Blink twice for yes
Once for no
Tell me
Did you ever stop
and think
You wanted more?

From this life you call
The big
Aluminum door
Not letting anyone through
Doesn't make it easier
To walk the floor

It's not like your parents
Are dead
Yet you haven't called them
And Dad
Since you were 10

You were always busy
But only in your head
The rest of the world
Missed you
They called and left you
Blind voicemails

This is Kathy and this is John
We were worried about you
Don't call
Don't invite yourself

It's not the choice I made
It wasn't an offer
It's not agreeable
It's pathetic and

I don't paint vanilla skies
And cherry blossoms
I don't ask about the weather
Or even your grandson
I don't even ask about myself
Maybe I should

Maybe I should.
It's strange to not feel happiness for years. It's simply, strange.
He is there but nobody sees him
He speaks but no one can hear
He lives his life in solitary
And no one ever comes near.
To watch him He looks so lonely
He is lost that is perfectly clear.
Once a child in the arms of his mother
And his father would always be near.
But parants don't last forever
And soon they are no longer here
Now there  is nobody out there
To chase away all of his fears.
He walks to his flat he has no one
Loneliness his only friend
Is this what he really lives for
With nothing to show at the end.
Let's start from the very beginning
It happens in this day and age
Take note of this lonely victim
Invisible in so many ways.
Watched a documentary a couple of years ago about the amount
Of people who live on their own it was amassing. Although this poem
Is a true case of a man who really was let down by the people around
Him saddly he was like being invisible  in the eyes of the world.
He just didn't fit in with others .
Ooolywoo Dec 2017
Daydreamer waiting for her surprise
She's always sitting on the bench outside
Watching through the golden glasses
She sees through her eyes a world that unties
Beautiful creatures and where love prevails
She always wonder why her beauty does not impales
As she holds so many wonders
A sweetness in her bright almond eyes, behind the glasses that sat crookedly on her nose
She focused her eyes on a flat prairie
Where the unaccustomed eye sees only ordinary
In hers, the dale was a beautiful swathe of shiny green grasses
Trees are clothed in delicious cream and pink blossom
Jasmines dancing to the winds, choreographing autumn breeze
The sun casting its last golden rays
Changing its yellow into hues of tangerine and fire red
Her perfect world, she whispers
She is a daydreamer
With eyes so full of love that will make you melt
She is beauty and love
Looking at her shadow slowly shrinking down her feet
Only her can see the magic
You will find her outside
Waiting for the man to share the same picturesque landscape
Seeing her reflection on him just like a mirror
Sharing a moment, a smile, a touch, a gaze
Closing their eyes to a slow and soft kiss
Alas; she is still waiting on this
Waiting to meet him flesh and bones
Dreaming about it everyday
This love she's never met,
Yet she seems to glimpse him in every corner
And because of it, her heart craves for blossoming flower
Her heart is bound to a fictional imagery of him
Creating imaginary moments and opportunities
Clinging to a false sign that precipitates desires
The desire to lay her eyes on him and feel his lips on hers
The desire to feel her body shivers with his skin on hers
The desire to feel his heart beating to her caress
the rush in her veins, with just his look
She will be an eternal daydreamer
Until she finds him sitting on the bench outside for her
For an eternity of love
This poem is inspired by the song Daydreamer by Adele
Just below the surface,
Just under the skin,
A deep and blinding darkness,
Devouring from within,
Eating up the light,
Swallowing the soul.
Chop the heart in pieces.
Never again whole.
Clear and present danger,
Residing in the mind.
Looking for a safe place,
But there’s no safety to find.
I’m my own worst enemy.
My nemesis is me.
No one sees the battle,
‘Cause the fighting’s within me.
Fighting to survive,
Against a mind trying to die.
Looking for a reason,
But never knowing why.
The war’s lasted a lifetime,
But the battle’s just begun,
And the fight is neverending,
And yet it can’t be won.
You can win it one day,
And the next leaves you dying,
But you struggle to keep fighting,
And can never stop trying.
To stop is to give in,
To give up on it all,
So you attempt to get up,
Every time you fall.
Each fall is more painful,
And harder to overcome,
But you cry yourself to sleep,
And rise again with the sun
With each day a new battle,
That you wish will never come,
But you fight it anyway
Until you can succumb.
Concede to the struggle,
Or fight through to the end.
Either way you’re fighting
Until you can transcend.
Silver lights shimmer
Tranquil peace from the moon
Its touch makes all rest

The moon stares at me
Deep into my very soul,
that's broken and bruised

She sees me naked
My true self that's so afraid
to keep moving on

But she calms me down
She shows me my inner light
The light I must spread
On the window sill currently, emotionally drained but still here none the less.
Today was so emotionally draining...
There's something so comforting about the moonlight, I feel like it seems who I really am inside.
Anyway, thank you everyone for your kind comments and support.
It means the world to me.
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