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You'll always be at rainbow's end
Eternal *** of gold
A fairy tale told long ago
Forever I've been sold

I try so hard but out of reach
With each hand would grab hold
No need for words so please don't speak
Would never let you go

But when I give up in defeat
The cycle getting old
The hill to climb becomes too steep
Turn down 'Yellow Brick Road'

The Wizard who I wish to meet
Told he can take me home
I hear the scurrying of feet
New shadow is well known

But like they say it's "Trick-or-treat"
And both will I be shown
With me you stand here in the street
No longer I'm alone

Now found; forever I had seeked
But actions had been cloned
Reached out but this dream could not keep
Like that; I'm turned to stone

You laugh and turn off in retreat
A call without a phone
A diet forced myself to eat
These actions had been sewn

This game of love again I'm beat
And tossed like trash I'm thrown
You stole from me just like a cheat
This life I live alone

No tears to cry but inside weep
My head, the space I roam
No need to hide; Escape don't seek
From now on is my home
Written: November 13, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Iambic Heptameter in Common Meter format]
Ricky Rose Jul 2011
A teenage boy to sweet, a girl unknown. All he knows is this girl so so beautiful. To shy to say "hi," -only couple of friends he knows . One in particular a roommate of the beauty. Tells her of a crush, a friend of hers to make the beauty blush. A bracelet he made to get her attention you see. She wears upon her wrist, so she must like! One or two worldly spins later. He comes across the beauty, with the roommates connection the two meet. She nervous as he says "hi." Shows the attractor the bracelet with a blush. Only thing he can think is to say "hi'' back. Only words he spoke. She walks off red faced full of embarrassment same as he. For that was the first time they met.

His heart pounding fast as a drummer with no rhythm. He sits blank minded as if he was in heaven. Light headed he is with nothing to think he goes on with his day. Praying he will come across the beauty once again. With prayers answered they meet again. Courage in his heart he he asks her for dinner. Amazed the beauty has no response. Tells the attractor to seek her later. As the sun rays dim, the moon shining bright. The attractor sees her standing alone. Happiness in his heart, question in his mind. Approaching her with a smile asks her once more, "No not tonight." Things I got to do."

The attractor walks away. Excuses she had I knew this couldn't be, foolish me. Oh no, no this couldn't be. For she did say not tonight. So a worldly spin later. The attractor encounters her. Asks her day. "Good!" she says nothing elts she speaks. To himself he asks why. Why does she not speak many words? Is there something wrong with me? His heart grows grim fallen light it's dim. Confused about her action not knowing her thoughts. Left to put together the puzzle of emotion. Hard as hell trying real hard. The attractor wondering should he move on?

With an ever spinning world, speaking no more he walks past her this time. The beauty looks on. Watching his moves as he swiftly goes past. Stares she only has for him the attractor wondering why. Then several worldly spins later he finds out she has seeked another. How could this be? She never told the attractor she was not interested. Saddened and dismayed angered at himself for thinking such thoughts of affection. Of hoping he may be the one to fill her needs. It's as if his insides start to bleed.
H A Vitatoe Jun 12
The picture
that you drew
You said
give to him
I kept it
I'm the one
who seeked you
Not him
Binding us
My friend
From The Collection "A Work Of Art"
When I was young boy
I never wanted love
I seeked something more

I wanted a partner
who will join up with me to experience
every stupid thing that life has to offer

We would often think that we ate all the wisdom in world
and then again fail together

Our egoes would crush and deepen
in sorrow times we would share the  light
and in marry times
we would respect the  dark

we would understand that life is far too
short for our mutual feelings to fulfill
that infinite we are not
and our bodies must go

Of death we would think
not always, but from time to time
sharing hands, resting our
old bodies in the living room

In the end we would often go to our long walks
alongside the river and smile and rejoice
because that is the ultimate happiness
knowing we lived together, sharing our virtues
and spreading them into the every situation
give life everything you have, don't hesitate to fall
Debanjana Saha Aug 2018
People walking out
I walk out too
I seeked other people
Few to talk to
Few just to comfort
And another wanted me
May be my body.

But none were 'You'
I missed you
I seeked you
And no replies
from you!

