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A cradle of scythes lay in a chariot.

You reap what you sow, I grow plans.
Plant them in my mind, let them expand.
Watered with thought,
Spruced with consequence,
Implanted quietly, with utter nonchalance.
Meanwhile, in society
I digress entirely.

Later when fruition has come to bear,
A portion of the harvest will have been ensnared.
The scythe has a name: Benefit Of The Doubt.
Don't fear the reaper,
Fear without.
Opportunity, patiently.
Onoma Apr 30
pull out your

sickle and cut

down as many

Buddhas you

encounter upon

the path.

all you'll be met

with is the slight

purse of their overjoyed


barely containing the

cosmic joke.
King Panda Oct 2015
we are monsters
from the boutique to the
embroidered throw pillows the
pen dashed around the neck
stage 5 bone cut
sawing ossification to the
hollow core

we are monsters
hooting in tunnels lined
with bats coming out to feast
to scrape the streets
shimmy the walls
bust the coffin and

we are monsters
who can't enter under the
fearful of being burned by
the sun silver stake
rat poison holy water sickle
and windmill ash

we are monsters
sewed stapled dead meat
skin hair plugs ceramic
teeth tested and tasted by

we are monsters
jumping high over white
fences frenzied explosion
running through corn
angrily bled in a field shot and
hunted like embarrassing
waterfowl in the jaws of

we are monsters
of flaming brilliance flashing
in your inbox
read us and gnaw
grilled limbs
as we watch you
be scared and
I promise we don't die.
Timothy Aug 2017
Time ebbs away so craftily, so fast
     An hour, a day, a month, or yet a year—
     A decade too—they all shall disappear
And soon the present will become the past.
Death waits with ready sickle for the blast,
     When that appointed Time draws ever near,
     And greets us all with trembling hand, or tear,
With knells and saddest dirge, buried at last.

     But God shall one day waken all these bones,
Which now lay mould’ring with damp worms and clay,
Shall gather all our dust and bid it rise.
     For now, each dreamless head sleeps ‘neath these stones,
Soon God shall raise them to unending Day
Our blissful, heav’nly home, beyond the skies.
19 March 2017 9:28am EDT
King Panda Jun 2017
a waxing crescent grows thicker
every day—a careening sickle
half-hugged and begging
—below, flying flecks
of salt. The

pang-tamed wile—gems wrapped in
foil and heated in
god’s shadow in space. I am

close to those I love. I am

made of molten jewels.
meltingly. bowl of

wisdom—a dish for
old mints and mammalian
eyes. These tears—

they are mine.
CK Baker Feb 13
Dry veins branch the dead gulch
cinder cone set on a marbled tan scape
fanning sands sketch, ephemeral
fossil plates fold under columns of gray

Mountain back steep at the crevasse
sinkhole spots form on parallel nine
sulfur pipe stems from molten ash
aching shrubs and crumbling spines

silt fields cover the foothills
swayback shed at the whipple tree barn
tumbledown shacks form the patchwork
from goat canyon ranch to big bison farm

Salt lake fractured with amber
sickle-bush cut at the bowline knot
half-moon traced by the viper
oxbow streams, and valley grot
leave the lights on
and kiss the dance
of the seven veils
upon my windowsill
or leave me now
with the abject quiet
that the scythe
and sickle sound

i’m so used to being
in love with you
but the world is ever dark
and we sleep
in separate rooms
Dark Fjord Dec 2016
i take my Croissant gently
i cooed the eyes of Dollies
and ships  
     I thanked.
each rope of hope
nice and cornered\educate each new wave
by a  powder-horn,
with cries ring loudly
venerate the sickle moon and Her
beloved Star.
Thumbs up to me
At least for a sweet Victory.
I never knew it pays to be different
Until I started paying attention to other things
A one decision that is about to kick start my life
Was the same I never wanted to look in the eye.
Somebody should have couched me better
That not all that seems better really matters.
I never knew I was that bad driver I never blamed,
It never occur to me that I was the one taking my destiny on a clock journey in faith,
I was that darkness that made my glory to shine vain,
It was my fault that my progress has been tortoise walking
How foolish I have been for not understanding ethos of times and seasons.
Forgive me dear fate,
You shouldn't have been blamed, I'm sorry.
Sorry for regretting why I was  created with you
Sorry for always accusing you
For all the woes I had put us through.
I have been a child indeed
A child too milky to recognise opportunities
A child too narrow minded to take a walk into chances.

