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DalPal Dec 2014
You don't know it but
You're the reason I'm awake
And you'll always be.
I wish you weren't though.
Ken Jun 5
i wish i didn’t do this every fucking time.

i get so attached so quickly,
you’re the only thing on my mind.

the first thing when i wake up,
and the last thing when i fall asleep.

you’re in everything i see or do.
i cant get you out of my damn head.

our conversations have become rarer and more tense.

and still,
i think of nothing but you.

i can feel you growing distant,
yet i’m still becoming more and more attached to you.

you’re walking away as i’m clinging to the thought of you.

just like every other person.
for m
Ciara Jones Jul 17
Did you ever wonder why
Why the crows always sighed

Shallow sighs that seemed to signify
The broken pieces of happiness that once used to collide

Looking back at it now
I could hear a poetic prowl

A town full of memories
A land full of histories

Think simply, they used to tell me
Because with that, they said
You can take on life slightly more effortlessly
of the making of many books there is no end
     sometimes solitude is my only friend
        words begin and then they bend
          the silent sigh thus pines again
Ah the perfect boy

Mushy and gushy, all human like, with normal human skin, and smile

Scratch that

Heavy body armor, brandishing a sword, born in the mid 15th century

Hmmm, no

Aluminim for hair, copper in his head, lack of understanding of any type of human emotions

That's not right, no

How about
Not possible
Smells fishy
A being of pure light energy?
Sigh, beyond my comprehension

I guess I'll just get
A pet rock
Im celebration of international rock day
Marco Buschini Dec 2016
Into the wonderment of your autumnal mind.
Where the skin of your grief sheds its leaves.
Is the song of your sea bound into colourful light?
The Shepherd breaches the flock of your dreams,
And the pastures breathe a sigh of relief,
As your tears of morning dew
Glisten the parched landscape.
Does your bouquet of pubis
Lay wistfully in the wilderness?
The skies of blue that reside in your eyes
Serenades the coming of the tide,
Harvesting the fruit of our labour of love.
Is this a wind of smile that turns into a voyage of valiancy?
A flock of thoughts liberated with a cry of exclamation
As your fears of autumn blue
Are exiled into the rapacious wind.
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