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Kara Jean Sep 2016
We yell self righteous notes
When we peek within everyone is dying of sin
Broken is the helping hand
Let's pretend to be complete
Ilion gray Oct 12
The simple life of pillows
Or clouds
Both being of stellar variety
the burning gasp of being saved
everything goes eventually
If  you leave the room
The space will be missing something;
When it is found
A trillion Seconds you
thought you lost
will catch up to you
All things return
To their someplace;
Now all that is earthly
around me
has begun to rustle
And wave
There is no other planet to go
There is no farther away
The machines are eating the child’s
The air is bleeding
It’s invisible hue
The earth in search
Desperate to borrow
pilfered from
Everything with an ending
The hour is coming,
You and I will seek
It to;
Just up that way
Then to the right
Through the frozen fields
of nimbus Pass
Just a horseshoe
toss from
the holy
Where nothing falls
While the drifting spritzes
Do not drip
But climb
The mountain staircase
Of night;
I will go.
Because the hour draws close;
And soon when the
Unending dusk grows
No road will be empty.

Perhaps I will
Return to someplace
That will only be a place
Once I’ve arrived
Someplace as lost as all the rocks
I’ll build a throne and observe
The might of the almighty
The Strong roots of infinite
Shades of blackness
Where all creation
The Sun begins to rise as I lay here in bed,
Listening as these questions repeat in my head.
I know I should be sleeping
But I choose to listen instead.
Searching for an answer, but most are left unsaid.

Another sleepless night, as a new day begins.
These nights are becoming dreadful, as the days begin to blend.
If only I had answers, these questions would finally end.
But my thoughts are in tangles and my mind begins to bend.

Days become a struggle just to do the best I can.
I know I need your help, im reaching for your hand.
I heard that you were with me, even when I chose to sin.
If so, dear lord I ask,  rid my life of these troubles, lift me up again.

{ I know the sky's overhead are turning black now.
You can't walk anymore, you put your head down.
Kneeling in the mud as the rain falls all around.
With tired eyes, you look to the heavens for a way out. }

" Dear Lord I'm calling out your name!
I'm on my knees in the pouring rain!
Please lift me up, wash my sins away!
I cant hold the hand of the man I was
yesterday! ”

I thought I was dreaming when I saw the bright light.
Two hands lowering down upon me from somewhere in the sky
I watched in disbelief,  startled  by such a sight
As these great hands began to open, lifting me up high.

I feel your presence surround me.
Your hands lift me up with warmth all around me,
A sense of peace flows deep
within me, so gracefully.
As I'm carried away, I drift off to sleep.…

" Fear not my son as you open your eyes. "

A voice echoed within me so deep,
waking me in fright,
I blink a few times to clear the haze from my eyes.
I realize I’m on my knees in a room of pure white.

I was clean and dry, kneeling before an alter, no more than seven steps high.
Each step trimmed in gold,
Each step draped with light.

I notice a candle burning on the floor before me.
Its flame did not flutter, It burned with grace.
Giving off a light so brilliant and captivating that before i knew it,
I was admiring just a few inches away...

This candle wasn't normal.
It was not ordinary by any means
It gave off a light of its own, separate from its flame.
The candle was red in color,
With a flame that burned white.
It sat in a golden holder,
Etched clearly and beautifully with my name on each side.

Astonished and thinking this had to be a dream,
A puddle of wax began to form on the floor underneath,
And In this puddle, I began to see.
Memories of my life playing
In the melted scenery .

After several minutes of silence, I looked up in fear..
And was shocked to see the son of *** standing above me in tears.

I asked him...

" Dear Lord, why cry over me?
I have spent life in sin as I saw in these scenes."

With eyes filled with sadness he looked down on me and in a deep, trembling voice he suddenly began to speak,

“ I love you my son and there is good in your heart. You asked for my help tonight because you were falling apart. It saddens me to watch as you live your life this way. If only you would call upon me more often, you would see better days. “

Suddenly with a jolt, I awoke in my bed.
Apparently it had been a dream,
I wasn't standing before the Lord and I wasn't dead.
I sat up and began to remember, as I wiped the sweat from my head .  
My heart was still pounding and my face was flushed red.

While thinking of the dream, I noticed a difference about this day.
I woke  up with no worries, no troubles or pain.
Realizing this was a blessing, a second  chance to change.
I hit my knees and with all my heart, I desperately began to pray.

"Dear lord, I thank you for your blood, your care and your tears. I see the importance of life now, my eyes are finally clear. I pray that you join me, right here by my side. I know my past was filled with regret, but back then I was blind. With your help, Dear Lord, I can make a new life. Together we can walk the path that leads  to your light. "

- Brandon K. Stephenson
A more detailed ...more intimate discription of an older poem of mine "The Path To The Light"
divinity m May 6
star crossed sinners
something random that popped in my head while i was looking at tattoo ideas. thought it sounded cool so i wrote it down
Umi Apr 19
If it only were to be a lie,
Watching my dreams end I smile, there's no more to them but a dead end,
Unable to protect this fragile heart, unable to reopen my eyes I was killed,
Brilliance, turning to ash in a firestorm of escaping emotions,
If my birthed sins cannot be atoned in this hour, or at least forgiven,
My shred blood drenched heart will never find it's ease or sublimate, Scattered like the flower petals after falling,
To death, blinded by the love I put my trust and courage in,
Just end it all, what is left for me here is destruction,
My heart is dead, I cannot embrace, love it all as I always wished for,
Everything is far too late, for never I will be able to return again,
Give it back, please give it back, this emotion what makes me go ablaze,
Burnt to the ground with no light to see I remember your smile,
Now, as I am unable to breathe, I hoped if it only wasn't true,
There are no words left to speak.

Pyrrha Jul 28
I don't have an issue with self confidence
A repetitive lie I've begun to notice that I tell
It's like the pain in my chest when I see other people's success compared to mine
I ignore both

When I read other writing I start out feeling so much inspiration
Then I reflect back on my own and feel incompetent
Because I can't write what they write
I can feel what they feel through their words
Something I wish I could accomplish

It's jarring and frustrating
I keep judging myself
The very thing I've run from has become my life

I can't escape the judgmental ways of this world
not from my father
not from my mother
not from my brother, my sister, or anyone
not even from myself
Because like it or not, the judgment is me

It's soaked into my veins
Like an obsession, an addiction
I wish I could pray it away,
But I don't have any faith
There is no *** to save my soul
To give me pity
To take my sins away

There is only scrutiny over my every move
Whether it comes from within or someone else
It's not something I can wash away with a prayer
Noelis Oct 30
How can someone’s touch feel so heavenly
when it’s full of sinful intentions?
How can such a raspy voice soak you this much?
oh Baby, your breath on my neck takes my oxygen away
Your words, your moans
got me gasping for air
Please do not let go of my hips
Make me feel glorious with just a lick
I’ll get on my knees
and wash away your sins.
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