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Zell Jul 2017
Here I am again in my place of solitude.
Here I am confined within four walls and a ceiling.
I look around and it's just me again,
Just me and a room full of white tiles.

Here I am in my tiny space,
Here I am thinking it's a massive room.
My breathing echoes and the shower **** creaks;
As I turn it on letting the water drip.

Here I am turning on the heater at number three,
Here I am with the heat burning through my skin.
Yet my heart is still ice cold and frozen,
And I wait to feel the pain again.

Here I am with the water at full pressure,
Here I am feeling nothing at all.
All it takes is a few minutes,
Until the pressure breaks what feels like glass.

Here I am again with my knees so weak,
Here I am with my wounded feet.
Here I am bleeding from the shards of glass,
The glass that encloses my pained heart.

Here I am again with my head leaned on the tiled wall.
Here I am sitting on the wet bathroom floor.
And while I sit here bare *****,
Tears continually flow down my cheeks.

Here I am staring through empty space,
Here I am thinking about everything.
Hot water sprinkles from the running shower;
And I watch as it forms circles like tiny raindrops on the floor.

Here I am feeling everything too much.
With the sound of water silencing my cry,
I let myself release all the pain once more.
The pain and sadness I keep underneath my joyful facade.

Here I am again catching my breath,
Here I am suffocating from the steam.
I focus on my breathing and turn the heater off,
I let myself forget the pain to try and save myself.

Here I am turning the cold shower off,
Here I am again fresh with my frozen heart.
I put a smile on my face as i walk out of the room,
To face the world again until it's time to change the glass.
It will get better!

© 2017 D.A. Barreras
Marci Ace Apr 2016
Todays mixed emotions for today is:
And old,
And hard,
Chess play and pulled cards.
The day soaks in when I make it home
The dark hole I bury my sins,
Leaves me in the fog,
And gone.
Headache, tears.
Stress, it steers.
No words, its weird,
My breathe I feel.
My demons I ****, and no love I reveal.
Hours almost spent in the fog I fade.
I wake up reincarnated with a prayer I say,
“God forgive me for my sins, and remove my
Name from the grave.”
A few more minutes,
And it’s titled
Shower Days.

-Marci H.
Katie Mar 2014
It's hard to hear all your flaws flow
from the mouth of the one
you love the most.
harlee kae Jul 2014
Everyone complains about how long my showers take.
I wish they understood that they're my only time to break.
Out of my thoughts and out of my head.
Out of this place, constant swimming with dread.
No need to think
So blissful and sweet.
PoserPersona Jun 2018
Garments stripped from worn bones and weary mind
Feet dragged on tile; hands grasp plastic veil
Stepping into a tub; near swoon divine
A pure, ***** self emancipation,
before the squeaking running metalware  
that erases the daily equation.
Dancing, singing tunes of own devices:
Cupid, Shooting Star, Sister Golden Hair
Rocky Mountain High, American Pie
****** bosses gonna kiss ***** here
Astronauts, cowboys, and rockstars meet here
Best yet, the individual is here

Although merely hidden by a curtain,
all for your view is but a damp shadow.
Lost Aug 2018
The edge of the bathtub
Wrapped in cotton security

but not from the cold

The feeling of my pulse
in my throat
Closing in
On my trachea
My own body
Aiming for the jugular

Perched on the edge of the bathtub
Cotton coverings now damp and chilled
Water droplets no longer dripping
But dried into my skin
****** up by my pores

That hungry desert in my core
Drinking in as much as possible
Until my bloated body turns blue
I’m rotting from the inside out
Seanathon Apr 2018
Foolish to revive
Anew on an April's day
Stormy sentiments
Devoid of such rainy eyes
But full of such snowy woes
Snow in April? Like a true northerner I am neither shocked nor surprised. Just wonder when the Springtime will finally be upon us. (:
Samuel Hoffmann Mar 2018
From my perspective the world is flat
because I've never been to space,
and love seems like a ****** idea
having only ever kissed my mom's face.

A college degree just seems wasteful,
but I don’t have one yet.
And coffee seems so distasteful,
but that's true, don't fret.

My world doesn't have unicorns
or cotton candy clouds.
Extremely fantasized love movies
plague young teenage crowds.

I know I might seem all together,
please trust me when I say thats not true.
I take a shower, brush my teeth,
And go to bed alone and blue.

