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I envy her, the ashen girl
submerged within her flames -
with burning lobes and burning robes
but smiling all the same.
i hope she'll soon be me
Hillary Magee Nov 2017
You looked through me,
And I called to you.
Wrong number
(your knowledge is thrown back
with the force of a punch.)

trial and error --
            error--     error--
you're blown aback by cruelty
in those low-browed rows of eyes.

oh, joy of joys of stepford poise!
internally destroyed, all sincerity devoid:
but hey, tear-free, you taught
those ******* how to rhyme.
who's really the bricks in the wall?
Nathan Dec 2016
A crushed heart
Continues to beat
To the dance....

Of it's lonely waltz
Trefild Aug 26
‣ roses are red
‣ but they are dead
‣ violets are blue
‣ but they are dead too
‣ stop reading this kind of ****t & better start doing something useful instead
‣ or u've got nothing better to do❓
‣ roses are not only red as well as violets are not only blue, for ur information [no ****t, who would have thought...]
‣ but let people make their cookie-cutter rhymes while not taking it into consideration
‣ if I had to choose roses, well, then I would prefer black ones
‣ not to mention that I think they would have looked sick engraved on some firearms
‣ as for violets, they are not really my type
‣ but maybe to somebody else they set some kind of vibe
Frost Jan 12
"What's the point on living if you're going to die at the end?"
"What's the point of being alive if you're going to suffer from excruciating pain? "
"What's the point of living and being alive?"
And what's the point of you asking these questions?

Could you just appreciate the life you have been given for once?
WA West Aug 2018
A loose handed emblem,
of folded thoughts,
Loss is weaponized in enchanted red,
Wrongs corrected stemming from the
blissful bare signed gawky individuals.
Homage backtracked and renounced
Barely earnest calls for a curious fathom-ability
Heaven bound birdlike shadows,
Bright light gagged and janky,
Found little finger blood tacked to the earth.
Fabiana Jun 22
i never want to be over all the butterflies,
i always want to fly with these wings you gave me.
henry mancini orchestra . holly
Shayla Ahrns Feb 2017
Life is not always big
We are all here
And drifting
Figuring it out
Loving and hurting
Leaving and healing
Fabiana Aug 5
the night has fallen
and with her i fall too
into this teary mattress
the moon outside
carrying my heart
better than my body.
florence . st jude
Trefild Aug 26
‣ the late weekend night they decided to go for a walk
‣ they didn't wanna stay home
‣ they were just avoiding doing some housework
‣ he/she is a procrastinator to the bone
‣ wandering the streets of the ****thole they still languish in
‣ while got themself sent into the music realm by putting their earphones on
‣ they've been thinking about what does their existing mean
‣ accompanying it with the thought of the fear of being gone
‣ getting closer to this frightening edge with every year
‣ feeling low at the sight of younger ones
‣ they often find themself thinking "what am I even doing here?"
‣ and every next year comes like remindingly hitting the drums
‣ they don't become better over time
‣ they have nothing to offer to the world
‣ they do realize it's not fine
‣ the purpose of their existing still remains untold
‣ all of it makes them quite restless
‣ they're on the point of burnout
‣ it's like there's barbed wire on them as a necklace
‣ they're seeking for inner peace that can't seem to be found
Trefild Aug 26
‣ there is one place a certain someone had to go to
‣ that place is unbearable, it's like a human zoo
‣ being have to be for several hours every weakday there is a pretty ****tty case
‣ there are so many wasted days spent in that ****** place
‣ that certain someone wants to burn that ******* place down
‣ and get the hell away from the town
‣ get the hell away from the lushing degeneration
‣ and here was supposed to be the end of this lamespiration
‣ but I came up with a few more needless lines
‣ and it seems like all I'm capable of is just to cling on to rhymes
‣ think I'm just wasting my time
‣ me & poetry are those parts of the universe that are better not to combine
‣ somebody is perhaps even gonna think it have been concocted in a st8 of being high
‣ don't know if this is even worth being read, but anyway, u're free to just pass by
"lushing degeneration" - Russian Federation
Julio Lopez Oct 2018
I don't got a heart
I got a punching bag
Come and hit it if you with it
It won't make me sad-
As a matter of fact it won't even make mad
Girl I got a punching bag
Rolling down Ocean soon we'll be blunt smoking
Toking, you know that talk that I'm talking
She a stoner like me, yeah she rolling easy
Riding with me for the time being
She has got my heart beating
She has got my bag swinging
Trefild Sep 8
‣ If u were a human, & if I would have an opportunity to bury u alive
‣ I would be more than pleased to do so, no doubt
‣ the only thing I would let u take with u is a cheap pocket knife
‣ but it's not to help u make it out (it's unable to help)
‣ 'cause the casket would be metal & its lid would be sealed
‣ this would be the ending of ur story
‣ get dead naturally or get killed
‣ I don't think I would ever regret or feel sorry
Mr Quiet Mar 28
Deep into her wounds
She has never found herself
Nor will any man
But only pain will free her
She said to herself
another haiku.
My new EP "s e r e n d i p i t y" is out now on Soundcloud! Hope you enjoy it :))
Mr Quiet Mar 26
The boy lost in love
Confliction and confusion
Yet truce still arise
a haiku of a character i made named Denver
Jasmine Reid Jul 2018
I sleep alone,
in a cold bed as the winter nights settle
I attempt to be warm with my thoughts

I keep away the dark and try to stay under your light,
feel the burning sensation scattered against your volcanic skin. I cool you.

I’m frosty, bitterly cold to the touch, I sting you and you melt me

Warm you keep me in a long embrace, as my dead fingertips touch your face, scrape through your hair and tug at it when you kiss me. You’re intoxicated to the chill of my skin and the icy breeze of my breath,
                                   together we could reach into our dreams
                                                          ­             and rest in eternal sleep.
Trefild Oct 18
stand up (unzip), don't stop (don't stop)
a smoking hot beauty, thumb up (beauty)
stuck on her peach, she's hot, hot (hot)
pulling down the skirt to slap that ****
we moved on from touching to grinding, she's eager
I want your lustful body, lick your finger (body)
come and get banged, then *** and get thanked
make me quiver, fulfill my wishes
my speech is deadly stupid (dead)
cooking up a dope smoothie (dope)
picking up a sandwich smoothly (sandwich)
she got thirsty and hungry after round 2
I'm a bit ashamed for my imagination, but I couldn't help it.

"Bad And Boujee" hook parody
Carl Oct 2018
Ako ang buwan, ikaw ang araw.
Nag-nanakaw ako ng liwanag, habang ikaw, nakakasilaw.
Kung mag tatago ka riyan sa likod ng iyong planeta.
Hinding-hindi mo malalaman kung gaano ako kadilim 'pag wala ka.
Kanishka Apr 26
Just as I let my tears part,
My eyes burst in flames,
Reminding me to leash my feelings,
For wilderness is not safe for the tame.
Trefild Nov 1
‣ to perceive a certain day of a certain month every year as a birthday?
‣ no way, there's only one such day, and mine is quite behind
‣ that certain date is just a bitter reminder, don't be blind
‣ with every next year after an actual birthday that date
‣ is more & more just a "getting old" kind of day, keep that in mind
‣ u, of course, are free to treat these lines as some pessimistic whine
‣ but don't think that thinking the way I do is not right
‣ 'cause it's not about "right/not right", it's about point of view
‣ after all, u have ur own, don't u?
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