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Rob Rutledge Jun 2018
The sea is swept in mystery
She confides in me no more.
No whispers in the shells
Or echoes from the shore.
You do not argue with the wind,
You can not bargain with the sky.
Standing back to back with mountains
We watch and weep as angels die.
For the face of life is fleeting,
Tweeting, tapping at your door,
Ravens that won't relent,
Yet ones you can't ignore.

But I'm boring you I'm sure.
I was talking about the ocean,
How we dont speak no more.
It's not that we don't get on
We still have much to say.
But words are made of water
Written in the waves.
Now the tide is out,
The sea seems
Far away.
Robert G Page Dec 2011

her blonde wisps of hair riding the late evening’s breeze,
at the dark water’s edge they casually stroll
snuggled up close under her lover’s arm
as the breakers roar like a thunder’s roll.

a late night stroll on deserted shore
the  dark hour’s flushed with the full moon’s glow,
barely enough light for their silhouette’s form,
as they walk the water’s edge with its wave’s ebb and flow.

on a wool blanket stretched upon the cool evening sand
alone with nature, the couple takes pause
she sits and leans back on his bare muscled chest
lightly stroking his arm with her nail like claws.

light wine and cheese from a basket she packed
‘til nature takes hold and leads them along
with kiss’ on her ear and cheek he snacked
as young hormones pull on urges made strong.

with one finger lifting her tiny stringed strap
a motion foretelling of pleasures to be earned,
his fingers gently gliding it down her arm
exposing a prize for which he did yearn.

warm kiss’ exchanged give personal consent
the ocean’s loud din now muffled and still,
gentle fondling, soft kissing, their secrets are learned.
with their gifts to each other of a lover’s free will.

time pass’ quickly with the couple’s desires,
their two bodies joined in love’s embrace;
united hearts pounding to love’s ultimate dance
  at the water’s edge where the breakers chase….
M Solav Sep 2018
Please - hear my voice, your good old
Friend - is talking in to
You - let it ring inside of
You - let words echoe in
and Through.

Please - hear this prayer of a
Child - you once were, don’t let the
Tide - of this moment sweep
Aside - and the water'll flow out
and Through.

It’s not time to start over;
The bridge's almost done.
Can't you see from where you are;
That good ol' sun rising on the shore.

Please - the other side isn’t
Far - nothing else's ever
Achieved - carry yourself a little
Further - let your legs walk across
and Through.
Written in July 2016 - for a friend going through hardship.
Molly Nicole Sep 2017
Like a tree crossing a stream
Once standing so tall
But searching for another shore
Only finding it
After breaking
NA Nov 2018
The lighthouse was planted with its roots
Close enough to the faint smell of the salty water
Yet, keeping a safe distance from the ocean’s vicious waves.
And much like the lighthouse,
Not even my shadow dares to
Dance past the line
Between the calming shore
And the mysterious sea.
CA Guilfoyle Jul 2017
When I was a bird, a crow
black winged upon the shore and sunning
in the tangle of days, salt and seaweed wrapped
watching oceans seep and move between the rocks,
the light jump away between the moss and blackened cracks
I waited for the warmth of afternoon, the reveal of seas retreating
watching waves, oysters and clams, the rolling of pebbled sands
hours in the drift, sifting shores for broken mollusk shells
all of my days dredging storms
of sea and sky.
Cristina Dean Jun 2015
you will fade away
you will fade like the others
did too
you will fade, my SOS
and leave me with this island's truth on solitude

i rode as passenger once
in a boy's car
i had named Bessie
Bessie grunted and took naps
like a narcoleptic
we drove together
me and this green-eyed boy
in ol' Bessie
through the construction of the Yards in the summer
with our windows
rolled down
smoking cigarettes
under overpasses
on a highway bridge
the city swelling, heaving
over us
and the wild winds
splashing my face
hair tantalizing
impatiently over to his side,
my downtown apartment waiting like a desert flower at dusk
throbbing to bloom
David Bowie sang heroes and i believed the song
could never mean anything more
than our moment shared

