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Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
My home in my dreams,

I am amazed every night, when I see you in my dreams.

When I look at the moon., I see the tower to the north.

I can not believe you changed,
My life forever.

I only wish I can find the courage, to hold you in my arms at last.

My home in my dreams,
I wish I had met you a lifetime ago.

I wish I could give you one thousand of
my lifetimes.

I owe you my life,
My Seoul Korea.

I love you.

I miss you.

I owe you my life,
I owe you. You are the reason I am still alive,
Arirang, I owe you more than ever!

Seoul I love you,
A place I have only been to in my dreams,

How can I ever repay you?
For sending me such beautiful dreams.

I am amazed every night, when I see you in my dreams.

I live for you every day to hold you in my arms,

I live for you!
My Seoul,

I wish I could be standing in your arms where I belong.

My love Seoul,
I can't help but smile and wonder why God sent me here far to the West.

When you tell me every day, I belong in your arms.

But I owe you so much,
Hundreds of poems,

Hundreds of dreams
from a place, I have never been.

How can this be?

I love you Seoul Korea
that time can never take away.

I owe you more than my life
More than anything
I know this is a dept that I will never be able to repay.
Because I owe you so much
I owe you my life now, more than ever,

Why was I born so far away?

In the wrong time and wrong place?

Seoul Korea

My home in my dreams.

(C) 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
The Most Beautiful City on Earth - Seoul
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
National Liberation Day Of Korea

Freedom means August 15, 1945.
Koreans celebrate their day of liberation.

Freedom is like a Magpie,
Flying in the morning sky,
Above the ancient palaces of Seoul,

Freedom is like the Rose of Sharon,
Growing in "The land of morning calm."

Freedom is like a river named Han,

Freedom means flying the Taegeukgi.
Outside and high!

Freedom is Lively,
Freedom is President Moon Jae-in
President of South Korea,

Freedom is vibrant!
Freedom is festivals,

Freedom is unhindered!
Freedom is a Buddhist monk,

Freedom is unbound!
Freedom is tasty Kimchi,
Deoksugung Palace!

Freedom is lively parties,
Freedom is dancing,
The greatest Palaces of Seoul!

Freedom is treasured!

Freedom is a green bottle,

Freedom is Arirang!
Korea's song,
A gift to the world from Korea,

Freedom is Queen Min; Still remembered,
Resting under a cherry blossom tree,

Freedom is Seoul!
A wonder to be seen on the Han River!

Freedom is luminous,
Busan Nightlife,
Changdeokgung Palace!

Freedom is unchained!
Freedom is sports,

Freedom is escape!
Freedom is honor!
Battle of Inchon!

Freedom is rising in the sky,
One of the most dynamic cities,

Freedom is no longer
Freedom is camping,

Freedom is priceless!
Freedom is one's honor!
Deoksugung Palace!

Freedom is treasured!
Freedom is the miracle,

Freedom is food,
Freedom is Kimchi,

Freedom is hopeful,
Freedom is Yu Gwan-sun!
Long live Korean independence!

Freedom is a Buddhist monk writing,
Freedom is thinking about your dreams,
Not looking behind your back!

Freedom is a child going to school,
Freedom is ultra-modern,

Freedom is escape!
Freedom is music,

Freedom is Arirang playing,
Freedom is essential,
White Day!

Freedom, people, shining in the sun,
Freedom is loved,
Yuna Kim!

Freedom is essential,
Freedom is "The March 1st Movement",
Yu Gwan-sun!

Freedom is shopping,
Freedom is walking our dogs,

Freedom is writing what you think,
Freedom is Sejong the Great!,

Freedom is bringing your dreams into the world,
Freedom is poetry,
Yun ****-ju!

Freedom is traditions,
Freedom is wearing Hanbok.

Freedom is being empowered!

Freedom is.
Freedom is.
Freedom is.

A United Korea!!!

Copyright © 2013 - 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Learn Korean Holidays - National Liberation Day
with English Subtitles
Sky Apr 2018
Seoul boy
nice kid, eighteen, from the East
took on the east side
and the west side

story goes,

his mother knew
"much dings"
and his father knew politics, so
"less dings"

his mother was a woman of
spoke of feminists,
spoke of progress,
read many books and
spoke goot engeulish,

"and your job?"
"No, that is your father question."


his father was a man that
ran for a lot and
stood for a lot and
looked far ahead and
above of his head but
never really

seem to
stop? Seoul boy thought,
of Times Square. Times Square.
everyday, out there
selling shirts that say
and umbrellas
when it rained.

(and yes, it rained
in the city of dreams)

soft-lookin' kid
hard cash,
best friends with the
homeless "trash", so-called.

"urban campers,"
"friendly locals!"
"fairly loco?"
"lotsa cOcO."


Seoul boy, working at a
Greenwich pharmacy

first-time paycheck
first-time real job
first-time AC
first-time man ask me


there, somewhere
out there.

your home.
my home? yeah.
no. wait what?

this is home
even gay man knew.
even homeless knew.

even Seoul boy knew.

"best place I am live,
'till die."

he said

"best place is
the New York City."

he said
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
I had to put my feelings into soulful words.

I really feel our connection is tightening.
You are my eternal sunshine.
You are the miracle on the Han River!
Especially for you I created this rhyme.

I would rather have you than a trillion billion won.
You are like a white tiger amidst ordinary cats.
You are cherry blossoms in the spring sun.
I am not sure you will like my poem.
But know. That I am completely overblown.

Seoul Korea, you mean so much to me.
I have been so far away.
In this lifetime, I am afraid I will never understand.
I never knew this could be.
“Loving a place, I have never been!”
I anxiously await our time ahead.
For now, I keep dreaming of you instead.