Now my heart has grown
Grown enough to see two side of a coin on a spot
Grown enough to pry deep into bottom pots
Grown enough to pluck fruits from trees without a sickle
Yes I'm grown enough to make others grow into father figures.
I can now beat my chest that I'm becoming a man
No, I'm now a man!
Through my resolute mistakes, I had learned to bear more than a plan
After a long bare footed walk on thorns
I can now say patient dogs don't longer eat the fattest bone
Time don't wait for those who don't fight for their turn
Only fools still wait to see their shoes sizes before trying their legs in the available
Only lame minded people hate to grow to be dependable.
Thumbs up to me again
Just like in all human beings
I have found the key to all I need
Right inside of me
Finally my life is about to begin.
A True tale and Life experience of Yours Sincerely.
Wide eyed Dec 2018
my last love held his gun to his head
So sweet so kind
The gun was not
Sharp trigger it went right through

Nine month old with a soon to be ex wife
My friend liked to drink
He fell down the stairs
              bled out
Alone and passed out

Under the bridge a man hit the ground
Off the side onto the rails
I watched him jump
His shoes popped off

my guardian angel
we all have one right
Mine walk with a black mist
She wears all black
Dragging the sickle, fallowing me closely
I was told she watches over you
to protect and guild
My angel is death
She keeps me still and silent
She watches and reminds
She’s not far off
Prologue... Voyeurs Notes: Two lovers entwined in the blue black room of the ante meridian (a.m.).

Under a cutting ******* moon
he enters you
You took him in with Pavlovian drooling eyes. He took your innocence and you shrieked in dripping compliance:::
Only that sickle overseer in the night sky bared witness
to the end of my pleasant fiction

Halogen orb
Halcyon days

Left only with the abscess of the apparition
that was “us”
and a
Phantom pain for the never was

Perhaps she is
quieted by enormity of it all
Life in fast forward, a fallow future, a vertical victim of his ***** ****

Coldness without catharsis on a cobblestone street  

she is again spread before him,
he’s already tired of her
, and again that ******* fading crescent
she’s wishing for a flashback, a do over,
a dream of sanity before her teardrop salinity (it could’ve been us)

But here I stand eternal
Butchered by your lunar lunacy::: alone
Against the backdrop of a pockmarked sky
Michael Marchese Apr 2017
Prometheus ignites to spark this
Molotov to make his Marxist
On swine Fuhrer's Faux News tweet
Hashtag it #GorbachevWallStreet
'Cuz Putin's puppet Pinochet's
Whipped Creme de Kremlin's CIA  
From JFK to Allende
Like Russian roulette ricochet
I'll Trotsky through McCarthy's brains
Leave slain these ****** sugar Keynes   
Discred' the Fed’s six-figureheads
With strikes at dawn more red than Debs  
Still breakin' breads with Mulan Bouges
Makin' men of Khmer Stooges
I see Rouge when Al Spans Greens
Potemkin loan wolf ponzi schemes
Who count the sheep like Philippines
Then Black Pearl Harbor GRANMA’s dreams...

Of Marilyn Monroes in store
Just off-shore ****** who **** the poor
A Glass of Steagall's broken trust
Half emptier than bowls of dust
In rust beltways still spewin’ fumes
As factories become Khartoums
No carbon footprint tax the hint
Of Amazon decays in Flint
Just pop the caps and drown in debt
Like Kent State drinkin' to forget
That cuttin’ class engenders race
Leaves glory, gold and God's disgrace
To slaughter Moor than Reconquista  
I, Marti indigenista    
Zapatista sharin’ crops  
Till my Mexica heartbeat stops