years pass and summer nights choke me again
i'm in love again

thundershowers knock on my window
David Bowie sings
but i don't think of that green-eyed boy anymore
now, it's you
tall, spectacular man
spritzer of mystery magic from your hands
i think of you
but i'm alone in my apartment this time
i climb out of the fire escape
thunder cracks the sky
and i let the rain soak my bones
i want to hold you, but
you will not have me
like how this storm
is finding
its way to the last inch of me

i close my eyes and
myself away

you won't be the last of them
i know
my story of heroes and lovers sits on the doorstep
of a vacant home

you won't be the last of them
i only dreamed you would
like the sight of a ship too far from shore
Justan Rahming Feb 2013
Time bleeds the force out of life
Leaving baron bodies cold and hollow
Every breath took is one breath gone
The tide forcing us in
The shore leaving behind
Salt in the water is the salt in the hourglass
Passing by never to be seen again
Collecting, building castles on shores that will fall to the pressure of time
Lost in the oceans growing older and colder
Ice collecting, time slows and slows
Frozen waters reflects bright lights
Blinded looking ahead blinded looking back
Nothing left but waiting the timeless wait
Trapped, still, at the end of time forever
Evelyn May 2018
You have one headphone in the left,
the radio in the right
as a stranger drives measures in clefts of night.

Kiss him how your feet kiss sand or
a soloist breaks off from the band
until the pianist beckons him back,
tuning deft fingers to a single track.

Open your ears to sound’s wordless talk,
beats in a measure a half-step off.
Blue’s lips tactless, ******* you down,
Blue’s lips fastening ankles to ground.

Then sudden and brace;
a rock in the road,
an anchor thrown
as you're caught between verses and words you don’t know.

Then sudden, the break;
pianist's mistake.
Notes shift under toe as the ocean lets go.
Lizzy Mar 2014
the terror your eyes make me feel,
is unmatched by any physical danger.
no height nor fire could make me shake and drip like you do

and I suppose it's not your fault,
but I sleep in oceans and mediate on dancing.
your smile makes me fear for my life
and your touch makes me want to die

but please don't blame yourself baby
for you can't be held responsible for the tempest, she follows me
and this fleeting kiss has been an unmitigated dream.

but lastly that voice
oh that voice,
the one i could listen to for years
is but a siren song
leading me to the rocks where i am foreordained to capsize
This is kinda about how being attached to someone makes me feel like a ******* idiot and makes me terrified that they'll leave
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
It streams down eye to eye
from the unseen but the all seeing.

Far from the Mars far from the Neptune
skipping all the planets hanging in space
only on the cheek of earth, a drop of tear fell.

Every angel in the heavens' shore
has heard of this lore.
It’s timeless long mesmerising beautiful.
Far from the blue yonder sky
hunky dory is delighting to the eyes
the stunner is made to measure.

A tear in the corner of the eye
as if it's diagonally weighed down
with the 360-degree open looking sky.
As close as within a fingertip comes the Moon
still, a sea is ahead forever untouchable!
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2018
I wanted to walk
along the earth
on this great shore.

But before long
it dips in the sea
into the ocean.

It's not a problem
I see is a ******
still has the cloths on!
Marla Jul 30
Two people sat atop of a green lighthouse one gray and cloudy July afternoon.
They were perched high above the tumultuous sea, captivated by her ferocious and yet subtle beauty.
The wind blew through their hair as they looked off into the distance, a small joint making it’s way between their hands.
Neither of them had ever felt love before.
In fact, neither of them had seen the ocean or scaled a lighthouse before today, yet they were here.
The one holding the joint took a long puff and then gave a soft moan.
“You feel anything?”
“I feel a lot of things.”
“What are you feeling right now?”
They took another draw and then turned to face their company.
“I guess I feel warm, at peace almost.”
They blushed and turned towards the sea, their head cast down a little.
“It’s okay. I’m nervous too.”
As the joint was passed once more, their hands accidentally interlocked.
Both of them looked up only to see each other’s eyes. The shy one looked shocked, yet did not move. Soon, they started to smile and the nervous one took a draw, relieved.
“I’ve never fallen in love before.”
“I’ve never been loved.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means we’re perfect for each other.”
“Says who?”
The nervous one smiled anxiously and cupped the shy one’s face.
“Is it okay if I hold you like this?”
The shy one blushed and nodded slowly, their eyes closed lightly.
Though they both had a heart, neither one had ever felt it beat this hard.
“I could sit here with you forever.”
The shy one opened their eyes and smiled, pulling the nervous one ever closer.
“I know how to make this moment last forever.”
Then, they were together. Bonded by a feeling that has brought entire empires down to rubble.
Their passion roared over the brackish waves as lightning struck the lighthouse and they flew into the abyss,
cementing this love for the rest of time.
Ashleigh Black Apr 2014
She saw how the angry, greyish ocean
crashed upon the shore
with such fury and disgust
and couldn't help but compare it
to the endless nights where
she'd sit and stare at that
hateful, taunting piece of glass
with a reflection as grotesque
as the image of the waves
while they aimed to devour the coastline.
I don't feel pretty today. It happens.
JDL Jul 12
As I stand upon the shore,