I hope we make it; I hope it will be fast.
Loneliness quickly really lies in the past!
This poem has come to an end.
See you soon, my dearest friend.
Hopefully before this life ends...

My Seoul, “The Miracle on the Han River!”

© 2013 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

"The Universe is big. It's vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes"very rarely impossible things just happen, and we call them miracles. And that's the theory. 900 years, never seen one yet. But this would do me." - Doctor Who Tv Series
Ronald J Chapman Jan 2016
All the respectful magpies,
All the respectful magpies!
All the respectful magpies!

Now Raise Your Wings,

Every night I'm singing in my bed,
Lost in a fairytale.
Lost in a dream,

Can you hold my eyes and be my guide?

Beautiful Queens covered with golden crowns cover your skies.
What kinda dream is this?

You are a strong Seoul a vibrant city.
Either way, I don't wanna cry without you.

Flowers, we run through this Seoul (yeah!)
Roses, we run through  this Seoul (yeah!)
Cherry blossoms, we run through this Spring (yeah!)
Love, we run through in this city Seoul (yeah!)

Yes! So fast is my life is right now,
Most incredibly fast, flying through time,
Oh! So quick. Oh! So fast.
Yes! So fast,

All the Queens who are independent,
Throw your smiles at me!
All the Queens who makin' rice cake,
Throw your eyes at me!
All the Queens who truly feel love,
Throw your heart at me!

Tonight I'll be your strong Prince Charming,
I'm calling all my roses.
I know you want my creative Eyes.
I write these words for you,  This dream is yours,
Tonight I'll be your beloved,
I'm calling all my passion for giving to you.

Who runs the world? Flowers, we run this world - yeah!
Who runs this world? Beauty runs this world  - yeah!
Who runs the world? Love runs this world - yeah!

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
[Vietsub - Kara](MV) Back In Time - Lyn ( The Moon That Embraces The Sun OST )
Ronald J Chapman Mar 2016
Alone in a secret place,
Looking through yellow dust over a mournful sea of Souls,
Strange pinks and yellows I see rising. Is this spring?

So high a place,
Way beyond a dream,
A mountain top,

A great city below,
Millions of fluorescent moons,
Traveling through space and time,
Beneath is my Seoul,

You pull tears from my heart,
Such incredible beauty,
Such wonderful music,

Such hidden pain and sadness haunt my Seoul below.

Alone in a secret place,
Standing shouting no!

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Blade Chroma Flight in NamHanSanSeong (UNESCO world Heritage)
Eriko Feb 2016
some memories which have created me
I have been homesick lately.

I have lived far and wide
have seen the excursions
foreign to many eyes
my childhood born in the suburbs of Tokyo
rising to the bittersweet aftertaste
of concrete and metal,
everyday learning something new
an endless adventure,
boarding a subway and just to go
then to that of the northernmost island
Hokkaido, where I learned to love
the gentleness of snow
yet fear the brutality of the cold,
spending days and hours
entire weeks on the mountain side
wooden log cabins, wonderful blazing fires
with a snowboard strapped to my leg
oh, how I feel so powerful and graceful
flying down the mountain
carving into the chest deep snow
hear my laughter echo into the air
as I watched the stars glimmer
on the icy peaks,
and in the summer everything turned green
I went kayaking and painted
in the fluttering sweet breeze
then back to the city I found myself
eradicated from my home country
placed in Seoul Korea
my apartment that of 31st
of a 45 story building
riding the subway from and to school
that was nothing of difference with me
the city never truly sleeps
and I don't remember ever closing my eyes
with a longboard underneath my feet
hurling through crowded streets
cars honking in rush hour
the city lights seen for miles and miles
getting lost in alleyways and black markets
craning my neck to see metal scrape the sky
because of such cities, Tokyo and Seoul
I always ventured at night, a nocturnal teenage girl
skirting on the Han River, meeting so many people
being multilingual  but always alone,
never behind the closed end of the door
in Seoul that's where I discovered how to cope alone
in Tokyo I discovered the joy of the unknown
a short excursion in that of Hawaii
tasting the salty seas
riding the crashing waves every morning
watching the sun rise and feeling comfort
in the soft white sands and tall green palm trees
flying down paved roads
and underestimating sunburns
long boards and parks, going swimming in the dark
lush forests and scaling mountains
I had no money but made the best of it
then to the mainland, the big United States
I haven't been here very long, in the midwest
probably will never understand
the southern accent
and the American youth's mindset
only, I haven't been here very long
I have been stuck inside
but I have nothing to hide
it's a different society
a culture which always escapes me
I have been dreaming but remember nothing
just feeling a bit homesick
I don't want to make it sound like the U.S. is bad. No, this was just a big adjustment, a huge shift in lifestyle.
For a time I kept an eye out for the more obscure and exotic
substances, tracking research chemical vendors who had
the most up-to-date wares, drugs that were relatively
unknown, drugs so new they weren't illegal yet.
You couldn't imagine the range of products.
Stimulants, downers, 'noids, 'roids, *** drugs, study drugs, etc.
Not as many hallucinogens in these parts,
Sadly that's a different art. There was
your standard battery of illegal narcotics,
******* knockoffs of more popular drugs,
Drugs designed to evade tests but retain the effects.
Then there was the more experimental stuff. Suffice to say
this part of the internet is a strange and lawless world.
Not like the wild west, more like the backstreets of Seoul.
I spent many a night trawling through the listings
in search of the most recent pharmaceutical innovation,
I sought to keep up with the current affairs of
this rapidly evolving world. A couple of years ago
a certain vendor's listing flagged my attention
and, on an intuition, I acquired a mysterious assortment
of synthetic cannabinoids for far too little.