I know I might seem stoic,
and yes, most times, that's true.
But honestly, I do love many things,
one of which is you.
MARIO Aug 2018
They complain so very often about the length of my showers. What could I possibly be doing in there for a whole hour?

I’m thinking, to tell you the truth. The shower is no different than a rainy day. We think. We focus. My skin absorbs it like the sharp thoughts of the day, and it washes off me like the hope of the month. It drips down my face like the love of the year. It covers me like the agony of the lifetime.

In this sunshine state of Florida on this very summer, it rained like ****. God cries even longer than I shower for.

The only difference is God doesn’t get a water bill.
Bee Jan 21
Sitting in the tub,
Water washing over me,
Cleansing my tears stains,
Washing away my pain,
Down the drain,
***** and alone.

The water turns cold,
Yet I barely move,
Too drained of emotion,
Too exhausted to care,
Am I shaking,
Or is it an earthquake?

No one checks on me,
No one really cares,
Until they need to ***,
Then it's just mad,
They can't walk in.

So I get out,
On legs of a newborn calf,
And dry off,
Realizing I never washed,
My body or hair.
Cné Mar 2016
Mentally beginning anew,
Shower and storms scramble,
A mind, a mess, stuck in the cold of blue,
Writhing in pain without preamble.

A season after the cries of winter,
The tears of petals shed,
Flows hope once more enter
Where a broken heart bleed.

Relief of breath ooze,
As fragile blooms of forgiveness peek,
Through darken days of self abuse,
To nurture the delicate emotional physique,

Healing in time blind,
Pure instinct survives,
An emotional breakdown of the mind.
Until finally, awaken spring arrives.
In winter, depression manages to take its strong grip on me, almost strangling me. Spring is a breath of fresh air to my mind, with its negative inner voice.
Stephen E Yocum Jun 2017
"Thirty plus years in a
loving happy marriage,
My husband taken
by long illness
and sad ending.

Five years companionless
loneliness endured,
Now a ***** man
is in my shower,
I can hear him softly

Love and companionship
can come at any age.
Rendering you both
whole and renewed again.
One line spoken by a lady
friend that caught my attention,
truth in it's meaning undeniable
and empowering. Love can come
at any age. I know all this cause
I'm the guy in the shower.
jerrey Jul 2018
I don’t care how
or care what you do
to make it happen;
I just told you
make me shine
so slather me in turpentine.

I want the sun to shrink
and the world turn dark,
when she’ll no longer rise
after she rests her eyes
upon my fiery spark.

I want the moon to swoon
and raise the tides
when he looks for the sun,
but instead
it’s my beauty that he finds.

I want the stars to bow down
and shower me in gold
when I shine brighter
and reach higher
than the stars of old.

I want storms to make
the world stir
when I walk upon
their earth,
no matter what it’ll take.

I don’t care
if it kills me;
just answer my plea.
I just want, so badly,
to shine,
so slather me in turpentine.
One nut bob Mar 2018
When the clicks go click and the rifle has a kick. Behind your head the bullets rip, apart your life from the outside- in. your heart. Trusts a little harder. My razor has the power on the counter. And im stuck in the shower. Trying to climb this curtin tower.. spinning with the room..still, I lay without power. My arms are weary and my nose is clogged purely with powder but it's not flower. Why i fill thy cup? to make me feel like the pill will make it better. I wont hurt a bit. At least while i crush it. Sniffing a little white downer.
Philipp K J Mar 9
Looking through the opaque dark
Gray sky wall's rain shower park
Eager glance beyond the frank
Whats the edge behind the blank
Giant flash fire chains break strewn
Stark down rainfed sky withdrawn
Rage in thunder frenzied dance
fighting away hauling trance
Mud stained water gush straight through
Down in mad rush outright too.

Catch up with whom I fancy
Scratching head ball too bouncy
Sky pitch look hand on door latch
The catch hit on cloudy patch
That too slip in hurry-bury flight.
Whom are they chasing to fight
Who's behind so flee in fright  
Who's fervent behind curtains
In boisterous bickering certain
Quickly turn the nature's pious
Chapter accord to chaos
With whims and sudden fancy
Who decree emergency?

Rain is billion strands in swings
Fall in troops like army wings
Once fell ground they up down spring
Scatter round in tiny strings
Sister catch and flow to reach
Big brother stream near the beach.
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
This is how I die
blinded by the light
that reflects off the rain
in puddles
in front of the car
I don't like even like driving, so like this like kind of like nonsense just like makes me like sick
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