the sky a silver
dissonance by the correct
fingers of April

              into a
clutter of trite jewels

now like a moth with stumbling

wings flutters and flops along the
grass collides with trees and
houses and finally,
butts into the river

Mark Ball Nov 2014

If sweet silver
poured from my
languid lips,
laying out the lies you so long to hear,
would you keep me near?
No, probably not.

Carmen Reed Jul 2014

The evening breeze sings the forgotten songs
Of ghosts of nymphs 'tween silver birches there.
And beams of moonlight fall on grassy lawns:
A pearly cloak e'erywhere the eye sees fair.

So many gentle dawns took care to kiss
Along the flowered, verdant forest floor.
In this blessed land so filled with matchless bliss,
Upon golden and rose-pink blossoms which it wore.

Every visitor that stumbles here
Stops to see the flowers near,
And stoops to pick some strawberries
In the meadows, for their families.

Shivendra Om Jun 2015

Your uncolored hair
—my love—
is the indefinitely long
silver lining
of my cloudy heart

by Luca Shivendra Om
© Luca Shivendra Om
Haiku Hank May 2016

Caressing your hair
with beams of silver moonlight
just to see you smile

I see you shining there a translucent water drop
Suspended in animation
From the garden where I lay
I watch your silver glow, in total fascination
Moving to and fro
As within my heart, you play

I hear your tinkling laughter, rise above the trees
Softly lilting in my mind
Find myself within a soulful breeze
Your joyous laughter brings
As your joy and mine
Are combined

A quiet calm is set in motion, as you begin to fall
Enchantment ending in a silver splash
Yet, such joy you have brought into this thrall
Into the garden where I lay
Even though you fell
In a flash

Now I see you shining there upon my yearning soil
Suspended in animation
In the garden where I toil
I watch your silver glow, in total fascination
Moving to and fro
Quenching thirst, in adoration

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Mitten Sep 2012

Silver temptation fluttering in the sky
Why must you cry?
with a glace to the sky you shimmer and glide
so very high
again I hear your cry
Slowly you fall falling into my hand
warm as fire
gliding across my skin
a sigh of relief
all thought's consumed by your glittering shimmer dance of death

A-S Mar 2015

The golden jewels of your soul,
Embellished in my broken heart,
The silver flakes of my breath,
Adorned your unfaithful words,
How could a beauty like love,
cause so much damage to our
diamond-filled bodies?

Jen Jo Sep 2014

I can't seem to see the silver lining.
That silver lining that people seem to be seeing and living with.

Am I missing it,
Or it's nothing but a myth?

We're but what we believe in.
Sarah Dec 2014

please don't ask
why my words
are so intent on
chaining your heart
to the nightmares I've
stuffed my pillows
full of
with promises rusting
into blackened iron
links and truths that
would shine better as

I never meant
to cage you
in my dreams -
it's just that my
eyelids solder shut
and I cannot pry my silver
eyelashes apart without
cracking at the faultlines
I forget to mention
whenever I wake up

it's just that my
soul needs more
than a little oiling
more than a little
to breathe away this
metal corroding its way into my
tear ducts, dripping rust
down my cheeks,
choking on 'blood oxide'
and mechanical residue
buried underneath my

it's just that every
fucking 'i love you'
is yet another link
around my finger,
wrenching the life out
of me,
blue shadows engraved
on my skin never shine
like silver in the sun
but if this is the
only clanging chain
of heartbeats echoing
in metal boxes
from me to
what can I do?

it's just that there
was a lock somewhere
along this mess of coils
and chinks and mistakes
but oh god,
when did the rust
between you and I
melt into three thousand
miles of mercury trickling thermometer
poison into everything
we say?
I've lost my keys;
they had sunk first and
I will sink last

it's just that
the clinking thump thump of your heartbeat
is my lullaby;
it's just that
knowing you breathe warmth is enough
to cool the burning silver in my lungs;
it's just that
close to you is the closest I will ever
feel to 'alive'

it's just that
if I can't keep you -

nobody can

making me weak when i need to stand
Cross of Iron Jun 2014

Its always there, in the back of my mind.
Not like anyone cares
Not like I care much for it either
But its always there

A desire, like a craving for something sweet
A want
A need

It pulls me in sometimes
It wont leave until its satisfied
It never is
I wont allow it

It makes me think
It keeps me sane and aware
It breaks me down and eats me inside

Id be confined
I would be left in isolation, away from those who believe in the illusion of safety

I wouldn't stop at just one
I couldn't have a limit once I begin
Why stop when I have already started?

Star light full of silver
Moon beams laced with gold
I'd give you all I gather
For you just to behold

Flecks of gold in sunshine
Silver steaks upon the sea
I'd gather all for you to have
If you would be with me

Gather up the silver dust
Gather up the gold
Gather up the moonlight mist
I will offer up my soul
Gather up the silver dust
Gather up the gold
Gather up the moonlight mist
If you once I just could hold

Emeralds and ruby gems
From rainbows in the sky
I'd gather them for you as well
For you my dear I'd die

I'd mine for diamonds in the night
From the stars up oh so high
I'd gather all if you would be
The one for which I'd die

Gather up the silver dust
Gather up the gold
Gather up the moonlight mist
I will offer up my soul
Gather up the silver dust
Gather up the gold
Gather up the moonlight mist
If you once I just could hold

Solaces Sep 2014

The setting sun colored the green grass gold with farewell kisses of glow.. A final thought of the day was that the glow would soon fade welcoming the silver moonlight.. I have seen this time and time again.. The sun and moon still see me. They know of my ghostly presence. 

The moon whispers it's silver rays onto the green white grass.. Fireflies swirl around my ghostly body.. They are the lanterns of my soul.. I await the sunrise in this vortex of organic light..

Ghost under the moon and sun
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