Thus, I found myself with several improperly labelled compounds.
It took me many months to even partially identify them
and the vendor went dark before the results came in.
However, that intuition was correct:
One compound
was entirely novel.

No mention of it online.
No IUPAC name. No history
of human use.  No prior trace of
its existence. this particular arrangement of molecules
was new, it had never been seen on
the face of this planet
and it has just entered the wild human populace.

Imagine that, something new. You can't know anything
exactly, can you? From its structural name I guessed
it had been designed to circumvent whichever analogue act
while hopefully retaining enough activity to lend itself to abuse.
Today's synth'noids were part of a far more dangerous generation,
And likely taking part in an unregulated human trial.
It was made possible by the deep dark web,
And even darker forces of prohibition.

To identify them I had submitted
anonymous samples to a laboratory
and asked they inform the correct authority.
I retained a tiny sample of the identified chemicals
for my own experimentation, and destroyed the remainder.
A matter of safety.

Many a psychonaut dreams of being the first
to experience unknown effects from a novel chemical
like Hoffman or Shulgin before them.
It is a high honor, to explore
a configuration of consciousness
previously unknown to the human psyche.

When I try a novel compound it will be on my own terms
and the endeavor will be a worthy one.
A story from the depths of the darknet.
it was
all too easy,
forgetting your name,
tasting the starlight tucked
behind someone else's
wisdom teeth,
our soju-laced smiles
crashing at 90mph
and the memory of you
in the headlights and wreckage,
our 2am laughter
echoing in your bones
from 5654 miles away,
my hands knowing
the age-old roads
that led to brand new places,
and the faded map of you
folded and kept hastily
in my back pocket.

*(I was far too proud
to ask for directions
to come home)
Lynne Sep 2017
the clock ticks on
and the night lays
like a black sheet
over my head.
stars barely there
in the midst of dust
and light from the
massive skyscrapers
and flashing signals
of restaurants, bars,
smokey rooms, and
singing clubs with
***** stairs leading
the way to their

25 in Seoul.

25 years i have been
here on this earth
and this moment i'm
in feels as if it is truly
one i haven't lived
into yet
i'm struggling to breathe
clean air into my lungs
mentally i'm feeling
the most blocked
and unsure of myself
as i ever have before
and yet,
somehow and someway
i'm completely ok with this.
this quarter-life mark
this brand of a new generation
of self and self-renewal
is being burned into me
my mortality once again
staring me in the face
of course, i could die
tomorrow but i always
hope that's not the case...
and yet, here it is. 25.
right here, staring at me.
what do i do with you?
what do i do with this
life i've been given?
yet another year has passed
and i'm so different
and will continue to
become different
so what's the point then?
questions remain
unanswered as i lay
in solitude in my empty
bed in my empty room
with my empty mind
and empty hands.
what will 25 bring
and what will i bring
to 25?
hopefully a little less
and hopefully
a whole lot of restoration
to the heart that i've
beaten black and blue
on the course
of self-destruction.

25 in Seoul.
Who would have ever known?
I open myself to change.
hyeri kim Dec 2014
Gangnam pool Salon Systems 010-3923-7007

◈◈◈1 subsystem ◈◈◈ (bukchangdong expression system)
Total 1 hours 10 minutes in the dazzling music
Battle (early, late), so enter twice
Room sokeseoneun Group hug, and he can touch etc.
Hot and soft feel hot to the touch. Jeonhaeohneun body ^^
Gangnam sarongs at a time in the pool with a drink excitement ~

◈◈◈2 subsystem ◈◈◈ (geukgang lover mode @)
Jilpeon the furnace for 1 hour 10 minutes Part 1 The inconvenience syeotjiman slightly south are you?
Putt regret that much short of a definite home run finished in Part 2
Noldeon lady in the room and go hand in hand up the field unforgettable beats the best
Enjoy ^^ Part Time Lover service total 50 minutes without wanting Gangnam pool sarongs best service!
Kimberly Lewis Oct 2016
When I leave Seoul I will
     cut my hair
     burn my clothes
     shed my skin and
     a shooting star.
Seoul is a beautiful city
Often alive in ancient simplicity
Ulsan, Gangwon and other places
Take you to a land, nature traces
Hyeonchung-il, remembering that day

Kindred souls passed on their way
Over the sea is this special land
Reaching out to take you by the hand
Even though this ocean is far apart
All this land will greet you with its' heart
copyright Chris Smith 2010
Brian Oarr Feb 2012
On chilly, weird wet nights in Seoul
lonely trash cans cuddle up for warmth,
feral alley cats zydeco in the rain,
street folk sip from brown-bags,
that will get them through the night.
Our umbrella slips through fog,
stealthy as a U-boat through depths.