I'm Pancho infiltratin’ villas
The Magilla of guerillas
In the midst of bourgeoisies
Same colonies of Boston TEAs
To me, my breed’s of landless deeds
So how you like ‘dem Appleseeds?
Reeducatin’ caves of youth
Fed Citizen’s United Fruit
‘Cuz my enlightened eye of Horus
Battle cries Grito de Lares
Che is centered in these veins
So my Ashoka takes the reigns
These Iron paci-Fists pack hits
Like Jimi on some Malcolm ****
Still Hajj mirages I barrage
The Raj with sheer Cong camouflage

Deployin' Sepoys on viceroys
And pol desPots’ in the employs
Of Tweedledums who run the slums
With country clubs of loaded guns
These Betsy Deez bear arms to school
Till no kids fly kites in Kabul
So gas-mask your Sharia flaw
I'll Genghis Khan Sheikoun it raw  
'Cuz refugees are rising
And we're anti-socializing
Subsidizing private party plans
Who take commands from ***** hands
These grand old klans coup klux control
Your diamond minds with mines of coal
An oil Standardized existence
Solar powers my resistance

******* sun of Liberty  
My fear itself is history  
Rewriting wrongs of Leo’s creed
In culture’s blood and vulture’s greed
An alt-right/all-white cockpile   
Stockpilin' human capital
In tricklin’ contests over spoils
Of the cotton-ceded soils
Jingos chained to Cruci-fictions
Swallowin' good Christian dictions
I spit Spanish Inquisition
Trippin' Socrates sedition
Droppin' Oppen's fission quest
For "now I am become death"
'Cuz G-bay pigs in-Fidel's sites
Flew U-2's into my last rites

These Saddamites, I smite Assad
Then spread 'em like Islamabad
Convert for-profit prison tsars
From Escobars to Bolivars 
Like currency in Venezuela
Current police state favela
Where 9/10th's of your possession's
Worth less than your Great Depression’s
Upscale bail ‘em outs of jail
With Dodd-Frank banks too big to fail
Your FDA-approved psychosis
From Campos’ daily dose of
More defense? Here’s my two cents
These slave wages ain’t excrements
So just say no to Reaganomics    
Got us hooked, but not on phonics

Just that Noriega strain
Of Contras stackin' crack contain
Like MAD dogs who trade weapons-grades  
For Ayatollah hate tirades
On “don’t ask, don’t tell” plague ebonics
Drug crusAID Jim Crow narcotics     
Warsaw rats injected, tested,
Quarantined, and then arrested
Guess the J. Arbenz' lens
Still Tet offends their ethnic cleanse
Still Wounding Knees of Standing Sioux
Till Crazy Horses stampede you   
For Mother Nature’s common ground
My Martin Luther’s gather ‘round
Is hellbound sounds of Nero’s crown  
Let's burn this Third World Reichstag down

Vox populyin’ to remove ‘ya
Like Lumumba then Nkrumah
So some Pumbaa kleptocrat
Declares himself the next Sadat
To hide supply-side Apartheid
Increase demand for genocide
So check your factions in Uganda  
Tune into Hotel Rwanda
Come play pirates with Somalis
Then desert ‘em like Benghazis
Thirst for blood so French Algiers  
It boils mine in Trails of Tears  
My destiny unManifest-
Oppressive Adam-Smitten West
So pay your overdues to Mao
I’ll Mussolini Chairman Dow

Then flood this 9th ward Watergate
With killing fields of glyphosate
I'll redistribute IMF’s
With left so deft you’d think it’s theft
I’ll My Lai massacre these lines
With sweet Satsuma samurhymes
I'll make these Madoff Hitlers squeal
With that Bastille New Deal cold steel
Now feel that Shining Pathos wrath
Drop Nagasaki aftermath
On Nanjing kings and dragon’s Diems
With ****** bodhisattva zens
To show you how I pledge allegiance
With razed flags still wrapped in Jesus  
Laosy liars pogrom psalms
Can’t Uncle Phnom my Penh’s truth bombs

