AS Jun 13
In deep, to the point some days I struggle to sleep.
The essence inside begging to be free, to dance together with those to this cosmic beat.
Something no-one can see, it's something for those who deeply feel.
Once the sense is attuned, it's like finding a side old but new.
Sensing bringing along intense yearnings, burning to play with those alike.

When unattuned and blind to what is inside, the dark beings take the opportunity to pounce.
Dependent on the darkness inside, sometimes there is light inside.
These unthreatening types.
But for those who make you shiver with fright.
They have something older and darker than even darkest skies.
Seeing people with radiating light a tasty morsel, that spiritual type of food.
Caution and awareness, maintain what needs to be kept safe.
Undisciplined types prey to these beasts, sucking dry each part of the light they seek.

Discipline brought with age, is the only way I found to keep away the depraved.
A clarity and a safe way to keep away from these essences craving barbarity.
No Saint be I.
Having to welcome a little darkness inside.
A layer that protects and chimes the bells inside with warning.
Providing a force that no essence can suck dry, as many those monster have tried.
Be aware with who you share, with who you leave your soul bare.

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
sentences flung, but not embattled
times swearing in
languid perches
sanguine uncloves
shiver me timbres
silence unrun

stands to reason
drill standards
unseasonable heat
auto leftovers
scientific quantity

logical breakdowns

non-relational database


I see you in a million places, in a thousand moments
Refracted, caught in the Crystal of my heart
I name you when I see you -
There, in that cloud, in the moon’s silvery aura,
In the shiver of a shadow
Passing close by me through the clear air
Here, in the line on my hand that says “beloved”,
In the invisible tear that never stops falling, rolling
Down my cheek, to pool softly on the floor
With my memories.
Everywhere is where you live now.
The leaves show me the Seasons are moving again
The world rearranges herself
A lady changing her clothes, her hair, her jewels.
Soon the trees will wear red, orange and yellow,
Underneath there will be black...
Bare black waiting for Winter
Black, the colour you wore, the sound of your poetry
And I know you will be there, in my Winter
In every Season of my life
Reflected, caught in the Crystal of my heart
Love I breathe, you
Out, in...until my breath is done.
i've went off on my own now
but you will always have a special place in my heart
my heart will still flutter at the sound of your name,  
for it will wake up the parts of me that have long been asleep
i've taken your photos off my bedroom walls now
and stopped listening to your favorite song on repeat
it's the little things that bring you back to mind
two people holding hands along the trail by your house
laughing like we used to
someone singing a little too loudly like all of the times i listened to you singing your favorites in the shower

everywhere i go someone or something reminds me of you and with every thought,
                            i shiver.

i imagine you think this is a love poem, but it's not
rather a poem of remembrance

i've went off to walk my own path now
but you will always have that place in my heart
a place that you pushed and shoved your way into,
a place tainted by your fingertips
fingerprints that are like the lipstick that stains your lips
long after you've removed it

i've gone my own way now,
but i will never rid myself of thoughts of you
no matter how hard i try
the thought of you
makes me shiver
what we once had
is lost forever

— The End —