I confess a fetished fondness for the click
of her heels upon the cobblestone walk;
the Angel Falls of raven hair down
the leather shoulder of my trenchcoat.
We will harbor heat within the sultry sheets,
toss carnally upon waves of sensuality,
opposites secluded in the Yin and Yang of night.
Oberon Feb 2015
12.30 a.m
the town drenched with
the never-ending fall of rain
still horribly soaking with
sinners and saints looking for love in
cold sheets;
dark winding alleys;
telephone lines;
and every where in between
this solitude is becoming
more a safe haven
if anything

5 a.m
city lights on the river
and it takes me back to
the familiar print of checkered blue shirt
draped on her arm
and how it complimented
her pale skin and red lips
ash blue hair in the summer breeze
voice like the dawn of spring
everything i'm not and never will be
yesterday's cup of sad americano
on a lonely table for two
on a wintry october night
growing colder and colder
by the second

6 a.m
the now bright sky still cries
with me
the blinding lights of terminals
bustling with hellos and goodbyes
mock me
black knit sweater black ripped jeans
and heart now stained black as i remember
your eyes forming phases of the moon
round curious, crescents bright
the you who can't hide it
the warmth of the sun seep through my clothes
a mark of a new day, another chance to wonder
whether today is another to
ponder upon what ifs what could've beens and should've beens

10.55 a.m
i'm ready to leave the pretend love
who had already left me first
when you kissed me
on the tip of
your tongue
were a name
and a taste
of another
i'd rather not know.
Jill Davidson Dec 2011
If we can travel and enjoy and be everywhere
Who is to know where the heart is really?
The heart has eyes, can see, knows the way.
Tempers, tidal waves, tsunamis, towns and cities.

Being in love is the tops, the best, the bounty.
I have found the treasure.
I have swallowed and been swallowed up in it.
This love has taken me.
This love has saved me.
This is me.
I am seeing me again.
Long lost me.

It is nice this fantasy, this feeling, this fortune of love.
This is wondrous, has filled my heart with song.
Has filled my oneness, my ownness, myself with the fountain of youth.
With healing and air.
With heart beats, and blood flow and mind occupying thoughts of meeting
And touching and talking and more.
Wanting more.
I am full where I never knew I was empty.

More of my life has opened up now
More of my fears have been made into nonsense.
For me to want to expand,
For me to fly to experience and to enjoy is proof.
How can this be wrong or unsound or mean or unjust?

My heart, my soul, is wrapped in a warmth that I thought was long lost.
I am in love.
Ronald J Chapman Feb 2016

Your love for a place and people,
Is like the never ending stars in Heaven, remarkable!
Your face reminds me of a bright yellow Texas sun rising in the east,

Sailing to an impossible place,
To the time of Joseon,
An Angel teaching a good people,

The place Sharon's rose grows,
A beautiful Seoul,
A place of impossible dreams to come,

Blue Skies,
Rice cake soup,
Magpies flying high,

Oh beautiful shining Texas Angel,
Your Spirit lives in Seoul today.
Your Spirit sleeps under the blankets of Seoul,

The perfect friend to the Korean people,
They will never forget that summer day,
That day, you offered your "thousand lives." to a beautiful people.

A blessed Texas Angel, who gave her heart and Spirit to Korea,

A Ruby shining with love.

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Yanghwajin Foreigners' Cemetery in Seoul, South Korea
lavande Nov 2014

Such that you were to me
But nervously I swayed in your direction
I couldn't help but catch
my breath as you spoke of this
dismal city and your photography
So caught
in your wishes to escape
back to your summer adventures
to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and Seoul;
it was then you felt such anonymity
So it was then you had felt free.

I look to you again,
piecing you in these things that you
dare share with me; so easily,
Quiet now, you look to me but
I apologize, I didn't know quite
where to begin.

Mist and fluttering snow
Clouding over our concrete city,
We walked below the looming
Buildings until pausing,
to take a picture of me.
It seemed, in this hour, it was
only us who
chose to walk through these
deserted snowed-in streets
You suggested something then,
offering to take me up to the top
of the sleekest buildings,
to your rooftop sanctuaries I longed
to see
until it was only in my view-
small specks of life below me
where I could only see my sodden shoes
dangle down
to nothingness, to air, weightlessly as I
taste the mist upon my shoulders and
frozen hair.
In awe I would laugh
at the beautiful sight before me- to
Skyscrapers that cut above clouds
in the glint of the sun reflecting back to
our eyes, and
our cheeks who also felt the bite of
winter's winds.
Soaked in hair and feet

Again I turned to face you
but here,
with glittering eyes,
... wondered where
You would then choose to
take me
on our second date?


                                                ­       *P.K.
David Nelson Jul 2013
Eratic Plastic Dysphemistic Euphemisms

the rain in Spain
falls mainly on the plain
while the dome in Rome
is a place to call home
and the gazoot in Beirut
is in cahoot
with the Neo in Reo
and his brother Theo
and Levi in Shanghai
munches blueberry pie
the roast on the coast
has been burnt like the toast
and my frog on the log
barks like a dog
its a pity how gritty
it is in ** Chi Minh City
never challange Mr Wong to play ping pong
in Hong Kong
or smoke a bowl with a mole
in old town Seoul
or the gendarme will storm
the crowd in Pittsburgh

Gomer LePoet...
Ronald J Chapman Nov 2014
Hello, old Friend

I've been here before;
In my memories,
In my dreams,
I've seen you before,

In your dark eyes, I see reflections of my soul,

Is this a dream again?

I'm finally standing here with you, where I belong,
Looking at the bright lights of Korea's Seoul,

I've been waiting so long,
Am I finally here?

I'm not afraid anymore,

I'm with my old friend,
Exploring Korea's Seoul,
Wondering what we should do next,

Am I finally home where I belong?

© 2014 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Life in Seoul At Night
Ronald J Chapman Mar 2015
In that place of dreams, where my hopes and fantasies lie,

You will always find my Spirit smiling,

Looking at the sky, where magpies soar high,
Lifted by a calm morning breeze,

Listening to the music of a busy city,
Listening to cars, trucks and buses of many colors,
As they pass by,

In that place of dreams, where my hopes and fantasies lie,
You will always find my Spirit wanting to, taste the food of
An Eastern city,
Ooh! I'm hungry for Kimbap, Kimchi, ooh! I've,
Always wanted to taste Egg Toast,

The aroma of coffee is heavenly,

In that place of dreams, where my hopes and fantasies lie,
I will meet my hungry Spirit in Seoul someday...