On heroes shootin' ******
My fix is un-American
Tiananmen democracies
To Syngman Rhee hypocrisies  
Theocracies drive me Hussein
With Bush league’s mass destruction claim
So I dig laissez pharaohs graves
With pyramids of Abu Ghraibs
Then nail their coffers closed like Vlad
I am the ghost of Stalingrad
My hammer forged in winters past
My sickle reaps the shadows caste
By pantheons of pentacons
Whose Exxons lead to autobahns
When liberal Arts of War and Peace in
Free speech teach my voice of treason
“Fascism will come to America wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross”
-Sinclair Lewis
Michael Marchese Aug 2018
So sell your daughters
**** your sons
Go break your spoken
Vows in tongues
For from these lungs
I storm the loudest
As my furies  
Muse the proudest
Wings endowed with shrouds of Nyx
Baptized within the River Styx

So wage petty crusades
And feel
Titanic wrath’s
Achilles heel
For in this heart  
My lust will claim
Entire Gaea’s
Set aflame
By bolts of my creative spark
Be sure, I’ve never missed my mark

So bend your knees
And cross your hearts
And mutilate
Your private parts
For by these hands
The story spun
The sickle swung
And shed my young
And led them to the glory sung
Henceforth until the Fates are done
King Tutankhamun Sep 2018
My flows Isaac Hayes hot butter emcees stutter
Once I rise from the gutter no other
Layin' raps guillotine know what I mean
Make a chick lean once shes see me on the tv screens
After my greens but I play mean switch up the scene
Ya styles anorexic so ya necks better get protected
Another sucka selected mics I wreck it
Head on I'm dead wrong cheat more than Armstrong
Cycling rhymes easily I be the coldest
Past the tundra sound the thunder with no lightening
Only striking I make the earth move
But it ain't no quakes take over I dominate in all states
But you ain't in good hands running" with the clan
Once I stand ya turn up a paraplegic
lieutenant Dan desert sand storm soon to swarm
Invoke harm sound the alarms bombing farms
Let ya blood meditate in my
Silence **** end your wills made many sigils
Begins a new sequel since snitches squeal
They gotta get dealed with blows deadly
Than a uppercut from Dempsey swing rapidly
attack the mic like a ragin' chimpanzee
emcee of the century
Don't many wanna see the styles of real street gory laying killer

Lyrical iceberg **** the seas flows honey
Attracting bees melodies so smoothly call me
Johnny G sayin my my my as the bullets fly by
Another dead guy soul searching the sky
I got ties from the Buddha that rises the highest
A wise guy
Know a lie when I see a lie so why try
Shootin' fairy tales only to mind
Ya thoughts I'm dead caught
Without a chase slash ya face
With my Lyrical sickle got ya brickled
Penny to nickle count ya steps watch the reps
I got prepped so many slept as I crept
On the mic turn the industry swayze amazingly
My styles wicked complex as myxlplix
Mentals twisted lyrically gifted none could lift
My rhymes couldn't weigh on whales scales
Sail like Gail Devers please believe tha
Brother in black is back to set the track
Bumpin' out new jacks with they wack acts
No ******* I move minds like clergies in pulpit
Vatican Assassin clench my fist catch a whiff
Of a Bruce Lee's lift way of the dragon I'm stabbin'
Deep into intellects once the  rhymes injects
Spreads like infects contaminated none could reject
Brigid Sparks Sep 10
When some man tells you
that you don’t’ belong here
and that you
should go back to where
you came from.


Take your soul back to Africa,
to Palestinian paradise.
Take it as far
back as

and call
upon your ancestral

Call upon Dhat-Badan,
who is the wild goat,
sure-footedly roaming
craggy territory.
Who, in the middle
of the desert
of disdain
helps you find
an oasis
of respect.

Call upon Lilith,
who read
the devil’s face,
and walked away from him.
Same as she did
abandoned Adam,
who was ignorant towards
the devil’s dangers.

Call upon Oya,
whose natural passions,
curse up a storm
That makes men’s world
Who takes up her
sickle of truth
and cuts off
all rotten crops of corruption.

