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Waltzing through the chaos that life’s left for today,
Dragging along my battered horn in case she wants to play
‘Scuse me, Ms. Bartender, but I’ve got something to say
Ain’t nobody listening to the radio anyway

I don’t need a soapbox, no suit or microphone
Just a space to spread the truth wherever I may roam
I speak straight from the bottom of a bottle left at home
The night is not much easier when you take it on alone

Hear ye, hear ye, gather round to hear a tale
Of dreaming big, working hard, but destined still to fail

Shredding that loopy little melody,
The craziest cat you ever did see
Make you feel so alive, ladies screaming, “Wow boy!”
I jump and I jive, cuz I’m a bebop cowboy
"Jazz is dead."
Michael May 2017
I've got the rip down just right
The soft tear, grated misnomer
Perforated here in my middle
Like I was meant to come apart
Out of view
Hot with friction
Hot with longing
Kinetic energy
The low sound of cutting construction paper
Thick with each blade passing
A sharp kiss
Gripping like this
The right tool for suicide in the wrong hands
I have hands like those
******* I'm dissolving in a tear drop
It never left the eye
The sting feels like drowning
in pieces
Like paper.
Poetic T 18h
My stomach a grave of dead flesh,
     I feasted on the carcass of

             The deceased
now entombed within.

There was no burial song,
       Just the ritual shredding

Of flesh.

I'm now content, and the bones
     I discard as if tooth picks

Of satisfaction.

I'm not sorrowful,
           For my belly is full.

As I gaze at the flowers,

  forna I will never desecrate
               your beauty.
Gosh this makes me hungry
Sarra Mar 19
Then :

Stigmas shredding this rough frame
Strips of blood
boiling, wanting to explode
I feel their anger
I hear their shrieks, their war cries
I don't listen.
These monsters and me
are at war.
                                                            ­                                                  Now :
                                                               ­    Soft pink caressing this canvas
                                                          ­                                          Calm rivers
                                                                ­             nurturing, bring it to life
                                                            ­                                I feel their peace
                                                           ­  I hear their hummings, their odes
                                                            ­                               I sing with them 
                                                           ­                 my stretch marks and me
                                                                ­                                           are one.
torpedoing gravity
shredding the air
increasing rumble roars
through pits of me

defying gauzy grey
cold wet blankets
shivering dim
and then

the sun

cosmic pyre
radial aglow

we harpoon myst
as clouded ceiling morphs
into billowy cotton net
beaconing warmth

apprehension subsides
into eyes wide wonder

all frosted baby blue
and expansive roads
from here

can't succumb
to turbulent thrums
breathe on through

'cause I wanna
be the view

mile-high throb
direct to home
Kaitlyn Marie Feb 22
you remind me of my future*
keep me in today, with you in your presence
it takes the smallest touch
the biggest smile
confident eyes; they know they like what they see
and they search deep into my soul, dive into the deep end of my heart
shredding love like water
you don't need to breathe underwater
Specs Jul 2018
A girl is standing on a ledge.
A stale breath of air on the back of her neck
Urges her to step forward.
She turns, but no one is there
But the sky.

A girl is sitting in the bathroom,
All but ripping and shredding her flesh to bits.
A chuckle from the drain
As water and red gurgles,
Gurgles away.

A girl is laying in bed,
The creaks and moaning whines from the house
Echo loudly in her ears.
“What would happen,” it asks, “if you broke through the glass
And leapt out the window?”

A girl is followed,
Footsteps in time with her own,
Chased and haunted by every feeling, sound, and thought.
It seems the spirits have her too,
Because she still continues to smile.
I am my own nightmare
Brother Jimmy Apr 2018
In a minute I’ll start again,
It’s the same as it has always been;
With every human’s desire to change,
This whole world of women and men.

Mere cell death has changed me:
Shedding and shredding and shedding this skin
Looking but longing for old points of view;
Looking without what was once within.

Here, with a passing glance,
Chance has shown a glimpse of the true,
For you aren’t a bit who you were before,
Go forth and rejoice for the updated you!

Have you ever had a pivotal moment,
When suddenly all the world seemed to shift?
And everything that you once thought true,
Just left you lost, out at sea, adrift...

