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N Jul 2016
My favorite day of the week
is the day
God rested
and you are
sprawled on my bed
in silk

It is when we hear people
sing praises
in the nearby church while
some lonely bird
on the window sill
listens to us call for
the Alpha and the Omega
with our silent
and whimpers
over and over

It is when Adam is
always nowhere
to be found
so Eve is left with
another Eve
Forgive me, Father, I have sinned. 'Tried to cleanse myself of these thoughts but they crept back in. Forgive me, Father, I have sinned. When she's close to me, the Devil wins.
William de klerk Sep 2019
Call it a necklace, noose, lead or leash
that we willfully wear
as under the poke and ****
of societies brand we still let it steer.

Living for Friday Saturday and *Sinday
throwing rain at the clouds
while we let time trickle away wastefully
out the hour Glass.

But when going against the grain
is like running into a sand storm,
we would rather let the days die
like they weren't worth remembering

Like a vapour, memories fade away
In a clumping mass of evaporating
                                                     ­      grey


call me a fool for standing in a sand storm
traping trickling time
in the hour glass
faster than it falls as I make
Many more colorful memories.

Gaze as I turn the dam ocean upside down
Repouring the rain I caught into the clouds
As I burn the tie
fray the noose
   loosen the lead
leave the leash round societies neck
And I burn it with my own brand.
Time is valuable, so don't let others and their ideas or expectations steal your time, don't live a nine to five life, each day is a colorful memory to be made.

— The End —