Copyright 2015 © Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved
Egg Toast
sophia Apr 2019
the soul of this city
        calls me like no other

the lights shine across
         a beacon i long to see

this city has my heartstrings
        tied like thread to its core

i want to see my ancestors
         that traveled that land before

the soul of this city
       calls like a song to my being

but more than seoul would I like to see
in korea itself is where i'd like to be
If you can't tell, I really want to go to Korea.
Maame Yebaoh Feb 2016
Oxblood lips. A slit in the center. A distraught film. Shattered pieces that mimic her wounds. She cries for sorrow and weeps in the name of agony. Flashback. High voltage. Dawn's dew left a Seoul night in the hands of mischief. He watched her golden legs in his dingy shirt. She danced in a tunnel of head lights. His eyes. Oh, God, his realm of roses. A spectrum so broad- no force could obtain. 70s misfit. Shaggy rugs. A cheap bottle of Merlot. Kaleidoscope kisses. Craved like a hieroglyphic. He was her warrior. Plummeting grains of virtue into a dust oriented dollars and thirty one cents. I saw the light bulb touch the birch-wood floral. I could feel a thick metallic wind roar. Breaking the depths. A rugged man with a festive beard. His cheeks of stained silicone lipstick. He had shipped off his soul. He was a white man with a grip of steel. "Who put cookies in the watering bucket?" A naive response. "A wicked man with a lustful cavity." Erosion.Despair.Angst. Thin braids housed a blooming mind. Paint chips splattered the table top, plastering it. Morning.Good morning to luxury. What a splendid contrast. A lantern lit van took the highway by 65 miles. And all the while he never looked back.
Valentin Oct 2019
Going to those places again
Is not the same without you
It's like they have lost their value
They're finally not as special as I thought they were

Even though the sun has replaced the rain
I would rather choose a rainy day by your side
Than a sunny day without you

I can still hear your voice and laugh
I can still feel your look over me
My empty hand feels lonely now

I thought that I belong to that city
But I actually belong to you
Chase Graham Sep 2014
This **** could be a lot easier
if I wasn't so dusty
or if my aspiration hasn't been disposed
or exposed. 'Thought you'd like to know.
I'm failing math again."
And my game is still obviously whack,
Anyway I got you to come over.
So, with a pretty girl now and drinking kombucha,
all these Facebook friends
I didn't think I'd have to see again.
Beckon me with a tight fist.
Refresh the laptop and let the afterglow echo
back and drift,
over a nose and fascinating lips.
"You know the bars here don't close till very late."
Everything I love will probably crumble
into a glass of soju. Vices
and the soul undressed
and the fish market's funk clings and holds tightly
onto another's thin grey hoodie.
"What do you do?"
Hobbies among other things include googling
or maybe just oogling at an Incheon passerby.
"Seoul tonight is almost as bright as you."
Ronald J Chapman Sep 2016
My Sky!
My love, my bright golden sunrise,
You make my Soul rise,

Together, we can do anything,

A new day,
Blue silver clouds,
My bright golden yellow sunshine,

I wish I could fly high into your arms,
Flying above, oceans blue,
Flying above an Eastern sea,

I love dark haired Angels,

Oh! darling Sky,
Please send me a Miracle,
I want to fly home,

Into your, beautiful Cherry Blossoms on a spring day,
My Princess Sky, the Angel in my dreams,
I wish to walk with you under the spring skies of Seoul,

God! Please send me a Miracle,

My Destiney is in front of me,
My beautiful dark haired Princess is waiting for me.

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Because of You - Baek Ji Young [Hyde, Jekyll, Me OST Part 2] (Eng Sub+Hangul+Rom)_FMV
Marshall Gass Jun 2014
Crew cut kiss curl stood
above the goose steeping generals
with empty heads and olive green
dangling aluminium  war medals
for shooting ducks across the border
flying over Seoul

crew-cut kiss curl yelled.
“I told you 091874874814729”
( his swedish education was now showing!)

The train pulled out of pyongyang
with two thousand dead
that fed the famine. Only the driver
was alive clutching a loaf of bread.

stacked with cardboard cutout missiles
atop 1920s tanks and
painted with bloodred honesty
the entire nation goose stepped
to crew cuts orders.

He was as nutty as a fruitcake
but nobody laughed when he loaded
his only nuclear missile to bring down
the last remaining duck heading to Siberia.

Ha ha!

Author Notes
This is not a joke. Or is it?
© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved, a month ago
민혁 Aug 2014
We’re pretty and we’re sick.
We’re young and we’re bored.

”I think everyone can benefit from being an *******.” I say as I tap the end of my cigarette stick with the tips of my fingers. I proceed to take another inhale of bliss and exhale toxin, a veil of white shrouding the spaces in between us.

Leon takes the cigarette from my lips and takes a puff instead, which brings a scowl to my face. I let him keep the last one anyway, because he probably needs it more than I do. Not to mention he can’t just walk into a liquor store and buy a pack for himself, because corpses can’t dawdle back and forth in this city. Or anywhere, for that matter. Mental note: retrieve another pack tomorrow. I’m gonna need it.

"An *******? You’re funny as hell, Derek." Leon scoffs in disbelief and hurls the cigarette stub at my face, immediately causing me to retract. “I see the guilt in your face when you **** the trail of ants at your kitchen counter. *******.”