In a minute I’ll start again
It’s the same as it always has been
A world with blinders bustles about
Without the courage to look within.
Josiah Archuleta Mar 2018
There's an evil feeling, ready to attack
My body's shaking, theres no turning back
Don't blame me, my world is turning black
Your in my head
Your in my heart
You were told to run away
Turn your back, I feel the pain
I was told to stay away
Those two words I can't obey
My heart is shredding as we say goodbye
I've been left crying and screaming your name
They keep telling me to stay away
You can't leave, I feel the pain
Queen Aug 2017
It was 6:00 PM
when you tear your way out of my rib cage,
and the night sky was bleeding cherry red.

I wanted to ask you to stay, but I didn't.
I was afraid that your skin will no longer recognize my touch,
that your body, your mind, and your heart were no longer mine to claim.

You vomited "sorrys".
You tried to kiss away the pain,
but the war had already left me broken before
it even started.

It was 6:00 PM
when time decided to stop breathing
and the universe conspired
to break the world into fragments
in order to keep us forever apart.

Since then,
I've been living in our memory lane--
a different dimension
an endless,
broken loop.

My mind has been shredding love letters
But there were times when my hands are missing
the warmth of your skin
so I just write and hide you in my poetry.

It was 6:00 PM
when I realized that gravity anchored my body
to the same ground
where you left me.
And I feel empty
I'm weightless.
Syeduhhhhh Mar 2015
I walk inside, and you turn to gimme a look,
Look who's talkin', homie, why YOU with your holy book?
I walk with pride, with dignity, I feel like I deserve it,
You think I'm full with violence, but where's that in my worship?
Jesus brought the bible, Moses brought the Torah, and Muhammad brought the Qur'an,
All those came from Allah.
I know one day you'll realize, the truth was in the Qur'an,
But by then... It'll be too late,
Imagine what you'll have to face,
Your punishment, in the grave,
That even the, snakes will hate,
But then they gotta tell you, you really deserve it,
And you still  say, that I'm talking B.S,
You make me shut up, just because of what I say,
But who'll go with you, in your grave,
You won't be able to blame your mistakes on those who just faked,
Did I not tell you, you were getting tricked?
Your ribcage will tighten,
All the people 'ready left,
Why would they care, of the punishment you gotta face?
This is just an intro,
My friend: listen to what I gotta say,
Hell will come into view,
Screamin'; You wouldn't have deserved this,
All you had to do was just worship,
All you had to do, was show Allah he deserves it,
All the love and respect, you just had to show it,
Not believe those who said, religion don't deserve it,
You said you're not an Atheist, or an Agnostic,
You said you're not a Christian, why didn't you become a Muslim?
All the things I told you, were for this day to come,
I wanted to make you, somehow convert to Islam.
Tell me: Do you crave that punishment?
Then why the hell you ain't gon' listen?
All I want is best for you, you just gotta pay attention,
You call for me, I can't do one thin',
You ain't callin' him, who gave you everythin',

Homie, this ain't a fantasy,
You can't go back in time,
You can't fix all those things,
You just said you had no time,
To worship him who created you,
But when I say this to you, you think that I'm insane,
Pray for your next life, not your worldly fame,
They came with the message, but you never accept it, you said you don't need it,
But now you'd say you believed it,
All you had to do was just worship, but now you don't deserve it,
Don't tell me I never told you: Just become a Muslim,
All those years I tried, told you, you really deserve it,
Now you're shredding tears only full of blood,,
Told you they ain't Islam, they were just F'N up,
Told you I was peace, now what you gon' do,
I always only wished, for what was best for you,  

Violence is not Islam,
Terrorists are not Muslims,
All they wanna do, is use up all their bullets,
Keep calm, 'cause I'm a Muslim, not a terrorist,
Hurry up, it ain't too late, look into Islam,
'Cause I know, you don't deserve ir,
You're so lucky, you have the truth in front of you,
You just outta accept it.
Please rate me... This is my first rap :)
Michael Briefs Aug 2017
The black ruin exploded
on that cold night,
A drenching rain hid a peril,
With lighting strikes
a thunderous white,
we drove in that hour late,
lost and wandering.
The dark road
stretched like a tight rope,
with twisted, wooded boughs
cloaked around.  
We searched the thick shadows
and kept hope,
but chaos is all we found.
Praying for safe passage,
clutching the wheel in fear,  
clinging to the way forward,
but the way was still unclear…
the elements flashed a
dagger of jagged disaster --  
we veered violently,
with vertiginous swerve and swallow.
sheer horror revealed
a visage, eviscerated –
eyes of deep pitch
and bone, hollow.  
Broke and black marrow, portends
no tomorrow;
shattering glass,
splintering wood,
shredding tires,
spilling blood.
Both of us cast into crushing trauma.
…I faded into a murk of the mind,
of Stygian sentience,
slipping beyond, resigned…