What are you made up of?
You show your extreme care for me
But never tell me I love you
I waited for seasons
Still do, thinking whether it's just
A friendship or something beyond that.
The best is to write and be here. I stopped writing as I was in lot of dilemma remaining unsolved. Thank you all for being there for me. I hope to be here more now.
Leaking sloppy leaflets
in my T.V. dinner
knowledge hardly seeked
means these lessons

are heavy here we are
deemed to repeat em
as if they aint needed
keep breathing.......deep

breath veterans
catch residual drips
gifted down the latter
from our herritege

allow sweet vibration
sweep me to such a profound
synch       spiral
through the cortex

Here's a slideshow
of your **** show so far

allow me to forget
about being human
for 3 minutes
I beg you
can't do this alone
dopamine doesn't seem to get released
as easily
as the lucky loo's

where do I go to meet my teachers
have yours eyes roll back then
pulled into the sediment
plug me up where
the soil once slept
so it doesn't tire of me
does the dirt know what it needs?
how did my brain forget to breathe?
Six sigiled stars and serene silence  saved his soul for sixteen years in a saline bath,

A seline girl with six chaming words severed his soul solicitously

A six minute call without a second thought kept scribbling scars on them  for eternity

The six sigiled star seeked serendipity
It takes a minute to fall in love but you will never really recover from the damage
Arke Nov 2018
I am haunted by memories
so dated and fake
remembering your face
the night you drowned in the lake
the way your hair tangled and laced
pruned fingers and bloated hands
your eyes long gone black
the final grains of sand
your brow already slack
"you promised me an always"
I mumbled, quietly
your body upwards lay
floating in the sea
through puffed cheeks
I could've sworn I saw
the words I so seeked
move from your jaw
"I'm sorry," you said
"we had a merciful end,
but long since I've been dead
at my will you should not bend"
and I understood now
all you meant and said
the permission you allowed
words replayed through my head
and I found a way to let you go
Carmen Jane Mar 11
Strange little creature,
Translucent little wings,
Your body's feature,
Three little rings.
You're at my eyes level
As by design,
I remain bedeviled,
Maybe it's a sign!

On my wall, so bittie
I see you without life,
But, oh you're so pretty!
You walked on the edge of knife,
When you flew here inside,
That's why you died!

You just made your life shorter,
Brainless little bug,
When you crossed my bricks and mortar,
You pulled your life out of plug!

There's nothing here, for you to survive,
In these four walls of mine!
There's nothing here for you, to dine
Outside you should have stayed, just fine!

But then again, how did you find me?
You're final halt is at my eye’s level,
I think I finally can see!
You are a little bit of clever,
‘cause you, eternal life you've seeked!
You found this little humble poet,
And pulled on him a mighty trick
Cause now he wrote of you, a poem!
pa3que Aug 8
Marie, took some fresh baked goods,
set her sail through blood-curdling  woods,
in search of a one who hearts can alter.
her heart broke a man,
and so with sedan,
she seeked the one who’d scrap her falter.

to prevail over cold,
she took some gold,
to pay the one who hearts can alter.
she traveled sad,
but reached a nomad,
who claimed “i’m the one who hearts can alter.”

he was a fraud,
very sharp-clawed,
he stole her gold and then he paltered.
took his leave,
with a thieve,
after saying “Marie, your heart is altered.”

“Oh, Marie naive,
do you still grieve?”
the nomad was actually a salter,
see in this ground,
there’s not around,
a single soul that hearts can alter.
I ,
yes I the traveller have long seeked the sun ,
moon and the clouds yet they again have slipped my gaze and only
darkness covers my eyes .
The story teller of the great God of  “IAm “ about his tales should I
tremble as I listened with many others in the great hall ,
Speaking of a God who one day even his patience will like sand
drift from his loving blood stained hands .

Begone with you for even i have to sleep and find comforts that no man should seek ,
let alone find , for the monsters of the deep loneliness , bitterness ,
and pride leave me captive in chains .

Sage if you see him tell him what might have been ,
and sorrys only purpose is love.

Please don’t burden me again with you’re story’s of woe my darkness is full of tempting visions and to sleep is to indulge .