I make a face and protest instead. “Uh, no **** — those are insects. They didn’t hurt me. I just gotta **** them, because… wait a minute, why the **** am I justifying my actions to you? *******, *******.”

Leon’s laugh is surprisingly rich and full of splendor at that moment, and I can’t help but to laugh along. We’ve always been like this. We met in kindergarten and we both liked Pokemon a whole lot. We used to bring our cards to school, then that switched up to becoming fanboys of Digimon, then Beyblade, all the way to Transformers — so on, so forth. The point is, we were best friends mainly because of these kiddish cartoons (which I still watch, by the way), and we were happy. I mean, yeah, we would occasionally flock over to the girls during lunch break and compete, but it was mostly just about us. You and I, Leon and ‘Rek, Sam and Bumblebee — we were two peas in a pod.

We fought, too. We often got into fist fights by the lake after school when we liked the same girl, and at other times it was based on masculinity and a game of 'who is the real man' — which made absolutely no ******* sense, but it worked. After we duked it out, we bought some ice cream at seven-eleven and everything was okay. I guess you could say he was my best friend. He didn’t get me at all, but at the same time… he did. He understood me better than anyone else, even though we never really talked about sentimental *******. You don’t really need any of that with someone like Leon. He gets it without an explanation. He just knows.

Then he moved to Seoul during sophomore year.

I was a little upset, yeah. Just because I didn’t have anyone else to pick on and argue with over the last burger on the table. We had Kakao and Facebook though, so I wasn’t too sad about it. Said he would come back anyway, and he promised to come back strong. He was taking wrestling over there, so I took boxing. "I’ll beat you one day!" And yeah, that sounds like a threat, but to me, it was just another way of saying, "I’ll see you soon, and you better be strong by the time I come back!" I knew this was good for him.

At least, I thought it was.

When you get a phone call at four in the morning about blahblahblah — he died — blahblahblah, you don’t really know how to react at that moment. I thought it was just a prank call at first, but I kept listening. I didn’t cry that night. I didn’t really cry after it, either. I never did. I was a little angry at him, actually. Wanted to sock the dude in the face and duke it out by the lake again. But I knew that wouldn’t happen, so I just let it go. The thing is though, I can’t let it go. When someone tells you that your own best friend commits suicide, you begin to question a lot of **** going on in this world.

He was the strongest guy I knew, the one person I could fight one-on-one without feeling bad about it. He knew how to take my punches and I sure as hell took his. He was the only one who could eat ten burgers per seating with me, instead of criticizing me. And best of all, we danced. Together.

That same guy was the one who struggled with depression, the one who got bullied every ******* day at his new school in Korea, and the only things he could tell me through messages were ******* along the lines of, "It’s great over here," and “I’m having fun,” which also led to, “I wish you were here with me.”

Maybe he didn’t consider me as much of a best friend, because he did a great job at hiding it from me. Out of everyone I know, I didn’t expect him to take his own life. The fact he did do it… meant something. It meant he really wanted to die. Who am I to determine that for him, though? I don’t know.

I just kind of miss the guy.

I don’t smoke because I want to. I smoke because I think of him with every rainfall that comes. I think of him at the depths of the night when I gaze out at the city lights, because we used to take photos of them all the time. Thinking we were fancy hipsters and ****. Life was fun, and I felt alive — now I feel as if I’ve grown a tad dull.

I thought I would have forgotten by now, but apparently not. I don’t know, bro. I miss you. More than I… ever expected myself to. You’re the older brother I never had.

I step onto the cancer stick on the concrete ground, reducing it to ash and dust. I look out one more time before walking back inside.

"I’ll see you soon, Leon."
Ronald J Chapman Feb 2016
Knock on the door.
Who is it? I ask.
Special delivery!

I open the door.
I'm handed aa envelope postmarked Seoul Korea.
Sign here, please.

I walk over to the desk and open the envelope.
Inside the envelope is a letter along with a round trip plane ticket to Seoul Korea.

The letter says, "Congratulations you are the grand prize winner of "Why Korea is a Beautiful Country?" contest. Thank you for submitting several of your poems to us. Now get ready to take some pictures of your dream.

A month later April 1st

I find myself boarding the plane flight to Korea.
We take off, and I decide to try and sleep for the entire flight.

But I'm woken up by people screaming. Then hear a voice over the loudspeaker saying, "Put your life vest on, fasten your seat belts."
The flight attendants were running down the aisles yelling.

I see a bright flash as bright as a noon sun,

Waking up on a sandy white beach,
To the sound of ocean waves.
Feeling ocean waves at my feet trying to pull me back into the sea.

Standing up wiping the sand off my pants.
Looking around,
I see an empty beach, a deep blue ocean, trees and mountains.

Seabirds flying high as if searching for something,

Suddenly I hear yelling in a strange language from behind me. Turning around, I see bizarre looking people riding horses ******* towards me with swords raised screaming what sounded like "Mooreup Ggul-eo! Mooreup Ggul-eo!  I tried to run but was grabbed by one of them and pushed to the ground. Because of being scared of having my head cut off. I didn't say a word or move a muscle.  

Next I was bound, gagged and tied to a horse with a rope.

The men mounted their horses. They began moving down the beach while dragging me behind the last horse.

After what seemed like many hours of walking and with the sun setting we reached a grotto surrounded by cherry blossoms, roses and pine trees. Stunning like something from a fairytale.

One of the men removed the gag and untied me.
He grabbed me by the arm yelling something at me that I couldn't understand while pointing at and pushing me into a small cave.
When I turned to look around, I noticed the rest of the group were all bowing, and some even seemed to be crying. I was grabbed again turned around and tossed into the cave.