Emerging back from a
wild twilight,
where I lingered,
drifting in a diffuse dusk
of a subconscious
with a flood
of shock sensations!
I awoke to a world of
twisted metal and wicked pain,
…“This is really happening?!”
flashed across my mind,
as I struggled to free myself from
the maw of debris.
I could not tell the time or location
of place or friend, but there came
flashing lights and helpful
souls, rushing to attend.
In and out of temporal existence,
my eyes dreary --
heart beat shallow,
impressions of
people and rooms
were bleary.
Numb in my safety,
skating on the surface of an
induced calm, I thought,
“I am in their care.  I can only let go and
let someone else steer.”  
But I waver to explore
the depths of the well
in which I fell;
I can’t yet grasp what transpired,
and I recoil from the traps --
I resist,
I deny,
I withdraw,
I collapse.  

The wet, dark, twisted
walls rise,
reaching high
and ringed around.
she sheltering shock
subsides, and in this
well of pain I drown.
It was only after many hours,
from the moment of
the difficult work
finally began.
To try to come to terms with
the meaning of this hard fact,
to wash the fear from my heart
and the blood from my hands.
With bracing clarity
I realized
how close to death
I had wandered.
All that my life stood for
and meant was crystallized,
and yet
there was so much weakness
and Fear I had not
…And the tears rained down,
drenching my face…
I reeled in despair, clutching
in anguish at the reality,
my mind was white
with grief.
My short life had conceived no honor,
no art,
no lasting vitality!
A legacy of wisdom and
love was imperiled,
nearly stolen by that
phantasmal and cloaked thief.  

Reaching out through the tears,
calling on my savior for help,
I cried out for a way through
the shadow, clinging to
a hope.
Through the blur
of hot sadness came
a human face, with eyes
sending love, healing, empathy, and care…
Her voice and presence was
as an angel from above.
Her tender heart
struck like a thunderbolt
of compassion.  
I was instantly drawn out
from the deathly well,
and the darkness was
I was saved from Hell.  
this Motherly embrace
came and whispered soft
words of consolation,
as she held my soul aloft.  
I felt my hope
returning, I saw my
life revived.
This dawn,
I was thankful that
from black ruin
I survived.
This is auto-biographical.
Pagan Paul Aug 2018
Smoke coils up and dissipates,
soon the images will be clear,
as she stares with cold contempt,
into the depths of the Seers Sphere.
And she stands toking her pipe,
watching as the story unfolds,
soon her hate will boil once more,
unleashing her vengeance of old.

Smoke coils up and dissipates,
a thousand lifetime's away,
blackened stone and charred bodies,
the remains of a village destroyed.
The flames still licking at the flesh
and melting mortar of cottage walls.
Raiding horsemen ride off cheering,
with swords, shields and firebrands,
carrying amidst them a prisoner,
their prize and sport for the victory feast.
Savages are these violent men,
barbaric in their wanton lust for war,
the red mist and the ****** fury,
it's all they really have a care for.

She waits with patient seething,
her moments will arrive so soon,
the spilling of her black arts,
witnessed by a Woman's Moon.

The Vale was so beautiful lush and green.
Steep sided, oak trees, clear blue stream.
With fresh grass on which horses grazed,
and smooth rocks where wild fowl lazed.

But the leader here was not a man,
she was the daughter of this warrior clan.
Fierce, cold, she barked out her orders;
build a fire, make food, secure the borders.
Her status unquestioned by her riders,
they would all fight and die beside her,
and as the camp grew out much wider,
her boot casually crushes a hated spider.

Manacles held her ankle fast,
shackled as she was to a tree.
Withdrawn, shivering with cold,
still seeing her burning family.
Images scorch her private intimacy,
awaiting the moment of her epiphany,
eyes watching with careless vacancy,
preparations for the nights ceremony.
But she would not co-operate,
would not give her jailers pleasure,
as she knows these last few hours
would seem to her like forever …

and Nature weeps with a prelude to grieve,
as the Maiden pulls a dagger from her sleeve.