What’s wrong with me my eyes are dim when they used to love the light and fair grounds with hymns and songs ,
tales from the book ,
the story tellers I must find and end this Blessed night .

Chain mail of Norman men rise from the river ,
skeletons of my past rattle like snakes in my head .
When in sleep do they arose me and darken my forest in this cold winters night .
Captive only to the light how my soul seeks rest from this
besieged fortress ,
dare I surrender to my foe ?

Holy Spirit freeer of the night thy captors await thee ,
for this tale must end in heaven or hell .
Look again the jailer comes and light once again must set me free .
We are the crackling fires of the universe
Still burning,
Still churning Gods imagination for the fuel
His tendril fibers so delectable they made hearts
And a Devil
We first fly as nebulai then sink as stone
Our wondrous skin defeathered, seared for bone,
The recurring gears of Gravity
Inhaling us to atone for
The dreams He seeked
To feel, to fear His lonely Infinity
But comets, volcanoes; a meteor-splitting Saturn laughed over
By the noted of Astronomy.
Oh, God, the beauty of Your insanity you beg me
To believe
I ,
yes I the traveller have long seeked the moon ,
the stars and the sun ,
often they have slipped my gaze ,
now only a blanket covers my eyes ( blinded by the sun )

Have you met the story teller of the great ‘ I am ‘ ?
of his tales should I tremble ,
in his halls the lost do not seek ,
the sick and poor enter his halls with praise .
For even this Gods patience will one day like sand fall from his blood stained hands onto beaches castles were built  .

Now begone with you for even I must sleep ,
and find comforts no man should wish .
For the monsters of the deep have found me ,
Lust ,pride , bitterness and fear .

Look my jailer comes with chains you can hear that drag down the passage on this dark satanic night .

Sage if you see him tell him what might have been ,
and sorrows only purpose is love .

Are you still there ?
Dam what’s wrong with my eyes ?
I used to visit the fairground ,
Preachers like Wolves used to say ‘ come this way ‘
‘ come that for a shilling , for a crown ‘.

The musics stopped ,
I can’t hear the music and what of the great hall ?
The story teller I must find on this blessed night .

Now a chain mail of Norman men rise in my sea of despair ,
they like skeleton snakes rattle like memories in my head .
Surrender or capture the light ?

Holy Spirit my demons confront me and darken my night ,
for this must end in heaven or hell I bid it the light .
aSLAM M Oct 2018
You came in my life quite late.
Thought I finally met My Soul Mate.  
We shared our Thoughts Thru the Night.
At times we had a few insignificant fights
Then slowly we drifted apart.
I still played my Part
Wondered what went wrong.
Seeked Solace in some sad Song.

Guess you were A Dose of Medicine.
Given Temporarily to me.
chitragupta Mar 15
The sunset by the sea
My feet naked, embedded
in the sand
As the waves greet me with ferocity

Punching back with clenched fists
Saltwater foam, elegant comb
through my hair
The ocean with all its depth condescending

All the colours of the universe in
a sky tainted, so gloriously painted
like a fresco
Of an olden cathedral I'd never seen

Sweat and salt and sand in my clothes
My eyes swollen, their whites stolen
Innocent are not the tears of the sea

Slow as the waves recede
with the retreating tide
So does the venom in my veins
and come loose the nails in my head
The shore sprayed with new hope
The night sky of a new moon arrives
Darkness heralds doubt
Yet I'm relieved to be
in the absence of the light
that seeked to
blind me last night
Went to my grandma's place by the sea.
Needed a little headspace, and a lot of grandma's cooking :)
I feel light after spending an afternoon at the beach, letting the waves hit me.
And all this without a single smoke!
Nic Mac Jul 2018
Here is where you want to be,
where it is dark and quiet.
So eyes are not to witness,
this uncontrolled curiosity.

You want to face a feeling,
that until now had been unknown.
You cannot plan how far you’d go,
feeling the pull, only when it tugged.

Forward or backward is up to stars to tell.
Fate is shrugged off skeptical shoulders,
as curious steps seeked reasons,
before the earths solemn shadow fell.

did you?

— The End —