Peering into the waves of what came before;

Reflecting upon times of pleasure and revelry

Just as the tides leave awash priceless treasures and memories

Some are swept away into the seas of eternity

The ocean before me, the only certainty

Into sand the water seeps

Like tears for loved ones lost we forever weep

Each day another tally etched upon our flesh

Each one bringing us closer to the day of our final rest

Adding yet another plank upon our rickety raft

Born within a body that was not meant to last

The final plank in place ready to head out into the great unknown

For our sins we must be prepared to atone

For on this journey they will be our only companion

Yet blocking our way is our soul’s Champion

His body and soul bruised, cut and bleeding with every one of our past mistakes

My flesh renewed, is that all it takes?

To the hand of the Son of Grace we grasp

As He reaches to the Father of Truth and Love that will forever last
Donall Dempsey Sep 2018

the sea louder in the dark
throwing off its shackles
walking into town

mystified seagulls
flying over with a caw
a sea no longer there

a tram screeching
on its points
the sea jumps aboard

the sea sat at the bar
somehow getting its vast bulk
perched upon a high stool

the sea enjoying the karaoke
singing along to The Honeydippers
eating bag after bag of peanuts

"Have ye no beds to go home to!"
barks a barman
his belly slopping over his belt

the sea happy
to escape itself
even for the time being

drunk on being
human if only for a while
the sea staggers back to the shore
Lexie Feb 2016
the minute
it gets to much
I will push you away
Elioinai Dec 2018
“So Eva, I hear you’re in love?”
  “Ha!” I reacted in derision
Later thoughts wondering why I had responded so
For surely that was the truth
even if I’m aware how much deeper I could go
To take one step into the sea
is to be
In The Sea
King Panda Feb 2016
threads of salt
drowned land
and sea
brisk on the shore
to the vine
of the tree
not fruit
not sweet
check beauty
check redolent
check dog named after
and sea urchin-robbed

the steps taken
through the pink
the sunken ships
the little women
with big hair
the jewelry that
weighed them down
to drown

the flower
floats like
a headstone
from the hand of
a daughter
to the mouth of
the sea
where God still
with a crooked shaft
and a helmet
long struck
by the sky


the ocean loses its way
through the flowers
thorns and
Peter B Sep 2018
I like sea shells,
because they are not waiting
to be found.

They are fine on their own,
sleeping in the sand.
They don't need anything else
to smile.

The roar of the sea
and the whisper of the wind
is enough.
Written on 22.09.2018 after short visit to a seaside in Brighton, UK.
fraudelle Sep 1
If you don't want to be with me
You can still walk beside me...
I can sing you a song
That has no ending...

I just want to say

I won't stop on reaching you
Even sands won't allow me...

I can wait during fall... Spring even winter.

All I want is to be remembered...

In this coming summer.
Emily Dec 2018
The tide, it rolls
Back and forth
Refreshing and playful
Teasing the senses
But, Love can’t stay close to the shore
For the water is too shallow
When the timing is right
Abandon insecurities in the sand
And jump through rough waves
To arrive where the water
Rises to the beat of your heart
And Souls can dance in the deep

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