Then I hear a sound like a sad young woman crying.
I say, "Hello." No answer.

I continue walking toward the crying in this cave as dark as moonless night. When I come to an open chamber as bright as the midnight sun.
I'm shocked to see a beautiful Goddess tied to a throne by her wrists and neck.

I quickly begin to untie her. I try to speak to her. But neither of us can understand the other. But I remembered the most important word in the Korean language and say,  "saranghamnida" She stops crying looks directly at me and says, "jagiya saranghae."

After I released her from the prison of, her thrown. She jumped up
and put her arms around me and with her head against my chest listening to my heart. She kept hugging me. She wouldn't let go of me.

She takes my hand pulls me slowly towards the cave opening.
I tried to stop her because of the people waiting outside guarding the cave but insisted she seemed triumphant and not afraid.

As we stepped out of the cave to a beautiful red-orange sunset.
She bows to me, and I return the bow and we both bow to the people guarding the cave. All of a sudden, the crowd cheers yelling Dongroe! Dongroe!...

I fell in love with the incredible Goddess Yuhwa. Last night I dreamed that she was bathing in my steamy cup of tea. That took the chill in my Soul away.

Copyright © 2016 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Mooreup Ggul-eo! = On your knees!
saranghamnida The Most formal way to say I love you.

jagiya saranghae = Darling, I love you.

Dongroe  A ceremony in which the king and queen bow to each other, share wine and food, and have their first night together.
These words came from a dream I had on Sunday night February 21, 2016.
SEM Sep 2015
I've lost my soul you see,
at the bottom of the see sea c.

For a paltry sum of a few wishes
and a ***

I've gotten everything I've ever wanted
and I'm left wanting
Ronald J Chapman Oct 2015
Spent our first sunrise together at Busan’s Haeundae beach,
And peaceful nights and bright days with you,
Waking up to cherry blossoms in the springtime,
Can we stay for the rest of our lives?

The scent of Seoul cherry blossoms in the spring,
Childhood memories,
Dreams of another time and place,
Guided me back home to you and this place,

Walking along the beach in our bare feet,
Time goes by to fast,
Spring colors, new life begins, brighter days,

Wasn't it just yesterday when I met you?
With cherry blossoms falling in your hair.

Copyright © 2015 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
When a Man Loves - Cherry Blossom Love (Korean)
judy smith Oct 2016
At any given moment, it seems there is a fashion week happening somewhere in the world - be it Sydney, Istanbul, Dubai, Seoul, Moscow, Toronto, Copenhagen or Lagos (to name a few).

But the latest entrant may be the most surprising: Silicon Valley.

Or, as the organisers style it: Silicon Valley Fashion Week?!.

The punctuation marks as part of the title are a self-aware nod to the incongruity of marrying the location, known for its allegiance to hoodies, Tevas and T-shirts, to a fashion event.

But that does not mean they are any less serious about its potential.

The three-day annual event, which finished its second turn over the weekend in San Francisco, bills itself as "part fashion show, part variety show, part trade show" and is open to the public, unlike the usual fashion industry events. This year, about 30 brands were featured and tickets, at US$20 (S$28), sold out, with about 500 people attending each day.

It was staged by Betabrand, a San Francisco company that builds its clothing catalogue by crowdsourcing design ideas and, after seeing which take off, crowdfunding the production of the prototypes to see which ones people will actually want to buy. Examples include a "mind the gap" blouse that stretches to fit the body's contours and a dress that uses a trademarked reflective material.

The event exists at the nexus of Burning Man, wearable technology and the Maker Movement, home of inventors, designers and other do-it-yourself types. Pebble Smartwatch presented a Smarthole Hoodie, a standard hoodie design with sleeves that extend over the thumbs and have a movable panel around the wrist to make gaining access to the company's device easier; and Tinsel offered headphones that can be worn as a necklace.

Alison Lewis, who holds a design and technology master's degree from Parsons School of Design in New York, showed three items: a lambskin leather handbag embedded with LED bulbs that can be rearranged in different patterns with an app; a T-shirt that does the same; and a dress with lights that undulate with the wearer's heartbeat.

"Technology is a tool. It's how we use it that's really exciting," she said. "We could have less clothing in our closets and have pieces that change and work with our moods and personalities on a daily basis."

Lewis has not had a chance to present her work in other fashion shows and, so far, she has not been able to mass-produce her items. She commended the fashion week as a place to experiment.

She was not the only designer struggling with the challenge of manufacturing what she displayed.

However, as wearables increasingly enter mainstream fashion, with designers from Ralph Lauren to Zac Posen dipping their creative toes into technology, the idea of clothing patterns controlled by apps, of drone delivery, and of customisation that allows - maybe even asks - its wearers to make a choice each and every day, seems less far-fetched and more like fashion's possible future.

Which, unlikely as it may be, puts the Silicon Valley event on the style front line.Read more |
SWB Jan 2014
Get on feet
out of seats
with a firm, stretched palm,
maybe even stick a tongue out.
Get hysterical,
elated- get pumped.
Yell something trite,
That's what I'm talking about!
Get a rush
from the head to the Seoul,
get a fresh set of wings,
fly from the hardwood,
get elevated.
Full-court press be ******-
This goes beyond the laces,
the cheering,
the stoic referee winded-
travels hot fast and hard,
after the huddle, before the late whistle
and the fist-bump.
This is success at its most savage,
emotion at its rawest,
audiences at their most breathless
This, son, is the slam dunk.
Anything less would be a travesty
to the occasion.
Ronald J Chapman Mar 2015
To truly visit my dream;
My dream of a Miracle,

A dream of a shrimp turning into a Giant Whale,
A dream that has come true,

No longer needing to imagine or daydream,
What my future will bring,

Visions of places I can only remember in my dreams,
places with familiar but strange names;
Beautiful visions of places called Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Inchon, and  Gyeongju. Where a beautiful queen named Seondeok once lived. And her spirit still shines!