… deny them their sport she will,
placing the dagger 'neath her breast,
a sharp tug towards her heart,
a thousand nightmares laid to rest.

A thousand lifetime's away,
smoke coils up and dissipates,
a cackle rents the air like ice,
the time her Woman's Moon anticipates.
And the instant arrives with joy,
as the Seers Sphere is thrown,
shattering and cackling hold hands,
as the glass touches solid stone.
At that moment of contact with rock,
time slips into a reverberating shock.

The Vale was so beautiful lush and green.
Steep sided, oak trees, clear blue stream.
With fresh grass on which horses grazed,
and smooth rocks where wild fowl lazed.

And the earth heaved and tremored,
shaking the Vales languid peace,
uprooting trees with tremendous urge,
rending the loamy soil from beneath.
Frenzied horses scatter with fright,
and men are thrown up high,
screams and shouts of piercing pain,
and the stream suddenly runs dry.
The quake unsettles the warriors camp,
leaving many broken bones and blood.
Then an ominous deafening roar
heralds the arrival of the coming flood.
And water coursed fast into the Vale,
no longer pretending to be calmer.
All living men drowned and dead,
encumbered by their heavy armour.
But she was much fleeter of foot
and ran hard as the waters rose.
Tripped by a treacherous branch,
head banged, stunned, her eyes closed.

Sunrise saw many things.
Smoke coiling up and dissipating,
over the ruins of a village,
crows and dogs feasting well.
It saw
the hooded robed figure of a woman,
squatting on top a new grave,
smoke coiling up from her pipe,
cackling …

She awoke in darkness.
It didn't take long to panic and scream.
It took no time to realise,
she was sealed naked in a coffin.
And she screamed and screamed.
Pushing at the sides, the lid.
The air was heavy, stifling, stifling, stifling.
Precious oxygen running out.
The coffin moved, and she screamed,
desperately scratching and scratching.
And in the box she heard … cackling.
Her frantic screams turn to sobs of pleading
to be let out, to breathe, to live.
She felt something touch her inner thigh,
she screamed, as it touched again feint.
Brushing it away as the voice cackled on,
more tickles on her thighs, she screamed.
And something landed on her face.
The feel of a large spider on her mouth,
and she screamed and screamed.
But the cackling persisted
as she scratched at the wood,
her fingernails shredding to pieces,
but the wooden prison gave no quarter,
the skin raw and bloodied,
scratching, scratching, scratching.
And in her tomb she screams,
she screams and screams and screams.

… sunrise saw many things.
It saw a new river,
wending its way to the sea,
caressing the contoured land,
it saw horses running wild,
across the lush grass on plains.
It saw
the hooded robed figure of a woman,
standing beside a new grave,
as she places the flame dagger
upon the Maiden's final resting place,
it saw
ice blue eyes of fire and malevolence.

© Pagan Paul (02/08/18)
3rd poem in Judderwitch series.

Today, Aug 2nd, marks two years on hp for me.
Thankyou to all those who have supported and helped me over these last 2 years. You are all greatly appreciated :) PPx xox
Maddie Rea Jul 7
The thought before shredding those tiny pieces

Knowing with everything in me that I was saying goodbye to the life I dreamed of having

Already seeing two consequences of those actions

Here appears Slater that lonely fool what I wish to be without you

Beside myself this is just another loop

It kills me inside to know that humanity will never recoup

Three trays and a bag to carry me through this week

Cant we please just keep the peace

I can almost walk unsteadily down this winding dirt road

Praying for a car, all I can see is the train heading straight for me

It seems my ankles have now become bound to this track... ...Heading straight for me
Sept.4.19 // letters that won’t be sent to you

It’s been over 24 hours
Since I’ve been shredding tears down
I can’t help it but ask the wised owl
For advice

For the owl words made it
As if it was easy to be said
“Will I ever recover ?”
“How will I know I’m making progress?”
“Will ever I ever fall in love again?”
“Or yet gain full trust ?”
As I said these questions