Take the upper hand,
trust your feet
and dance upon rainbows after a storm!
For that’s
where you
dedicated to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna S. Pressley
Our Lord of rood healed not the blood-engorged hemorrhoid ridges
of the sea-hunting reprobate operating unilaterally as Lloyd Bridges
who slurped rancid-cheese-rendered-runny dribble to avoid wedges
that'd stampede the intestines like a Conestoga of Bill Boyd sledges
that'll forevermore precipitate an impending bowel-evacuation burn
divorced from cat fleas on a dog's tail that cannot be taught to learn
the difference 'tween The Ray Conniff Singers & a conifer or a fern
or why romantic love with prisoners is often more tender than stern
under Allah's clear moon on an Earth without rotational spin & turn
under Islam's see-through moon on an Earth lacking all spin & turn
underneath a divisible Tawhid loon that creaks south a twining turn
beneath a Mahometan transparent moon that lacks a spinning churn
beneath a Mohammedan moon transparent that spins a butter churn
atop a Bahama mama mothering *** buffoons who on a toilet yearn
for new soul incarnations of ornithologists Loke Wan Tho & Mavis
& pro-thrombosis Sabu Dastagir & Linda Boreman's Sammy Davis
whose income-tax-filing talents weren't sufficient enough to save us
as Henry Miller's Max and the White Phagocytes couldn't delay pus
nor **** Americans idiotic with homosexual-matrimonial-*** fuss
that deranges Jesus' clerics via spirals of psalmic worship pray/cuss
that transports l'ordine dei Gesuiti by a Scripturally-choked day bus
Invaginate Man with chemical-warfare vaccines & killer influenzas
too & stick us within the walls of God's Earthly institutions too few
Terry Bradshaw, hairy dads' law, fairy grads' law, Mary's mad shawl
kick ***, shave *****, crucify Christians, blind mice, sign by scrawl
a contract on Loke to make tall movie marquees for Run Run Shaw
who swore an oath on the soul of his dead brother to not wear a bra
till Galen Winsor's criticality mass of U-235 forces an A.E.C. brawl
over sunlight burned from David Bowie's epical "Time Will Crawl"
what possesses no musical tempo for Barry's beagle minus forepaw
for a 3-legged plop into Manilow's heartless, unrighteous corpuscle
as *** tricks & homosexy plays zap go-power from 1 tauter muscle
as queer-bait, heterosexy ploys zip not finesse from a stiffer mussel
on The No-Talent-*** Hour withal **** Mountjoy & **** Trickle
who crash Fords into ditches while cracking lard ***** with a tickle
above the din of Heinz ramming vinegar into cukes to sour a pickle
near the stinking Monongahela River where ****** charge a nickle
while Scaife & Melon courtesans are accurately pegged to be fickle
'cept with regards to the *****-wide fund that causes cells to sickle
& ***** to rash & bruise more effectively than a Taylor swift kick'll
against a dim mak nerve strike on Brucey Lee or rabid chow's lick'll
pass hydrophobia better than a ***** needle that's loaded to ***** all
in a hillbilly-shopping quagmire & swamped-redneck-bog-hick mall
where Deliverance pork cooks quicker than 2 mules in a quick stall
where Deliverance meat bakes sicker than 2 donkeys in a slick stall
where pork-fried Deliverance meat is slicker than Mort "sick" Sahl
where pig-burnt Deliverance props are as thick as Mort "sick" Sahl
where queer Deliverance boar gobs rot in demon Mort "*****" Sahl
Don't sit under the apple tree with anybody else but me or you'll get
cancer unlike Jew Jimmy Hoffa's sell-out daughter Barbara Crancer
the judge who'll not solve the mobster father Riddle with an answer
as she ain't died yet & will never become a strip-tease-go-go dancer
on **** Peak,  Middlesex, trans-Neptunian object Pluto, France or
any other ****-hole where it's easy to make your bloated glands sore
in Glen Campbell's Galveston where the slimy-****-rich sand's poor
up against a plain field that centers the Bible's flat-Earth-land's core
no matter her sudsy Disney image a mermaid is a peterman's *****
The hydro fracturing of planetary igneous stratums delivers disaster
for Billy Hearst in the flicks of Marion Davies' in which he cast her
as a 2-bit cuck-socking trull who plays queen to a queer-bait master
while enjoying Sundays in the rectory diddling a 58-year-old pastor
in clear view of his 300-pound wife as no pig ever ate a meal faster
than a hog could without letting a Mike Obama feast get passed her
because typhus scrub ain't no problema on my Zyklon-B-gassed fur
in pitch blackness with Moochelle Robinson's downy skin alabaster
King Tutankhamun Aug 2018
Yeah it's one shot one ****

