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September Roses Apr 2018
Am I wrong to want it different
Is it selfish
To divulge in things that I know will lead to heartache
To give myself the relief of a friend for a while, even though I know it will hurt them
I know I cannot excuse this behavior
But Is it not for my health
For my well being
It only causes pain, again and again
It is not necessary
It is selfish
nosipho khanyile Jul 2018
your own life was at the edge of chaos
when you centered me

everybody had deserted you
when you were there for me

you could barely stand on you own
when you stood up for me

all you wanted was to be loved
when you gave me love

you were selfless
and I was selfish

I've already lost you
but I hope this sorry finds you.
this one's to two of my friends. after doing some introspection, I've kind of found myself, made good friendships and I'm seeing life in a good light but in hindsight I realise that I've abandoned some good friends in the process. I'm scared to go back and find them because I don't know if I'll ever stop being self absorbed.
R Dec 2018
Yes i am selfish
selfish to talk to you
To seek your company
When i want nothing to do with you

I seek your attention
To want to be heard
To tell pain
And clear my brain  

So selfish to not care that you have a girl
Because i,all i want is to be heard
To spill truth
That still hurt
And tell you words
Which no one has ever heard
I keep you near
You give words to my thoughts
You name them
You give me something to write about
Something to feel

I keep you near
For my own benefit
To pain and revolve me

I keep you near
Not for love
For my interest
Because you give me a reason
To aspire
To conquer

Oh yes
I keep you near
For the same selfish reasons as you
To satisfy my ego
To build myself up
I keep you here
Till you grow out of me
Till I'm too big you won't fit

I keep you near
I keep you near indeed
He's my typing machine
micaela drew Aug 2018
It’s crazy to realize

No one cares about you

You’re not important

This fact has proven true

You’re not special or different

Friendships formed are simply convenient

They hold no significants or mean anything

Funny. Since we think they mean everything

No one cares about you

Especially your peers

If only you knew

It’d spare you lots of tears

People only care about themselves

as sad as it is to say

You mean nothing.

And neither do they.

Chris Neilson Feb 2017
Fleecy tracksuit wearers
always look sheepish
large chewing cows
sometimes look bullish

Gregory Peck
is often peckish
a monopolising fishmonger
selfishly sells fish
just a bit of word play to lift the mood on this winter Saturday
Amoy May 2018
Take take
Take it all
No give back
Fill your cup
Never fill mine
Feel the sunshine
Let me stand in the rain
I care, you don’t
Push but no pull
Receive but never give
Salute but never stand
Selfish, that’s your brand
ok okay Jul 2018
Those 'little lies’ you tell me
Always come back to haunt me
You think not more but for yourself
And pretend that you adore me
Through manipulation
You create my frustration and make me feel lonely

You taunt me with your 'little lies’
And use me like an object
You pull me close when you're feeling sad
But don't catch me when I'm falling
You tell me that we're the best of friends
Yet you leave me when I'm hurting

Your 'little lies’ always end in tears
Just admit that you don't love me
hey guys, enjoyed making this :)
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
Before I die please tell me how you do all this ,
How are you carrying me? how you kept a ****** me sharing extreme bliss,
How you do all of this ; being polite and kissing with your prayers,
Knowing that may be it won't give you what you deserve and end up devastated with a sharp spear ,
That spear dipped in poison of pain,
And sorrow along with only threatening thunder but no soothening rain,
The rain which relieves the painful emotions,
Which are highly toxic and in extreme end up with potions ,
It's not just a big heart which take all hurt inside ,
And just pushing endless Love outside,
Even if I annoy you; tease you or push you off the ease and stab you from inside ,
You don't manage you just put them aside ,
Put it in the trash can and wrap me with care and made yourself so polite ,
Is it really possible to do without no reason at all,
Or there is something like a big treasure at the end of this fall?
I mean really is there any big worth behind all of this?
Or just it's only you and only just board me up in your boat; oh no not a boat it's a ship ,
Ship carrying every thing which can make things more than ease,
Counting from a little help upto a endless number of beautiful moments with ,
Are you a human? do you really exist?
I have numerous of questions for you; will you stay in contact forever ?
And if you don't I don't have a problem but I wish for you God must give you happiness in a big basket everyday and a person to love you every second.
Every time I've been a ****** making mistakes thousand of times.
Think of a fish with no water to breathe
That's the state of my heart
Where love is oxygen

Now think of a man who's tired
Of the cycles his emotions live in,
Nomadic from happy to sad and over again
That's the state of my well-being

Now think of all the pills
And capsules and liquids
And tablets and vials
In your medicine cabinet right now
A feast to hungry eyes

And I'm here, with all this desire
To live, and the desire lives in my optimism
Will the next cycle break, as the big bang
To start life again from the top?
Am I patient enough for that?

So I write
To distract from these unhealthy thoughts
At least long enough to
Realize they're unhealthy
Nicole Alyssia Sep 2017
the only
used by
an abhorrent
parasite in
selecting a host
to extract from is

who has the most
to take from
and who is most
readily available

nothing more,
nothing less.
JordanP Jul 2018
I'm selfish. **** no I don't want you to be happy with him. I don't even want you to be thinking about him. The only guy I will ever truly want you thinking about is me. Sure I'm selfish for wanting you even though I'm not sure you ever even really wanted me in the first place. Looking back at the nights you asked me to stay but I said no because I didn't want it to happen that way. I didn't want you to be able to blame the alcohol for what happened. Those nights are some of my biggest regrets, all I had to do was say yes, stay with you, have a few more drinks, see what would occur. It could've been nothing, problem is it also could've been everything. All the feelings could've poured from your lips until yours met mine in a kiss that sparked wildfires. Walls and clothes could've been shed as we became one heart and one being for even a minute. Could've been the start of forever between us. The only forever I have ever actually planned on. It could've been nothing, maybe a few more drinks until we both just passed out on the couches, music still playing, dog still bouncing around looking to play. Wake up the next morning heads pounding feeling ***** for all the wrong reasons. Memories are all I have left of you. All these words I've spewed onto these pages. He has you though, in his arms, in his bed, in his heart. I'm selfish. It ****** me off that all I have to hold are the same bottles we held those nights. Not knowing if it would've been everything or nothing makes me hate myself more everyday I wake up alone. I don't care if it broke his heart, sent him in a downward spiral, dropped him into this pit I live in while I rose out of it. Give me one more of those nights. One last chance to make everything happen. Let me justify this selfishness by proving to me it wasn't only me who wanted all of it. Be selfish with me for a night, you could love it almost as much as I do. We could live together selfishly. Who needs him, not me and not you. I have you, you have me, we could live selfishly.
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