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KitaRaizal Mar 2013
Made a mistake,
Ran for tree's,
Drove home in a metal box,
Slap across the face,
Two Hundred Fifty must be payed,
Made a mistake,
Ran for dreams,
Court looms against the Pale Blue Sky,
Two Hundred Fifty they demand.
Tears run like a river,
None stop water fall,
Slice across the wrist,
Made a mistake,
Not deep enough to kill,
Just enough to be left hurting.
Death will not come,
Not today,
Made a mistake,
Locked up in hell,
The world slowly fading into Shades Of Grey.

.... i tried to commit suicide.... and this is what i wrote when i failed.....
Nobody Feb 13
I’m wearing these shades, to hide my face.
Since you’re all staring so hard;
watching me just in case,
maybe I’ll slip up,
or reveal a hidden mistake.
Hanging onto my every word
“What does that mean?”
“How can we be sure?”
I'm not your t.v show,
don’t put me on your pedestal.
I’m not your savior,
I can’t heal your soul.
I never asked for this,
so go turn your head;
Quit looking at my mess,
or waiting for what I say next.
And go save yourself,
because I can’t help.
Jack Aug 1
Sad like blue,
But many shades of cool.
All I see is red,
Fire inside my head.
Luminescent like white,
Yet boring but bold.
Divergent in black,
Enthralling in the darkness.
I challenge the contrast.
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