To truly visit this place where my dreams come from,
This fantastic place and people,

Because I took a chance to visit my dream,
I can finally stop longing,
And wondering what my future will bring,
In this place called Korea.

Copyright 2015 © Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved
Guess what I dreamed about again last night?
I hope I'm not too bad  by saying this haha. Lots of guys dream about beautiful women. I dream about a place where beautiful women live.  ;)
Beautiful South Korea Landscape in 4K UHD Timelapse
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
I haven't been able to remember a dream about Korea in a while. However, this one came back with a vengeance.

Walking along the streets in Seoul Korea.
Not sure where. Maybe Itaewon because of all the young women I saw shopping and wearing black hip-hop caps.
If this wasn't odd enough. They were all wearing the exact same clothes.
As it turns out. I had woken up sitting on the sidewalk and stood up. I looked around and saw shops. All of the woman walking past me were wearing hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) with a white blouse and pink skirt with pink and white roses in the middle of the blouse. They all had black caps that did not let me see their faces. The caps all had the word  'Boys' printed on them. As the woman walked past me, they would point their finger at me and laugh and say something that I did not understand.
I looked down to see If I was dressed or not. I was dressed in a suit and tie. I guess I thought I was naked.

The next thing I know. I'm being dragged inside a shop by two elderly women. One who looked like my mother and the other looked like my grandmother. Both are no longer with us.  Yelling at me in the Korean language and pointing to a table with a hanbok outfit on it. There was an ocean blue shirt, purple pants, and slippers with a black robe.
They keep yelling at me and then start trying to undress me. The next thing I know. I'm wearing the hanbok outfit.

The two woman then show me to the door bowing, crying and saying
Congratulations on your marriage.

Copyright © Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved
Ronald J Chapman Jan 2015
Hello, old Friend

I've been here before;
In my memories,
In my dreams,
I've seen you before,

In your dark eyes, I see reflections of my Soul,

Is this a dream again?

I'm finally standing here with you, where I belong,
Looking at the bright lights of Korea's Seoul,

I've been waiting so long,
Am I finally here?

I'm not afraid anymore,

I'm with my old friend,
Exploring Korea's Seoul,
Wondering what we should do next,

Am I finally home where I belong?

Copyright © 2015 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
M GIGS YounHa - Home (Acoustic) Live)
Mateuš Conrad Apr 2017
it's not even funny... there's no etymology,
                                                as a matter of fact,
there's no rosetta stone either...
        there's the three tier concern for
                                taking a ****...
            **** till the **** is nibbling out of your
    ****... you know... taking a sneaky peak
into the greater confines of: here be thy world!
         a "lake"! and then a ******* whirlwind
                                    'ere we go 'ere we go...
    southampton football hoolidans in addition
chanting: oh when the saints! oh when the saint
come marchin' in!
                           the turds are like?
                                     i thought you liked ****?  
is this the part where you tell me...
   psst... mate... you're telling a really ****** joke....
get off the stage before they take out rotten
t'oh m'ah t'ah                   sssss
                         and those god awful cabbages!
me? it's saying: i'm ready for my ******... princess!
                         and so it's thrown and my face
turns into a miracle device...
          the face... that turned a rotting cabbage...
   into a plum!
                              even jesus was like: w.t.f.?!
true story.
                    but the funnier side of things is
etymology within the groundwork of bilingualism...
polymaths? they can... *******...
                  they know enough languages
and use them to a sufficient standard, that they
can buy a cup of coffee in either
    paris or seoul (sea owl.... flap flap... flap) -
             they're rigid *******, they know the basic
arithmetic that's a mongrel of letters
            and numbers...
                 they try but can't tell a rottweiler
from a doberman apart...
                but they can tell a schnitzel from
a hamburger... as quickly as you can snap your fingers...
   boom! crescendo.
                   but being bilingual isn't fun...
you're sorta into digging trenches...
     it's like: western europe really gives a ****
about world war uno!
         eastern europe? really gives a **** about
world war deux!
                                  scandinavia? really gives a ****
about bonanza; or how the japanese pronounce it:
                             i really want to laugh...
but i can't... only because i spent the past half hour
trying to mediate bilingualism in etymology...
               it took only one word...
                  that's all it took...
                                                   ­  iglak?
                                 maciupka świnka?
coś między drzewem a kwiatem... krzak!
nie... nie nie... to nie to...

hedgehog...   bush-eating-"pig"...


it's not even etymology what just happened...
        it's a juggling act...
                       but it's quasi-etymological in that
two tongues are competing
    to source a "coincidence", that
       a translation might not require third party
politics of a dictionary...
   but come on...  
                               what sort of bin bang
theory can you compensate
  when the etymology is polar...
               i.e. parallel divergent...
            hedgehog                           /
            jeż            \
      ­   but that's what exists in a mind of a bilingual,
philosophy is the last possible point of entry
into a bewildered mind...
                            etymology on the other hand?
the 1st.
                                 that's not to say:
source the origins...
                                       knock knock?
who's there?
    eh              co!       eh           co!             echo!
                                     ever try doing that in a cave?

all and just that, a simple word,
                hedgehog... and half an hour thinking of
the equivalent in another language...
     half an hour... ****!
     you could probably count to a 1000 in the same
space of time.

— The End —