all we can do is
laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh
and laugh, and watch them

Mandy Berry Sep 2012

I need a man around this place
At DIY, he should be ace
If he's a plumber, it could be good
To unblock pipes, so water runs away as it should
A carpenter would ease the way
The drawer fronts all fell off one day
A sparky here could fix the light
This whole darn house is such a fright
A gardener could have a job
And perhaps a chef, to heat my hob
A cleaner would be really great
To do the chores, I really hate
The ironing is such a pain
A decorator could paint the walls again
I need a man around this place
He'd help me out, with style and pace
If he is sexy, that would be good
I'd happily reward him
Any way that I could
I'd satisfy his manly needs
If he'd help me with daily household deeds

julius Oct 2014

sometimes i paint
sometimes i write
sometimes i do what i think i might
sometimes i play piano
sometimes i play guitar
sometimes i steal from the cookie jar
sometimes i dance
sometimes i sing
sometimes i try to do everything

yes, i am a jack of all trades--
master of none, but better than
a master of one.

could be longer.

My writing skills are so good, I earned the distinction of being the only guy who got rejected by a girl because of it

Sijo Robert Z Jun 2015

Regular training tonight, that's right,
nothing new, no fright i cite.
So we will start at last light, to ignite and incite,
your skills to manage conflict and fight.

But also your health and your might,
to improve, increase and help forthright.
So, it's cold alright, alright, but despite this blight,
come training tonight, tonight; Alright?

Sijo Robert Z

Grace Espinoza Sep 2016

In the after
Is a skill I've had to master

Zero wazhere Dec 2015

I thought of what skill I'd want to have, I thought maybe I wanted to have a musical talents so I could sarenade you in song. Then I thought maybe poetry so I could win you over with words as sweet as honey. And as I kept thinking I pictured my self with the skill of running fast so I'm their as soon as you need me.

But now I'm sitting here with no skills writing words you will never read.

K Balachandran Jan 2012

in the training camp, they were
teaching boys  survival skills.
he said" at home
we do this  in detail"

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