“Soon that will be answered “
Said the wised owl
“You will know you’re making process”
“You will fall in love with the right one that has been sent to you and you only “
“Yet you’ll have gain full trust”
This I dedicate this to my old sister Abi the wised owl , for always being supportive <3
Recent times
confused like rhymes
one or the other
I'm a bit bother
about the mother
and all the brother's
these robots have the power,
to control and over.
shedding all  the tears,
what else can you  wear.
There are Ample resources
from various sources
people forget to preserve
our mother just don't deserve
annihilating  & dragging
These mutants wagging
equally shredding
until the ending.
All those times in the past,
earth-graphy is way more Vast.
To the planet,
                                                    - from all the human beings

doing my bit hope you all will understand the pain of our mother earth.
mariamme May 2018
it arises in the early hours
the sun's eyes not yet opened
by the quiet noises of dawn

| the breath in my lungs took a walk last night and hasn't made it's drunken way homeward

the lost hours between 1:17 am and 4:32, when my lids drew heavy under my brows despite the caffeine and racing thoughts

| why do you occupy all the rooms in my soul? you are so casual with my currency, it seems as though you wish me bankrupt on your love's doorstep

i'm too proud to look to the future; i glaze over my calendars with records of past deeds, hoping to emulate the glory years of golden sunsets and scant sorrows; we both know my heart is beating less and less as the minutes quicken to the final gate

| and i forgive the pain you've caused, mucking about where you don't belong and shredding my drapes. they enclose the cache of locked-away traumas and you couldn't have known, so i must forgive and suffer with compassion in my eyes yet

in the morning hours
when the sun has not yet woken
the air is thick with waiting
i am caught in the fire of desire
turbulence at ground level
veritas Nov 2018
the city is beautiful until it corrodes.
the city is beautiful until you are trapped.
send me home,whispers your heart beneath
a grey blanket,but the city is where love and
genius live,we can't leave,we can't go
send for home
,it yells,and now it is tearing
you apart it is picking through the sinews of
your warmth it is shredding you out
you push it peels you stop,it peels,
the book of chaos sits next to you
should you open it now?where does wisdom lie?
is it in your palms,or beyond that,somewhere
hidden, unfolded?
you don't know because the city is still beautiful to you.
you don't know because you never open that book.
(but your heart peels on.)
"well if you wanna find love then you know where the city is" (the 1975)
Lyrical Dream Dec 2018
They claw at her mind,
Banging their ******
Fist against her skull-

Their merciless talons
cleaving her heart
And shredding the
Flesh of her ribs,

Breaking away the
cage of  fragile bone
and escaping into
every inch of her
Powerless body

As the night drags on,
Her moonstruck mind
Begins to wonder
Only an exorcism
could cleanse
Her soul of the demons
That roam its halls
So freely.
The Dedpoet Mar 6
A confinement to the street,
I likened it to a bliss of pain.
Not extended like an overrun episode,
But the anxiety is sleepless,
When yesterday approaches,
I wrap myself in the ignorance,
Homeless, timeless,
It grows and defines,
Coarses through my fundamental
A boy becomes an atitude,
I wish i had these experiences in youthful insurgencies.

Its someday in the week,
I lose the raptured schedules,
To hunger is life.
To thirst is life.
The misled winter wraps itself
On my frozen life.
A faint emergence of time
There in the shadows
I once knew a man,
The visions of him asking to feed
My souless self.
Stretched by insistent graces,
In a road of certain contrasts,
Gentle into the street,
I laugh; the revolving doors,
I cry; what or who i never was,
A certain kind of grace to be
Within the containment,
the poor, the  restless,
bleeding my facades,
Shredding the faces I once knew
Destroying my world.

Once I sat upon a throne
Lost in the decimations,
I dont know who I am.

Keep walking.
Telling myself as the night freezes
I will be just fine.
Keep walking
Telling myself in minced
Thoughts as hope flutters against
Nowhere to go.
Keep walking,
The sun rises
And blisters on my feet
Calm the night as the safety
Of day lets me rest.

I will bounce back tomorrow,
And the streets become a ripened spring fruit,
Losing myself
And the art of loss
Is no disaster,
Not unlike losing my keys,
Not unlike losing places,
Not unlike losing names,
Until i reconciled myself
At the fork of the river,
Losing myself is not an art:

The beauty was in finding who I was meant to be.
No pity. I walked my path. I see what it is and i am grateful. To the end. To the beginnings. Life is and i am hapoier than i have ever been.
Mos Jun 2018
The tangible entity of consciousness is fleeting
A elegant party but not quite extravagant
Clinking wine glasses echo through transparent walls
Twenty-two hundred lulls over the city like that of a shadow
This isn’t an ungodly hour nor is this a typical night
It starts when She enters in a red gown that elongates her figure
A pianist smirks in the corner — a grin that’s almost sinister
The clinking of wine glasses abruptly stops when its replacement of grim notes fills the glass house
The attendants still seem cheerful
(How peculiar?)
A stranger pulls her into a waltz but his eyes look hauntingly familiar
Unbenounced to her, He too dances with a stranger
Both on separate sides of the glass room
Both dancing with the unknown
Yet each pair seems to recognize some prominent feature
Nostalgic for what has never been
(How do you preserve a memory in reality?)
Through the glass house mirrors sit in obscure angles
One could see that within each reflection He and She were projected into the other room
Each glance towards the mirrors posed no questions
For both pairs seemed identical
Now their lives may have been content in accepting this dance with a “stranger” I suppose
But that was not the plan of this party
For guests grew tired of sipping on Beaujolais and listening to solem tunes
The pianist presented a different song, more lively yet equally eerie
Their feet paced with the new rhythm which called for a spin
(An act as dramatic as such was only proper for the scene)
With a grand gesture She turns, finally seeing the glass barriers
And for the first time that night He and She were face to face
A perfect dilemma to entertain an audience
In a frenzy She tried to speak
“I love you”
“I love you”
“I love you”
But each plea for affection deemed futile
For the grin on His face became that of the pianist
Her emotions were a downward spiral of gray shaded confusion
And with a sinister laugh He (or he) smashed the glass, shredding all source of reality
He was the hallucinogen and She was angry at him for making Her feel
And each guest cheered “bravo” demanding an encore
But this tragedy, dear friends, has come to the end
She’ll never know how the stars look where he is
(Is such a loss truly a loss?)
This poem is for two people
allanbrunmier Jul 20
Grab a line and hold on tight,
The ocean’s screaming in the wind.

The salt is stinging my blurring eyes.
My wet body is numbing my bones,

The ship is moaning with the strain.
Its bow is dipping in the waves.

The halyards are whipping against the mast.
Sails are shredding.

But wait, I’m here on the beach.
There is no storm, no ship in sight.

Is this my mind in dreadful turmoil?
Do I fear an impending fate?

Can I secure myself to an inner core?
Can I save myself?
Sara Stasi Mar 20
Living beneath the marine layer,
I forget the relentless desert
where the sun’s insanity
heats your bones
in a torrid x-ray
your insides strained
shivering with fever.

In the solid green redwood forest
light is milky-white and heavy,
filtered through flat needles.
Ferns trail lazy fronds
the smell of wet earth waits
under fallen leaves.

A slim stand of cottonwoods
is reflected in the creek.
A black lab bounds into the water
shredding the papery bark.

A crow caws, indignant, alarmed
this dog is different–
she cannot be trusted.

I had never seen a banana slug,
couldn’t imagine a creature
so vulnerable and bright
not living in the desert
under a scorched shell.
Michael John Oct 2018

is ´ nt banksy a riot
shredding his art
after a million
i would buy him

a pint..
make´ s me proud
to be from england
M-E Dec 2018
The first time we met
Was here on this rusty bridge that connected us
And this nostalgic train underneath that separated us
Ripped our new, blank page apart
Running, leaving me drifting in the unknown verses of fate

A pile of days went by
Still searching for being whole
Losing control, till I landed, strangely, in your hand
Is this khmissa necklace is yours?
You lowered your armor and opened your door
Two months, two years
Arms locked, wandering in the streets
Wondering what life has hidden for us
I went to your family asking for your hand
NO. Slammed crude into my face
Was it how I look, was it my job
Tell your father to tell me
How much love is worth
Instead, he snapped my heart as a twig
Shredding both halves
Forcing you marrying another filthy, wealthy guy

I can hear you gasping for air
When their ululations buried you in subjugation
And I can only reminisce the day I picked up your Khmissa necklace
Off this bridge, on a broken silent dawn
Shaken by train horns
Looking up and going down
Ria Mehrotra Dec 2018
You call me beautiful like it's my name
Play with my hair, twisting it around your fingers
Kissing my soul, but never my lips
You draw me in like magnets
Priming me until my skin is raw,
until my heart is vulnerable
And then you strike
Shredding the idea of what could've been
With your razor-sharp tongue
Setting my soul on fire
Burning me down, and you won't let me out
Please just let me out
If this is what your love is
I don't know if I want it
But call me beautiful one more time
And I'll fall at your feet
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