Plottin' against my enemies will soon to be killed
Bullets feedin' ya last meal
Dope rhymes sedatin' like pharmacy pills
Since hataz got no chill heads I'll drill  now you leakin' out like oil spills
Or a radiator angelic caters none could create a
Flows nasty as mine poppin' a multiplicity of shells I'm one of a kind
Thoughts intertwined  
****** into a demons intervention contenders in suspension from the soul lynching
Caught in the realms of heaven and hell & you can smell
The ashes burning fermentin'
time runnin' slower than molasses
My murders be classic enemies dramatic causin' static
Shoot more than Bird combined with Magic
Workin' my Johnson on the tracks tonsils sittin' as a hip hop consul underground magul  
**** longer than Repunzels hair follicles
Cookin' up sigils into a *** of gold no rainbow snortin' sir nose
D'void of Funk rattlin' the earth from the bass in my trunk blazin' skunks
Abraxas I'm embracin' one of my goetias when facin' ain't no replacin'
Fools givin' chase
and to tastes of demonic faces
My flows replenish like **** laces
Blunts turn into ashes dump it out on the masses
Epidemic mase deaden your pace hazardous like toxic waste
Adversaries don't wanna face
Off like Nicolas to Travolta livin' in an ultra violent culture
Cleatin' into ya flesh I be the stalkin' Vulture mulchin' ya
'til ya
  A dissembled particle blank photo in the article from curvin' emcees with my surgical
lyrical sickle stare into ya eyes as the blood trickles
Down ya body you easily brickled rhymes artificial
My soul sour as a pickle no tickles
Could move me or influence thee my legacy
Lay cinematography like A. Hitchcock in the 50s huh
Ya soon to be a death reel for thrills
All I need is one shot one **** forreal!!!!
Eyes of ember and coals of funeral pyres
I gaze there in your fearsome countenance
Your mouth the ****** maw of destruction
****** teeth rip and tear
...the flesh of those I love

You are the cancer of hell
that eats the precious life of the soul

With a wicked smile
you hum the song of the gallows you sharpen your sickle
ready for the harvest of bone crushing beheadings

On the edge of the mourning madness
weight of grief size of the millstone
then have I walked through dark graveyards
final resting place of rotting
skulls and bones

    fade like the flowers at the grave and blow away
       dust into wind
Dust to dust , ashes to ashes...
   Worse yet the graves unmarked

Blood spills out drop by drop
one stroke and the next of the pendulum
   second by second you are erased, fading to black

Sand pours our grain by grain on the hourglass
resting on the monolithic slab of your putrid grey black altar behind you
also resting there the glass syringe with infinitely sharp needle
filled with a green somewhere between gangrene and neon radioactive waste
  one pinprick, the drug of desperation and suicide
    course through the veins of the walking dead

Surely you mock us
and dance near the empty grave that awaits us all
bringing venomous spittle to your mouth
so you can spit in our face to further humiliate us

Decay, corruption and rot
Your perfume with which your anoint yourself at every dawn

Waiting for the candle of life to flicker
so you can be the breath to blow it out
Forging  nails that pierce both saint and sinner
through heart, hands and feet

Your bony hand opens the veil to eternity

Vile and poisonous shadow asp
some day I will feel your bite
as you cut the silvery cord that joins soul to body

There are no words to describe your merciless cruelty
You are incapable of leaving behind anything behind
besides empty gaping loneliness

I HATE YOU, YOU ******* - I think of your sadistic ****** every time I walk down the center of town
And see the funeral home
Where there was the wake of my dear mom
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